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Big Data

boundless digital processing.

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  • Real-Time RPA Analytics Platform

    BOT INSIGHT - Testing Anywhere

    Big data goes with the territory. Your digital workforce is bringing back complete information on not only what it does but also what it encounters along the way. Everything is recorded and visible to the enterprise, anytime. But what does it all mean? The most advanced RPA analytics reveal what’s meaningful and predict what’s next.

  • CAPture - Smart IF And RF Record And Playback System

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    With increasing complexity of RF Systems, the demand on RF front end and the bandwidth requirements continue to increase, thereby the rate at which the data needs to be streamed to the disk is increasing at exponential rates. This all comes along with increasing cost of field trials and is a big challenge that RF engineers and scientists are facing today. Record & Playback systems solve this challenge by recording the IF & RF field data, this data when played back provides seamless information which is essential in testing RF systems.

  • 8-ch Digital Input IoT Wireless I/O Module with RS-485 Port

    WISE-4051-AE - B+B SmartWorx

    8-ch digital input with 1-port RS-485 for Modbus devices2.4GHz Wi-Fi reducing the wiring cost during big data acquisitionEasily extend the existing network by adding APs, and share existing Ethernet softwareConfigured by mobile devices directly without installing any software or AppsZero data loss using the log function with RTC time stampData can be automatically pushed to Dropbox or computerSupports RESTful web API in JSON format for IoT integration

  • Enterprise API Development Testing & Virtualization

    Ready! API - SmartBear Software

    Large-Scale Automated API Test Libraries & Simplified Virtualization. Ready! API now includes features that allow professionals to efficiently manage large test suites with hundreds of artifacts, big data sets, multiple environments, and customizations. Additionally, Ready! API continues to strengthen its enterprise-level service virtualization features for SOAP, REST, and JMS-based back-end systems.

  • Microprocessorized instrument

    MP-100 - R&J Measurement

    Mobile meter designed to measuring the magnetic permeability lower as 3 and allows to control the elements with small overall dimensions and the elements with complex shapes as well as it allows the evaluations of heterogeneity of the elements with big overall dimensions. The meter contain the measurements memory and all obtained date could be display on LCD. The meter contain also RS232 interface which allow the data transmittion to PC.

  • Nemo Xynergy

    Keysight Technologies

    Nemo Xynergy automates key tasks in the entire network management life cycle and supports multiple, disparate data sources and vendors for all major technologies, including HSPA+, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and LTE-A. The Nemo Xynergy platform provides engineers with deep insight into the customer experience and network performance of their wireless systems. Its multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-data source capabilities bring significant operational efficiencies by providing a single enterprise solution for all of the organization’s big data analytics needs.

  • Network Analysis

    Utel Systems

    Big data is awesome, you just need to see it! And that’s what the Network Analysis suite from Utel Systems is all about: To take billions of data feeds from telecom networks all around the world and letting it all make perfect sense right in front of you – on the screen of your computer. Making you able to understand, control and maintain superior network quality and performance – all key factors to boost brand loyalty, improve revenue and growing market shares.

  • Real-Time WiFi Packet Sniffer

    Intelligraphics Inc.

    Businesses across a wide range of industries are looking for new ways to feed accurate data to Business Intelligence (BI) applications. In retail, this means having access to Big Data that provides metrics on customer flow, dwell time at various locations in stores and malls, and if there are enough employees in key areas to service customers. Other industries such as hospitality, airports, and trade shows seek similar information about their visitors, where they queue, how best to provide information, and if the right staff and services are at the right place at the right time.

  • Reliability Testing

    ELES Semiconductor Equipment SpA

    ELES designs and manufacturers reliability test solutions to verify the performance of integrated circuits from concept validation to high volume production during all the test phases. No other company can provide universal equipment for all the reliability tests,  or can guarantee a seamless data flow between phases or can apply on chip embedded reliability engineering for data tracking and failure investigation. Clients use our functional test data to proactively analyse variations between lots, between temperature extremes  and during lifetime (often these defects escape ATE).  The improvements to products and processes needed to arrive at zero defects  cannot be driven by the quantity of Big Data alone, the quality of reliability data is a strategic advantage that only ELES can provide.

  • Network Monitoring

    Utel Systems

    Big data is awesome, you just need to catch it! With the Network Monitoring solution from Utel Systems you can maintain a superior network quality and a first class customer experience by capturing information about network traffic and Voice Quality in Mobile, IP and TDM networks. STINGA Monitoring Probe and STINGA Performance Analyzer let you detect and resolve network issues and poor performance before end customers are affected.

  • Handheld Spectrometer

    United Power Research Technology Corporation

    The design concept of UPRtek handheld spectrometer is 『All in One - One in All 』, it is mainly focus on lightweight and intuitive design, you may use it standalone, no computer connection needed and check the measurement data immediately. You can also process wireless control measurement through the application of smart devices. In addition, SD card storage function may help you to use the measurement data freely such like process big data analysis on uSpectrum PC software. UPRtek wishes to provide a handheld spectrometer with high flexibility for different kind of places, different use purposes and different usage scenarios to help you work more efficiently.

  • Infrared cameras

    IRDL708 Series - Amperis sl

    IRDL708 Series is newly developed uncooled thermal imaging camera, which features high resolution 640x480 pixels, multi rotated big size touch screen, IR & CCD fusion, 5 mega pixel CCD camera, high brightness LED light, record in H.264 or original data, JPEG format picture back up, sounds & light alarm, text and voice noted, network interface, built in laser, Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS etc.

  • Software Testing Services

    Cigniti Inc.

    Our test offerings include TCoE, Testing on Cloud, Entererprise Mobility Testing, Big Data Testing, Functional, Automation, Security and Performance Testing services. Our workforce is equally distributed between NA & India with a vision to be your local partner. Cigniti''''''''s SMART Tools and Cloud Enabled test labs provide cost effective solutions with early Return on Investments. Cigniti is rated at CMMI SVC V1.3 Maturity Level 3 and is an ISO 27001:2005 certified organization.

  • Systems

    Ansys Corporation

    As product complexity grows, so does the challenge of integrating individual components within a system to ensure they work together as expected. Systems modeling, simulation and validation allow you to create a complete digital prototype to understand and optimize the critical interactions between physics, controls and the environment throughout the product development process. And, by combining systems modeling with sensors and big data, you can develop a digital twin to manage your product’s performance and maintenance after it has been deployed.

  • The Internet Of Things Solutions

    jKool, llc

    Big Data analytics is the foundation of the industrial internet. The IoT cuts across almost all industries as they join the industrial internet. Organizations are embedding ever-increasing amounts of sensors in the environment. These sensors are inserted into processes ranging from sports, automotive, manufacturing to supply chain detecting the movement of products from pallet to truck. They are also used for:Monitoring energy consumption and pump performance in the aircraft industryTagging patients to monitor their vitals in hospitalsWind mills used by the energy companies to generate powerTracking and measuring sport team performance