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  • 9185 - Static Bar (Ionizer) Checker Model 9185 Static Bar Checker offers users a quick, accurate method of making sure that their AC and DC static ionizers are working properly. The pocket size unit evaluates bar performance by measuring the electrical charge induced into the sensor by the emitter pins of the static eliminator.
    TAKK Industries Incorporated
  • 720 - STATIC BAR CHECKER The 720 works by measuring the electric charge induced onto the internal sensor by the emitter pins of the static eliminator. An integrated circuit drives the LED display, according to the power of the signal.
    Fraser Anti-Static
  • 9195 - Neon Bar Checker TAKK?s Model 9195 Neon Bar Checker offers a quick and inexpensive means of determining if static eliminator bars are functioning. The conveniently small pen size unit indicates that each bar emitter is performing properly by the activation of a neon light signal. Static eliminator bars may malfunction due to transformer defects, shorts in the system, need to be cleaned, etc. The bar tester may be used with shockless or ?hot? static control equipment.
    TAKK Industries Incorporated
  • 984 - Ion Sensor The Meech Model 984 Ion Sensor is a handy, easy-to-use device for checking the performance of both AC and DC powered static eliminator bars. Indicator lights confirm the presence of ions and, in the case of a DC power source, their polarity. Regular monitoring of installations with the Model 984 will indicate when bars require cleaning or other maintenance work,
    Meech Static Eliminators

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