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  • Cadex C8000 Advanced Programmable Battery Testing System The Cadex C8000 Series Battery Testing System (400W) is a high-performance battery-testing device designed specifically for battery research and product test laboratories. Four independent battery service channels with 4-wire battery test cables. Programmable battery ports enable automatic and manual control. Includes BatteryLab PC software.
    Cadex Electronics
  • Olympus - ESD Testing System Controller Olympus is the controller for the GTS modular family of ESD test pulse generators. Modularity means configurable to meet current and future testing needs. Pulsers can be added to produce the desired testing capabilities. Olympus combines Compliance Testing to ESD Standards and data collection for Engineering Studies with the ability to measure DUT voltage and current while the stresses are applied.
    Grund Technical Solutions
  • 201 Series - Discrete Semiconductor Test System The SemiTek 201.net Discrete Semiconductor Test System is PC-based using a CPU-based hardware controller to control the electrical tests it performs. In its sixth generation, the 201.net has served the semiconductor test industry for over twenty-five years in manufacturing and inspection. As a general-purpose tester, the 201.net is ideal for inspection and production applications where precision measurements and versatility are required.

    Under program control, the 201.net tests a growing number of devices including:
    * Diodes / Zeners
    * Bipolar Transistors
    * Field Effect Transistors
    * Arrays
    * MOSFET
    * MOSFET Depletion
    * Optocouplers
    * JFet / JFet NO
    * Mechanical Relays
    * Sidac
    * Triac / SCRs
    * IGBT
    SemiTek International
  • GT9000 - General-purpose Test System To address the common problems with the stages of development and manufacture in producing large-scale electronic systems and accessories, such as poor general property, variety, low utilization and difficulties in maintenance, the product achieves a set of general-purpose test system to accomplish all kinds of test of the test objects and diagnostic requirements.GT9000 system functions can be cut and expended according to users' requirements, which is widely used for the design verification, maintenance,testing and troubleshooting of variety of complexelectronic systems in national defense and civil fields.
    Beijing Aerospace
  • Xtramus NuStreams 600 - Gigabit Ethernet IP Performance Test System NuStreams chassis NuStreams-600i is an ideal test beds for lab design, troubleshooting and mass production test of network products. Support 10G Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, NuStreams-600i provides various interface for different test requirement.
  • 303 Series - Relay Test System The SemiTek 303-Relay Test System is PC-based and designed to test the integrity of electromechanical or coax relay devices. The system may be configured for multi-terminal testing right from the main station and the PC.

    With production and final test in mind, the 303-Relay Test System can perform an array of tests and control device output binning in a fraction of the time of any other tester on the market.

    Under program control, the test system can test:
    * Pull In/Drop Out
    * Contact Voltage Drop
    * Insulation Leakage
    * Variable AC Coil Frequency
    * Timing
    * Coil Resistance
    * Semiconductor
    * Isolation
    * Contact Resistance
    * Dielectric Withstanding.

    To maximize the system’s resources, multiple switching cards can be configured for additional test terminals (subject to space) allowing an operator to test at one site while prepping another. This helps to maximize the use of the system. In this configuration, each terminal may test the same or a different relay part.
    SemiTek International
  • Xtramus NuStreams 2000i - Gigabit Ethernet IP Performance Test Systems NuStreams-2000i is an advanced Ethernet test system for Layer 2 to 7 and wire-speed Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP packet generation for testing of multichannel IP devices. Designed for testing in the laboratory and in manufacturing NuStreams 2000 can be easily configured for Ethernet switch, router and gateway production testing. Call for demo.
  • PCB - Test system for Electronic Device The main focus of the test system is validation and functional testing of electronic devices. The tests include electrical parameters and logical functions of the firmware. Device groups can be stimulated externally and output signals can be acquired by the test points on the board. Limits and ranges of the acquired signals can be monitored and stored for verification.
    S.E.A. Datentechnik
  • ETS780 - Production Test System The 50MHz ETS780 system boasts the same small footprint, standard 110v or 220v AC, and cool quiet CMOS architecture as our ETS768 but with more development power.
    Hilevel Technology
  • DX-2012H - DC Hysteresis Graph Test System Automatic measurement of the demagnetization curve of permanent magnetic material such as ferrite, AlNiCo, NdFeB, SmCo, etc. Accurate measurement of the magnetic characteristic parameters of remanence Br, coercive force HcB, intrinsic coercive force HcJ and maximum magnetic energy product (BH)max.
    Dexing Magnet Tech
  • AC voltage test systems Withstand voltage tests on XLPE cables can be performed using the AC test system with variable frequency once laid on-site. The test system operates in a frequency range from 20 Hz to 300 Hz and complies with the requirements according to IEC 60840 and IEC 62067. An individual test system is designed for tests of up to 260 kV and 83 A, which facilitates testing of high-voltage cables that can be several kilometers in length. Several test systems can be conveniently connected in series when higher test voltages are required or in parallel when testing cables of up to 100 kilometers in length. These systems can even be used to test ultra-long submarine cables that connect offshore wind farms. The test system has been mounted on a standard-sized trailer, which facilitates transport to the specific site. The test system can be set up on-site within an hour without cranes or similar equipment.
    Highvolt Prüftechnik
  • HP8000E - Colorimetric & Electrical Test System for LED Chips Colorimetric & Electrical Test System is very useful property to identify the quality of LED Chips by measuring the photometric, colorimetric and electrical parameters of LED Chips. This test system is composed of spectrometer, test table and electrical measuring instrument. LED chips test table has movement mechanism (size: 75mm*75mm), probe, optical fiber and microscope (40X) devices, can lighten the various LED chips fleetly and stably.
    Hopu Optics Technology
  • BRAT 90 - VXI Test System The BRAT 90, part of the BRAT family of VXI testers, is a portable ruggedized test system. The BRAT 90 has a built-in 15-inch LCD screen and a slide-out keyboard with track pad. The system contains four slots for VXI instruments and 3-unit height for rack mount equipment.
    Advanced Testing
  • Safety Test System Safety Test System for electronic devices to test insulation, conducted earth resistance and isolation resist. Touch save test area and automatic test of all parameters. Indication of test results, storage of test datas based to serial numbers.
    ET System Electronic
  • Auto-Sir - Testing System Automated Precision Surface Insulation Resistance SIR Testing SIR Testing to all current Standard
  • Ultrasonic Testing Systems Matec offers a full-range of in-house services for the design, fabrication, construction, and installation of ultrasonic testing systems. Whether you need a new system, or are looking to retrofit an existing installation, we have the capability to deliver a fully integrated solution that effectively meets your testing needs.
    Matec Instrument
  • AC TEST SET - 100 kV AC Test system High Voltage Test And Measuring equipment (AC Test Set) 100 kV, 7.5 kVA continuous. 100 kV, 20 kVA. Short time
    W. S. Test Systems
  • SV1C - SerDes Development & Test System Everything you need to develop and verify your high-speed digital algorithms is contained in this ultra-portable test instrument. The SV1C will forever change the way you think about developing and verifying Gbps digital and mixed-signal algorithms, and it will allow you to measure signals in ways that were not possible in the past. It is equivalent to multiple hardware platforms, containing everything that you need to make high-performance measurements like bit error rate testing, signal generation, and signal measurement.
    Introspect Technology
  • OWTS - Oscillating Wave Test System The oscillating wave test system OWTS, available in voltage ratings of 28kV, 60kV and 150kV, is used to identify, evaluate and locate partial discharge (PD) faults in a cable insulation and in joints and terminations. 
  • SWT-V - SWTS Switchgear Mechanical Characteristics Testing System SWT-V SWT-V can monitor synchronously maximum three contacts. The linked PC can not only take test but also analyze, save data and print out the report.
    Xi'an Multipower
  • W-2810 - OSCILLATOR PERTURBATION TEST SYSTEM Automated, software-based oscillator. Automated, software-based oscillator, VCXO and TCXO temperature test system ? Measures frequency over temperature ? Parameter and curve fit characteristics are checked against easy to define QC limits ? Oscillators of different frequencies can be tested in a single temperature run
    Saunders & Associates
  • Impulse Voltage Test System Operation Condition 1. Altitude: ≤1000m 2. Environment temperature: -10℃-45℃ 3. Relative humidity: ≤90% 4. Operation conditions: indoor 5. Earthquake resistance capability: 8 level in strength 6. Grounding resistance: <0.3Ω 7. Operation conditions: clean, no dust Feature 1. Impulse test system
    Zhengzhou Great Electric
  • SOFC - Test Systems A solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) test system. Custom designed to meet your SOFC testing requirements. Maximum Power: 150W-5KW. Variable electronic load options: Full software control; Constant DC power up to 150W; Constant voltage and constant current end power.
    Precision Flow Technologies
  • B887 - "Sarah" Switch Bounce Test System Nearly all switches will generate some "bounce" when they are operated (switched). Every time they are operated, they will actually open and close their contacts several times before they settling down to their new position. For normal switches, this can last from as little as a fraction of a millisecond (ms), to as long as several milliseconds. Only very high quality switches generate little or no bounce.

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Test Systems - A group of interoperable devices whose integration perform a common test purpose.