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  • Xtramus NuStreams 2000i - Gigabit Ethernet IP Performance Test Systems NuStreams-2000i is an advanced Ethernet test system for Layer 2 to 7 and wire-speed Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP packet generation for testing of multichannel IP devices. Designed for testing in the laboratory and in manufacturing NuStreams 2000 can be easily configured for Ethernet switch, router and gateway production testing. Call for demo.
  • 303 Series - Relay Test System The SemiTek 303-Relay Test System is PC-based and designed to test the integrity of electromechanical or coax relay devices. The system may be configured for multi-terminal testing right from the main station and the PC.

    With production and final test in mind, the 303-Relay Test System can perform an array of tests and control device output binning in a fraction of the time of any other tester on the market.

    Under program control, the test system can test:
    * Pull In/Drop Out
    * Contact Voltage Drop
    * Insulation Leakage
    * Variable AC Coil Frequency
    * Timing
    * Coil Resistance
    * Semiconductor
    * Isolation
    * Contact Resistance
    * Dielectric Withstanding.

    To maximize the system’s resources, multiple switching cards can be configured for additional test terminals (subject to space) allowing an operator to test at one site while prepping another. This helps to maximize the use of the system. In this configuration, each terminal may test the same or a different relay part.
    SemiTek International
  • GT9000 - General-purpose Test System To address the common problems with the stages of development and manufacture in producing large-scale electronic systems and accessories, such as poor general property, variety, low utilization and difficulties in maintenance, the product achieves a set of general-purpose test system to accomplish all kinds of test of the test objects and diagnostic requirements.GT9000 system functions can be cut and expended according to users' requirements, which is widely used for the design verification, maintenance,testing and troubleshooting of variety of complexelectronic systems in national defense and civil fields.
    Beijing Aerospace
  • NSG 4070 - EMC Immunity Test System An advanced combination of signal generator and compact immunity test system. Its large frequency range from 9kHz to 1GHz and its modular set-up using internal or external amplifiers enable a large variety of applications including tests according to IEC 61000-4-6, various BCI applications as well as signal generator and power meter for test systemsas per IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 61000-4-20, IEC 61000-4-21 and many other applications.
    Teseq AG
  • Cadex C8000 Advanced Programmable Battery Testing System The Cadex C8000 Series Battery Testing System (400W) is a high-performance battery-testing device designed specifically for battery research and product test laboratories. Four independent battery service channels with 4-wire battery test cables. Programmable battery ports enable automatic and manual control. Includes BatteryLab PC software.
    Cadex Electronics
  • Olympus - ESD Testing System Controller Olympus is the controller for the GTS modular family of ESD test pulse generators. Modularity means configurable to meet current and future testing needs. Pulsers can be added to produce the desired testing capabilities. Olympus combines Compliance Testing to ESD Standards and data collection for Engineering Studies with the ability to measure DUT voltage and current while the stresses are applied.
    Grund Technical Solutions
  • 201 Series - Discrete Semiconductor Test System The SemiTek 201.net Discrete Semiconductor Test System is PC-based using a CPU-based hardware controller to control the electrical tests it performs. In its sixth generation, the 201.net has served the semiconductor test industry for over twenty-five years in manufacturing and inspection. As a general-purpose tester, the 201.net is ideal for inspection and production applications where precision measurements and versatility are required.

    Under program control, the 201.net tests a growing number of devices including:
    * Diodes / Zeners
    * Bipolar Transistors
    * Field Effect Transistors
    * Arrays
    * MOSFET
    * MOSFET Depletion
    * Optocouplers
    * JFet / JFet NO
    * Mechanical Relays
    * Sidac
    * Triac / SCRs
    * IGBT
    SemiTek International
  • Xtramus NuStreams 600 - Gigabit Ethernet IP Performance Test System NuStreams chassis NuStreams-600i is an ideal test beds for lab design, troubleshooting and mass production test of network products. Support 10G Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, NuStreams-600i provides various interface for different test requirement.
  • GP - DC test systems DC test systems are used to test components and complete systems found in electrical power supply systems and operating on DC voltage. HIGHVOLT DC voltage test systems can be implemented for tests with highest voltages according to IEC 60060-1.
    Highvolt Prüftechnik
  • MB 150 - Entry-level RF Test System Is the same as the MB 20 but has increased power handling capabilities of up to 150W, making it suitable for handsets and higher power base stations. An additional option extends the frequency range to baseband yielding an overall bandwidth of 100kHz to 12GHz.
    Mesuro Ltd
  • 8105i - POWER SUPPLY TEST SYSTEM The POWERTEST 8105i is a high-performance power supply functional test system for up to 1800 Watt AC and DC input supplies.
    NH Research
  • Reverberation Chamber Method Test System Radiated immunity test for various electronic device and product.
    ELENA Electronics
  • Stator Test System Above photo as an example of Stator Test system is the Stator Test system of impressed Motor. From the topmost Panel, it is composed of Resistance Test, Surge Test, Control Panel, Puncture Test, Power Panel. All facilities are loaded in Cabinet so that even current test and rotation direction test are automatically performed, but Work table(work table and the jig for setting) to support test goods is specially separated aside.
    Kast Eng Co. LTD
  • PTS 3.3 C-1 - Single Position Test Systems Provides automatic testing of electricity meters, without the need of a personal computer.
    MTE Meter Test Equipment
  • Automated Testing System Solutions Effective test system development requires experience in technology and the products being tested. The engineering team at Innovar has worked in the industries we serve. We understand your challenges and may have already developed a solution. The team that begins your project follows it through assembly, test and installation. They know you, your goals and your product to assure a successful project.
    Innovar Systems Ltd
  • Motor Test Systems for High Voltage Applications Hipotronics manufactures a complete line of Motor Test Systems serving the motor repair industries. Since 1962 Hipotronics is the largest manufacturer serving the Motor Test Industry with quality test equipment for all aspects of the electrical manufacturing and repair markets.
    Hipotronics Incorporated
  • VLF Test System - 28 kV - Test system for PE/XLPE cables In accordance with most regulations, cables and joints must be tested after installation or repair. For this test the break-down strength of the cable is tested. The portable VLF Test System 28 kV of SebaKMT can be used to test the cables in conjunction with the according local regulations for operating voltage levels up to 15 kV for new cables and 22 kV for aged cables at 5 µ F cable capacity.
  • Electric Car Test System Above photo is synthetic test facilities of Magnet switch for cars, which is manufactured to measure Surge, On/Off voltage, Distance from Gap 1 to Gap 2, and the contact resistance on the condition of Switch 'On'. Test time cycle to finish these all tests requires about 7~8 sec, and in case of including the time required to Loading and Unloading, this equipment can test 2,600 products per one day (8 hours basis).
    Kast Eng Co. LTD
  • C-CL-2000 - Chloride Test System The C-CL-2000 produces results on-site, within minutes that are accurate and comparable to expensive laboratory tests. It measures the electrochemical reaction of a weighted sample placed in an extraction liquid. It automatically shows a temperature compensated reading of percent of chlorides on its digital display. A wide range - from 0.002 to 2% chloride by weight - is covered.
    James Instruments
  • HCL2010 - Partial Discharge Test System Himalayal HCL2010 Partial Discharge Tester applied to the international standard IEC60270, IEC60885-3, IEEE Std.4, GB/T16927. HCL2010 has two mode: single channel and six channel. HCL2010 has wide applications: power cable, power trnsformer, motor, generator, instrument transformer, capacitors. Sensitivity: 0.01pC Sampling accuracy: 12Bit Measuring range: 0.1pC ~ 10000nC Input impedance: 1MO
    Shanghai Himalayal
  • PTS-CMS-352 - Continuity Monitoring Test System The PTS-CMS-352 is an innovative testing solution designed by Thermotron's Product Test Solutions (PTS) group for finding intermittent faults in solder joints, connectors, switches, or relays.
    Thermotron Industries
  • Must System 3 - Solderability Testing System The MUST System 3 is the latest technological evolution of the original Multicore Universal Solderability Tester (MUST) that grandfathered all modern solderability test standards.
  • ATS-KMFT 670 - Incircuit and Functional Test System XP/VISTA®-based menu-driven software with automatic program generation, CAD data import, statistics and autolearn for both InCircuit- and Functional test, high test accuracy and high test speed. The unit is known for low follow-up costs and extreme reliability.
    Reinhardt System-
  • Image Sensor Lab - Test System for CMOS Digital Image Sensors Image Sensor Lab ™ is an advanced imaging system for complete communications, image capture, and characterization testing of a variety of CMOS image sensors and digital imaging devices.
    Jova Solutions

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Test Systems - A group of interoperable devices whose integration perform a common test purpose.