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Amplitude Intensity Modulation

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  • Impedance Analyzer

    CoberMuegge LLC

    The CoberMuegge impedance/network analyzer is a PC-based vector reflectometer capable of measuring both amplitude and phase of the reflection coefficient. It consists of a measuring head and two PC boards, including a synthesized frequency source covering the 800 to 1000 MHz range.

  • Hardy Shaker

    HI-913 - Metrix

    This Hardy Shaker provides the ability to set the amplitude and change the frequency range without the amplitude changing. This automation makes conducting a test easier. A test can be conducted on a vibration transducer and manually recorded. Multiple tests are not saved; for multiple tests use the HI-903 or HI-803 units. The HI-913 is used for testing from 7 to 10,000 Hz, it offers adjustable frequency and vibration levels. This provides a reference source for verifying the accuracy of vibration transducers, connectors, cabling and instruments or instrumentation systems. The HI-913 has a ruggedized suspension system that can support heavy transducers (up to 800 grams - see frequency limits in the manual). The HI-913 has a built-in battery charger that can operate on 120 or 240 VAC. The unit comes in a rugged Pelican case.

  • Dual Polarized Antennas


    Dual polarized horn antennas are offered as both standard and custom models with rectangular waveguide interfaces for both horizontal and vertical ports. These dual polarized horn antennas support both linear and elliptical polarized waveforms. When the antenna receives a circular polarized waveform, equal amplitude linear polarized waveforms are output at both horizontal and vertical ports. When two equal amplitude linear polarized waveforms are input into the vertical and horizontal ports, the antenna will transmit a circular polarized waveform. The listed models offer 15 dB nominal gain and 33/28 degrees typical half power beamwidth at the center frequency of the band. They also exhibit 40 dB typical port isolation and 35 dB nominal cross polarization. These antennas cover full waveguide bandwidths within the frequency range of 8.2 to 110 GHz. In addition to the models listed below, models with 10, 20, 23 and 25 dB gain and other frequency bands are also available.

  • MINX Sensors

    MINX0003 - ExpressSense

    ExpressSense introduces the MINX sensor suite, a plug-and-play sensor solution, featuring five built in sensors, delivering automatically-generated process control charts as a web page, viewable from any network connected device. User configured triggers enable email or text alerts to inform user when specific conditions are detected, or MINX can automatically control another device or machine. MINX can be installed and setup in as little as 10 minutes. MINX includes all hardware and software, plus no subscriptions are needed and all the data is kept locally on the unit for maximum security and value!MINX Sensors: Ambient Temperature & Humidity; Optical distance or count optical events; Measure shock/vibration/acceleration amplitude or count events; Remote Temperature via thermocouple; Measure user supplied external analog sensor (0-5V or 0-20mA), either amplitude or record events .

  • Coherent Synthesizers

    Innovative Technical Systems

    Innovative Technical Systems has developed high-performance agile microwave synthesizers with truly phase-coherent frequency switching at any step size. These synthesizers offer frequency coverage from 250 MHz to 18 GHz (ACS-25018) or 850 MHz to 18 GHz (ACS-85018) and frequency resolution under 0.1 Hz. The agile design offers typical switching speeds of less than 300 nsec and programmable amplitude from 0 to +10 dBm from frequency-to-frequency. Spurious performance is typically <-70 dBc. A versatile waveform table design is implemented that allows frequency, amplitude, and output markers to be defined for each step in the table. Waveform table lengths up to 256K are supported.

  • Controlled Spectrum Test

    Random On RandomVIEW - Vibration Research Corporation

    Run controlled spectrum random tests with swept random "tones" superimposed on a random background. Frequency/amplitude breakpoints of the background random acceleration spectrum are entered in an easy to read tabular form using either frequency and amplitude breakpoints, or by entering one endpoint and the desired dB/octave slope. Up to 1024 separate frequency/amplitude breakpoints can be entered, allowing entry of virtually any test.

  • Analyze Electromagnetic

    PDetector - PMDT

    PDetector is the ideal partner for a condition based maintenance program by employing partial discharge detection. It integrates TEV, UHF, AE, Ultrasonic, and HFCT Sensors that offer additional condition assessment information and Health Indices (HI) for Medium and High Voltage Electrical Equipment. PDetector is the only handheld instrument with 5 sensor technologies in one instrument. This handheld device DETECTS the PD activity in numerical values and displays amplitude and period spectrums.

  • Current Pulsers and Laser Diode Drivers (Pulsed Current)

    Avtech Electrosystems, Ltd.

    These instruments generate current pulses whose amplitude is largely independent of the load voltage. This makes them ideal for pulsing device whose voltage may vary with time (for instance, the voltage drop of laser diodes may vary with temperature, or explosive squibs which change impedance during ignition). This voltage independence is a trade-off with speed. If faster rise times are required, consider using pulsed voltage instruments instead.

  • Current Source

    M151 - Clarke-Hess Communications Research

    The Model M151 is a stable high current calibrator up to 120 A. Basic accuracy is 0.035 %. It can be controlled viaRS232 or GPIB interface. The Model 151 can function in a simulated amplifier mode to increase the current capabilityof any multifunction calibrator. It is suitable for power meter calibration because it can be synchronized with the inputsignal not only in amplitude but also in frequency and phase. The current terminals are isolated up to 450 Vpk againstcase (protective earth).

  • Comb Generators

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight comb generators provide excellent phase and amplitude flatness making them ideal for use in phase calibration applications. A customer selectable USB-controlled frequency divider which allows for broad range of input signal frequencies from 10 MHz to 67 GHz and small minimum tone spacing of 10 MHz, makes Keysight comb generators suitable for characterizing non-linear devices.

  • Multiple Signal Generator


    1. Two Signal Output Ports2. Frequency Range:10 Hz ~ 100 kHz and 1 kHz ~ 15 MHz3. Output Waveforms:Sine, Triangle, Square,TTL Pulse, AM, FM4. Amplitude:10 Vpp(Max)5. Built-in LCD CountersDC Power Supply:1. Triple Outputs (One Variable, two Fixed Output)2. Constant Voltage Operation3. Low Ripple and Noise4. Built-in 3-Digit Voltage Indicator5. Overload Protect6. Overload Buzzer Indicator

  • Microwave Measurements & VNA Calibrations

    Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG

    For microwave measurements and VNA calibrations, Rosenberger develops, manufactures, and provides test & measurement products which meet the highest demands of industrial test applications. These include high-performance VNA test cableswith outstanding phase and amplitude stability, a variety of test port adaptors for VNA applications up to 110 GHz, very robust interchangeable high mating cycle port connector systems, and test devices – from low-frequency devices for simple measurements to components permitting high-precision broadband measurements.

  • Laser Pulse Shaper

    MIIPS-HD - Biophotonics Solutions Inc.

    MIIPS-HD is the first line of pulse shapers on the market that relies on a Hamamatsu''s 2D (792×600 pixels) liquid crystal on silicon-spatial light modulator (LCOS-SLM), and uses diffractive shaping to enable independent phase and amplitude control, without using a polarizer. The system features enhanced power (pulse energy) handling capabilities and offers superior throughput for selected spectral ranges by utilizing SLMs with dielectric back mirrors. It is ideal for direct amplified pulse compression and shaping.

  • Hybrid Power Divider, 0.5 GHz to 26.5 GHz

    87302C - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight 87302C hybrid power divider is designed for power splitting applications that require minimal insertion loss and high isolation between ports. It has insertion loss between the main line and output port which is 1 to 2 dB less than equivalent resistive power splitters. It is designed for critical signal processing applications; phase and amplitude tracking between the two output ports is controlled and specified.

  • Hybrid Power Divider, 1 GHz to 26.5 GHz

    87303C - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight 87303C hybrid power divider is designed for power splitting applications that require minimal insertion loss and high isolation between ports. It has insertion loss between the main line and output port which is 1 to 2 dB less than equivalent resistive power splitters. It is designed for critical signal processing applications; phase and amplitude tracking between the two output ports is controlled and specified.