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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

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  • Advanced Serial Protocol Analyzer

    CommFront Communications

    Most data networks are complicated, not just the hardware and network issues, but also the high-level protocols that devices use to communicate; and to make things even more complicated, many manufacturers have incorporated proprietary protocols for their devices. Integrating different devices and protocols within a data network is always the most challenging task for system integrators, firmware / software developers, and site engineers. From the simplest loopback test to complicated checksum calculation and sophisticated firmware and GUI software development, the 232Analyzer is designed to tackle all these challenges.

  • SMBus Protocol Exerciser and Analyzer

    PGY-SMBus -EX-PD - Prodigy Technovations Pvt. Ltd.

    SM Bus Serial bus interface has been widely used for voltage and temperature monitoring of the system. PGY-SMBus -EX-PD is the leading instrument that enables the design and test engineers to test the SM Bus designs for its specifications by configuring PGY-SM Bus -EX-PD as master/slave, generating SM Bus traffic with error injection capability and decoding SM bus Protocol decode packets.

  • Process Particle Size Analyzers

    Insitec Range - Malvern Panalytical Ltd

    Insitec systems deliver the online continuous particle size analysis needed for efficient, cost-effective monitoring and control of industrial processes. Suitable for the widest variety of process streams from dry powders to hot sticky slurries, sprays and emulsions, whether milligrams of material or hundreds of tonnes per hour. Insitec systems measure particles in the size range 0.1 micron to 2.5 mm.

  • Spray Particle Size Analyzer

    Spraytec - Malvern Panalytical Ltd

    Malvern Panalytical's Spraytec laser diffraction system allows measurement of spray particle and spray droplet size distributions in real-time for more efficient product development of sprays and aerosols. It has been specifically designed to address the unique requirements for spray characterization and deliver robust, reproducible droplet size data.

  • ENA Vector Network Analyzer

    E5080B - Keysight Technologies

    As devices become highly integrated, complete characterization requires a complete RF and microwave measurement solution. The E5080B provides R&D performance up to 53 GHz and advanced test flexibility. Best-in-class dynamic range, trace noise, and temperature stability guarantee reliability and repeatability.

  • Wireless LAN Network Analyzers

    Silex Technology

    Collect radio wave characteristic data for WLAN and non-WLAN transmissions and translate them into an easy-to-understand web dashboard for network monitoring, operating, and troubleshooting.

  • Process Particle Size Analyzers

    Parsum Range - Malvern Panalytical Ltd

    Parsum Probes use Spatial Filter Velocimetry to deliver in situ, real-time size and velocity measurements for solid particles suspended in a pneumatic or gravity flow gas stream. Robust, dustproof and waterproof they measure particles in the size range 50-6000 µm with velocities from 0.01-50 m/s and are suitable for any industrial environment.

  • NTA Particle Size Analyzers

    NanoSight Range - Malvern Panalytical Ltd

    The Malvern Panalytical NanoSight range of instruments utilizes Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) to characterize nanoparticles from 10nm -2000nm* in solution. Each particle is individually but simultaneously analyzed by direct observation and measurement of diffusion events. This particle-by-particle methodology produces high resolution results for nanoparticle size distribution and concentration, while visual validation provides users with additional confidence in their data. Both particle size and concentration are measured, while a fluorescence mode provides differentiation of intrinsic or fluorescently labelled nanoparticles.

  • Portable Particle Size Analyzer

    LISST-Portable|XR - Sequoia Scientific, Inc.

    Truly portable – completely self-contained with built-in data logger, processor, rechargeable battery, and 7” color touch screen display.Particle Size Range 0.35 to 500 micronsPumped and recirculating mixing chamber that keeps large and heavy particles suspended.Shock mounted optics block that can withstand the rigors of field use.A built-in ultrasonic probe for complete sample dispersion.Touch panel allows for easy SOP programming, sample analysis and display of data without a PC.Multiple Mie models as well as Fraunhofer model available for inversion, selectable from the touch panelAll data-processing is performed on board and stored in ASCII format. No post-processing necessary.Outputs: Total volume concentration, mean size, standard deviation, optical transmission, D5, D10, D16, D25, D50 (median grain size), D60, D75, D84, D90, D95, D60/D10 (Hazen uniformity coefficient), particle surface area, silt fraction, silt volume, size distribution, battery voltage, sample notes.Based on the laser diffraction principle. Compliant with ISO-13320-1 standard.

  • Boundary-Scan Interactive Analyzer & Toolkit

    ScanExpress JTAG Debugger - Corelis, Inc.

    Test probe access is a luxury—modern electronic system design techniques such as blind and buried vias or ball-grid-array (BGA) devices guarantee limited signal access. Test points quickly reduce precious board real-estate and can even degrade performance. ScanExpress JTAG Debugger overcomes these limitations to provide the control and visibility necessary to quickly debug and test hardware, using a simple JTAG port to interface with IEEE-1149.1 compliant devices.Whether debugging prototype hardware, enhancing production tests with boundary-scan control, or diagnosing a faulty board in the field, ScanExpress Debugger’s easy-to-use and versatile interface helps engineers test and debug systems faster and more efficiently.

  • On Load Tap Changer Analyzer

    TAP-4-PLUS - Zensol Automation Inc.

    The Tap-4-PLUS is the newest instrument by Zensol for OLTC testing. It has 2 more analog inputs than the TAP-4. The TAP-4-PLUS with the TAP-DRM accessory can perform dynamic resistance, vibration, and motor current recordings at the same time. Doing so will allow you to easily understand the vibration impacts.

  • On Load Tap Changer Analyzer

    TAP4 - Zensol Automation Inc.

    The TAP-4 is the first instrument to use vibro-acoustic measurement to perform tests on On-Load Tap Changers (OLTC). The TAP-4 is a universal device, it adapts itself to any type of transformers: MR Reinhausen, ABB, Ferranti, Federal Pioneer and others.

  • 3-Phase Power & Harmonics Analyzer

    Extech PQ3350 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    Power measurements and analysis + datalogging of single and 3-phase/3-wire or 3-phase/4-wire systems (up to 52,428 single phase readings or 17,476 3-phase readings). Large backlighting LCD displays up to 35 parameters in one screen. Clamp-on True RMS power measurements with on-screen Harmonics display. Simultaneous display of Harmonics and Waveform. Display of Waveform with Peak Values (1024 samples/period). Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD-F). Maximum Demand (MDkW, MW, kVA, MVA) with programmable period. Adjustable CT ratio (1 to 600) and VT ratio (1 to 3000). Graphic Phase diagram with 3-Phase system parameters. 3-phase Voltage or Current Unbalanced Ratio (VUR, VIR) and Unbalanced Factor (d0%, d2%). Calculated Unbalanced Current through Neutral Line (In). Capture 28 Transient events (including Dip, Swell and Outage) with programmable threshold (%). Optically isolated USB interface with software to download Waveforms, Power Parameters and Harmonics. Includes 4 voltage leads with alligator clips and retractable plunger clips, 8 AA batteries, universal AC adaptor, software, USB interface cable, and case. Current Probes sold separately.

  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

    FRANEO 800 - OMICRON electronics

    FRANEO 800 was developed for testing the mechanical and electrical integrity of power transformers after transportation or exposure to high fault currents. It uses the sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA) principle and measures the electrical transfer function over a wide range of frequencies.

  • SONET/SDH/OTN and Multiservice Analyzers

    EXFO Inc.

    In the lab and network equipment manufacturing (NEM) environment, research and development engineers require scalable testing solutions with port density, multi-user accessibility and automation capability. EXFO’s IQS testing solutions provide R&D and carrier lab engineers with the right offering of multiservice test modules covering a wide range of technologies, including SONET/SDH, Ethernet, OTN, Fibre Channel, etc.

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