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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Hydra IIAA Mercury Analyzer

    Teledyne Leeman Labs

    Hydra IIAA Mercury Analyzer delivers both the performance needed to meet tightening regulatory demands and the productivity needed for laboratories to operate efficiently. Its parts-per-trillion detection limits, exceptional stability and unique over-range protection easily satisfy the most stringent QCs. Its high capacity autosampler with extra large CCV/CCB containers permits long periods of unattended operation.

  • Manometric Gas Sorption Analyzer

    IMI-FLOW - Hiden Isochema Ltd

    The IMI-FLOW combines the manometric gas sorption capabilities of all IMI analyzers with flowing mode operation and integrated mass spectrometry. Manometric mode offers high accuracy isotherm determination to 200 bar, while the flowing mode provides complete control of pressure, composition and flow rate. Integrated mass spectrometry allows downstream gas analysis for TPD and advanced methods.

  • PCIe 2.0 Express Analyzer

    Summit T24 - Teledyne LeCroy

    With advanced features such as support for PCI Express Spec 2.0, data rates of both 2.5 and 5 Gb/s, lane widths from x1 to x4, and a full 2GB of trace memory, the Summit T24 provides unmatched capability and flexibility for developers and users of advanced PCI Express products. The Summit T24 is the most cost effective PCI Express Analyzer available in the market today.

  • Three Phase Power Analyzer

    Model DXL780 - Gopal Electronics

    Three Phase Power Analyzer DXL780 is suitable for transformer & motor testing. It has 8 range of voltage & 8 range of current which is Auto or manually selectable. User interface by 22key become more easy and understandable. And the most efficient programming technique used to implement FIR & IIR filter that gives steady result and option of selectable display update rate.

  • Balance Analyzer Mk 2

    DaTARIUS Technologies Inc.

    The Balance Analyzer Mk 2 is an ultra-fast and precise measuring system essential for controlling the balance of optical discs. It reports, in a simple Pass/Fail manner, whether the discs will exhibit problems at higher speed. Measurement results are available in less than 10 seconds, providing a swift diagnostic of the disc manufacturing process and the ability to adjust settings as required, thus leading to improved yields.

  • PXI Vector Signal Analyzer

    PXIe-5667 / 782366-01 - NI

    Up to 7 GHz PXI Vector Signal Analyzer—The PXIe‑5667 is optimized for spectrum monitoring applications such as radio monitoring, interference detection, spectrum regulation, and related applications in line with ITU recommendations. It features real-time signal analysis and advanced signal processing using the capabilities of the built-in FPGA. The PXIe‑5667 includes options for various frequency ranges and instantaneous bandwidth.

  • Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer

    CI2000-RQD - Shanghai ChangAi Electronic Science & Technology Co.,Ltd

    Determining gas concentrations by measuring the thermal conductivity of the gas, CI2000-RQD analyzer uses advanced thermal conductivity sensor with single chip technology. It adopts platinum thread as sense organ to make up Imbalance Bridge, which output signal has a relationship with tested gas volume. And the single chip will magnify, sieve wavelength, modify linearly and criteria the signal by electric procedure.

  • Total Nitrogen and Sulfur Analyzer


    The XPLORER-NS was developed as a total nitrogen/total sulfur combustion analyzer, capable of handling fully automated applications for liquids, solids, and gases (including LPG samples.) Changing from the liquids & gas module to the solids module has never been easier. Just push one button and the liquids module is automatically retracted from the heated zone. No clamps or manual locks required.

  • High Performance Power Analyzer

    AFM-8A - Chuan Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

    AFM-8A has Developed for AFC*(Auto Frequency Control) high performance measurement and frequency update, its update up quickeer than 100mSec. multifunction power analyzer provides high-accuracy measurement and is designed for single phase and three phase application. It includes 4 Digital inputs, 4 Relay outputs, and a RS-485 Modbus RTU Communication port. The user can choose one more communication port, and 2 Analog outputs for output expansion.It provides measure voltage and current of the 2~63 harmonic, and it shows CO2 emissions, which is suitable for power monitoring, management and analyze power quality. It has TOU (time-of-use) function and 4MB Flash memory capacity, allowing users to record data for a long time. It also has a software line adjustment function to reduce the on-site line adjustment work.It has the functions of waveform capture and recording, power record, and event record, which can be used for multifunction power analyzer.

  • CAPS True NO2-NOX-NO Analyzer

    Model N500 - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model N500 CAPS NOx analyzer uses superior Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift (CAPS) Spectroscopy to measure True NO2, NOx, and NO gases. The instrument combines direct NO2 measurements with highly efficient gas phase titration (GPT) to convert and measure the NO gas component. An automatic baseline reference cycle accounts and compensates for any potential baseline drift due to varying environmental conditions.

  • Handheld Electrochemical Battery Analyzer

    EC-Series - Global Energy Innovations, Inc.

    The EC1000™ and EC2000™ are the only handheld, Multi-Frequency, ElectroChemical Battery Analyzers on the market using CELScan™ technology. This means they can report both the Electrical (Impedance & Voltage) and Chemical (Sulfation and Dryout) properties of lead acid batteries (VLA, VRLA, GEL). Other battery types (NiCd, NiMH, Lithium-Ion and others) may also be tested using the EC1000™ and EC2000™.

  • IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer

    LD-LCSA-A10 - Labodam

    IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer LD-LCSA-A10 is a unit for determination of sulphur and carbon equipped with two treatment units including a high frequency induction burner and flexible temperature settings with automatic control. With an analysis time of 20 to 100 seconds and a sensitivity of 0.1 ppm the multi-shielded isolation circuit prevents the machine for high frequency interference. High speed 24-bit sampling improves sensitivity and accuracy.

  • IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer

    LD-LCSA-A11 - Labodam

    IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer LCSA–A11 is a unit for determination of sulphur and carbon equipped with two treatment units including a high frequency induction burner and flexible temperature settings with automatic control. With an analysis time of 25 to 60 seconds and oxygen purity of 99.5 %, the multi-shielded isolation circuit prevents the machine for high frequency interference. High speed 24-bit sampling improves sensitivity and accuracy.

  • Spectrum Analyzer / Measuring Receiver

    USB-SA124B - Signal Hound

    The Signal Hound USB-SA124A is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) optimized as a spectrum analyzer. It is compact, simple to use, and an effective troubleshooting tool for general lab use, engineering students, ham radio enthusiasts, and electronics hobbyists. Using recent innovations in RF technology, the Signal Hound has the sensitivity, accuracy and dynamic range you''d expect in a unit many times its cost.

  • Field Portable Wire Analyzer

    Model 2635 - DIT-MCO International

    The perfect tester for field use is rugged, mobile, and lightweight, without sacrificing the functionality and power of a larger system. That tester is found in the Model 2635. Weighing 32 pounds (14.5 kg), this wiring analyzer handles up to 400 test points of Series 10 switching per unit. The 2635 can be powered from any AC source 100-240 VAC or 28 VDC so you can use it anywhere in the world.

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