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  • 4000 Series - Multi-Function Electrical Safety Tester The 4000 Series provides advanced 4-in-1 test capability in a convenient one-box solution. Our most popular multi-function tester, the 4000 Series performs AC Hipot (500 VA), DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond / Ground Continuity tests while taking up minimal production line space. The 4000 Series includes the most intuitive menu system in the industry, reducing setup time and increasing production line throughput for any application. With multiple memories and an optional RS-232 interface, you can quickly perform tests on a variety of DUT’s from the front panel or with a PC.
    Slaughter Company
  • 6000 Series - Multi-function Electrical Safety Tester The 6330 allows manufacturers to perform six of the most common electrical safety tests in a single instrument. This 6-in-1 Electrical Safety tester will perform AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Functional Run, and Line Leakage Tests in a single instrument.
    Slaughter Company
  • AMPTEC 620ES - Low Resistance Explosive Safety Igniter Tester The AMPTEC 620ES Low Resistance Explosive Safety Igniter Tester is a portable digital ohmmeter which has been specifically designed for ultra-safe resistance testing on explosive devices (i.e. squibs, igniters, flares, detonators, warheads). The 620ES is primarily for indoor lab use, the other AMPTEC model 630ES (Low Resistance Ruggedized Explosive Safety meter) is a ruggedized water proof version. The AMPTEC 620ES features five way gold panel jacks that directly accept wiring, spade lugs and banana jacks (i.e. with 4 wire Kelvin Clips).
    AMPTEC Research
  • ST50 & 60 Series - ELECTRICAL SAFETY TESTER AC/DC withstand voltage test & ground bond test .Insulation resistance test(ST60).Arc detection.Zero crossing turn-on,turn-off operation switch.Controllable ramp-up time .Ture RMS cut-off current measurement .Automatic fail indicator of alarm lamp and buzzer.VFD display
    Shanghai MCP
  • 9065 - Multifunction Electrical Safety Test UNITEST EUROtest - Key Functions • Loop impedance and prospective short circuit current measurement • Line impedance and prospective short circuit current measurement • Earth loop resistance in TT-systems • Rotary field test • RCD measurements (contact voltage, trip time, trip current - ramp method) • RCD analysis for test of all RCD parameters • Low Ohm and continuity measurement • Insulation measurement up to 1000V (suitable for 690 V industrial mains systems)
    • Earth resistance measurement with probes and clamp adapters
    • Voltage and frequency measurement
    Shanghai Beihan Electronics
  • Clare A252 - Electrical Safety Tester A versatile portable test set providing simple straightforward operation and effective electrical safety testing of office equipment, power tools and appliances. The A252 electrical safety tester performs earth bond, flash and insulation tests.
  • 9170 - Electrical Safety & Functionality Test System Incorporate with Industrial PC (IPC); dust proof, vibration resistance,low distortion, high stability, and suitable for any working environment. Built-in 1KVA Programmable AC Power Source, or option of any higher
    EXTECH Electronics
  • GPI-825 - Electrical Safety Tester 500VA AC Test Capacity ? True RMS Current Readback ? Arc Detection ? Zero Turn-On Operating Switch ? 3 Ranges of Adjustable Cut Off Current ? Voltage Output Adjustable During Test Period ? Digital Display for Voltage, Current and Timer at Same Time ? 9 Pin Remote Control for START, RESET ? Automatic FAIL Indicator of Alarm Lamp and Buzzer ? Easy Operation
    Good Will Instrument
  • Product Safety Testing ACS Product Safety offers agency listing service with some of the most reputable and well known product safety organizations in the world  UL, TUV, and CSA. Through our strong relationships with these agencies, we offer NRTL product listing and marking, along with CB Scheme certification for international compliance.
    Advanced Compliance
  • V60 Series - Hipot / Electrical Safety Testers Vitrek's new V60 Series Electrical Safety Testers have just made the process of obtaining an automated multi-function electrical safety tester a whole lot easier.  These compact, feature-rich testers are available in three models - so you can choose the functions you need to get the job done, without having to pay for the things you don't need.
  • ST-05 - SAFETY TESTERS ( CURRENT LEAKAGE TESTERS ) Safety Tester Model ST-05 is a test set for testing small equipment powered by 120V 60 Hz, from an approved U-ground source. Test also can be run on double-insulated tools an on appliances with two-pin parallel plugs.
    Criterion Instruments
  • ST400 - Safety Tester 320x240 graphic color touch screen Prüfplaneditor DLL, ActiveX, LabView drivers Switching relay matrix Safety current limited - No barriers to Standards: EN60065 / VDE 0860, EN 60598 / VDE 0710, EN60335 / VDE 0686 / EN 50106, EN 60601 / VDE 0750, EN 60950 / VDE 0805 and much more. PLC, RS232, CAN GOOD FAULT INDICATOR Dynamic memory management for test programs
    Sourcetronic GmbH
  • GPI-745A - Electrical Safety Tester 200VA AC Test Capacity ? AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Test & Insulation Resistance Test & Ground Bond Test ? True RMS Cut-Off Current Measurement ? Arc Detection ? Zero Crossing Turn-On Operation Switch ? Linear Amplifier with Feedback Control to Provide High Regulated Voltage Output ? Controllable Ramp-Up Time
    Good Will Instrument
  • GPT-805 - Electrical Safety Tester 500VA AC Test Capacity ? True RMS Current Readback ? Arc Detection ? Zero Turn-On Operating Switch ? 3 Ranges of Adjustable Cut Off Current ? Voltage Output Adjustable During Test Period ? Digital Display for Voltage, Current and Timer at Same Time ? 9 Pin Remote Control for START, RESET
    Good Will Instrument
  • Primetest 100 - The Complete Appliance Safety Tester Primetest100 a combination tester that gives you the functionality of a PAT tester, an IEC lead and extension lead tester and a power socket checker in one compact easy to use instrument.
  • EHV 10/SL - Safety Test System Voltage 0 - 5500 VAC and 0 - 6000 VDVC (Optional). Adjustable current trip point 0-100mA. 0-99 seconds adjustable test time. Audible & visual test failure indication. Optional analogue, IEEE488 & RS232 control. Optional ramp function 100V - 1KV/sec
    ET System Electronic
  • GCT-630 - Electrical Safety Tester AC 32 Amperes High Test Current ? Measuring Resistance 0 ~ 0.6O ? Continue and Normal Test Mode ? 4 Wire Measurement ? GO-NOGO Function ? Test and Result Output Signal
    Good Will Instrument
  • 207 - USA Socket Safety Tester Voltage on ground connection Disconnected Ground Disconnected Neutral Disconnected Hot Interchanged Neutral and Hot Interchanged Ground and Hot Interchanged Ground and Hot, Neutral missing GFI function
  • 9120 - Electrical Safety & Functionality Test System Product design for high expandability and easy to repair. Test data auto backup function. Test results search function. 6-in1 Electrical Safety Test System(ACW, DCW, IR, GB, LLT, RUN). Test parameters edit shortcut function
    EXTECH Electronics
  • Electrical Safety Tester / The robust, fully automatic Electrical Safety Tester ST400 ensures fast testing cycles incl. documentation (backtracking of data – Traceability). In addition to that, the ST400 Electrical Safety Tester also disposes two USB- Interfaces, LAN, RS232 and digital, as well as analogue I/O ports. I/O tests are ideally used to automatically pilot external systems. The test procedure with an Electrical Safety Tester results as follows: Connect the testee (device under test), chose the settings for the test program (automatic barcode if provided), test and save test protocol. The Electrical Safety Analyzer can of course also be operated manually through a spin-press button, similar to GPS systems used in automobiles. The following operating modes are available: Manual, Remote RS232/USB, Digital and Ethernet. Each Electrical Safety Analyzer can be remote controlled through a comfortable testing software. The GOOD-BAD results will be saved automatically on your databank. Electrical Safety Analyzers will be delivered including a leakage current test in case the device needs to be used in accordance with the medical-technical norm EN 60601. The Electrical Safety Testers of the 60335 series are easy to integrate at the workplace and laboratory.
    Sourcetronic GmbH
  • Electrical Safety Testing Testing the electrical safety of devices and materials
    Phoenix Test Lab
  • Safety & Regulatory Testing Mobile Power Solutions specializes in guiding your company through today's increasing quagmire of battery-related safety regulations. MPS provides comprehensive regulatory compliance, safety, and performance testing; we are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Regulatory Testing: UL1642, UL 2054, UN/DOT Regulatory testing, IEC 60086-5. Additional Safety Tests
    Mobile Power Solutions
  • FMG501-SMGTR - ELECTRICAL SAFETY TESTER In order to comply with any laboratory or production application, FMG series is constantly following the international standard evolutions, and is one of the 4 tests required by the Electrical Safety. Leakage current measurement, single and three phases power measurement, cosφ , functional test
  • Gas- or Oil-Fired Product Safety Testing Intertek?s ETL SEMKO division is a Notified Body for the Gas Appliance Directive. We offer the ETL Listed, ETL Sanitation, and Warnock Hersey Marks on Gas-fired products. Our global network can provide clients with local testing anywhere in the world.
    Intertek Group Plc

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Safety Test - Check to determine whether a device is free from hazards.