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Amplitude Modulation is a wave that is in direct proportion to the modulating signal.

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  • AM Isocoupler

    CoLoCoil - LBA Group, Inc

    Multiple antennas and future add-ons are no problem for the CoLoCoil AM isocoupler. Even with different coax cable size requirements!LBA's modular approach allows the operator to start with one CoLoCoil, and build out to 6, 9, or more supporting 50 or more antennas!Practically "plug and play", expansions are fast, minimize AM station impact, and maintain full grounding and lightning protection!Truly the state-of-the-art in AM collocation, backed by over 25 years of colocation experience!The LBA CoLoCoil AM Isocoupler system permits trouble-free colocation of all wireless antennas on AM broadcast antenna towers including directional arrays! With the CoLoCoil, most wireless installations have virtually no effect on the host AM tower, and the AM station has no effect on wireless system coaxial cables and antennas. CoLoCoil isocoupler modular systems are transparent to AC or DC voltages on coaxial cables. Thus, they present no problem to coaxial-powered tower top amplifiers, smart antennas, and other devices even supporting AC and strobe tower lighting systems!LBA CoLoCoil modular iscoupler systems are ideal for PCS, Broadband and Cellular collocation. They feature a unique patent-pending configuration that allows the addition of multiple coaxial cable modules. New antennas can be accommodated at any time without system redesign. Modules are factory-adjusted to minimize field set-up, and only high stability components are used to eliminate periodic readjustment. Rugged coaxial connectors used at the input and output are the only RF path connections used, virtually eliminating intermodulation. RF path reliability and performance is that of the coaxial cable alone! Each coaxial path is sweep tested and measured for insertion loss before shipment and the documentation furnished to the user.All modular CoLoCoil isocouplers are rated to work with AM RF voltages typical on AM towers of 10,000 watts or less. Custom systems are available for all AM power levels. Custom isocouplers accommodate high power levels, special configurations and performance. Even non-coaxial cables, such as for active antennas and tower lighting, can be incorporated in custom CoLoCoil co-location modules.CoLoCoil AM isocoupler modules are optionally equipped with a unique isolation and safety monitoring system. Front panel indicators permit instant visualization of isolation circuit status and RF presence. Alarm connections are provided for interface with site status and interlock systems.For safety of user personnel, CoLoCoil isocoupler modules are designed so that no high RF voltages are accessible. A highly effective RF grounding system eliminates the AM "hot cabinet" problem. Additional features of the system include color-coding of all coaxial input/outputs and numbering for ready circuit identification and user inventory. A direct DC static ground and rugged spark gap provide lightning protection.

  • AM Open Path FTIR Air Monitoring Systems

    MIDAC Corporation

    AM Open Path FTIR Air Monitoring Systems bring the versatility of multicomponent analysis and the immediacy of real-time results to a variety of field applications. Now you can avoid the "hit or miss" guesswork of point sampling and the inaccuracy and delays of "bag and carry" offsite analysis.

  • Signal Generator, Audio, Handheld, 1 Channel, 150kHz, AM, US Plug

    72-505 - Tenma

    Hand Held Audio Generator*Wide frequency range*Sine and square wave output*Sync output*Variable amplitude*Output attenuator (-20dB)*600ohm output impedance*Low battery indicator*12 month limited warranty *view Terms & Conditions for details

  • RF Signal Generator, RF, 1 Channel, 20 kHz, AM

    72-585 - Tenma

    RF Generator*High stability*Wide frequency range: 100KHz~450MHz*Built-in 1KHz oscillator*External crystal input*Power requirements: 110V or 220VAC, 50 or 60Hz*24 month limited warranty *view Terms & Conditions for details

  • Grain Moisture Tester

    AM 5200 - Perten Instruments

    The AM 5200 is Perten's second-generation high frequency moisture meter.

  • Radio-Communication Service Tester

    RST-430 - Kontour ETC

    A universal radio test set for complete maintenance and repair of FM and AM radio stations of the VHF band. RST-430 Radio-Communication Service Tester is designed for maintenance and repair of FM and AM radio stations operating in the HF and VHF bands. It is a multipurpose radio measuring device for maintenance of communication equipment in indoor and field conditions.

  • Audio Frequency Generator


    1 Carrier and 2 Modulators in AM / FM / PM. Evaluate Sine, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth Positive or Negative, and Pink Noise.

  • Rod Antennas

    Schwarzbeck Mess Elektronik

    Vertikal Active Rod Antenna9 kHz - 30 MHzBNCreduced noise floorwith mounting nut for AM 9144 and rechargeable battery


    FG-1882 - ED CO., LTD

    · 0.01~10MHz(9-decade range)· CW, TRIG., GATE, BURST, SWEEP mode· pulse, AM, FM signal(GCV) output

  • Solar Simulator for Multijunction Solar Cells

    Optosolar GmbH

    For series connected multijunction cells, at a given spectrum (e.g. AM 1.5 or AM 0 for space solar cells), one of the cells will limit the current in the series connection of cells. All solar simulators deviate from the true AM 1.5 spectrum, and they are only classified in wide spectral bands (100nm width). So even for class A or A+ solar simulators, it can easily happen that the bandgaps of the multijunction cells are such distributed that the 'wrong' cell will limit the current, if a solar simulator with fixed spectrum is used. In the 70s and 80s, when these measurements were first developed, intercomparisons showed deviations of cell efficiency in fixed spectrum solar simulators of more than 40%.

  • Class AB Linear Power Amplifier Modules

    Comtech PST Corp.

    Series AM cellular amplifiers are available for operatingfrequencies from 800 to 3000 MHz and output powerfrom 10 to 50 W at 1 dB compression.

  • Modulation Analyzers

    Boonton Electronics

    Provides precision modulation and audio analysis in a single, easy-to-operate package. Measures AM, FM, PM, carrier and audio frequencies, SINAD, distortion and carrier level.

  • Radiating Loops

    Schwarzbeck Mess Elektronik

    The magnetic, handheld coil was designed to generate defined magnetic field strength in the audio frequency range up to 3 MHz. The main application is immunity testing against magnetic fields according to VG 95377 Part 13 and many others. Depending on the current source characteristics magnetic fields up to 400 A/m can be generated for a short time.There are further rings available on request in order to provide a certain scaling between coil current and magnetic field strength (e.g. 1 Amp coil current = 10 A/m field strength).

  • Continuous Wave Simulator

    CWS 500N1 - EM Test

    The CWS 500N1 is the most compact single box test equipment for testing conducted rf immunity as per IEC 61000-4-6 and related standards. Apart from the 1kHz 80% AM signal the CWS 500N1 also generates a 2 Hz 80% AM signal to test medical appliances and a 1 Hz PM signal with 50% duty cycle required to test safety equipment like fire alarms.