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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Battery Analyzer

    UBA5-30V - Vencon Technologies

    The UBA5-30V can analyze up to 30V battery packs (33 for lithium ion or lithium polymer). It comes with a small power supply (120VAC or 220VAC input) that powers the UBA5's internal circuitry.

  • Analyzers of batteries

    Megaron Ltd.

    LLC "Megaron" develops and manufactures instruments for measuring parameters of various chemical current sources, devices for testing batteries. This equipment of varying complexity, from simple, designed for a specific battery, with the possibility to universal computer monitoring processes.

  • Beverage Analyzer

    Orbisphere 6110 - Hach Lange GmbH

    The Orbisphere 6110 is the ideal solution for final beverage packages analysis. The unique gas phase technology eliminates the direct contact of the sensing elements with the liquid. This reduces maintenance by eliminating hassles such as bleaching tubing and replacing valves to prevent fouling. The CO2 analysis measurement provides accurate results at any temperature, without having to warm the sample.

  • XRF Analyzer


    Adopts energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrum (EDXRF), which is a qualitative and quantitative analysis technique for rapid and nondestructive determination of major and minor elements in various types of samples (solid, powder, liquid).

  • Powerline Analyzer

    SHARK 100-S - Amperis sl

    Amperis introduces one of its most advanced Sub-Meters. This high performance product is designed to measure the use of electrical energy with an accurate degree of billing and send that information by the most advanced means of communication. The unit supports RS485, Ethernet RJ45 or IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi ethernet. This allows it to be installed anywhere in the building or construction and communicate with the Cetral Backup Software easily, quickly and automatically.

  • Powerline Analyzer

    SHARK 100 - Amperis sl

    Amperis introduces one of the highest performance panel-type billing grade meters in the industry. Based on a new platform, this low cost meter significantly outperforms other much more expensive equipment. This unit is perfect for new measurement applications and for direct and simple replacement of existing analog meters. The Shark is excellent for high accuracy energy measurement exceeding ANSI C12.20 (0.2%) and IEC 687 (0.2%) energy measurement standards.

  • Powerline Analyzer

    NEXUS 1252 - Amperis sl

    From the Industrial Giants, Fortune 100 companies to municipal utilities, an energy management and power monitoring program is critical to their success. The Nexus® 1252, the most advanced monitoring product, provides the global picture of power quality and usage from any metered point within a distribution network, enabling users to make power-related decisions quickly and effectively.

  • Electrosurgical Analyzer

    Rigel 377 - Seward Medical

    igel Medical has introduced a new high performance Electrosurgical Analyser with the emphasis on speed and ease of testing all modern day Electrosurgical devices. The new Rigel 377 utilises a new approach to measuring the high frequency leakage, power distribution and remote plate security testing, ensuring high accuracy and the widest range of built-in resistors.

  • Cheese Analyzer

    DairyScan - FOSS A/S

    The DairyScan allows for fast and accurate fat and moisture testing within your cheese production. Forget about slow, labour-intensive traditional testing methods and enjoy rapid analysis whenever you need it. Instant information helps you to spot out-of-spec products so that you can improve quality, avoid costly mistakes in production and ensure higher profitability. With a testing time of 45 seconds the DairyScan is ideal for smaller dairies producing less than 7000 tons cheese per year.

  • NeuroSensory Analyzer

    TSA-II - Medoc-Web

    TSA thermal stimulator test procedure The test procedure itself is similar to that employed in such routine tests as eye and hearing examinations, where patients are asked to respond to visual or auditory stimuli. Sensory testing is performed by applying the TSA-II thermode on the patient's skin to heat or cool the skin. Patients respond to the temperature stimuli by pushing a button, and the sensory threshold is recorded and automatically compared to an age-matched normative data.

  • Battery Analyzers

    Junxy Energy

    JUNXY battery internal resistance & conductance tester is a portable and hand-held battery test and measurement instrument for daily battery maintenance. It offers users a fast and reliable principle to on-line check groups of battery bank’s battery state of health (SOH), battery performance by quickly and precisely testing each cell voltage, internal resistance, conductance, connecting strip resistance and so on.

  • Energy Analyzer

    VIPENERGY - Elcontrol Energy Net S.r.l.

    Measurements on distorted and unbalanced systems. Display with backlight. Easy to install and operate. All options can be programmed on the field. Signal outputs: versions with different configurations available for expanding the use of VIP ENERGY to industrial control applications.

  • Energy Analyzer

    EP600i - CANDURA Instruments

    The EnergyPro EP600i is portable and easy to use. Perfect for single phase or three phase energy consumption analysis and basic power quality monitoring. It supports standard wiring configurations and comes with a set of 1A - 2500A WideRangeFlexCT ™. The graphics display makes setup very easy and intuitive - you can setup and record data without looking at the manual!

  • Particle Analyzer

    CAMSIZER X2 - Retsch Technology GmbH

    The quality control of fine powders can be substantially improved with the new CAMSIZER X2: More precise and faster analysis of particle size and particle shape helps to improve the product quality, reduce rejects and save labor costs, energy and raw materials. The design of the CAMSIZER X2 is based on the well-proven optical particle measurement system Camsizer but is optimized for finer samples (from 0.8 m to 8 mm).

  • Memory Analyzers

    Nexus Technology, Inc.

    Market drivers in the memory sector have changed. Gone are the days of simply pushing Moore’s Law to ever faster data rates. The memory designs of today and tomorrow must also be smarter than ever before. Today, handheld and wearable computers must draw from a limited battery reserve while serving up fast, responsive, and compelling mobile experiences. Meanwhile the cloud of data centers and server farms that feed us these compelling experiences must continuously grow while simultaneously reducing overhead and environmental impact. These two different markets have the same goals: smarter memory, smarter control systems, and lower power usage.

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