PC - aka Personal Computer

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  • Xena2544 - PC Application Xena2544 is a free PC application developed by Xena Networks that makes it easy to create, edit and execute test configurations using one or more Xena test chassis in accordance with RFC 2544. Xena2544 is automatically installed together with XenaManager.
    Xena Networks
  • FarSync BERT Tester - PCIe - Line Quality Tester for Windows PC with a PCIe Slot BER testing of 1 or 2 lines from your PC using a dual port low profile PCIe adapter Tests lines using a set of BERT (Bit Error Rate Test) ITU recommended test patterns Supports tests using NRZ, FM0, FM1, Manchester Encoding & Conditioned Di-phase line signalling APIs from LabVIEW and Windows for test management Operates in loopback or point-to-point modes including interoperation with other BER Testers Connects to RS232, V.35, RS530, RS422, X.21, RS485 and RS449 network interfaces Line speeds from 100 baud to over 10 Mbits/s
    FarSite Communications
  • ProMax 4G - 4G Concurrent Device Programmer for PC /USB (4 sockets) ProMax is the most innovative and cost effective 4- or 8-gang programming solution on the market. ProMax supports a wide variety of programmable devices. Its state-of-the-art technology and high-speed programming algorithms optimize throughput, reliability and yields.
    EE Tools
  • XenaIntegrator - PC Application XenaIntegrator is a free PC application that makes it easy to handle large numbers of test streams when using both simple and complex systems of XenaBay and XenaCompact test solutions.
    Xena Networks
  • Xena1564 - PC Application Xena1564 is a free PC application developed by Xena Networks to help you perform the Y.1564 methodology using one or more Xena test chassis. Comes bundled with XenaManager.
    Xena Networks
  • QuickTech Personal - PC Diagnostic Software Program QuickTech Personal (QT) is a powerful yet easy to use diagnostic utility that allows you to quickly and accurately troubleshoot failures in a PC's major components. QuickTech Personal is a test tool for small office or home use for quick system troubleshooting. It is ideal for determining a course of action to take in resolving a problem.
  • Hantek6022BL - PC USB Oscilloscope 20MHz Bandwidth; 48MSa/s Sample Rate; 16 Channels Logic Analyzer; Excellent industrial design-the same anodised aluminium casing as iPad, which is not only beautiful and tasteful but also greatly enhanced the hardness of aluminum alloy surface, and has good heat resistance and strong wearability. Standard USBXI (TM) interface, easyly inserts into USBXI (TM) housing to make up a combination instrument.
    Hantek Electronic
  • CubeScope-20 - 40MS/s Mixed PC Oscilloscope ime & Frequency domain display
    Zoom on time display
    6 Automatic measurements
    Streaming to PC RAM
    Decimation mode
    Waveform Autosave mode
    Waveform editor
    Digital Communication
  • PCAAD 6.0 - Personal Computer Aided Antenna Design PCAAD 6.0 is a Windows–compatible antenna analysis, modeling, and design software package. It contains more than 50 routines treating wire antennas, aperture antennas, microstrip antennas, arrays, transmission lines and waveguides, and more. These routines are integrated into a menu–driven, user–friendly system allowing you to quickly evaluate the performance of a wide variety of antenna types. PCAAD 6.0 includes a 103-page printed user manual which describes the use of the software, provides examples for each of the routines, and lists technical references.
    Antenna Design Associates
  • ST8668 - LPT port 2 bit diagnostic card for Desk pc and notebook It is fit for both laptop and desktop with the parallel port (LPT), to which POST codes is output.
    2. The power providing of L20 is used with USB.
    3. Court defects by difference sounds coding with build-in speaker.
    4. It can diagnosis the motherboard signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on.
    Shenzhen Sintech
  • ST8669 - LPT port 4 bit diagnostic card for Desk pc and notebook 1. It is fit for both laptop and desktop with the parallel port (LPT) to which POST codes is output.USB provide power. 2. The value of four-bit-code PC Analyzer's "initiative code" is specified and it is "0000" or "FFFF"."initiative code" is clear at a glance. While the value of conventional two-bit-code PC Analyzer's "initiative code" is uncertain and man is unable to distinguish accurately by unaided eye. 3. Court defects by difference sounds coding with build-in speaker。
    Shenzhen Sintech
  • UVD-3000 - Spectro UV-Vis Double PC 8 Auto Cell Scanning Spectrophotometer Spectro UV-Vis Double PC 8 Auto Cell is a high performance UV-Vis double beam automatic scanning spectrophotometer. Spectro UV-Vis Double has a brand new optical system design, microcomputer controlled. It is capable of processing data, from analytical and spectrum testing.
  • ST8678 - PCI pc motherboard diagnostic post debug test card with LCD display It can diagnosis the motherboard signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on.
    Intelligent analysis of the code corresponding to the cause of the malfunction, and gives diagnostic program!
    It can display the halting execution automatic with a couple of times.
    Shenzhen Sintech
  • TE-2400 - PC Board Test Fixture Upgradeable pop out removable test plates and front and rear panel inlays. This product is especially designed to make changes easy for those who predict many future revisions and updates to their circuit boards. Fixture kits are also available to those who like to do it themselves.
    Test Electronics
  • P630 - Light PC platform With its fast test time and high performance the P630 are very cost-effective in a fully automated environment. In less than 1 seconds it performs measurement of 250 different frequency points and tests parameters as frequency response, sensitivity, polarity, Rub & Buzz, THD, impedance, resonance, Q and F (Fres/Q).
    K & K International
  • Magma EFI - Microscope Localization of shorts, Leakages in device packages, PC boards AC/DC/RF, single SQUID sensor: for ultra high current sensitivity and current imaging of packaged devices and fully populated PC boards where low current (500nA) is needed, and to find open defects using the newly developed Space Domain Reflectometry (SDR) high frequency magnetic current imaging (MCI) technique.
  • TE2600 - PC Board Test Fixture Simple Low cost Bed of Nails Clamshell style Circuit board test fixture. Drill it yourself, or let Test Electronics precision drill and customize the TE2600 bed of nails style test fixture for your circuit board. Next, add a desktop or rack mount computer, plug in low cost off the shelf data acquisition boards and create a complete full performance cost efficient functional, in-circuit, or bare board tester.
    Test Electronics
  • IC2000 - High-Performance PC The IC2000 is a high performance PC based workstation designed specifically for integrating Signatec's advanced data acquisition signal waveform digitizer boards, real-time FPGA digital signal processing digitizers, signal waveform generation and playback boards, and waveform recording data storage products and maximizing their operational performance. These systems incorporate the latest in PC-based technology and utilize motherboards with multiple PCI, PCI-X and PCI Express bus interface options. The multiple peer design of the PCI buses ensure that the maximum transfer rate is achieved for multiple Signatec board operations by reducing the number of devices competing for a bus's shared bandwidth.
  • ST8677 - PC motherboard diagnostic post debug test card for laptop and desktop LCD displays shows diagnosis result of motherboard. Especially helpful to pinpoint where is the problem when power on the computer and find no display or machine hang. PCI bus reset and CLK signal working indicator.(When indicator LED is on to indicate its respective signal is fine.)

    Compatible with Phoenix, Award and AMI Bios motherboards which has the PCI bus slot ,mini pci,mini pci-e or LPC port .

    Intelligent analysis of the code corresponding to the cause of the malfunction, and gives diagnostic program!
    Shenzhen Sintech
  • PassMark PerformanceTest - PC Speed Testing and Benchmarking Fast, easy to use, PC speed testing and benchmarking. PassMark PerformanceTest ? allows you to objectively benchmark a PC using a variety of different speed tests and compare the results to other computers.
    PassMark Software
  • P630 Std - PC Platform The P630 generates sufficient power with the internal power amplifier to energize all defects from air-gap problems, puffing sounds, loose particles, constrained voice coil, cabinet rattling, litze wire clatter, glue problems etc., which generally speaking are known as Rub & Buzz distortion.
    K & K International
  • FSA32 - PC based Serial Data Analyser This PC application is a tool to monitor and display asynchronous serial data. It can also transmit messages and monitor and set control lines. It has comprehensive triggering facilities, and runs on Windows 95 or later.
    New Forest Electronics
  • PCSU1000 - TWO-CHANNEL USB PC OSCILLOSCOPE The PCSU1000 digital storage oscilloscope uses the power of your PC to visualize electrical signals. Its high sensitive display resolution, down to 0.15mV, combined with a high bandwidth and a sampling frequency of up to 1GHz are giving this unit all the power you need.
  • 8010 - PC Power Supply ATS Chroma 8010 ATS is the test system of choice for PC power testing on the production line. Easy-to-use software function specifically designed to meet the production line needs Provide optimized standard test items and expandable hardware
    Combinova Marketing

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