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Advanced eXtensible Interface

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  • AXI Platform High-speed Inline

    X-Series - Matrix-FocalSpot, Inc.

    High Speed Inline AXI systemMaintenance free sealed X-ray tube and digital detector technology3 axes programmable motion system with linear drive sample table for high speed inspection modeAutomatic grey-level and geometrical calibrationBarcode scanner (1D/2D) for serial number and product type selectionIn-line board handling with automatic width adjust

  • AXI Platform Offline / Inline

    XT-Series - Matrix-FocalSpot, Inc.

    High-resolution manual x-ray inspection system designed to address fast intuitive operation, low volume production capacity, and advanced failure analysis for SMT production inspection and quality control protocols. This system addresses more complex SMT solder-joint and semiconductor inspection and analysis. It is easy to learn and easy to use by all production floor operators, technicians, and engineers. The small footprint allows passage through a standard door width. This system offers exceptional image quality and together with the MatriX Image Processing Software (MIPS) provides industry leading analyzing and automated inspection for BGA, QFN, and Pin-in-Paste or Through-Hole Barrel Fill detection.

  • AXI Platform Universal Inline

    X#-Series - Matrix-FocalSpot, Inc.

    An advanced In-line X-ray inspection system designed for high-speed automatic inspection in production lines. Transmission X-ray technology is combined with patented Slice-Filter-Technology (SFT) for double-sided PCB assembly and component inspection. The X2# features fully automatic inspection based on a CAD compiled inspection list and uses an inspection model library for the test-strategy definition. The motion system as well as the image acquisition chain meets all demands of high-speed inspection.

  • Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)

    TR7600X SII - Test Research, Inc.

    Built for maximum inspection performance, TR7600X SII series offers ultimate performance 3D X-ray inspection for the largest server, networking and power PCBs. With advanced ultra-high-speed cameras, the TR7600X SII series combines TRI’s unique shadow-free 3D inspection of multi-layer boards with 2/3-layer PoPs, µBGAs, QFNs, Press-fit connectors with fully automated programming and multi-resolution programs help maximize production yields on any production line. - See more at:

  • Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)

    TR7600 SII - Test Research, Inc.

    Featuring advanced automated 3D X-ray inspection of PCBAs, the TR7600 SII high speed scanning with multiple resolutions in a single program. Automatic Pass/Fail determination uses 2D + 3D images provided using 6-axis control and ultra-high-speed multiple angle cameras with automatic board warp compensation. TR7600 SII is ideal for inspection of fine pitch 01005 components, BGAs, PoPs, LGAs and other bottom termination components on both sides of the PCBA, including complex Pressfit connectors.

  • Automated 2D & 3D X-ray Inspection Systems

    X Line - GOEPEL electronic GmbH

    Inspect SMD/THT Assemblies Inline or stand-alone. The X Line 3D is an inline AXI system for high-end inspection in mass production. It is used for quality assurance in complex and high-quality. The X Line 2D allows high-speed inspection of assemblies populated on one side. The intelligent 2D technology is completely free from typical.