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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Digital Logic Analyzers

    DV3200 - TechTools

    With a sample rate of 200 MHz (200Msa/Sec), the DV3200 is our next step up from the popular DV3100. Other than having twice the capture rate, this new model has all the same features including storage capacity, advanced trigger capabilities, adjustable threshold, inputs designed to handle ± 20 volts (continuous) and auto switching hardware compression (tri-mode).


    1680S2 - Telemann Corp.

    The optimal satellite signal meter to test and measure both analog/digital signals(DVB-S2, DVB-S, DSS). Especially, these models give users the capacity to measure MER, BER, EVM, I/Q constellation diagram very easily and correctly, which are very important measurement factors for the satellite broadcasting signal

  • Digital Telecom Analyzers

    WinTek s.a.s.

    Measures in Loop Insulation Quiescent Condition.DC characteristic (I, V) and characteristic I (t).Feature of Ringtone.Transmission and impedance characteristics.Call functions.Response functions."Power Failure" functions with auxiliary power supply.Special functions programmable by the user.

  • Display Color Analyzer

    Model 7123 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    Luminance and chromaticity measurement of Color Display0.005 cd/m2low luminance measurement (A712301)Wide luminance range: 0.0001 to 25,000 cd/m2 (A712301) 0.01 to 200,000 cd/m2 (A712302)High accuracy measurementMaximum 9 display modes: xyY, TΔuvY, u’ v’ Y, RGB, XYZ, Contrast, ProgramAble to control Video Pattern Generator and UUT (Unit Under Test)Built-in contrast measurement function to calculate the contrast ratio directlyEquipped with programmable test items that can complete the planned tests with one single buttonSupport USB flash disk that can copy the test procedures to other station for useJudgment function embedded to judge the test result automatically with one single buttonCalibration period setting and reminding functionMemory for storing 100 channels of standard color data and calibration dataBuilt-in flat display calibration data LCD-D65 & LED-D65* to be applied for chromaticity measurement instantlyOptional display white balance alignment system can be used to integrate all optical test stations to one single station

  • Drilling Mud Analyzer

    MudChecker - Salunda

    The MudChecker™ is the first electronic device to replace retort and titration, providing repeatable results in minutes. Drilling mud is critical to drilling and completion of oil and gas wells. Fluids remove cuttings as the drill bit moves through the formation, control well bore stability and provide information about geology. Retort and chemical titration has been used since the dawn of drilling to measure the composition of drilling fluids as part of a ‘mud check’. These methods can take over an hour, and can be inaccurate and hazardous.

  • Dynamic Foam Analyzer

    DFA100 - KRÜSS GmbH

    Our DFA100 instrument for analyzing foams measures the foamability of liquids and the foam stability based on precise measurements of the foam height. With flexibly deployable modules, it also measures the liquid content of the foam or analyses the foam structure with regard to bubble size and distribution. The DFA100 assists in the optimization of foam-forming products or, in the case of unwanted foam formation, helps with specific foam prevention.

  • Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

    DMA/SDTA 1 + - Mettler-Toledo, LLC

    The METTLER TOLEDO DMA/SDTA1+ sets new standards in the market. In comparison with conventional DMA instruments it offers new and unique performance benefits: A frequency range up to 1000 Hz for material behavior simulation and accurate determination of moduli through the presence of a dedicated force sensor. Unique measurement of both displacement and force results in a very accurate determination of moduli. Wide force range from 1 mN to 40 N allows you to measure very soft and very stiff samples

  • Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers

    TA Instruments

    Dynamic Mechanical Analysis measures the mechanical properties of materials as a function of time, temperature, and frequency. In addition to basic material properties, DMA also quantifies finished part characteristics, reflecting the important contribution that processing has on end-use performance. DMA is commonly used to measure glass transition temperatures and secondary transitions, orientation caused by processing, cold crystallization, cure optimization, filler effects in composites, and much more. DMA provides an accurate measure of material stiffness (modulus) but also other important mechanical properties such as damping, creep, and stress relaxation.

  • Dynamic Signal Analyzers

    Keysight Technologies

    Mechanical and physical test applications in laboratory or field environments.

  • Electrical Network Analyzer

    SHARK 200 - Amperis sl

    *Compact design*Class 0.2 in energy, typical accuracy 0.1%*Front serial port for programming once installed*Integrated RS-485 (Modbus and DNP 3.0 protocols)*Self-range in voltage and current

  • Electronic Ballast Analyzer

    WT3000 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • It has 8 windows to display each parameter of input and output characteristics • Frequency response for testing input current up to 1MHz, suitable for precise testing of various kind of electronic ballast • WT3000 has expanding analysis for envelope wave. • Symmetry analysis for envelope wave’s crest factor of lamp current • Sampling at ultra-high speed, dynamic analysis single frequency curve, highest sampling frequency is up to 10MHz • Portable with built-in chip micro-processor, particular suitable for development and spot production • RS-232C standard interface can be connected to PC, English version software can run in WinXP or Win7

  • Electronic Moisture Analyzer

    MOC-120H - Shimadzu Corp.

    The moisture content of a variety of samples can be measured using an array of drying modes. The drying status can be seen at-a-glance with the fluctuation range display. Active in a variety of fields (cereals, starch, flour, noodles, brewed products, sea foods and marine products, meat products, spices, sweets, dairy products, dried foods, vegetable oils and other food articles; pharmaceuticals; ores; cokes; glass materials; cement; chemical fertilizers; pulp and paper; cotton; various fabrics and other industrial goods); enabling measurement of samples (cereals, foods, and chemical products) under various conditions (powder, particles, paste, and liquid).

  • Elemental Analyzers for IRMS

    EA Inlets - Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH

    The combination of elemental analysis (EA) with isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) has allowed the explosion of stable isotope analysis across a broad range of application areas. This diversity in application areas means that our customers often have different demands of their EA-IRMS solutions and so we offer a range of elemental analysers for coupling to IRMS products.

  • EMF Spectrum Analyzer

    Aaronia AG

    Professional EMF measurement devices use a frequency dependant measurementapproach, the so-called spectrum analysis. In a certain frequencyrange, the individuals signals and their respective strengths are being brokendown, for example into a "bargraph" display (see SPECTRAN screenshoton the right). The height of the individual bars represents the correspondingsignal strength. For the 3 strongest signal sources, SPECTRAN canautomatically displays the frequency and signal level, thanks to its "AutoMarker" feature. Of course, you can also setup the filter width and the frequencyrange to be analysed as you like.

  • EMI Filtering Analyzer

    RS Analyst™ - EMI Software llc

    With RS Analyst circuits can be analyzed prior to fabrication to determine whether radiated susceptibility requirements will be satisfied. RS Analyst is ideally suited for predicting the effectiveness of EMI filtering for power line and signal line filters and for determining the effects of cable shielding and shield terminations.

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