DDS Arbitrary Waveform Generators / Modulation

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  • Wonder Wave Series - Arbitrary Waveform Generators

    Company: Tabor Electronics

    The Wonder Wave Series line of arbitrary waveform generators breaks new ground by combining two technologies. While being a true, memory-based arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), with all of the memory management capabilities needed to create complex waveforms, it also implements a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) enabling many standard modulation types and frequency agility capabilities. Superior and far more versatile the Wonder Wave Series exhibit performance and provide solutions to the most demanding test stimulus challenge.

  • TG1010A - Digital Function / Arbitrary Generator

    Company: Aim-TTi

    0MHz D.D.S. function with arbitrary 0.1mHz to 10MHz range, 7 digit resolution. Direct Digital Synthesis: stability & resolution Eight standard waveforms, plus "complex" waveforms, true arbitrary waveforms and noise. Powerful modulation modes including Sweep, AM, Gating, Trigger/Burst, FSK and Hop. Variable symmetry, variable start/stop phase. Programmable via RS-232 or optional GPIB interfaces.

  • 2720A - 31 MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    Company: TEGAM

    TEGAM combines the best of both worlds in signal generation: the low cost, ease of use, and sweep/modulation capabilities of the Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS), function generator architecture and the unprecedented accuracy and precision of a true arbitrary waveform generator. Create and generate high-speed, standard, or user-defined waveforms ranging from 1 Hz to 50 MHz.

  • T346 - Embedded waveform generator w/complex modulation capability

    Company: Highland Technology

    The T346 is a compact 4-channel, 32 MHz waveform generator. It incorporates four DDS waveform synthesizers that may be used independently or synchronously to produce coherent signals. Waveforms include sine, triangle, sawtooth, Gaussian noise, and precision pulse/PWM outputs. User-loaded arbitrary waveforms may be generated.

  • AG1022 - Arbitrary Waveform Generator Oscilloscope

    Company: OWON

    Advanced DDS technology, Max 150MHZ frequency output* 125Msa/S sample rate and 32bits Frequency resolution* Vertical Resolution: 14bits, Up to 1M Arb waveform length* Comprehensive waveform outputs: Sine,Square,Ramp,Pulse,Noise,Sinc,Exponential Rise and Decay,32 channels digital waveform,DC and user defined arbitrary waveform* Comprehensive modulation functions: AM,FM,PM,FSK,PWM modulations* 3.9 inch high resolution (480×320 pixels) TFT LCD display

  • Logic Analyzers & Generators

    Company: GAO Tek

    GAO Tek offers a wide variety of Function Generators categorized in three different categories, these are DSS Function Generator, DSS Function Generator with Arbitrary Waveform Function, and Digital RF Millivoltmeter and Frequency Counter. Some common characteristics of GAO Tek Function Generators are:– Uses of Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology– Stable output waveforms down to 1 mV (50 Ω)– RS232 interface, USB interface, optional power amplifier– Modulations including FM, FSK, PSK, ASK– 5-inch TFT LCD display– High accuracy

  • FGN-6000CH - Arbitrary Function generator

    Company: Eston Instruments

    Based on the direct synthesis (DDS) technology and unique FPGA design, FGN-6000CH Series generate 32 pre-stored waveforms and 8 user defined arbitrary waveforms and offer stable output frequency, low distortion and fine frequency resolution. FGN-6000CH Series include four members at 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz and 20MHz bandwidth. FGN-6000CH Series provide 100MSa/s sample rate, 8bits vertical resolution, 1kpts waveform length, high stability level, output waveform accuracy and multiple modulation functions, including FM,ASK, FSK, PSK, frequency sweep, amplitude sweep, burst, ets., which can meet users'' diversified needs. What''s more, the TFT display, user-friendly interface design and panel layout bring users exceptional experience. The remote control of the generator can be easily done through standard configuration interface of RS232 device. Additionally, the extendable optional functions of frequency counter and power amplifier accommodate a wide range of applications.