PC - aka Personal Computer

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  • XenaIntegrator - PC Application XenaIntegrator is a free PC application that makes it easy to handle large numbers of test streams when using both simple and complex systems of XenaBay and XenaCompact test solutions.
    Xena Networks
  • PCCDIO 24C - Type II/III PC Card (PCMCIA) Digital I/O Board The PCCDIO 24C offers 24 lines of digital I/O and three 16-bit counters. This PCMCIA card can be used to measure frequency, monitor contact closures, or control ON/OFF type devices.
  • PSG01 - PC Programmable Pulse Signal Generator PSG01 - PC Programmable Pulse Signal Generator for use in water hydrolyser (water-powered car project). Programmed via laptop or PC. See links for more information on the water / hydrogen powered car project.
    CL System
  • Xena1564 - PC Application Xena1564 is a free PC application developed by Xena Networks to help you perform the Y.1564 methodology using one or more Xena test chassis. Comes bundled with XenaManager.
    Xena Networks
  • Xena2544 - PC Application Xena2544 is a free PC application developed by Xena Networks that makes it easy to create, edit and execute test configurations using one or more Xena test chassis in accordance with RFC 2544. Xena2544 is automatically installed together with XenaManager.
    Xena Networks
  • PCSU200 - USB PC OSCILLOSCOPE AND SIGNAL GENERATOR Function Generator: crystal-based stability, standard waveforms: sine, square and triangle. predefined library waveforms included: sine(x)/x, sweep, ... Oscilloscope: auto set-up function and X10 option. pre-trigger function. readouts: True RMS, dBV, dBm, p to p, Duty cycle, Frequency… persistence options: color Graded, Variable and Infinite. Transient Recorder: automatic data storage. automatic recording for more than 1 year. recording and display of screensrecording and display of screens. bode Plotter: automated sync between oscilloscope and generator. logatithmic scale option. Volt or dB display scale. phase plot option. Spectrum Analyzer: linear or logarithmic time scale. operating principle: FFT (Fast Fourier Transform). FFT input channel: CH1 or CH2. zoom function.
  • ST8672 - PC motherboard diagnostic post debug test card analyzer This NEW generation (Version 5.1) of Notebook POST CODE Testing Card supports three bus interfaces: MINI PCI, Mini PCI-E and LPC.

    This card is easy to use for end users and it works with high stability. It is your ideal and useful tool for notebook repairing partner.
    It can diagnosis signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on.
    Shenzhen Sintech
  • Craftsman 12 pc. Micrometer Set, Machinists, 0 to 6 in. Range Six individual micrometers cover a 6 in. range in 1 in. increments. Drop-forged steel frame micrometers have 0.001 in. graduations on chrome finish mic heads. Features lock ring and ratchet stop.
  • TPSYS02 - PC controlled thermal conductivity measurement system TPSYS02 is a system for the measurement of thermal conductivity using TP02 or TP08 Non-Steady-State Probes (NSSP). The system is designed for high accuracy measurements. It is particularly suitable for analysis of soils, thermal backfill materials, sediments, foodstuff, powders, sludges, paints and glues.
    Hukseflux Thermal
  • Field PC The Field PC is a ruggedized, wireless, Windows Mobile? device that is waterproof, dustproof (IP67) and shockproof. Rugged enough to withstand the harshest conditions, the Field PC can reliably read data from any of PMI?'s wireless recorders, whenever and wherever you need. ProVision? Mobile, the PMI? initialization, download and real-time viewing software package, is included with the Field PC at no additional charge.
    Power Monitors
  • DS1M12 "Stingray" - 2+1 Channel PC Digital Oscilloscope / Logger This new PC instrument supersedes our popular DS2200 budget oscilloscope.  Powered from USB, Stingray needs no external power supply.  Stingray combines the functions of Oscilloscope, Data Logger, Spectrum Analyser, Volt Meter, Frequency Meter and Signal Generator in a single instrument.  Stingray features simultaneous 12-bit sampling on both channels, a native  sampling rate of 1MS/s (20MS/s for repetitive signals), sophisticated hardware triggering including delayed time base and pulse width.  
    USB Instruments
  • PC based Full-Range Accuracy Check Test Equipment This is another option for testing electrical energy meters manually. The tests that can be performed are: Full-range accuracy check. Starting current Test. No Load (creep) Test. Repeatability of accuracy Test. Meter constant Test. Dosage Test.
    SCR Elektroniks
  • Hantek1008A - PC USB Oscilloscope Cost-effective 8 channels oscilloscope for vehicle testing; 2.4MSa/s, 12bits; DAQ card function; 8 channels programmable generator which can analog signals of crankshaft, camshaft etc.
    Hantek Electronic
  • PK-NT013 - PC Cable Tester With Optional USB/1394 Test Port Can test the most used PC data cables, network cables such as printer cable, monitor cable, modem cable, mouse extension cable, game cable, (USB and 1394 cables are for optional advanced model), BNC coax cable, RJ45 cable etc. for open, shorted miss-wire, continuity and pin configuration.
    Prokit's Industries
  • ST8663 - PCI+ISA 4 bits PC diagnostic test post debug card for Desktop 1. It is fit for desktop with PCI or ISA to which POST codes is output. 2. The value of four-bit-code PC Analyzer's "initiative code" is specified and it is "0000" or "FFFF"."initiative code" is clear at a glance. While the value of conventional two-bit-code PC Analyzer's "initiative code" is uncertain and man is unable to distinguish accurately by unaided eye. 3. Court defects by difference sounds coding with build-in speaker。
    Shenzhen Sintech
  • NI 305 R - Graphic Display, PC interface The NI 305R is an exceptional complete digital multimeter with very high accuracy (+0,06% +2d) in combination with versatile unctions and user-friendly program. The mutlimeter is equipped with all necessary functions,k such as frequncy-, capacitance, temperature and relative measurement, but also percentages can be measured.
    Nieaf-Smitt B.V.
  • GA1001 - Excalibur PC based Audiometer The Excalibur Audiometer has been designed with a focus on portability, ease of use and a flexible operating system. The unit comes complete with earphones, patient response button, operator microphone.
    Castle Group Ltd
  • GAO A0120004 - USB PC Based Oscilloscope (256K) GAO USB PC Based Oscilloscope contains fully synchronized cross triggering. You can capture and display analog events that affect your digital circuits, or vice-versa, and correlate the two to identity cause and effect relationships. The logic analyzer can act as 8 (or 16) channel pattern trigger input for the oscilloscope, or the oscilloscope can trigger the logic analyzer when an analog signal crosses threshold. The display screen shows the full 256K/512K/1Mega sample deep data buffers for both the analog waveform and the digital data pattern. All-channel zoom expansion and cursors identify synchronous events on different channels.
    GAO Tek
  • Mini Encapsulated PC - PC Board Mounting Conserve space with mini-modules as small as 2.3" x 1.8" x 1.0". Models with outputs ranging from 1 to 75 volts, and from 30 mA to 2.5 amps are available. All feature excellent regulation and ripple parameters, and are short circuit protected.
    Acopian Technical
  • TE-5000 - PC Board Test Fixture The TE-5000 lever action bed of nails style test fixture is designed specifically for testing flex style circuit boards. The fixture is a simple 3 plate design. There is a top plate, a middle plate and a bed of nails plate hidden underneath. 
    Test Electronics
  • ST8661 - PCI 2 bit diagnostic card for Desk PC 1.This Card can work on Desktop PCI slot . Easy to install and fit with PCI slot. 2.Court defects by difference sounds coding with build-in speaker. 3. It can diagnosis the motherboard signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on. 4.LED displays shows diagnosis result of motherboard. Especially helpful to pinpoint where is the problem when power on the computer and find no display or machine hang PCI bus reset and CLK signal working indicator.(When indicator LED is on to indicate its respective signal is fine.
    Shenzhen Sintech
  • EP 2 A - PC CONTROLLED PCM CHANNEL ANALYSER 2048 kbit/s framed / unframed transmitter and receiver with through mode capability ■ VF frequency transmitter, receiver and auxiliary transmitter ■ Optional 64 kbit/s interface ■ Interface parameters to ITU-T Rec. G.703
  • DAWN PC Software Database editor to configure Mini Loggers and decode CAN and J1939 Data. Sample databases included.
    HEM Data
  • WinProfi - Software for Communications Between Test Instruments and PC Software for Communications Between Test Instruments and PC. The software is used for updating the following test instruments: PROFITEST 0100SII, PROFITEST C, METRISO C, GEOHM C, PROFITEST 204 and METRAtest 36ASi.
    GMC-I Messtechnik

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