HF - aka High Frequency

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  • PJ High Frequency Surge Testers PJ Electronics offers a wide selection of models from which to choose! Basically, you may custom order a tester to meet your specific needs. PJ Electronics manufactures 12 lines of Bench, Portable & Console Model Digital High Frequency Surge / DC Hi-Pot Testers. 220-240 operating line voltage is available upon request and for an additional cost.
    PJ Electronics
  • SVLF - Very Low Frequency High Voltage Generator SVLF (Very Low Frequency) Testers are suitable for testing power cables, transformers, switchgear, rotating machinery and other electrical apparatus.
    Yueqing Sandi Electric
  • Compus - High Frequency Signal Matrix The Compus is a wide-band relay based switching matrix designed for automated multiplexing of testing signals suitable for oscilloscope measurements. The Compus offers high signal density while maintaining unparalleled high frequency response.
    Grund Technical Solutions
  • AC High Frequency Amplifier EV Frequencies from 1.5kHz ? 200kHz can be generated in laboratories and test systems. Testing of wound components, capacitors and filters. Under voltages and over voltages as well as frequency variations can be simulated. It is possible to test electrical and electronic devices of all kinds (e.g. testing of high frequency measuring instruments). 
    Spitzenberger & Spies
  • Signature Model High Frequency Surge Testers Bench size performance & durability with PJ's exclusive/unique High Frequency Technology capable of testing the integrity of any turn to turn insulation, including low inductance windings. These Digital Surge Testers come standard with a rack-mounted, Tektronix TDS1002, 1 Billion Samples/sec, real time, programmable, storage oscilloscope.
    PJ Electronics
  • HFSWR (High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar) Raytheon’s HFSWR is a promising new technology for low-cost, all-weather, accurate and reliable surveillance of surface vessels and low-flying aircraft well in excess of the visible horizon.
    Raytheon Company
  • 732-1D - High frequency accelerometer Compatible with coaxial cable system Elimination of ground loops Suitable for 1/3 octave data collection Detects low and high speed equipment vibration
    Meggitt Sensing Systems
  • MIRA - Broadband-Analyzer for HF / VHF / UHF MIRA is a scalable signal analyzer for HF, VHF and UHF. MIRA enables the online monitoring of a 16 MHz-broad band (optionally 24 MHz) in the freely selectable frequency range between 100 kHz and 3 GHz as well as the recording of a 4 MHz-band lying in the monitoring range (optionally 8 MHz).
    MEDAV GmbH
  • HX002 - 1000-W HF Dipole The HF Dipole R&S HX002 permits optimum coverage over all distances and is suitable for both transmission and reception. The fully automatic tuning unit integrated in the antenna provides perfect matching to the transmitter system.
    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH
  • Frequency Master IV - High Frequency Based on a completely new method of signal analysis allow ROM electronic measuring instruments, a high frequency and EMC measurement to the spectacular price. The locating interference sources and their causes, identification of power flux density, the measurement and analysis of even the most complex waveforms - all this is with ROM electronic measuring devices without any problems. And by using our professional PC evaluation software you can enhance the performance and functionality of your Frequency Master IV yet!
    ROM-Elektronik GmbH
  • RFView - 8KW HF Sensor WaveNode now has available an HF sensor up to 8KW operation.   Same price as our standard 2KW sensor -- $60.00 each.   Choose either SO-239 (Silver-Teflon-Gold) or "N" type connector.  This sensor is suitable for use with linear amplifiers capable of > 2KW watts PEP output.   Plug compatible with our other sensors to give maximum flexibility to your measurement capability, 
  • 997 - high frequency, ring type accelerometer Corrosion resistant Hermetically sealed Ground isolated ESD protection Reverse wiring protection EMI/RFI protection
    Meggitt Sensing Systems
  • MICROWAVE STUDIO® - Tool for the 3D EM Simulation of High Frequency Components CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®(CST MWS) is a specialist tool for the 3D EM simulation of high frequency components. CST MWS' unparalleled performance making it first choice in technology leading R&D departments. CST MWS enables the fast and accurate analysis of high frequency (HF) devices such as antennas, filters, couplers, planar and multi-layer structures and SI and EMC effects. Exceptionally user friendly, CST MWS quickly gives you an insight into the EM behavior of your high frequency designs.
    CST AG
  • 11021 - BD-10AV High Frequency Generator, 230V 230 V, 50/60 Hz, with standard electrode tip. 10,000 to 50,000 V, 500 kH
    Electro-Technic Products
  • CA3034-2-4 - HF 2 By 4 Multicoupler HF Multicoupler 2 by 2 way splitter. Very high dynamic range & low noise figure. 1U rack mounting chassis. Available with BITE. Options for custom input filtering
    CommsAudit Limited
  • DDS/PLL-based High-Frequency Programmable Clock Source Module DSG synthesizer is a programmable clock source which can generate any desired signal with 1Hz resolution, utilizing multiplex loop PLL and DDS technique. Two models, DSG-2235 and DSG-1425 are available according to the frequency band. It provides high purity clock output. The frequency can be controlled by serial data, which can be connected to a PC communication port. As an option, 1/2 and 1/4 frequency dividers are available. The internal refrence TCXO has ±1ppm accuracy but high frequency accuracy also can be obtained in external clock mode with accurate external 10MHz clock.
    Digital Signal Technology
  • 9700 - HF Aerospace Oscillator Series Symmetricom's 9700 is an ultra-miniature ovenized crystal oscillator designed to provide a high stability RF sine wave output. 
  • CA3034-1-16 - HF 1 By 16 Multicoupler HF 1 by 16 Multicoupler. Very high dynamic range & low noise figure. 1U rack mounting chassis. Available with BITE. Options for custom input filtering, phase matched outputs.
    CommsAudit Limited
  • 11011 - BD-10A High Frequency Generator, 115V 115 V, 50/60 Hz, with standard electrode tip. 10,000 to 50,000 V, 500 kHz
    Electro-Technic Products
  • Dash® 20HF-HS - Multi-Channel High Frequency Recorder The Dash 20HF-HS is a portable data acquisition recorder engineered specifically for capturing multiple channels of high frequency data and transient signals. It provides 20 analog inputs (4 high voltage (250 Vrms) and 16 differential voltage (35 Vrms)) with sample rates up to 500 kHz and a bandwidth of 100 kHz per channel!
  • CA3034-1-8 - HF 1 By 8 Multicoupler HF 1 by 8 Multicoupler. Very high dynamic range & low noise figure. 1U rack mounting chassis. Available with BITE. Options for custom input filtering, phase matched outputs.
    CommsAudit Limited
  • PH250HF - Manual and Robust HF ProbeHead™ The PH250HF is specially designed to meet the strict demands of RF and microwave probing. Its rigid design is, however, also useful for special requirements in analytical and production probing such as holding large area detectors for optoelectronics applications. All positioning knobs and controls are located at the back of the ProbeHead.
    Cascade Microtech
  • 11031 - BD-10AS High Frequency Generator, 115V Model BD-10AS features a momentary ON/OFF switch
    Electro-Technic Products
  • ProbeWedge™ - HF and DC Signals on One Cost-Effective ProbeWedge Features and Benefits With a high degree of application flexibility, HF ProbeWedges™, use both RF contacts and DC needles. The variety of available configurations of the HF ProbeWedge ensures that your application requirements are met every time.
    Cascade Microtech

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HF - High Frequency operating at 3–30 MHz.


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