Microphone Calibrators - aka Microphone Calibration

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  • SM-CAL1 - Sound Meter Calibrator The Amprobe SM-CAL1 is a sound meter calibrator with two output levels of 94 dB and 114 dB. The calibrator generates these fixed sound level signals for calibration of sound level meters. The unit ships with a ½" adaptor installed to accommodate sound meters and microphones with ½ diameter.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • 1562-A - Sound Level Calibrator The 1562 Sound Level Calibrator is a self contained unit for making accurate filed calibrations on microphones and sound measuring instruments. It generates a precisely known sound pressure level at five ANSI-preferred frequencies. With its several frequencies, improved accuracy and built in oscillator, the 1562 Sound Level Calibrator outperforms all other sound level calibrators.
    IET Labs
  • CAL601 - Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator The CAL601, Sound Level Calibrator, is used for the calibration of the pressure sensitivity of the microphone and sound level measuring equipment. The design of CAL601 is based on a feedback arrangement to ensure a high stable sound pressure level.
    Anaheim Scientific
  • DSL 336 - Sound Level Calibrator 94dB and 114dB Sound Calibration at 1KHz. Accurate and Simple to use. Fits 1", 1/2" or 1/4" diameter microphone
    Tecpel Co. Ltd
  • SC-05 - Sound Level Calibrator 94dB and 114dB Sound Calibration at 1kHz 2.Accurate and simple to use 3.Fits 1/2"diameter microphone
    Shenzhen Everbest
  • GA601 - Single Level Sound Meter Calibrator The Castle GA601 produces a calibration tone of 1000Hz at a level of 94dB re 20µPa at the microphone.
    Castle Group Ltd
  • 05000 Sound Level Calibrator Calibration sound source for microphones and sound measuring systems. Sound pressure level: 94 dB (1 Pa). Frequency: 1000 Hz.
    Metra Mess- Und Frequenztechnik
  • SCAL1356 - Sound Level Calibrator Conforms to ANSI S1.40-1984 and IEC0942:2003 Class 2. Calibration Levels of 94dB and 114dB. Fits 1", 1/2" and 1/4" diameter microphones. Internal Battery Test.
    General Tools & Instruments
  • DVM1356 - SOUND LEVEL CALIBRATOR 114dB & 94dB at 1kHz * calibration levels of 94dB and 114dB * output frequency: 1kHz * suitable for microphones with diameter 1", 1/2" and 1/4" * comes with 1/2" and 1/4" microphone adapters
  • 3541 - Sound Intensity Calibrator, with p, I and v level and Residual p-I Index Type 3541 enables calibration of intensity measuring instruments by using a coupler designed especially for sound intensity calibrations. Intensity-probe microphones are positioned in the coupler which, in conjunction with a pistonphone, simulates a plane sound wave propagating along the axis of the probe.
    Brüel & Kjær
  • CAL73 - Sound Level Calibrator The CAL73 sound level calibrator is used to calibrate sound level meters and other sound measurement equipment. You can calibrate 1 inch diameter microphones directly and 1/2 inch microphones using 1/2 inch adaptor supplied with the calibrator.
    B&K Precision
  • SV 34 - 4 Acoustic Calibrator SV 34 is a Class 2, single level acoustic calibrator designed to calibrate Class 2 sound level meters and noise dosimeters with1/2" microphones. Unlike many others, the robust housing of the calibrator gives comfort of a secure grip to its users. Similarly to other SVANTEK acoustic calibrators, the SV 34 does not require adjusting as it compensates automatically the temperature and humidity changes.
    Svantek Sp. Z O.o.
  • TM 100 - Sound Level Calibrator Standard Sound rigging values are 94dB and 114dB. * 1/2" microphone adapters provided. * With low battery indictor.
  • 72-7260 - Sound Level Meter Calibrator Specifically intended for Tenma #72-6635 and #72-860 Sound Level Meters, this precision calibrator is compatible with any instrument with a 1/2" diameter mic element housing. Essential for maintaining the accuracy of any portable sound level meter, this unit generates a precise 1KHz tone, at exactly 94dB. Single slide switch provides on/off/battery test functions.

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Microphone Calibrators - an accurate sound units of measure to facilitate comparison to and adjustment of instruments.