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  • TFT-LCD Edge Inspection System This system is a inspection system to improve the productivity of line by detecting the critical errors of materials on the corner and adjunct surface in its early stage. It is possible to monitor the quality panel form by measuring and inspecting the items of dimension, burr, broken, and chipping as well as to prevent it from continuous and highly volume of defects.
    Synapse Imaging Co
  • Orbotech ClearSight New Technology for Enhanced Inspection of TFT-LCD Panels Orbotech ClearSight? technology is designed to improve detection and further extend the capabilities of the TFT-LCD inspection process. Orbotech ClearSight? brings far greater visibility to the entire inspection process, improving the detection of defects that are less visible to systems not offering this technology.
    Orbotech Ltd
  • TFT Test Freeware Compact program for fully testing and configuring your TFT monitor.
    TIREAL Company

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TFT - Thin film transistor array test.


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