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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • Coverage Analysis Tool

    GNATcoverage - AdaCore Technologies, Inc.

    GNATcoverage performs coverage analysis on both object code instruction and branch coverage and Ada and C language source code statement, decision and Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC). Unlike most current technologies, the tool works without requiring instrumentation of the executable. Instead, it runs directly on an instrumented version of GNATemulator, a lightweight and efficient emulator tool. GNAT Pro add-on.

  • Data Analysis Software

    APP ClearView - APP Engineering Inc.

    APP ClearView™ is the ideal data analysis software for engineeres and managers that need system information and answers quickly. It has a wide varity of graphics, math functions, reports, and file manipultion features that allow the user to easily navigate through their data. It supportsimporting of indisustry standrad formats such as COMTRADE (Common Data Transient Data Exchange) version 1996, 1997, and 1999.

  • Electroacoustic Analysis System

    CRY6151 - Hangzhou JiGao Electroacoustical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

    CRY6151 electro-acoustic analysis system is a full-featured electro-acoustic device tester launched by our company, which has a history of 10 years. Powerful and stable, can measure headphones (USB, Bluetooth, ordinary), microphones (electret, MEMS, dynamic coil type), headset microphone assembly, receiver / headphone speaker, speaker / speaker (normal, Bluetooth), Performance indicators of communication caps, speaker

  • Ai Based Analysis

    CubiX™ - Cherry Biotech

    We developed the first Plug & Play platform that take advantages both of organ-on-a-chip technologies and artificial intelligence analysis. CubiX allows performing all your in-vitro experiments in a controlled microenvironment with automated acquisition of optical, biochemical and electrophysiological parameters. Artificial intelligence will take advantage of resulting massive data in order to assist users in taking decisions and better interpreting results.

  • Transient Stability Analysis

    I*SIM - SKM System Analysis Inc.

    PTW I*SIM is a program for transient stability analysis. It is designed to simulate system response during and after transient disturbances such as faults, load changes, switching, motor starting, loss of utility, loss of generation, loss of excitation, and blocked governor events. I*SIM is designed to study today's most challenging simulation problems in one convenient and easy-to-use program.

  • Data Acquisition & Analysis

    Avionics Interface Technologies

    We provide fully integrated avionics data bus and high speed network analyzer and data acquisition systems. Combining our extensive product catalog of Avionics interface modules, and our easy to use Analyzer software applications, with our Engineering Expertise, we are able to satisfy a wide range of avionics network data capture and analysis requirements with our COTS products or with customized solutions.

  • Mainframe Debugging and Analysis

    Xpediter - Compuware Corp.

    Xpediter is Compuware's mainframe application interactive debugging and code coverage solution. When an application experiences a problem, developers need to get into an interactive test session to solve the issue. However, complex setup procedures make this a time-consuming step and delay the resolution process.Compuware's mainframe debugging and analysis tool Xpediter enables developers to get into an interactive test session with minimal effort and quickly move applications into production with greater confidence.

  • Wireless Network Analysis

    OmniPeek - Savvius Inc.

    For the simple convenience of guest access, or for mission-critical network services, a well-designed and optimally performing wireless network is required to maintain user satisfaction and to keep your organization safe and secure. As more companies begin using wireless as a primary medium for data services, including VoIP and video, a network analysis solution that can manage the entire lifecycle of your network, including both wired and wireless segments, simultaneously, is fast becoming a requirement.

  • Chemical-Free Moisture Analysis

    Computrac Vapor Pro XL - Arizona Instrument LLC

    Improved repeatability, precision, flexibility and an advanced user interface – the Vapor Pro® XL is the latest in moisture specific analysis technology from Computrac®. The VPXL is ideal for nearly any application in which Karl Fischer titration is used. It features an upgraded heater and increased control over testing temperatures. The VPXL is also compatible with multiple sizes of sample vials and is equipped with stepped temperature testing capabilities for enhanced method development.

  • Failure Analysis – Materials

    Evans Analytical Group®

    Failure analysis – materials is the investigation into the background or history of a sample, or an event, to determine why a particular failure occurred.  A product failure may include premature breakage, discoloration or even an unexpected odor. It is useful to know if this failure is a new, unique occurrence or if it has been an ongoing issue. The investigation can involve analyzing the sample as it currently exists and extrapolating from that data what may have caused the failure. A sample of the “good” vs. “bad” product may also be useful for comparison purposes.

  • Bioacoustic Analysis Software

    Kaleidoscope - Wildlife Acoustics, Inc.

    Kaleidoscope powers through all of your recordings, creating groups of similar sounds called clusters, which significantly reduce analysis time. In addition, its sophisticated spectrogram and audio tools let you quickly verify and label your data.Designed by software engineers and tailored to bat biologists' research needs, Kaleidoscope is an integrated suite of bat data tools designed to help you quickly convert files, sort and categorize bat data by species, verify your findings, visualize your work and easily transform it into reports.

  • Optical Forming Analysis

    ARGUS - GOM GmbH

    The forming analysis system ARGUS supports the optimization of the sheet metal forming process taking into account the correct material selection and the optimization of tools. This a decisive factor for competitiveness, particularly in the automotive industry. ARGUS provides full-field results with high local resolution for small as well as for large components. Therefore, it is ideal for numerous sheet metal forming tasks like: detection of critical deformation areas, solving complex forming problems, optimization of forming processes, verification of tools as well as verification and optimization of numerical simulations.

  • QAM Analysis Meter

    ST-2350Q - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    ST-2350Q is newly designed for both installation and maintenance of HFC system. It inherited all ST-2150Q’s strong points: Measure and display main parameters in DVB testing (channel power, MER, BER, Constellation Diagram), signal level on any frequency, amplitude of the carriers singly in the whole system range, and etc.The Analog, QAM and FM channel can be set and tested efficiently; it also supports HUM measurement, C/N measurement, voltmeter function, spectrum analysis and data logging. Also it is easy for user to obtain a report of test data via PC or printer through toolbox software.

  • Finite Element Analysis

    Arcadia Test

    This useful tool will minimize induced stress on the board under test. The 3-D software will account for all components populated on the board, and probe force and push rod locations on the fixture. It uses this information to simulate the actual test to determine which area of the board is enduring too much stress and then provide suggestions to correct the situation. A damaged board could cost upwards of thousands of dollars and lost time. Including Board stress analysis in your test strategy is an excellent way to insure that your new test comes up fast, and without any stress related board damage.

  • Thermal Testing And Analysis

    Response Dynamics Vibration Engineering, Inc.

    We have consulted on thermal issues ranging from conduction issues in TECs, thermal radiation modeling, and countless air cooled system issues relating to system performance, vibration, and acoustics noise. We use a wide array of thermocouple instrumentation, thermal imaging, flow measurements, as well as finite element analysis and analytic modeling to measure, design, and debug thermal and related issues. We often work on customer products in our Response Dynamics lab where we characterize the system, engineer solution options, and prototype solutions. We then work with the customer to work the winning solution into their quality control and manufacturing process.