High Voltage Cable

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  • Directional Impulse Detector - Primary Cable Fault Locating Directional Impulse Detector for Primary Cable Fault Locating with High Voltage "Thumpers". The Directional Impulse Detector ( D.I.D.) is a compact handheld detector used to locate primary cable faults by sensing the magnetic field generated by the current pulse from a high voltage discharge device (thumper).
    Timco Instruments
  • IMPULSE GENERATOR - Heavy-Duty Impulse Generator Impulse Generators are designed to locate faults in power cable by the high voltage impulse method, in which a high-voltage impulse is transmitted down the cable to cause the fault to arc. The arcing fault is then pinpointed using an appropriate impulse detector.
  • XDP-013-014 - Partial Discharge Detector The Differential Sensor with Double Spatula allow reducing ambient noise and handling when measuring partial discharge on MV/HV cable elbows. The sensor is used with the XDP, an online Partial Discharge Detection System for underground cable accessories and equipment for security/maintenance purposes.
    Amperis Sl
  • 285 HD - HIGH VOLTAGE DETECTOR 285 HD High Voltage Detector is primary used to detect the presence of an alternating field. It shows identification of AC voltages. 285 HD has a large LCD that is housed in an ABS enclosure. 285 HD can be attached to the cable by a large metal clip and can be secured with a cable tie. The high voltage detector senses the radiated magnetic filed surrounding the cable and shows a LIVE warning sign on the LCD.
    Standard Electric
  • DSG-II - [High Voltage Generator (AC, DC, Impulse)] This product suitable for many type high voltage electrical equipment, such as generator, electric motor, transformer, switch, lightning arrester, capacitor, high voltage power source equipment for power cable's preventive test, most of all, high voltage impulse power source for the power cable fault location test. It could be equipped with many type of cable fault detector. It is newly designed, very convenience and safety for outdoor field test. It's a necessity to every large scale enterprise, factories and mines, power department. And it's an upgrade product for traditional detection facilities.
    Shanghai Jiuzhi Electric
  • ICMcompact - Partial Discharge Detector The ICMcompact Partial Discharge Detector is used for quality assurance and quality control tests of low and high voltage insulation. It can also be used for high voltage cable PD fault detection and location
    Power Diagnostix
  • PXDP II - Partial Discharge Detector Quality control of MV/HV equipment on production line (transformers, switchgears, etc.) Quality control of the insulators during installation or underground network repair (cable joints, elbows, etc.) Online follow-up of the ageing process of the critical components' insulation (transformers, switchgears, cable joints etc.) Safety control prior to work conducted under charge
    Amperis Sl
  • SF-2001 - Interference Discriminant PD Detector SF-2001 interference discriminant PD detector is featured by high sensitivity and wide usage. It is mainly used to test partial discharge for transformers, instrument transformers, cables, bushings, capacitors, generators and other high voltage apparatus.
    Shanghai Launch Electric
  • AP-W - High Voltage Holiday Detector The Model AP/W can be customized for many applications, including In-Plant operations. Power from 115v or 230v AC Connection for external klaxon Custom cables for automated systems We can customize the AP/W to fit your needs. Contact us for details!
    Tinker & Rasor
  • LDP-5 - Hand-held PD Detector Detection of dangerous partial discharges (PD). Mode for differential measurement with respect to PD fault location. Diagnostics on HV apparatus in field (for instance cable sealing ends and joints, surge arrestors, power transformers, voltage transformers and electrical machines). Evaluation of the PD behaviour of low voltage components (for instance in the case of opto-couplers, capacitors, transformers and motors) 
    HV Technologies
  • PD Smart Detector - Partial Discharge Detector The digital, highly advanced and multi-purpose Partial Discharge and Diagnostics System PD-Smart is developed for periodic on-line and off-line PD testing on power apparatus and high voltage insulation systems, for both in-house and on-site applications. The compact and rugged PD-Smart allows you to test and analyze rotating machines, transformers, cables and insulating bus-bars while in service or offline by using an external power resource. It is fully compatible to DIN EN 60270, VDE 0434, ANSI and other IEEE-Standards.
    HV Technologies

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