PC - aka Personal Computer

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  • XenaIntegrator - PC Application XenaIntegrator is a free PC application that makes it easy to handle large numbers of test streams when using both simple and complex systems of XenaBay and XenaCompact test solutions.
    Xena Networks
  • Xena2544 - PC Application Xena2544 is a free PC application developed by Xena Networks that makes it easy to create, edit and execute test configurations using one or more Xena test chassis in accordance with RFC 2544. Xena2544 is automatically installed together with XenaManager.
    Xena Networks
  • DigiView DV3400 - PC Based Logic Analyzer PC Based Logic Analyzer. Multiple, Automatic Compression techniques. Eliminates Resolution vs. Depth tradeoffs. Advanced Universal Match Circuits (8). Flexible, Cascadable Sequencers (4x4). Sequencer Counters (16 @ 1M count each) ±6 volt Adjustable Threshold (2) 
  • ST8665 - Two side abserve PCI diagnostic card for Desk pc 1.This Card can work on Desktop PCI slot . Easy to install and fit with PCI slot. 2.Court defects by difference sounds coding with build-in speaker. 3. It can diagnosis the motherboard signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on.
    Shenzhen Sintech
  • DSO3000 Series (200MSa/s) - PC USB Oscilloscope 60MHz bandwidth; 2 or 4 channels oscilloscope; Models with many extra functions like arb. waveform generator, logic analyzer to select; USB 2.0 interface plug and play, LAN and WIFI optional.
    Hantek Electronic
  • Xena1564 - PC Application Xena1564 is a free PC application developed by Xena Networks to help you perform the Y.1564 methodology using one or more Xena test chassis. Comes bundled with XenaManager-2G.
    Xena Networks
  • AMA.REMOTE - PC SOFTWARE The PC software is used for a AMA.remote for processing measurement receiver files (eg tuning or channel lists). On the other hand, the AMA can be remotely monitored and controlled remotely measuring receiver 310 via SNMP with the AMA.remote.
    KWS Electronics
  • ARK-3360L - Intel® Atom™ N450/D510 High Value Fanless Embedded Box PC with Multiple I/O Intel® Atom™ N450/D510 1.66 GHz Fanless Embedded Box PC Supports extend temperature -40 ~ 70° C (ARK-3360LZ-N4A1E) Mini PCIe expansion for communication module, i.e. HSDPA, WLAN Dual display and supports for wide screen with high resolution Supports up to 2 x GbE, 6 x USB 2.0 and 4 x COMs ports Serial port RS-485 auto-flow support Easy integration, easy maintenance Supports SUSIAccess and Embedded Software APIs IP40
    Advantech Co. Ltd
  • RapidDriver Explorer - PC Analyzer / Debugger RapidDriver Explorer is an intelligent tool for PC hardware analysis and debugging. RapidDriver Explorer allows you to start working with your hardware device with just a few clicks of the mouse. Simply install your new hardware, create a new RapidDriver project, and then select your device from the list of PnP devices auto-detected by RapidDriver.
    EnTech Taiwan
  • PCCextend 100 - 16-bit PC Card Extender Card The PCCextend 100 is the ultimate in extender cards. It provides developers of 16-bit PC Card hosts and cards a convenient way of accessing signals on the 16-bit PC Card interface. All 68-pins are accessible via standard 0.1" test posts. Multi-layer design with separate ground and power planes assure trouble free operation.
    Sycard Technology
  • SE440 - 4 channel PC based Oscilloscope USB cable. 12V Power Supply. Operators Manual. (No probes)
  • ARK-6320 - Intel® Atom™ D510/D525 Cost-effective Mini-ITX Fanless Embedded Box PC Built-in Intel® Atom™ Processor D510 1.66 GHz/D525 1.8GHz Comprehensive I/O: Dual Gigabit Ethernet, 8 x USB, 6 x COM, 1 x VGA, and audio Mini PCIe expansion slot Accepts DC12 V input Anti-vibration design for 2.5" HDD-bay to ensure maximum reliability Built-in mounting bracket supports wall and table-mounting, with optional VESA mounting bracket Supports SUSIAccess and Embedded Software APIs
    Advantech Co. Ltd
  • PC Board Strain Gage Application and Measurement Contact HITEC today to confidently outsource your PC board strain gaging and testing needs. Expertise in strain gage placement, calibration and data acquisition to provide accurate strain measurements for pc board component failure prevention; conforming to IPC/JEDEC-9704. Dynamic strain measurements recorded for various manufacturing sequence processes, for identifying strain and correlating to specific sequence steps. 
  • P630 - Light PC platform With its fast test time and high performance the P630 are very cost-effective in a fully automated environment. In less than 1 seconds it performs measurement of 250 different frequency points and tests parameters as frequency response, sensitivity, polarity, Rub & Buzz, THD, impedance, resonance, Q and F (Fres/Q).
    K & K International
  • TPSYS02 - PC controlled thermal conductivity measurement system TPSYS02 is a system for the measurement of thermal conductivity using TP02 or TP08 Non-Steady-State Probes (NSSP). The system is designed for high accuracy measurements. It is particularly suitable for analysis of soils, thermal backfill materials, sediments, foodstuff, powders, sludges, paints and glues.
    Hukseflux Thermal
  • PCCproto 150 - 16-bit PC Card General Purpose Prototype Board For designers requiring a general purpose prototype board, Sycard offers the PCCproto 150. The PCCproto 150 is a flexible prototype board designed specifically for 16-bit PC Card designs.
    Sycard Technology
  • 5707C-REF - PC Bus, AC Reference/Excitation Supply, 5VA PC Bus, AC Reference/Excitation Supply, 5VA. * Transformer Isolation Available * Standard, Half Size PC Card * Input ?12Vdc from PC Power Supply or External Source * Utilizes Standard 37Pin "D" Connector with Standard PC Bracket
    North Atlantic Industries
  • VEGA3 LM - Fully PC Controlled SEM A fully PC controlled SEM with conventional tungsten heated cathode intended both for high vacuum as well as for low vacuum operations. Outstanding optical properties, flicker-free digital image with super clarity, sophisticated user-friendly software for microscope control and image capturing using Windows™ platform, standard formats of stored images, easy image management, processing and measurements, automatic setup of the microscope and many other automated operations are among the characteristic features of the equipment.
    Tescan USA
    International Biological
  • Magma EFI - Microscope Localization of shorts, Leakages in device packages, PC boards AC/DC/RF, single SQUID sensor: for ultra high current sensitivity and current imaging of packaged devices and fully populated PC boards where low current (500nA) is needed, and to find open defects using the newly developed Space Domain Reflectometry (SDR) high frequency magnetic current imaging (MCI) technique.
  • PassMark PerformanceTest - PC Speed Testing and Benchmarking Fast, easy to use, PC speed testing and benchmarking. PassMark PerformanceTest ? allows you to objectively benchmark a PC using a variety of different speed tests and compare the results to other computers.
    PassMark Software
  • ScanCOMPONENT - PC Based Offline Component Programming System ScanCOMPONENT is a PC based offline component programming system for the creation of vision data files for the smallest flip chip and bumped packages to the largest odd form devices. Wafer trays, nozzles, shields, lead frames and feeder tapes can also be imaged, measured and processed. The system includes a calibrated high-resolution color scanner platform combined with a powerful, easy to use, software package.?
    ScanCAD International
  • AT-LA500 - USB PC Based Logic Analyzer The AT-LA500 USB PC Based Logic Analyzer provides an easy to use solution for real-time digital systems analysis, combining the advantages of a compact size instrument with the flexibility of your PC for data management and visualization, all at affordable price.
    Active Technologies
  • PK-55160A - Stand alone terminal for PC or other controller The PK-55160A is designed to be a small console or terminal for monitor and control applications. It has been programmed with a variety of functions that enable it to be used immediate

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