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  • Operational Amplifiers

    ams AG

    Operational amplifiers from ams are ideally suited to audio applications. These CMOS devices are available as single, quad or differential amps. They feature good common-mode rejection, have low input bias currents, good gain bandwidth, low total harmonic distortion and an excellent rail-to-rail output-drive capability of 200mA peak.

  • Power Amplifier

    2734 - Acoustic Engineering

    The 2734 is a compact class D power amplifier, intended for acoustical measurements in the field or laboratory. All controls and connectors are placed on the front panel, enabling you to set up the 2734 very quickly, and to operate it in horizontal or vertical position. The 2734 is built into a robust flight case making it safe and easy to carry along.

  • Broadband Amplifier

    BBA130 - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The R&SBBA130 broadband amplifiers offer a variety of setting options so you can optimally tune the output signal to your specific application. During operation, you can adjust the operating class for transistors between Class A and Class AB as well as choose between maximum output power or higher mismatch tolerance at the output.

  • Current Amplifiers

    FEMTO Messtechnik GmbH

    In order to achieve an extremely low noise performance very high gains were chosen, while nevertheless minimizing the associated bandwidth reduction.Thus, as a result of our sophisticated development efforts we can offer a professional "High-End" Current Amplifier line. The noise performance of our products surpasses by far that of conventionally designed OpAmp current-to-voltage converters at the corresponding bandwidth.

  • HV Amplifier

    Model 20/20C - TREK, INC.

    The Model 20/20C is a DC-stable, high-voltage power amplifier used in industrial and research applications such as electrostatic deflection, electrophoresis research, dielectric studies, and accelerated life-testing of high tension cables for power transmission. The Model 20/20C provides precise control of output voltages in the range of 0 to 20 kV DC or peak AC with an output current range of 0 to 20 mA DC or peak AC.

  • Precision Amplifier

    Texas Instruments

    TI Precision Labs is the electronics industry's first comprehensive online classroom for analog engineers. The on-demand curriculum pairs theory and applied lab exercises to deepen the technical expertise of experienced engineers and accelerate the development of those early in their career. This free modular curriculum includes over 30 hands-on trainings and lab videos, covering analog amplifier design considerations with online course work.

  • Waveform Amplifier

    TS250 - Accel Instruments

    The TS250 Waveform Amplifier is a one of a king instrument perfect for amplifying signal generators. It is designed to amplify voltage, power or current for while driving heavy (low ohmic) loads. The TS250 offers eight voltage ranges to choose from ±10V to +65V. The TS250 output up to 6A peak current. To obtain higher current, parallel connect two or more TS250 in as shown in the Application Section.

  • TWT Amplifiers

    dB Control

    dB Control designs and manufactures high-power microwave amplifiers, transmitters, high- and low-voltage power supplies and modulators for radar, electronic warfare (EW), electronic countermeasures (ECM) and data link applications. The modularity of our designs enables us to rapidly configure power products for custom applications. Our products can meet your specifications and platforms requirements for ground-based, shipborne and high-altitude military manned and unmanned aircraft.

  • PWM Amplifiers

    SA Series - Motion Control Systems, Inc.

    Covering a power range of 5 to 20 KVA, the MCS line of high frequency PWM servo amplifiers utilizes the latest in solid state power circuitry and power devices to provide the greatest amount of flexibility available in the brushless motor drive market. The SA Series is a stand alone system with integral power supply designed for industrial application where the system will mount inside a NEMA type enclosure.

  • Benchtop Amplifiers


    Benchtop, broadband driver amplifiers are designed and manufactured by utilizing the most advanced PHEMT or MMIC devices, thin film technologies, and an improved DC power supply to deliver a high output power and a superior gain flatness and low noise performance. The standard offering focuses on general purpose applications and covers the frequency range of 1 to 110 GHz. However, custom designs are also offered to meet any user’s specific needs.

  • EDFA Amplifier

    Optilab, LLC.

    A line of Gain Flattening Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers are designed for in-line amplification of DWDM networks. When a standard EDFA is used to amplify multi-channel DWDM signals, the output power level of various channels will vary according to the gain profile of the erbium fiber. This gain variation can be as great as 6 dB in magnitude. The EDFA-GB-R is unique in its dual-stage amplification and internal Gain Flattening Filter (GFF) to compensate the erbium fiber gain variation.

  • Transimpedance Amplifiers

    Advanced Science and Novel Technology, Co., Inc.

    Broadband transimpedance amplifier for low noise receiver side applicationsFeatures automatic input offset control and a peak detector8GHz of analog bandwidth for limiting of input data60dB of transimpedance differential gain15pA/sqrtHz of input referred noise density (0.1 to 10GHz)CML output interface with 50 termination and 225mVp-p single-ended swingSingle +3.3V power supplyPower consumption: 250mWExhibits low jitter and limited temperature variation over industrial temperature rangeUnpackaged bare die

  • Power Amplifier

    5241 - Magtrol Inc.

    The Model 5241 is a voltage-controlled power amplifier designed exclusively for Magtrol's Model HD-825 Hysteresis Dynamometer. Because of its double braking system, the HD-825 requires more than 4 amps of power in order to reach full torque. The 5241 (which can provide up to 5 amps of output current) is necessary in order to amplify the power between a 6200 or DSP6001 Controller (which both have a maximum current output of 1 amp) and the HD-825 Dynamometer.

  • Power Amplifiers


    Power amplifiers are designed and manufactured by utilizing the most advanced PHEMT or MMIC devices, thin film technologies, and an improved DC power supply to deliver a high output power with superior power added efficiency (PAE) and high linearity. While standard models focus on general purpose applications, additional models with differing frequency ranges, gains and power levels are listed on the website. Custom designs are also offered to meet any user’s specific needs.

  • Linear Amplifiers

    Advanced Science and Novel Technology, Co., Inc.

    Broadband (DC-12GHz) linear amplifier for receiver-side applicationsFeatures controlled gain from 0dB to 31.5dBFeatures input offset adjustment and input peak detectorFully differential input interface with on-chip 50Ohm terminationFully differential output interface with on-chip 50Ohm terminationOutput 1dB compression point of 1.5dBm3rd Harmonic better than -47dBc within the full bandwidth15dB Noise FigureSingle +3.3V or -3.3V power supplyPower Consuption: 530mW typicalFabricated in SiGe for high performance, yield, and reliabilityCustom CQFP 24-pin package

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