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Component Test

A combination of two or more interrelated equipment (sets) arranged in a functional package to perform testing of particular components. (

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  • Component Test


    Our innovative multi-function Electrical Component Testers have advanced functions such as voltage power control feed to activate components like radiator fan, headlights, horn, actuators, etc. and the sensor simulator can provide simulation of voltage signals, frequencies, square waves & duty signals with varying intensity to test the feasibility of good sensor signals in comparison to bad ones when troubleshooting vehicle electrical faults.

  • ACCUplace Test Components

    APTC - Applied Image, Inc.

    ACCUplace Test Components by Applied Image

  • Optical Component Test

    Luna Innovations Inc.

    Test and characterize modern optical components, including photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and silicon photonics, with unmatched speed, precision and accuracy. Accelerate and improve your design or optimize your production with Luna’s suite of component analyzers and testers.

  • Component Test Stands

    imc Test & Measurement GmbH

    As your specialist for measurement and testing technology, imc designs and manufactures test stands perfectly matching requirements for a complete range of components: whether for servomotors, pumps, brakes or valves – according to your wishes, imc component test stands can quickly and precisely test for perfect operation, verify lifetime, determine energy efficiency, and much more. Thanks to the modern software imc STUDIO, test objects can be tested for complex and wide-ranging scenarios.Test stand solutions from imc are characterized by their flexibility, short set-up times and productive test processes.As a manufacturer of measurement and test technology, it is second nature to us that imc test stands deliver reproducible and verifiable results and ensure productive test processes. Furthermore, we place enormous value not only on first-class technical features for imc test stands, but also on meeting the economic demands of our customers.

  • Component Test Scanner

    Model 13001 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    Support component test scanningSupport 8 slots for plug-in (removable), up to 320 channels for one unitOption A130007 40 channels scan module, input up to 500VDC for IR test without switchingMax. 8 salve units for multiple scanner (master/slave interface)Support Chroma LCR meterSupport Chroma 3302/3252/11025 turn ration functionSupport 11200 CLC/IR meter for IR testStandard RS-232, GPIB and USB interface13001 can be installed in Chroma Component ATE model 8800Support ICT applications

  • Test Connector Components

    Z-Axis Connector Company

    Any flat substrate, or bumped substrate, can be compressed against Z-Axis Elastomeric Connectors to make contact. The picture illustrates a Z-Thru Z-Alloy Connector Frame used to connect the DUT (Device Under Test) to a circuit board.

  • Electronic Components Test

    Lisun Electronics Inc.

    Parameters to be measured (absolute value): Measure hypo-class U, Iout, Hz, Hc, Br, Bm, Hm, Br /Bm, m, magnetic core loss, B-H curve, U curve and I curve Output capacity of the high frequency power: Uout: 1~300V, Iout: 0.05~5A, Pout: 300VA, frequency: 10~300kHz Accuracy: 2% With 12-bit high-speed A/D, sampling rate up to 40MHz, ensuring data precise and stable test result Supermaximal database, suitable for almost all kinds of magnetic material in market, such as: circle, E ,U , ETD-EER, JAR, RM , EP , PM , EL , ER, PQ, EFD, plane E, etc Perfect software interface enables observation of curve in detail Meet international test requirements for magnetic particle ASTM E1444, ASTM E709-08.

  • Optical Component Test

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight photonic measurement solutions offer industry-leading performance for fastest time to market of next generation photonics and for test cost reduction.

  • Passive Component Test Solutions

    Chroma ATE Inc.

    Chroma Passive Component Test Solutions

  • Dynamic Component Test Systems


    RedViking brings advanced engineering and proven implementation expertise to your next dynamic component test stand. We’ve designed entire fleets of multi-model and single-model test systems for new component development and production as well as military and commercial MROs. We have decades of experience building and implementing turnkey dynamic component test systems, and we’ll work with your teams virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Component Test and Analysis Laboratories

    Raytheon Company

    The Component Test and Analysis team specializes in electronic and mechanical components such as hybrids, connectors, cables, harnesses, passive or discrete components, and digital or linear devices. The test lab has extensive experience in developing test software to electrically and environmentally characterize virtually any integrated circuit, including analog, digital, mixed signal, converters, FPGA and ASICs, as well as experience in developing actual radiation environments for parts testing. The component analysis team offers the analytical expertise and advanced instrumentation to identify root cause explanation for a wide range of component-level failures, as well as the resources to evaluate for possible quality and reliability issues through non-destructive and destructive techniques. With access to a detailed database, the Component Test and Analysis team offers a 25-year history of test and analysis data — a valuable resource for addressing new customer requirements.

  • Suspension Component Test Systems

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    Acoustic quality, vehicle dynamics and stability, and driver comfort play an increasingly important role in the development of new chassis and suspension systems – both passive and active. Noises in suspension components can cause customer dissatisfaction and lead to high warranty costs and are difficult to diagnose especially on historically-used, noisy hydraulic test rigs. The MB Suspension Component Test Rig (SCTR) enables dynamic simulation of real road excitations and synthesized waveforms, performing industry-standard Force-Velocity and Force-Displacement tests and low speed friction tests, and assessing other NVH and structure-borne noises for comprehensive performance characterization and sound and vibration analyses on a wide variety of chassis components.

  • Component Filter Test System

    Model 3150 - TSI Inc.

    The Component Filter Test System (CFTS Model 3150) from TSI, consists of software and a hardware module to provide an off the shelf solutions for all your custom filter testing needs. Pre-configured to work with TSI’s world class detectors and sizers the CFTS provides a platform for numerous filter test applications.

  • Hydraulic Component Test Stand

    Model 700 - Power Test, Inc.

    Model 700 Hydraulic Component Test Stand (HCTS). Designed to test heavy-duty, off-highway, closed or open loop pumps, the 700 gives you the capacity to confidently and efficiently verify the quality of your work. Test new or rebuilt pumps, motors, valves, and cylinders independently, and communicate their quality to your customers with the help of PowerNet TD, data acquisition software for transmission and hydraulic systems. Convenient work height with adjustable mounting track. 100, 200 or 300 HP drive motor options available. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controlled drive motor. 200 gallon (757 L) high-mount hydraulic oil reservoir for flooded pump supply. Combined kidney filtration and cooling loop for continuous cleaning. Thermostatically controlled cooler and 7 kW reservoir immersion heater.

  • Application-Specific Test Systems & Components

    Keysight Technologies

    Ease system integration with Keysight System products and services. You can be sure you´re getting outstanding system-ready instruments, open software, and PC-standard I/O that give you the freedom to choose the best tools for your test, and the assurance that they´ll work together, every time.

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