Semiconductor Test

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  • 5000E - Automated Discrete Semiconductor Tester (ATE) Same Proven Technology as all 5000 Series Testers. High Speed Single Test Measure. Capable of Testing Multiple and Mixed Devices. 1KV Standard, 2KV Optional. 1NA to 50A Standard, 100A Optional. 0.1NA Resolution. Complete Self Test. Auto-Calibration. RDSON to 0.1MOHM Resolution. Windows Application Software. Optional Scanner. Optional Wafer Mapping. Optional Curve Trace. MOSFET, IGBT, J-FETTriac, SCR, Sidac, Diac, Quadrac, STS, SBS Transistor, Diode, Opto, Zener Regulator, MOV, Relay. UNDER $23,000.00
    Scientific Test
  • Factory Rebuilt Lorlin Testers Lorlin Double Impact Factory Rebuilt Systems offer 600Volts, 20 Amps, and 5 picoamp resolution for Small Signal and Power Semiconductors as standard and will test, measure, characterize, grade, verify, analyze, sort and classify your discrete semiconductor components. Lorlin can configure rebuilt systems for applications up to 2000 Volts, 500 Amps and three test stations for manual or automatic testing with wafer probers and handlers. Includes the latest Lorlin© Windows Software License® and a One Year Warranty!
    Lorlin Test Systems
  • RF / Wireless Test Services Testing packaged Radio Frequency components, ICs and modules requires not only a different skill set than testing standard mixed signal devices, but different methodologies, different test platforms and the skills to put them all together. Amkor is committed to being the preeminent provider of contract semiconductor RF testing by delivering the most cost-effective and optimum test solutions.
    Amkor Technology
  • ESS-6002/6008 - Electrostatic Discharge Simulator for SemiconductorsModel The ESS-6000 series ESD simulators are testers specifically designed to carry out ESD sensitivity testing of semiconductor devices to standards such as MIL-STD-883, EIAJ ED-4701 and others. Included are the Human Body Model and Machine Model probes.
    Noise Laboratory
  • HT 9460 and 9464 - High Voltage Isolation Test Systems Accurate and non-destructive production testing of ac Isolation Voltage and Partial Discharge.

    With over 450 systems installed worldwide the 946X series of test systems are the standard and system of choice used by the majority of semiconductor manufacturers that produce optically isolated devices.
  • HS-HCTT - Conductivity Type Tester It is strictly designed according to the requirements of the hot-probe thermal EMF conductivity type test in standard ASTM F42: Standard Test Methods for Conductivity Type of Extrinsic Semiconductor Materials. A temperature controlling heating element is installed inside the hot probe so that the hot probe is heated automatically and its temperature is maintained in the range 40-60℃.
  • DUT Boards RTI designs and manufactures DUT boards for many types of special purpose test equipment including: ESD test systems, special purpose functional testers, automated curve trace equipment, as well as standard semiconductor test equipment. All designs are performed in-house using PCB design software (Mentor PADS, CAM350) and 3D mechanical design software (Solid Edge) if required. PCB fabrication is sub-contracted to one of our long-time fabrication partners.
    Robson Technologies
  • APSM1000 - Power Switch Module The APS1000 is a fast- waveform, semiconductor power switch used in conjunction with standard programmable power sources such as the Elgar SmartWave to rigorously test avionics and telecommunications equipment at the box or system level. The fast edges support compliance testing against new standards and allow discovery of latent power interface design weaknesses earlier with simulated power turn-on, power interrupts, surges, bus transfer scenarios and more.
    Vektrex Electronic
  • 3600E Dual Head System - Bipolar/FET/Diode The model 3600E test system is an automated system designed for testing 2, 3 and 4- lead discrete semiconductors such as: Bipolar Transistors, Single and Dual-gate FETs, Sense FETs, PUTs, TRIACs, SCRs, Diodes, Zeners and Optos.Standard Hardware Capabilities 
  • Test Boards High performance semiconductors deserve a high performance
    test interface. MC Test Products provides test boards, probe card
    blanks and electromechanical interfaces that set the design standard for
    the industry.Learn more about how to get High Performance Test Design™ products on your test floor. High performance semiconductors deserve a high performance test interface.
    MC Test Products
  • Wi-Fi 11n Tester - Wi-Fi 802.11n Certification Test Suite The Wi-Fi 802.11n Certification Test Suite from Polaris Networks is an automation tool for the standard Wi-Fi Alliance 802.11n test bed and test tools. It streamlines the certification test process by implementing the full Wi-Fi Alliance 802.11n Draft 2.0 test plan. Device manufacturers and semiconductor vendors can use this solution to test their products before going for formal certification.
    Polaris Networks
  • PrecisionWoRx VX4 - For semiconductor manufacturers PROBE CARD TEST AND ANALYSIS Based on the industry-standard (PrecisionPoint), the PrecisionWoRx platform gives users the ability to confidently test tighter pitches and smaller probe tips.
    Tamar Technology
  • 4300 - Bondtester The Nordson DAGE 4300 bondtester complements the proven semi-automatic 4000W Wafer Handling System and has been designed in accordance with the strict standards of semiconductor foundries and subcontractors to meet the growing demand for handling and bump shear testing on 300mm wafers.
    Nordson Dage
  • AX-Series - Semiconductor Test Systems Modular industry standard PXI and AXIe technology gives users control over their test system configurations and upgrade paths. The PXI and AXIe platforms provide a mature, stable foundation that will support the wide range of configurations and long term roadmaps required by the semiconductor industry.
  • Examinator - Desktop Test Data Analysis Software Examinator (the combination of EXAMINe + translATOR) is a software solution that enables test and product engineers to perform device characterization, production monitoring, and yield analysis studies from standard semiconductor data files such as STDF, Agilent GDF, e-Test (WAT and PCM), CSV, RosettaNet, etc.
    Galaxy Semiconductor
  • Semiconductor - Test System Platform Our platform for the semiconductor test KT-7000 FINN is based on the same hardware and software platform like the other proven test systems from Konrad Technologies. All systems share one common software and hardware architecture by using standard technologies like PXI, reconfigurable FPGA instruments and standard software tools, including LabVIEW and TestStand.
    Konrad Technology
  • ETSerdes - Embedded SerDes Test The explosive adoption of high speed serial data links and the proliferation of multi-lane SerDes channels have created a new set of challenges for semiconductor design and test teams. These multi-Gbps low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) channels are proliferating in many standard forms, including PCI express, Gbit Ethernet, Serial ATA, RapidIO, Fiber Channel and Infiniband to name just a few.
  • Phoenix ATX-G - Embedded ATX Motherboard The Phoenix ATX-G™ is a powerful Intel® Pentium 4® processor-based industrial embedded ATX motherboard controller for embedded applications. This new design utilizes the Intel® 845GE/GV chipset to deliver maximum processing performance, powerful graphics options, latest USB standard, and multiple I/O in a single ATX (8.2"x12") design. The Phoenix ATX-G boasts an impressive list of features which includes: support for latest Intel® Pentium® 4 processors, six hi-speed USB 2.0 ports, five 32-Bit PCI slots, onboard VGA with ADD support, onboard Ethernet configurable to 1Gb, 44-pin connector for flash disks or other IDE devices, and onboard sound. The Phoenix ATX-G is custom-designed to meet a diverse range of embedded computing requirements across a wide spectrum of device categories, including medical, networking, security, and factory automation, serving vertical market segments ranging from the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries to printing, test and measurement, textile manufacturing and industrial robotics.
  • HGD-2000 - Hydrogen Gas Detector The Eagle Eye HGD-2000 Hydrogen Gas Detector allows the user to monitor hydrogen gas buildup in storage rooms and facilities that house batteries - including forklifts, golf carts, backup power supplies, and battery charging stations. Lead-acid batteries on charge emit hydrogen gas after reaching the 80% recharge point. When mixed with enough air, hydrogen becomes a highly flammable gas that can ignite easily with just a spark, destroying equipment and harming personnel. The lower explosive level (LEL) for hydrogen is 4.1% by volume. The dangers of hydrogen gas explosion are eliminated by using the HGD-2000 hydrogen gas detector. The HGD-2000 is easy-to-use and easy-to-install. Attach the HGD-2000 to the wall, ceiling, or optional junction box using the mounting holes at the top and bottom of the detector box. The detector has a terminal block for connection to single-phase AC power source and two internal relays. The relays can be used to switch a remote exhaust fan and/or alarm on and off. The detector should be kept on at all times, and the green LED will be lit. If the concentration of hydrogen gas in the air surrounding the sensor reaches 1% by volume, the yellow LED will light and the 1% internal relay will close. A four second delay prevents false activation. If the concentration reaches 2%, the red LED will flash, the internal 80 db warning alarm will sound, and the 2% internal relay will close. The HGD-2000 Includes: HGD-2000 Unit - AC Standard (Custom Option for DC-Powered) User Manual Hydrogen is colorless and odorless, the lightest of all gases and thus rises. The HGD-2000 should be installed at the highest, draft-free location of the room where hydrogen gas would accumulate. The sensor of the HGD-2000 consists of a semiconductor whose electrical conductivity increases when hydrogen is absorbed on its surface. Conductivity, proportional to the gas concentration, is continuously measured by an electric circuit. The HGD-2000 is factory-calibrated and field-calibrations should not be performed. Optional accessories for the HGD-2000 hydrogen gas detector include a steel junction box for hard-wiring to the wall or ceiling, a remote box for placement at eye level or in another room, and a telephone-type modular cable for connecting the remote box to the HGD-2000 detector. If you are testing other combustible gases such as propane or methane see our GD-3000 Combustible Gas Detector to meet your needs. Technical Specifications Advantages Applications Alarm Relay: Form A, Normally-Open standard Form B, Normally-Closed upon request Form C, available at additional cost Mounting: (4) 4.5 mm (3/16 in) screws Operating Environment: -10 – 40 °C (14 – 104 °F) Power Requirements: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz standard 220 VAC or 12 ° 48 VDC Dimensions: 178 x 120 x 55 mm (7 x 4.75 x 2.5 in)
    Eagle Eye Power Solutions

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