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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Thermogravimetric Analyzers

    TGA-50 Series - Shimadzu Corp.

    These thermobalances give satisfying performance with respect to all criteria in vibration tolerance, stability, noise level, tolerance of room temperature fluctuations, and more. Changes in mass on the order of several micrograms (10 µg with the 51) can be clearly detected. Hot temperature H-types and the macro 51-types are available as needed for applications in ceramics, catalysts, and other fields.

  • Process Analyzers

    MARGA - Metrohm AG

    MARGA is a fully autonomous sampling and measurement system that continuously measures the water-soluble gas and aerosol components that have a direct effect on air quality. These results can then be used to study the formation of aerosols from their precursor gases and how their concentration and composition vary with diurnal and seasonal cycles.

  • TXRF Analyzer

    3800e - Rigaku Corp.

    Measure elemental contamination at discrete points or with full wafer maps. TXRF analysis can gauge contamination in all fab processes, including cleaning, litho, etch, ashing, films, etc. The TXRF 3800e can measure elements from S through U with a single-target, dual-beam X-ray system and a new liquid nitrogen-free detector system. Size of wafer: 200 mm max.

  • ADSL2+ Analyzer

    ST-204 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    The ST-701 ADSL2+ Tester is a hand-held communication instrument that supports batteries as power supply, and has a large screen with Chinese display. This product is particularly applicable for the field cutover, acceptance and maintenance of ADSL equipment, and can be widely used by ADSL business operators like China Telecom, China Rail Company, etc, and is the best choice of ADSL engineers and technicians.

  • ADSL2+ Analyzer

    T-2041 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    ST2041 ADSL2+ tester is a much compact and very easy-to-use handheld test instrument. It can support various ADSL line standards, specially for installation, maintenance and measurement. The operator all needs to do is to write the configuration, set the measurement margin and parameters, then, complete the functions of ADSL2+ line parameter, MODEM simulation, ISP login and so on by pressing one key. The tester will judge the result by itself that whether it complies with the standard according to the margin value embedded, and indicate it by LED and LCD directly. It can simplify the testing process and improve the efficiency greatly. Technicians will agree that XG2041 is the right tool for the job.

  • Analyzers of batteries

    Megaron Ltd.

    LLC "Megaron" develops and manufactures instruments for measuring parameters of various chemical current sources, devices for testing batteries. This equipment of varying complexity, from simple, designed for a specific battery, with the possibility to universal computer monitoring processes.

  • Antenna Analyzer

    MAX6 - SP3SWJ

    A pocket size scalar & vector network analyser. Built-in radio signal meter allows you to work as a wobbuloscope, which significantly increases the range of applications of this instrument. Additional accessory connector allow connect external options for extend functionality in future applications


    MFJ-213 - MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

    MFJ-213 covers 1-60 MHz with digital precision. It also displays SWR, complex impedance, and impedance magnitude simultaneously all on the same easy-to-read LCD screen.

  • Audio Analyzer

    LA100 - Lindos Electronics

    The LA100 Audio Analyser is a complete audio test system in daily use world-wide by broadcasters, manufacturers, telecom and studio engineers. The flexibility of the system means that testing a broadcast satellite link or aligning a Beta cam machine is as easy as testing a loudspeaker or studio intercom. The LA100 comprises the LA101 Audio Oscillator and the LA102 Audio Measuring Set.

  • Audio Analyzer

    MS20 - Lindos Electronics

    The MiniSonic MS20 is a combined oscillator and measuring set in a stand-alone unit, which is both compact and portable. As well as being a quality tester the MS20 is a precision line-up tool, a stereo PPM, a balanced-unbalanced convertor (both ways), a stereo microphone pre-amp, a headphone amp, and a level convertor.

  • Bath Analyzers


    Simple, easy-to-use manual method that provide reliable and accurate concentration measurement for both fresh and contaminated cleaning baths

  • Battery Analyzer


    ● Measure the impedance of any type battery which voltage below 48V.● A perfect tool for batteries used in vehicle, emergency lighting, alarm, sprinkler systems,   UPS devices, business security and any system using batteries to provide power,    especially for lead-acid battery used in vehicle, electromotion car etc..

  • Battery Analyzer


    ● Battery ImpedanceRange: 60mΩ / 600mΩ / 6 Ω / 60Ω (auto-range)Accuracy: ±1.0% of reading ±3digits Resolution: 0.01mΩ● DCV Range: 6V / 60V (auto-range) Accuracy: ±0.8% of reading ±3digits Resolution: 0.001V●StorageCan storage 50 groups data (impedance and voltage) and veryconvenient for you to number the batteries for detection.●Connect to PC RS-232 interface ● Display impedance and voltage of battery together. ●Supplied with lithium batteries, it is very convenient to test outdoors and indoors.Application:● Measure the impedance of any type battery which voltage below 60V,identify the capability of batteries.●A perfect tool for batteries used in vehicle, emergency lighting, alarm,sprinkler systems, UPS devices, business security and any systemusing batteries to provide power, especially for lead-acid battery used in vehicle,electromotion car etc..

  • Battery Analyzer


    ● ImpedanceRange: 6mΩ / 60mΩ / 600m Ω / 6Ω (auto-range)Accuracy: ±1.5% of reading ±3digits Resolution: 0.001mΩ● CapacityRange: 0 ~ 9999Ah Accuracy: ±1.5% of reading ±3digits Resolution: 0.001Ah● DCV Range: 6V / 60V (auto-range) Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading ±3digits Resolution: 0.001V● DCARange: 6A / 60A / 200A (manual) Accuracy: ±1.5% of reading ±3digits Resolution: 0.001A / 0.01A / 0.1A● Temperature Range: -20℃~100℃Accuracy: ±1.0℃ Resolution: 0.1 ℃ ● Set discharge end voltage manually.● Auto alarm when capacity measurement finish .● Data Storage  50 records of impedance and voltage data are available to store into memory .● RS-232 ●  Supplied with lithium rechargeable batteries, very easy to charge with AC power line. Application:● Measure the impedance and capability of rechargeable batteries. which voltage below 60V, ● A perfect tool for identify the batteries used in UPS devices, vehicle,emergency lighting, alarm, sprinkler systems, business security deviceselectro motion ca r etc..

  • Battery Analyzer


    Measure battery storage capacity with clamp-on sensorTest battery capacity under it’s real working conditionSelect different type of battery with discharge end voltageDisplay current and voltage during testingDisplay battery parameters and timeAuto-alarm when test finish,alternatively data savingAuto backlight on in dark areaMaximal capacity count up to 999.9Ah4-wires mode impedance measurement Up to 0.01mΩ resolutionOperating Environment: 0~40℃ ,<80% R.HStorage Environment : -20~60℃ ,<80% R.HPower supply: Heavy duty 9V Alkaline battery ( IEC-6F22)Accessories: “4 wire” test leads 1 pair “2 wire” test leads 1 pair