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Acoustic Intensity

magnitude and direction of sound waves.

See Also: Acoustic Emission

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  • High Intensity Acoustic Sensors

    Columbia Research Laboratories

    Columbia's High Intensity Acoustic Sensors are designed for the measurement of gas-borne sound in industrial applications. They are constructed of type 316 SS for use in corrosive environments. These sensors offer a variety of connector and mounting options, all of them when combined with the all-welded construction provide a true hermetic seal.

  • Acoustic Testing

    ATA Engineering, Inc.

    Our acoustic testing experience includes acoustic qualification and evaluating sound pressure levels. We utilize microphones, pressure trans-ducers, and an acoustic intensity meter to record acoustic measurements.

  • Microphone Arrays

    gfai tech GmbH

    One of the most important parts of an Acoustic Camera is the microphone array. It determines the spatial distribution of the acoustic microphones and therefore measurement performance of the whole system. In order to achieve the maximum possible performance in any given application, we offer a wide variety of microphone arrays. No matter if the measurement is beamforming, intensity or holography ... we have the right microphone array. For special applications we can design and build custom made microphone arrays according to the requirements of the application.

  • Detectors

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs' photodetectors are capable of detecting light throughout the UV, VIS, NIR, IR, and THz spectral regions. Our photodetectors feature sensors that enable properties such as intensity, power, intensity distribution, wavefront shape, energy, and wavelength to be measured. We offer unmounted photodiodes as well as amplified, biased, and avalanche photodetectors. Thermal power detectors are available unmounted, mounted on a PCB, or mounted on an aluminum plate. Also available are position-detecting sensors, integrating spheres, and an acoustic detection module.

  • Sound Power Solution

    OROS sa

    The Sound Power Solution is part of the family of solutions proposed by OROS for Acoustic applications. This Solution allows to measure Sound Power based on the measurement of sound pressure levels at microphone positions around a source under test. Thus, the Sound Power Solution is complementary of the Sound Intensity Solution that is based on the measurement of the sound intensity as recommended by ISO 9614. Using the OROS Solution, based on a task dedicated interface that guides the user step by step, Sound Power is measured in an easy and efficient way.?

  • Acoustic Analysis

    M+P International

    Noise is increasingly the subject of new regulations for the protection of human health and safety as well as for improving the environment in general. As well as sound levels, the perceived sound quality of products from washing machines to vehicles is often an important part of the customer buying decision so must be considered during product development. m+p Analyzer for noise and vibration measurement and analysis provides a full range of capability for these applications. Real-time fractional octave filters satisfy all acoustic applications from simple sound pressure, sound power for equipment legislative requirements, intensity mapping to isolate sources to sound quality metrics for product refinement.

  • 3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar

    ProScan™ - Teledyne Marine BlueView

    Teledyne BlueView's 3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar user interface software. ProScan connects to the sonar and pan/tilt unit, configures each scan, generates full 3D point clouds, and optionally streams output to third party hydrographic software for fusion with other sensors. Data is recorded in multiple file formats: .son (raw acoustic data file for ProScan reprocessing), .txt (plain text record of all point locations and positional data) and .xyzi (industry standard xyzi data for 3D point cloud viewers, registration software, etc.). In playback mode, users can review and reprocess scans to modify sound speed, intensity threshold, multidetect and range settings as needed. ProScan coupled with Teledyne PDS MotionScan, pitch, roll heading and position sensors provides the capability to scan areas to collect 3D point clouds while correcting for motion.

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