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ATE Software

Software for equipment designed to automatically analyze functional or static parameters of electronic assemblies in order to evaluate performance degradation. (

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  • RF ATE

    Viavi Solutions Inc.

    IFF-7300S Series IFF/Crypto/TACAN Automated Test System. IRIS 2000/IRS 1200 ATE Software Revision Service. RF Expansion Module (RFEM).

  • CASS Instrument Real Time Controller

    BCO, Inc.

    External control of the Navy CASS ATE via Ethernet. Standardized graphical user interface (GUI) for individual control of each instrument independent of CASS software. Allows TPS developer or ATE maintainer to change/control instrument settings for TPS debug and instrument troubleshooting.

  • software

    ATE software GmbH

    The ATE Software GmbH is a small but nice software house in the center of Frankfurt. We stand for creative applications instead of interchangeable commodity. Therefore, we have upcoming IT technologies and trends always in view and provide our customers with "State Of The Art" software solutions that keep future requirements state.

  • Test Flow Simulator

    Advanced Test Engineering Solutions, Inc.

    A Test Strategy Calculator. This unique software was designed for manufacturers who are confused about the type of automatic test equipment ATE) they should buy. This simple-to use software, runs with many popular spreadsheet programs and provides the calculations necessary to predict your overall test, repair and penalty costs.

  • Automated Test Equipmen

    ATE - Frontier Electronic Systems Corp.

    The design, development, manufacture and integration of Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems is a core technology focus for FES. Our engineers have designed and manufactured complex flight line test systems for military aircraft such as the F-15, F-18, C-17, B-1, B-52 and OV-22 aircraft. In 1994, FES developed the Common Core Test Set to test space systems electronics for the Defense Support Program (DSP). This open-architecture, high-reliability electronics test set has been upgraded over the last 20 years with new hardware and graphics-based software to accommodate the complex testing requirements associated with the International Space Station Rotary Joint Motor Controller and other satellite electronics. Maritime ATE systems designed and manufactured by FES include Radar & Video Distribution factory test systems supporting US and Canadian Navy customer production requirements. Core components of FES-developed ATE systems include the use of PXI/PCI/VXI/VME technologies, National Instruments Test Stand software, Agilent Technologies instrumentation, and Virginia Panel interface hardware. The FES ATE design team employs CMMI level 3 compliant processes throughout the design process from Systems Requirements Analysis through verification and validation of ATE compliance with customer hardware, software, and documentation requirements.

  • Configurable ATE Platform

    1000 Series - Cimtek Automation Systems Incorporated

    The Circuit Check 1000 Series Configurable ATE Platform has been designed to give the modularity required for rapid and predictable functional test system development. The CCI 1000 Series ATE Platform uses hardware and software modules that can be configured easily to meet your exact functional test needs. It includes a standard base fixture platform design with drop-in/replaceable product interfaces (watch video) and pre-designed pneumatic, power distribution, and safety subsystems.

  • Test Executive & Development Studio

    ATEasy - Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.

    ATEasy is a test executive and a rapid application development framework for functional test, ATE, data acquisition, process control, and instrumentation systems. ATEasy provides all the necessary tools to develop, deploy and maintain software components - including instrument drivers, test programs, and user interfaces, as well as a complete and customizable test executive. It is designed to support and simplify ATE system applications with long product life cycles. With ATEasy, test applications are faster to generate and easier to maintain.

  • Test Software Development

    Digalog Systems Inc.

    Test software can be broadly divided into two categories instrument drivers, and system level. For the commercial off-the-shelve instruments that commonly go into a test system, drivers usually come from the manufacturer and are like the front-panel knobs and buttons of a conventional instrument they work the same no matter what you're testing. It's the system level software that focuses on your specific application. And that's where we come in. ATE Software.

  • Ultimate Precision Test ATE System

    S790 Series2 - DiagnoSYS Systems Ltd

    The Diagnosys S790 Series2, with its high technical specification hardware and technology, represents the ultimate high-performance, precision test ATE system.Coupled with CATE™ software for fast effective program production, the S790 Series2 is the ideal solution for addressing todays’ major board test concerns including test program generation, and diagnostic speed and accuracy.

  • Spike Missile Generic Tester

    Chaban Electronic Ltd.

    The defense industry of the thirdmillennium is characterized by an endlessaspiration to excellence, creativity andinnovation. Chaban Group, Israel's leader in thedevelopment, production and marketing ofuniversal, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), has gained much experience in developing, production and marketing universalhardware / software test equipment forelectronic assemblies, that providecustomers with the generic and optimalsolution, with individual adaptation for theirneeds.

  • GPIB

    ADLINK Technology Inc.

    The IEEE-488 standard, also known as GPIB, is a bus interface that connects instruments in a computer to an ATE system. ADLINK GPIB interface cards in PCI, PCIe, and USB interfaces are delivered with complete software support, including a driver API that is fully binary compatible with NI-488.2* driver software. ADLINK's GPIB interface cards provide you with full compatibility with all your existing applications.

  • NI TestStand Development Services

    Simplicity AI Ltd

    Simplicity AI have a high degree of ATE software development expertise using NI TestStand, in industry areas such as aerospace, defense and telecoms. With Certified TestStand Architects and Certified TestStand Developers on the engineering team, and holding National Instruments Alliance Partner status, Simplicity AI have the knowledge and experience to deliver advanced test software solutions.

  • Super Fast Gang Industrial Universal Programmer

    48Pro2AP - Dataman, Inc

    The Dataman 48Pro2AP is a super fast industrial universal programmer with ISP capabilities and USB 2.0 connectivity • Optimised for use in automated handlers and ATE machines • Over 71,000 devices supported with new devices added monthly • Mechanically stable case design with multiple fixing points • ISP capable using the JTAG interface • Hi-speed USB 2.0 connectivity • Easy to use software compatible with the latest operating systems including Windows 10 • Comprehensive 3 years parts and labor warranty • Free life-time software updates

  • Imperial Test Executive

    ITE - JGB Consulting, Inc.

    The Imperial Test Executive (iTE) is a UI shell that sits on top of National Instruments TestStand. It provides a simple but elegant interface to execute your NI TestStand sequences. The iTE software was designed to allow general operators to execute ATE testing software without requiring any knowledge of NI TestStand. Training an operator to use this system typically takes less then 5-minutes.

  • TPS Design, Development & Integration Services

    Summit Test Solutions

    – ATML file generation – ATML implementations – ATML custom software tools – ATS Hardware and Software integration – Instrument driver development (IVI, VXI plug & play) – Test Requirements & Test Strategy analysis and generation – TPS Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V) – ATS proposal support - ATS trade studies – ATE evaluation and selection.