PC - aka Personal Computer

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  • LYRA3 XM - Fully PC Controlled SEM A fully PC controlled SEM with Schottky field emission cathode in combination with gallium Focused Ion Beam (FIB) column and optionally with Gas Injection System (GIS). Outstanding optical properties, flicker-free digital image with super clarity, sophisticated user-friendly software for SEM/FIB/GIS control and image capturing using Windows™ platform, standard formats of stored images, easy image management, processing and measurements, automatic set up of the system and many other automated operations are characteristic features of the equipment.
    Tescan USA
  • PCCproto 200 - Multifunction 16-bit PC Card Prototype Board In conjunction with National Semiconductor, Sycard Technology offers the PCCproto 200 16-bit PC Card multifunction prototype board. The PCCproto 200 provides a flexible prototype environment for developing 16-bit single or multiple function PC Cards. Based on the National Semiconductor PCM16C02 multiple function PC Card interface chip, the PCCproto 200 includes data sheets and application notes.
    Sycard Technology
  • Xena1564 - PC Application Xena1564 is a free PC application developed by Xena Networks to help you perform the Y.1564 methodology using one or more Xena test chassis. Comes bundled with XenaManager-2G.
    Xena Networks
  • XenaIntegrator - PC Application XenaIntegrator is a free PC application that makes it easy to handle large numbers of test streams when using both simple and complex systems of XenaBay and XenaCompact test solutions.
    Xena Networks
  • PA2100 - PC Controlled Bench Top Power Analyzer The PA2100 is a PC controlled bench top power analyzer, allowing several electrical power measurements to be taken simultaneously during testing - from just one set of input connections. The PA2100's power measurement ability is a must in research and development, manufacturing and required for certification and traceability of manufactured goods. In addition to power measurements, apparent power (VA), harmonics, voltage, current, power factor can all be viewed and stored with ease. The PA2100 wattmeter simply connects between the ac supply and the load, various current transformer options allow measurement with any size of current from 10mA to 10000A. Typical watt meter applications include appliance testing; microwave ovens, electric stoves, heating, air conditioning, TVs, monitors, computers, electronic lighting, fans and motor controllers. Powertek wattmeters are equipped with 4mm/banana safety terminals along with optional "breakout" boxes and clamp current probes for fast and safe measurement.
  • Xena2544 - PC Application Xena2544 is a free PC application developed by Xena Networks that makes it easy to create, edit and execute test configurations using one or more Xena test chassis in accordance with RFC 2544. Xena2544 is automatically installed together with XenaManager.
    Xena Networks
  • BS442 - Signal PC OScilloscope BS442 combines 4 independent analog channels and 8 time synchronized logic channels in one powerful test instrument.
    Digital Communication
  • ADD1100 - Portable Endoscope Based On PC - You can have this USB Endoscope to reach the place that you cannot reach but you still need to - with 6 LEDs around the end of the endoscope, so you still can see in a dark environment -
  • PC12 - Industrial PC The new PC12 Industrial PC is a modular workstation that supplies full functionality and open PC architecture to run any Windows or DOS package, while having the same rugged design as CTC's standard PowerStation. There are even remote systems available in which an enclosed back shell can be mounted in an enclosure and cable-connected to one of CTCs flat panel industrial monitors.
    Compumotor Division
  • CS320 - 2 Input Channels PC Oscilloscope 2 Input Channels, 10-bit, 12-bit or 14-bit
    up to 100 MS/s A/D Converter per Channel
    4MSamples/channel (8M Samples/channel)
    One external Trigger
    A rear panel I/O connector with a 100 Mbit/sec bi-directional LVDS/RS422 link, and three RS422 outputs
    Digital Communication
  • RegCure - PC Registry Cleaner RegCure uses the most sophisticated technology available to analyze your registry for missing, obsolete, and corrupt entries. RegCure seeks out and repairs those issues in your registry that lead to poor performance such as remnants left behind on your registry from failed installations, incomplete un-installations, disabled drivers, and spyware applications.
  • PC-Doctor Service Center 6 PC Diagnostics Repair Kit Your first line diagnostic tool, developed for the most thorough diagnosis of PC hardware problems. With more than 300 total diagnostic tests, PC-Doctor Service Center 6 is the most complete and accurate hardware diagnostic product on the market. PC-Doctor Service Center 6 supports Microsoft Vista natively. More than 300 current, up-to-date diagnostics
    Hardware test devices ? power supply tester, POST card, network tester, and loopbacks. PCMCIA Status Test.
  • 2205, 2204, 2203, 2202, 2104, 2105 - Low Cost, General Purpose PC Oscilloscopes For low frequency signals, these single handheld units provide all the functionality of traditional digital oscilloscopes, and many new features at a fraction of the price of benchtop instruments. -Low cost single channel-No power supply required-Ergonomically designed to fit in the hand-Compact design-Oscilloscope and data logging software included-Software Drivers &
    Pico Technology Ltd
  • ST8665 - Two side abserve PCI diagnostic card for Desk pc 1.This Card can work on Desktop PCI slot . Easy to install and fit with PCI slot. 2.Court defects by difference sounds coding with build-in speaker. 3. It can diagnosis the motherboard signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on.
    Shenzhen Sintech
  • PassMark PerformanceTest - PC Speed Testing and Benchmarking Fast, easy to use, PC speed testing and benchmarking. PassMark PerformanceTest ? allows you to objectively benchmark a PC using a variety of different speed tests and compare the results to other computers.
    PassMark Software
  • 8010 - PC Power Supply ATS Chroma 8010 ATS is the test system of choice for PC power testing on the production line. Easy-to-use software function specifically designed to meet the production line needs Provide optimized standard test items and expandable hardware
    Combinova Marketing
  • PC Software Comfortable configuration of the testing and installation parameters Online measurement signal display Installation and optimisation wizards Loading and saving of device settings to mass storage device Test reports Operation of one or several channels Combined testing also possible (e.g. hardness testing with the MAGNATEST ECM and crack detection with the STATOGRAPH ECM)
    Magnetische Pruefanlagen
  • Magma EFI - Microscope Localization of shorts, Leakages in device packages, PC boards AC/DC/RF, single SQUID sensor: for ultra high current sensitivity and current imaging of packaged devices and fully populated PC boards where low current (500nA) is needed, and to find open defects using the newly developed Space Domain Reflectometry (SDR) high frequency magnetic current imaging (MCI) technique.
  • QuickTech Personal - PC Diagnostic Software Program QuickTech Personal (QT) is a powerful yet easy to use diagnostic utility that allows you to quickly and accurately troubleshoot failures in a PC's major components. QuickTech Personal is a test tool for small office or home use for quick system troubleshooting. It is ideal for determining a course of action to take in resolving a problem.
  • ST-MT35 - PC DDR2 DDR3 memory test card for repair desktop and laptop DDR ST-MT35 DDR memory test card for repair laptop and desktop DDR2/DDR3 is a good test tool when DDR memory test card is defective.It can suppport desktop DDR2/DDR3 and laptop DDR2/DDR3 memory card(need extra adapter to desktop DDR).Only with 1pc motherboard ,it can configure which flash chipset is damaged or these lines open circuit,then it is easy to repair the defective DDR memory card. It also can be used to test good working DDR memory card,it will show flash chip quantity,DDR card capacity.
    Shenzhen Sintech
  • DRK113E - Crush Tester PC DRK113E Crush Tester PC is a high accuracy and intelligent instrument, designed according relevant standards. The advanced components, mating parts and micro-computer are logical structured, to ensure the property and appearance.The instrument has parameter testing, adjusting, computer screen display, memory, printing function.
    Shandong Drick Instruments
  • LDM 230 - PC Card (PCMCIA) Dosimeter Reader Compatible with sofware packages : DosiMed, DosiFast, DosiMass
    Mirion Technologies
  • UVD-2950 - Spectro UV-Vis Double Beam PC Scanning Spectrophotometer Spectro UV-Vis Double PC is a high performance UV-Vis double beam automatic scanning spectrophotometer. Spectro UV-Vis Double has a brand new optical system design, microcomputer controlled. It is capable of processing data, from analytical and spectrum testing. Precise with high accuracy of measurement and stability are also provided by the powerful built in software and large LCD screen, which can display the screen menu and other functions. It can also be linked to a computer and a printer to show Photometric and Spectral data in the PC monitor.
  • PC Board Design & SMT RPI can design and build printed circuit boards to your requirements. We can also accomodate small to medium runs on SMT boards. If you need information about our capibilities, call your RPI sales representative, or drop us an email describing your requirements.

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