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Active Filters

Require power to operate, using active devices and passive components in a frequency-selective network, only passing certain frequencies.

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  • Active Filter

    J2190A - PICOTEST Corp.

    The J2190A active filter presents a high impedance (approximately 150kOhms) minimizing the loading of the circuit being tested. The output impedance is 50 Ohms allowing low noise coaxial connections to all typical test equipment. The 0.1Hz-10Hz noise band is common for opamp measurements, voltage regulators and voltage references. Many application notes offer schematics of such a filter for test purposes. An engineer’s time is much too valuable to be spent building test equipment. We have created a 4th order high pass and 4th order low pass filter with an optimally flat response and 0dB gain. Additional filters can be cascaded for even sharper cutoff.

  • Wideband Active Filters

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices’ family of fixed and tunable wideband active filters operating up to 28 MHz bandwidth support a wide range of wireless communications, signal conditioning, and RFID applications. Single-channel and dual-channel options are available.

  • Parallel Active Multifunction Filter

    SINAF 3.0 - Lifasa - International Capacitors, SA

    The active filters offer the best possible solution to solve the problems related to the quality in the electrical network, both in industrial three-phase installations, as commercial or service installations. These problems are caused, not only by the harmonics, but also by the consumption of reactive power (generally of capacitive type).

  • Time-domain Field-Device-Circuit coupled simulator

    EM-SUPREME® - PedaSoft LLC

    Time-domain Field-Device-Circuit coupled simulator for modeling of passive structures, active components, and complete RF & millimeter-wave modules. EM-Supreme is used for EM modeling of power amplifiers, switches, filters, active antennas, and complete RF modules such as antenna-switch, switch-filter, switch-filter-amplifier, and front-end modules with no approximations.

  • CAT-5 Video Variable Filters

    Analog Devices Inc.

    It is often beneficial to use a video driver at the output of a video encoder for power savings, line driving, and additional circuit protection. The video driver is typically configured as an active filter, also known as a reconstruction or anti-imaging filter. The purpose of the reconstruction filter is twofold: it blocks the higher frequency components (above the Nyquist frequency) that were introduced into the video signal as part of the digitization process and provides gain to drive the external 75 Ω cable to the video display.

  • SiC UV photodiodes

    SolGel Technologies GmbH

    active areas from 0.06 mm² to 36 mm² and quadrant photodiodes for position determinationUV broadband sensitivity or with optional filters for UVA, UVB, UVC or UV indexdifferent entrance windows and housing designsown SiC chip production since 2009PTB-published high radiation hardnessPhotodiodes catalog

  • Modular RF Systems

    Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH

    Flexible modular system for customer specific system solutions without the effort of development and construction. The range of module types covers from active multicouplers, programmable attenuators, delay lines, RF switches, switching matrices, BIAS-Ts, RF filters up to bi-directional splitters and combiners.

  • Narrow Band Filters (Single Octave)

    IMF™ Series - Pole/Zero

    The Integrated Microwave Filter or IMF™ Series introduces accelerated tuning speeds packed in a very small, lightweight filter, providing maximum sensetivity and improved system performance for cleansing your ESM environment. Designed for the military radar market, specifically Active Electronically Steered Arrays (AESA) Radars and Phased Array Radars but compliment a broad range of applications such as; Commercial, Tactical & Military Communications, RF Front Ends (RFFE’s),  SATCOM-on-the-move (SOTM), along with Electronic Warfare & Radar applications.

  • Rubidium Oscillator

    IQRB-2 - IQD Frequency Products Ltd

    The IQRB-2 low noise rubidium oscillator is a sub-miniature atomic oscillator combined with 'active noise filter' technology. This rubidium oscillator has 100 times less drift than OCXOs and with short term stability of 0.002ppb/s at 100s this rubidium oscillator provides significant improvements in performance over other rubidium components.

  • Line-Scan Camera

    ELiiXA+ - Teledyne DALSA

    The ELiiXA+ family features Teledyne e2v’s recently developed multi-line CMOS technology, providing high line rates and combining high response with extremely low noise levels. This delivers high signal to noise ratio even when short integration times are required or when illumination is limited. Pixels are arranged in two active lines and dual line filter configuration allows the cameras to be operated in several modes.

  • Precision Low-Loss Multiplexers

    Maury Microwave Corporation

    Maury’s line of diplexers (DP-series) and triplexers (TP-series) are designed for applications which require combining/ splitting signals at or around harmonic frequencies (nFo) and are connectorized for design-in and test and measurement applications.DP-series diplexers are designed using low-pass and high-pass filters and pass bias between the low-frequency (or Fo) port and the common (or DUT) port.TP-series triplexers are designed using low-pass, bandpass and high-pass filters and pass bias between the low-frequency (or Fo) port and the common (or DUT) port.Power handling is rated at 100W CW (average) and typical insertion loss is better than 0.5dB between the low-pass (Fo) and common ports.DP- and TP-series multiplexers are ideal accessories for passive, active and hybrid-active multi-harmonic load pull systems.

  • Iifrasound Monitoring System

    INFRASONITUS - BioAge s.r.l.

    The infrasonic signal, acquired by a suitable microphone, is filtered by an active low-pass filter of the fifth order with a cut-off frequency at 20 Hz, with low noise, then it is sampled and acquired by a 16-bit ADC with a speed of 50 samples. / sec. The amplification factor can be set to 0.1 / 0.5 / 1/10.The infrasonic monitoring system includes a complete diagnostic functionality that performs an exhaustive functional test without the use of other tools: this function is extremely useful when the system is installed on the volcano at high altitudes.

  • Mini FTTH Optical Receiver Build-in Filter

    SR1020F - Hangzhou Softel Optic Co., Ltd.

    Designed for FTTH(Fiber To The Home) networks ●Excellent linearity and flatness ●Wide range of optical input power ●Single-mode fiber high return loss ●Using GaAs amplifier active devices ●Ultra low noise technology ●Smaller size and easier install ●Red-LED for power indication ●Color-LED for optical power indication ●Build-in filter●Double color LED for optical power indication (Non-lighted:optical power<-10dBm, Green: -10dBm+3dBm)

  • oGx Modular Terminal Gear Frame System

    openGear Series - Multidyne

    oGx was built from the ground up for reliability. Decades of engineering and broadcast experience have been poured into every detail to ensure oGx is up to the demand task of 24/7 operation. The system includes integrated smart cooling with redundant cooling for the power supplies and an easy-to-clean air filter. The frame features a passive backplane, so that every active component in the system can be hot-swapped from the front. oGx also supports hot-swappable redundant power supplies for maximum protection.

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