High Voltage Test - aka HV Test

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  • GF2015A - High Voltage Tester Amp Recorder

    Collect and analyze load profiles

    Easily clamps to the line in seconds

    Patented open CT sensor with ±1% accuracy

    433M communication with no annoying cables to connect

    Recorded data quickly downloads into the user's PC

    PC-LinkSoftware interface downloads directly into Microsoft Excel

    Generate reports and create graphs for profile analysis
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • T-40H - DC High Voltage Testing Set Instrument has been primarily designed to produce DC high voltage for High Voltage (Proof Testing) of High Voltage Cables up to 40 KV DC. The instrument is well protected & has zero volt interlock to safe guard sudden exposure of personals. It is continuously variable and produces 0-40 KV DC output, voltage & mA analog meter are provided to note the reading for high voltage applied & leakage current.
    Techno Instrumentation
  • CH2 - High Voltage (Hipot) Cable Tester Designed for commercial, military, and aerospace applications, the easy-wire CH2 provides the capability of testers costing much more. Compact and easy-to-use and FAST, (shorts/mis-wires detected in <1 sec for 20,000 points) with powerful Windows-based software, the CH2 offers unrivaled testing capabilities at an unparalleled price. The CH2 is positioned to become the 'tester of choice' for high-end users.
    Cirris Systems
  • HVX - High Voltage Cable Tester (Hipot) The CableEye HVX cable and harness test system permits expanded testing for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown. After checking for opens, shorts, miswires, and resistance limits, the HVX hipot module will apply a user-selectable voltage from 10v to 1500v DC, or 10v to 1000v RMS AC, to each connection group in the cable. Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Dwell Time (same as Test Time), Trip Current, and Trip Delay (same as Soak Time) may be programmed for your specific requirements. Current leakage detected during the high voltage test phase provides a measure of insulation resistance up to One Gigohm, and any leakage current exceeding a preset limit reveals the presence of moisture, flux, or other contamination on exposed contacts.
    CAMI Research
  • 1100H+ - High Voltage Cable/Harness Tester The Signature 1100H+ cable and harness tester, with its' user-friendly interface and large clear display, carries on the Cirris tradition of easy-to-use, low-cost, portable hipot testers. The large display, coupled with a sensible and easy-to-understand button interface, makes the setup and testing of cables quick and intuitive. The 1100H+ is a new generation of tester from Cirris. Its design offers the latest in technology and usability at an affordable price.
    Cirris Systems
  • DC/PT 75 - - High Voltage DC Personal Tester Within a matter of seconds you can measure for yourself whether a voltage exceeding 750V is present. Used on voltages up to 75kV DC to earth.
    SURE Engineering
  • 5 kV Digital - HIPOTS (High Voltage Testers) / AC Hipots Panel mounted controls & indicators. Variable from zero to 5 kV. Digital kV and leakage mA meter.
    Udeyraj Electricals
  • GIT GIS - GIS High Voltage Test Set GIT GIS High Voltage Test Sets integrate the high voltage boosting, high voltage measurement, high voltage transformer,high voltage coupling capacitors and all components in a sealed space.High voltage generated with two modes:using reactor inductance and test object capacitance to realize voltage resonance test, to obtain a high voltage, high current from test object.The other one is to obtain required high voltage directly from high voltage transformer.
    HV Hipot Electric
  • MS5215 - High Voltage Digital Insulation Tester Checking the insulation of high-voltage electrical equipment (electric motor, transformer, and cable, etc) ·Test Voltage from 250V to 5000V. ·Insulation resistance up to 5TO ·Short Current up to 3mA. ·Auto Calculate PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric absorption ratio). ·Step-Voltage Measurement ·Temperature measurement ·Temperature compensation for insulation Test ·Leakage Current measurement.
    Precision Mastech
  • 380363 - Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester Autoranging insulation measurements to 10MO plus manual datalogging
    Extech Instruments
  • 380385 - Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester 10kV digital tester with 500V increments and high voltage warning alarm
    Extech Instruments
  • SFK306 - High Voltage Switches Mechanical Properties Testing Instrument The instrument takes advantage of photoimpact technique, singlechip technique and reliable anti-electromagnetic radiation technique. It is suitable to test mechanical properties of various HV switches (vacant, bulk oil, short oil, SF6) and their relative parameters such as time, synchronism, spring, speed and running. It could record data sampling for six fractures at the same time with one move, as well as display and print the measuring date and current waveform for these fractures, or display and save contact time curve for one fracture.
    Shanghai Launch Electric
  • S400 - PORTABLE HIGH VOLTAGE AC TEST SET  The output is continuously variable from zero to 10 kV by means of the panel mounted regulator.  An output trip is fitted which operates when the output exceeds  25 mA switches off the test set and operates a neon overload indicator.  Primary protection is provided by two panel mounted fuses.  The output is protected by the output trip and a magnetic/hydraulic circuit breaker
    K&S Engineering And
  • Viola - High Voltage Testing device Two-part design, portable testing equipment VLF truesinus® high voltage source Fully programmable automatic test sequences Data communication and saving via infrared interface Automatic, integrated discharging device Extendable to diagnosis system for tan delta and partial discharge measurement
    BAUR Prüf- Und Messtechnik
  • 37-3C - High- voltage tester High- voltage tester 37-3C manually adjustable
    * Test voltage 0 .. 2.500/5.000 VAC
    * Tripping current 0 .. 100mA
    * Testing time 1 .. 99 sec
    * ELABO system 266
    Elabo GmbH
  • HV/PT2 - High Voltage Personal Tester HV/PT2 is a compact, affordable, high quality proximity HV tester that is manufactured in South Africa. Your own personal HV tester is now available for you to wear at all times. A five position sensitivity switch enables the user to approach the HV source on the highest sensitivity at a safe distance.
    SURE Engineering
  • 90-1Y - High- voltage tester 90-1Y High- voltage tester 90-1Y manually adjustable
    * Test voltage 0 - 12KV / DC
    * Tripping current 0 - 1mA
    * according to EN50191
    Elabo GmbH
  • F1-1A - High Voltage Tester F1-1A for automated use High Voltage Tester F1-1A for automated use
    * Test Voltage 0 .. 2.500/5.000 VAC
    * Tripping Current 0 .. 1/10/100mA
    Extension Modules:
    * Insulation Resistance (Option)
    * Test voltage 0 .. 3.000/6.000 VDC (Option)
    * Voltage Feedback(Option)
    * Additional Digital Outputs (Option)
    * Burn-Mode(Option)
    Elabo GmbH
  • Portable DC High Voltage Test Set Portable DC High Voltage Test Set is used for testing the underground cable for knowing the condition of cable-leakage at High Voltage. The units are supplied with 5 meter long input lead and 5 meter long output lead with sockets & clips. The unit comes with digital meters for easy readability with a test terminal for zero error.
    Rectifiers & Electronics
  • DPB4050 - High voltage test High voltage test 2. Dynamo experiment 3. Instantaneous voltage 4. HVD test 5. Floating ground test
    Siglent Technologies
  • KV10-120 - 10kVac 120mA High Voltage AC Test Systems The KV10-120, KV15-80 and KV30-40 high voltage test sets are general purpose test instruments designed for testing insulation systems and the measurement of breakdown voltage on electrical plant and components.
    T&R Test Equipment
  • KE6101 - High Voltage Transformer Test Equipment Touching screen keyboard, convenient man-machine interface Wide temperature, wide view LCD display, could be read under strong sunlight and low temperature Large capacity rechargeable battery, could work for more than 10 hours. close clamp design, the accuracy is greatly improved than the open clamp, extendible insulating pole, easy to carry Long U type clamp, the tested object could be 55mm, convenient to measure wider aluminum row Long wireless transmission distance, strong ability to go through obstacles Adopt special methods to avoid field interference
    Guangzhou Kingrise
  • HVTS 50-10 - High-Voltage AC Test Set The High-Voltage Test-Set HVTS 50-10 is designed for high-voltage testing of the electrical insulation of electrical equipment and electrical systems. Test voltage adjustable up to 50 kV, 1 - 10 mA. The High-Voltage Test-Set HVTS 5010 mainly consists of an high-voltage transformer and a separate control and display unit.
    Hilo-test Elektrische
  • PGK 25 - high voltage test set Due to its built-in 12 V battery, the PGK 25 allows on-site high voltage testing up to 25 kV without mains power. The stabilized output voltage is adjustable in 2 ranges 0 - 5 kV or 0 - 25 kV DC. The incorporated timer enables pre-adjustment of test duration from 0 to 30 minutes. At the end of the test, the integrated discharging device is automatically activated.
    BAUR Prüf- Und Messtechnik

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