High Voltage Test - aka HV Test

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  • dot - 450 - HIGH VOLTAGE INSULATION BREAKDOWN TESTER High Voltage Breakdown tester is useful for checking high voltage withstanding capacity of insulation material. Therefore to determine the quality of insulation. The test level depends upon the working voltage of insulation material / electrical apparatus or as per ISI requirements. 
    DOT Technologies
  • 5 kV Digital - HIPOTS (High Voltage Testers) / AC Hipots Panel mounted controls & indicators. Variable from zero to 5 kV. Digital kV and leakage mA meter.
    Udeyraj Electricals
  • CH2 - High Voltage (Hipot) Cable Tester Designed for commercial, military, and aerospace applications, the easy-wire CH2 provides the capability of testers costing much more. Compact and easy-to-use and FAST, (shorts/mis-wires detected in <1 sec for 20,000 points) with powerful Windows-based software, the CH2 offers unrivaled testing capabilities at an unparalleled price. The CH2 is positioned to become the 'tester of choice' for high-end users.
    Cirris Systems
  • 22400 - Dualite High and Low Voltage Tester Two circuit testers in one - troubleshoot both primary and secondary circuits. Use as a primary circuit tester on 6 and 12 volt circuits or on secondary or high voltage circuits to check out spark plugs. 48" lead wire.
    S & G Tool Aid
  • HVX - High Voltage Cable Tester (Hipot) The CableEye HVX cable and harness test system permits expanded testing for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown. After checking for opens, shorts, miswires, and resistance limits, the HVX hipot module will apply a user-selectable voltage from 10v to 1500v DC, or 10v to 1000v RMS AC, to each connection group in the cable. Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Dwell Time (same as Test Time), Trip Current, and Trip Delay (same as Soak Time) may be programmed for your specific requirements. Current leakage detected during the high voltage test phase provides a measure of insulation resistance up to One Gigohm, and any leakage current exceeding a preset limit reveals the presence of moisture, flux, or other contamination on exposed contacts.
    CAMI Research
  • 1100H+ - High Voltage Cable/Harness Tester The Signature 1100H+ cable and harness tester, with its' user-friendly interface and large clear display, carries on the Cirris tradition of easy-to-use, low-cost, portable hipot testers. The large display, coupled with a sensible and easy-to-understand button interface, makes the setup and testing of cables quick and intuitive. The 1100H+ is a new generation of tester from Cirris. Its design offers the latest in technology and usability at an affordable price.
    Cirris Systems
  • Series DPW - HIPOTS (High Voltage Testers) / DC High Voltage Testers Switch mode technology utilizing pulse width modulation control.
    Udeyraj Electricals
  • Portable DC High Voltage Test Set Portable DC High Voltage Test Set is used for testing the underground cable for knowing the condition of cable-leakage at High Voltage. The units are supplied with 5 meter long input lead and 5 meter long output lead with sockets & clips. The unit comes with digital meters for easy readability with a test terminal for zero error.
    Rectifiers & Electronics
  • YP-30H - High Voltage Cable & Harness Tester YP-30H High voltage cable & harness tester (up to 1500 V). High voltage testing up to 1500 V. Conduct tests while controlling switches, relays, LEDs and other embedded equipment. In addition to all the functions of the YP-1024 low-voltage tester, the YP-30H HiPot Wired Assemblies Tester performs high voltage testing of up to 1500 V. Testing includes dielectric, resistance and insulation procedures.
  • HVA28 TD - VLF High Voltage Test Set VLF cable testing with symmetrical AC-Voltage (load independent across full range) DC with positiv or negative polarity Burn-/ Fault Condition or Fault Trip Mode Jacket / Sheath Testing Sheath Fault location mode
    B2 High Voltage
  • HV-55 - HIGH VOLTAGE BREAKDOWN TESTER High Voltage Break Down Tester, Model HV-55 is designed to meet testing requirements of dielectric strength tests in various electrical gadgets, appliances, components and electrical insulating material used or manufactured in industries. Test can be carried out following simple initial setting of control i.e. required test voltage, maximum trip or leakage current and required test duration. Following these initial settings, operator can carry out High Voltage test without interaction with instrument controls (unless change in the settings is desired.) One single switch controls test On/Off /Reset function. Since the test parameters and their limits are set initially, repetitive tests can be carried out consistently eliminating human errors.
    Laxtronics Instruments
    R R Enterprises
  • 90-1Y - High- voltage tester 90-1Y High- voltage tester 90-1Y manually adjustable
    * Test voltage 0 - 12KV / DC
    * Tripping current 0 - 1mA
    * according to EN50191
    Elabo GmbH
  • 5 kV Analog - HIPOTS (High Voltage Testers) / AC Hipots Variable from 0-5 kV. Multi-range kV & mA meters. Zero start interlock protection.
    Udeyraj Electricals
  • HPG 35 and 50 - AC - High Voltage Test System AC-Test Equipment HPG 35 AC and HPG 50 AC small HV-transformers HTR 35-1 and HTR 55-1 with cast resin insulation separate control module
  • Automatic High Voltage Universal Grid PCB Tester Test Points: 49152points / 81920points, 98304points / 163840 points. Test Area Min: 9.6"×12.8" Max:12.8"×16".
    Shenzhen Kaima Times
  • E5 - High Voltage Cable Tester The Model E5 High Voltage Cable Tester tests Hi-Voltage aircraft engine ignition cables quickly and accurately. And it's incredibly easy to use: simply connect the three wires, push the test button and check the test window. That's all there is to it. By simulating the magneto's high output voltage, the E5 instantly identifies both good and defective cables. And it operates on either 12 or 24 volts,D.C.
    Eastern Technology
  • F1-1C - High Voltage Tester High Voltage Tester F1-1C fully-electronic
    * Test Voltage 0 .. 5.000/10.000 VAC
    * Tripping Current 0 .. 1/10/50mA
    Extension Modules:
    * Insulation Resistance (Option)
    * Test voltage 0 .. 6.000/12.000 VDC (Option)
    * Additional Digital Outputs (Option)
    Elabo GmbH
  • AC High Voltage Test Sets NTPL" make High voltage testing sets are suitable for Power frequency AC high voltage test on transformers, motors, insulators, cables etc. The sets are capable of giving continuously variable AC HIGH VOLTAGE from zero to maximum rated output voltage.
    NEO Tele-tronix PVT
  • 90-1V - High-voltage tester High-voltage tester 90-1V manually adjustable
    * Test voltage 0 - 6KV / DC
    * Tripping current 0 - 2mA
    * according to EN50191
    Elabo GmbH
  • High Voltage Impulse Test Set-up 1. Capacitor Charging Unit, 2. Peak Voltmeter, 3. Charging Resistors, 4. Generator Capacitors, 5. Triggering System, 6. Wave Shaping elements, Series Resistance & Parallel Resistance, 7. Potential Divider, 8. Integrated Impulse Generator Control Panel, 9. Output termination for measurement of Impulse Voltage by DSO.
    Neo Tele-Tronix Pvt
  • GLP1-e HV - High Voltage Tester High-voltage testing devices from the GLP1-e family serve for testing insulation capability and electric strength (clearance and leakage path) at electric modules and componentry according to a great variety of national and international regulations. They are ideally suited for fast and uncomplicated manual testing in production. The integrated minicomputer allows a clear and functional operation. Manual testing with safety test pistols, automatic tests with target time and various monitoring functions or "burning" – this can all be done quickly without generating test programs following the motto: switch on - test – done!
    Schleich Gmbh
  • HY-10/35/110/220 - High Voltage Detector/Tester/Electroscope Using epoxy resin as materials, so it is ultra light, ultra high voltage,high strength.
    Applications: Used for testing the powre frequency voltage on alternating high voltage line and electrical equipment. Function of audible and visual alarm on the safe side.
    Specification: 0.1-10kv, 10kv, 35kv,110kv,220kv,500kv. We could produce them as your requirement.
    Hebei Huayu Industry
  • T276HD - High Voltage Tester Working Voltage Range H.V. : 3kV ~ 24kV AC ...... hold grip portion to detect. L.V. : 80V ~ 600V AC ...... hold nameplate portion to detect. Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz Operation Test (Initial voltage) (a) When stretched, hold the grip portion. Put the sensing tip in contact with the voltage : 250V AC +/- 50V the LED and buzzer should work. (b) When retracted, hold the nameplate portion. Put the sensing tip in contact with the voltage : 80V AC or below the LED and buzzer should work. Operation start distance Distance at which operation starts when front metal is brought near dia. 5mm O.C. wire with grip portion meld by hand. Where 24kV / dia. 3mm (voltage to ground) ...... abt 20 cm. Where 6.6kV / dia. 3mm (voltage to ground) ...... abt 3 cm. Where 3.3kV / dia. 3mm (voltage to ground) ...... abt 1 cm. Operating temperature range -10 degree C ~ +50 degree C Battery 2 button-cells LR44 (1.5V)

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