Conformance: The assurance of device performance within a specific range of requirements.

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  • Conformance Toolset

    Company: Anite

    Conformance testing provides an increased level of assurance that mobile devices will perform as expected on a live mobile network by verifying that they are fully compliant with the latest industry specifications. Conformance testing may be performed at various stages of the development lifecycle of a mobile device, from early integration and pre-conformance testing through to formal device certification testing. Formal certification testing, administered by organisations such as the GCF (Global Certification Forum) and PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board), is a mandatory requirement for most tier-1 mobile network operators around the world.

  • SIP - Conformance Analyzer

    Company: Hermon Laboratories

    SIP Conformance Analyzer is an advanced testing solution for SIP enabled products widely used in today's VoIP and 3G networks. Comprehensive tests, protocol simulation and analysis tools verify SIP compliance according to ETSI TS 102 027 / RFC 3261 ensuring high probability of interoperability.

  • G9200 - Radio Conformance Analyzer

    Company: Hermon Laboratories

    LTE test solution for development, verification and conformance testing of LTE mobile equipment. The G9200 RCA is able to perform analysis of LTE mobile devices at all layers from the physical to the application layer, and is suitable for development, conformance, pre-conformance, and production test applications. It ships pre-loaded with ready-to-run automatic tests that test conformance according to 3GPP 36-521, 36-521-3, 36-523 standards.

  • A Conformance Testing Tool

    Company: ACACIA

    The Conformance Testing Simulation runs executable programs generated by using the Clarinet-TTCN-compiler and the API interfaces.Software packages corresponding to standard ETS are available (ATM, ISDN, QSIG, SS7, V5, Frame Relay X25).Optional functions are dedicated to conformance testing:Setting of parameters (PICS/PIXIT;TC list)Full TTCN-GR traceAccess to HTML TTCN edition

  • NTester v2.2 - Test Devices for NTCIP Conformance

    Company: Trevilon

    NTester is a tool that allows an individual unfamiliar with technical details of the National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP) to test devices for NTCIP conformance

  • E6950A - eCall Conformance Test Solution

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight eCall Conformance Test Solution performs end-to-end functional and standard-compliant conformance testing of eCall modules, with optional audio performance analysis. The eCall software simulates a PSAP and controls a UXM or E5515C (8960) to emulate a cellular network and EXG to provide GNSS coordinates required by the IVS to compile the MSD. This setup makes it possible to verify if the IVS modem is able to trigger an emergency call, send the correct raw MSD data and establish a voice connection with the PSAP – fully independently of any real-world mobile network.

  • Protocol Conformance Testing


    Valid8''s ISO9646-based protocol conformance testing enables you to verify your implementation complies to the relevant international protocol standards. Performing conformance testing gives you peace of mind prior, or in parallel to, running interop testing with other vendors and helps determine whether your product meets the secified standard. Valid8''s solution includes pre-canned scenarios, and is simple to use and does not require you have programming knowledge or be a protocol expert in order to test successfully.

  • T1111S - RF Conformance Test System

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    T1111S BITE Bluetooth® RF Conformance Tester is a modular test system that performs automatically the conformance test cases for Bluetooth Basic Rate, EDR, Enhanced power control and Bluetooth low energy requirements. The T1111S is officially validated by the Bluetooth SIG for RF qualification of Bluetooth devices for all the technologies supported. BITE T1111S supports test reports templates customization, remote control of the system, customization of calibration procedures and automatic control of climate chambers.

  • TCA 8200 - Telecom Conformance Analyzer

    Company: Hermon Laboratories

    Analog FXS & FXO, Acoustic,Cellular, VoIP, xDSL,T1/E1, Cellular including VoLTE and ISDN PRI Conformance Testing Solution. The TCA 8200 is an all-in-one conformance testing solution, according to worldwide regulatory & industry standards, for many types of telecom equipment ranging from phones, cellular phones including LTE to digital switches, PBXs and VoIP gateways.

  • Conformance Test Systems

    Company: Anritsu

    With an established market leadership position in GCF and PTCRB approvals for LTE-Advanced and all leading-edge technologies, Anritsu continues expanding its number of test case validations in GCF and PTCRB for Protocol, RF and RRM conformance testing. With increasing complexity of wireless technologies, Anritsu Conformance Test systems provide easy-to-use control software to maximize testing efficiency.

  • TCA 4100 - Telephony Conformance Analyzer

    Company: Hermon Laboratories

    TCA 4100 is an automated & affordable voice quality & acoustics conformance test solution. A wide range of handset and hands- free phones such as VoIP, DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, analog, telephones, audio devices and hearing aids are supported.

  • ME78070A - Protocol Conformance Test System

    Company: Anritsu

    The ME78070A Protocol Conformance Test System supports Inter-RAT handover between TD-SCDMA and GSM mobile terminals. It complies with the requirements of 3GPP RAN-WG5 TS 34.123 and GERAN-WG3 TS 51.010.The system platform is configured from hardware including a signalling tester, software for creating and executing test cases, and a number of standard 3GPP-compliant test cases.

  • T3111S - NFC Conformance Test System

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    Supports Analog RF and Digital Protocol parts of NFC, EMVTM and ISO test specificationsPlatform supports R&D, pre-conformance and conformance testingRecognized by NFC Forum certification programEMV Level 1 PICC/Mobile and PCD pre-conformance test with qualification underwaySoftware-upgradeable, integrated, automated, extensible test platformAvailable with automatic position robot for accurate antenna locationEasy-to-use test manager for execution and results analysis

  • T1212S - Protocol Conformance Test System

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    T1212S BITE Bluetooth® Protocol Conformance Tester is an integrated test tool that performs automatically V1.2, V2.0+EDR, V2.1+EDR, 3.0, 4.0 and Bluetooth low energy protocol test cases required for the qualification of Bluetooth devices. BITE T1212S is the only test platform officially validated by the Bluetooth SIG for Protocol qualification of Bluetooth devices.