High Voltage Detectors

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  • Directional Impulse Detector - Primary Cable Fault Locating Directional Impulse Detector for Primary Cable Fault Locating with High Voltage "Thumpers". The Directional Impulse Detector ( D.I.D.) is a compact handheld detector used to locate primary cable faults by sensing the magnetic field generated by the current pulse from a high voltage discharge device (thumper).
    Timco Instruments
  • ICMcompact - Partial Discharge Detector The ICMcompact Partial Discharge Detector is used for quality assurance and quality control tests of low and high voltage insulation. It can also be used for high voltage cable PD fault detection and location
    Power Diagnostix
  • LDP-5 - Hand-held PD Detector Detection of dangerous partial discharges (PD). Mode for differential measurement with respect to PD fault location. Diagnostics on HV apparatus in field (for instance cable sealing ends and joints, surge arrestors, power transformers, voltage transformers and electrical machines). Evaluation of the PD behaviour of low voltage components (for instance in the case of opto-couplers, capacitors, transformers and motors) 
    HV Technologies
  • AFL212-AMD - Acoustic Fault Detector This compact acoustic headset, designed and manufactured by K&S Engineering and Scientific Ltd has been developed with state-of-the-art components to not only to achieve superior performance but also to offer the user an acoustic headset that is smaller than equivalent units currently available on the market. Housed in an IP67 enclosure, the unit, which is used in conjunction with a high voltage surge generator, can easily contend with wet conditions.
    K&S Engineering And
  • IMPULSE GENERATOR - Heavy-Duty Impulse Generator Impulse Generators are designed to locate faults in power cable by the high voltage impulse method, in which a high-voltage impulse is transmitted down the cable to cause the fault to arc. The arcing fault is then pinpointed using an appropriate impulse detector.

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High Voltage Detectors - Sense voltage >240 V.