Colorimeters: measuring color brightness, hue, and saturation.

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  • C Series - Colorimeters

    Company: Eutech Instruments

    Eutech’s latest range of laboratory grade microprocessorbased portable waterproof colorimeters measure Chlorine (Free and Total), Cyanuric Acid, pH, Chlorine Dioxide, Bromine and Ozone with quick, accurate and repeatable results. The meters are easy to use because of their simple, intuitive and direct user interface. Guiding messages and self-diagnostics are displayed on a large custom-made liquid crystal display (LCD).

  • NB30 - Colorimeter

    Company: Zhengzhou Nanbei

    Precision colorimeter NB30 is based on the International Commission on Illumination CIE relevant standards, nationalstandards developed and produced through the National Measurement SCM certified professional colorimeter. The colorimeter using the new import key components, carefully designed, with accuracy and stability, simple operation, easy to learn, affordable and so on.

  • ColorCAL MKII - Colorimeter

    Company: Cambridge Research

    Calibrated and affordable colorimeter performs better than a spectroradiometer for gamma correction. Computer-controlled, bus powered USB colorimeter with an easy to use cross-platform software interface, designed for characterising and calibrating your CRT or LCD monitor.

  • Colorimeter

    Company: Dongguan Longwei

    The Preferred Solution for Color Quality Control ManagementLW300 high-quality portable colorimeter has adopted multi-channel color sensors of international brands, more stable IC platform as well as efficient and accurate algorithms to provide users with accurate and fast color management and application. LW300 is also designed with ergonomics and humanized operation and it has applied for a number of patents. LW300 is a multifunctional colorimeter with high quality and competitive price. LW300 is the most convenient colorimeter for users.

  • C6 - Colorimeter

    Company: SpectraCal

    The SpectraCal C6 Colorimeter is one of the most advanced light measurement devices available, rivaling high-end spectroradiometers in speed and accuracy. The C6 colorimeter is field-upgradeable with CalMAN 5, meaning that the calibration tables and supported display technologies are automatically updated when the device connects with the software.

  • K-80 - Colorimeter

    Company: Klein Instruments

    The new Klein K-80 Colorimeter has been upgraded with enhanced optics, giving it a 16X advantage in sensitivity over the previous K-8. The K-80 continues the Klein tradition of high speed, versatile, mobile and accurate colorimeters that Klein has come to be known for. The K-80 can be used on any display size, not just small ones, although the smaller measurement area makes it ideal for hard to measure screen sizes.

  • C3 - Colorimeter

    Company: SpectraCal

    The SpectraCal C3 Colorimeter represents the latest technology for consumer grade light meters. Designed for optimal performance with LCD CCFL, white LED, and plasma display technologies*, the C3 can achieve unprecedented accuracy when compared with previous generation hardware.

  • Colorimeters

    Company: Hach Lange GmbH

    Hach has refined the colorimeter technology into effective and accurate hand held solutions that support your testing needs. Whether you are looking for a single parameter testing device, or something that supports up to 90 of the most preprogrammed water testing methods, Hach has a solution that will support your needs. All solutions are light weight and built to go anywhere.

  • K10-A - Colorimeter

    Company: Klein Instruments

    The Klein K10-A has long been regarded as the industry standard in LCD calibration. It's enhanced optics give it a 3X advantage in sensitivity over the original K-10 SF. Known for it's superior speed, the K10-A can stream intensity data in 3.2 milliseconds, and can provide color data in 125 milliseconds. The Klein K10-A is also extremely sensitive and color accurate. Large photo-diodes give the probe superior performance even in extremely low light (down to 0.00006 cd/m2). Klein diodes are very large; 5mm x 5mm each, and are thermally stable and linear to report the highest degree of accuracy. The unparalleled speed and iconic design of this colorimeter have made it the most widely known Klein product.

  • K692 - Colorimeter

    Company: Chongqing Kailian

    It is designed to determine colors of all kinds of lubricant oil and other petroleum products. The method is to inject oil sample into colorimetric cylinder, then compare with standard color chips to confirm its chroma and color number.

  • Colorimeter

    Company: Dongguan Kejian Instrument

    An instrument for measuring the intensity of color.

  • Colorimeter

    Company: Dongguan Lixian Instrument

    CIE(Commission Internationale De L'E'clalrage)setup a series of visible spectrum color space standards.The Basic CIE color space standardS iS iS built on standard visual observerson the basis of ability to see,and it reflects the standardS scope of color by eye.Based On CIE_XYZ there are CIE_XvY,CIE_Lab,CIE Lch standard color space,etc.

  • ColorMunki Smile - Colorimeter

    Company: Pantone

    ColorMunki Smile is a simple color calibration solution that makes sure your computer screen is always displaying the correct colors. ColorMunki Smile includes a measurement device and super simple software. You also get easy-to-follow help videos, but the process is so easy, you probably won't need them. So isn't it time to Stop Guessing if the image you see on your monitor is really the right color? Start Knowing with ColorMunki Smile! Calibrate LCD & LED displays laptop or desktop

  • C 3300 - System Colorimeter

    Company: LMT Lichtmesstechnik

    System colorimeter for fast measurements on temporal changing light colors with display of the tristimulus values X,Y,Z on three 4¾-digit displays, measurement rates up to 120 readings/s, with system colorimeter head CHS 60, by partial filtering very fine adjusted to the CIE color matching functions.

  • ICAM - 2D Colorimeter

    Company: DELTA

    ICAM is a filter based high accuracy 2D colorimeter that measures absolute colour and luminance on both still images and moving images.