Frame Relay

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  • Frame Relay Protocol Analyzer GL's Frame Relay Analyzer performs frame relay analysis in real time and off-line. The real-time mode of operation is used to capture and analyze streams of frames on the, contiguous or non-contiguous, fractional or full, T1/E1. Captured information can be saved to disk for later off-line analysis. HDLC frames are decoded according to Q.921, LAPF according to Q.922 and the frame relay information parsing depends on the user's selection of Q.933, Q.933 Annex A, T1.617, T1.617 Annex D, Frame Relay Forum (FRF.x) or Consortium LMI. Multiple Protocol Encapsulation analysis is based on ITU TR9577 (Rec. X.263 ), RFC2427.
    GL Communications
  • E4216A - Agilent E4216A Frame Relay Test Software Frame Relay Test Software
    Keysight Technologies
  • D2010 - VX & Frame Relay Line quality test with full information and IP facilities for Internet applications Control leads monitoring Frame Relay heartbeat control with quality tests for commissioning and mainteinence operations
    Aethra S.p.A.
  • ParaScope 2000 ISDN - Frame Relay Analyzer ISDN PRI and BRI phone call placement and answering ISDN PRI and BRI decoding ISDN PRI and BRI Expert analysis See Cause Codes in plain English BRI supports 2-wire U and 4-wire S/T interface Comprehensive T1 and E1 test set Physical line measurements inluding frequency, voltage, power and alarms Bit Error Testing Statistical analysis includes % utilization, frames/sec, throughput, frame size, errors, protocol specific, and more
  • E6278A - Agilent E6278A Frame Relay SVC Protocol Viewer The Agilent E6278A Frame Relay SVC Protocol Viewer test software
    Keysight Technologies
  • Clarinet-TTCN Frame Relay ETS The ETS packages includes the executable files of ETS and the templates of Clarinet file for a quick operation (Profiles, filters, Testcases list, PICS/PIXIT). These ETS result from compilation of the ATS (Abstract Test Suites) source included in ATS in TTCN-MP (IS-format) by the CLARINET-TTCN compiler. 
  • E6279A - Agilent E6279A Frame Relay Over HSSI Test Software The Agilent E6279A Frame Relay Over HSSI Test Software functionally verifies
    Keysight Technologies
  • Aurora Handheld Testers (DSL, TIMS, ATM, ISDN and Frame Relay products) Agilent's aurora family of handhelds and portables meet the growing needs of today's high-speed access services. Whether your installing, commissioning, maintaining or troubleshooting the network at the Central Office or customer premise, Agilent provides comprehensive testing for ADSL, ATM, Frame Relay and ISDN services.
    Keysight Technologies
  • E7840A - Agilent E7840A Bellcore Frame Relay Over ATM Service and Network Interworking Test Suite The Agilent E7840A Bellcore FR/ATM Interworking Test Suite is
    Keysight Technologies
  • TDM - Protocol Identifier The Protocol Identifier application can identify various protocols carried on T1 or E1 lines. It is capable of detecting protocols such as ISDN, ATM, HDLC, MTP2, LAPD, SS7, PPP, GSM, GSM Abis, TRAU and Frame Relay. The timeslots and the subchannels within timeslots are also identified. Once identified, detailed analysis can be carried out by individual Protocol Analyzers. This application is helpful in identifying traffic types at a concentrated point, DSX patch panel, or multiplexed facility.
    GL Communications
  • Portable USB T1/E1 Analyzer GL's USB based T1 E1 Analyzer is the world's most powerful, full featured, and complete BERT, voiceband, data, signaling, and protocol analyzer on the market. It can perform analysis and emulation of various signal types including voice, digits, and tones; various protocols including HDLC, ISDN, SS7, CAS, Frame Relay, GSM, GPRS, CDMA, and UMTS. It is capable of T1 or E1 PCM signal visualization, capture, storage, analysis, and emulation. In addition, convenient features are available like portability, USB friendly interface to a PC, remote access, and scripting.
    GL Communications
  • T1/E1 (WCS) - Client/Server Scripted Control Software WCS (Windows Client Server) application uses remote C++ client/server mechanism for scripted mode execution option of T1/E1 operations. Various protocol decode agent modules are supported by WCS application.

    WCS supports transmission/reception of files/digits, Multi-channel BERT, CAS Emulation, DSP operations, Dynamic DSP capability, SA Bits/ FDL/ HDLC/ TRAU/ MC-MLPPP/ SS7/ ISDN TxRx/ Multilink-Frame Relay Emulation, Pulse Mask and Jitter Measurements, and more.
    GL Communications
  • NetAnalyst Test Management Software JDSU's powerful test and management Operation Support System (OSS) serves at the core of a successful service strategy for VF, digital wideband, SONET, SDH, frame relay, ATM, and IP networks.
  • J3762A Agilent Advisor WAN -- HSSI Line Interface Module The HSSI Line Interface Module supports monitoring and analysis of frame-based frame relay and HDLC protocols.
    Keysight Technologies
  • J6803A Distributed Network Analyzer PRO Agilent Distributed Network Analyzer (DNA) product family provides the most comprehensive testing capabilities for wireline and wireless network testing covering Ethernet, ATM, POS, Frame, Relay, IPv6, MPLS, VoIP, IPTV, HSDPA, UMTS, etc. 
    Keysight Technologies
  • VoIP VQT - Voice Quality Testing and Analysis GL's Voice Quality Testing (VQT), accessed through an easy to use GUI interface, provides the voice quality measurement and analysis tools for all types of networks carrying voice traffic. Typical network applications include VoIP systems, PSTN, ATM networks, Frame Relay, and Wireless Networks.
    GL Communications
  • BER-1580 - Data Transmission Analyzer BER-1580 Data Transmission Analyzer, the latest tester developed by DADI Telecom, is an expert tool for daily maintenance, troubleshooting and equipment installation, especially for E1 circuits and frame relay services of important applications. It can be for E1 in-service monitoring as well as BER testing from 50b/s to 2048kb/s with supported interfaces like G.703, V.24/RS232, V.35, V.36/RS449, X.21, EIA-530/530A and RS485/RS422. It also supports E1 jitter TX/RX testing, E1 synchronous clock testing and frame relay testing.
    Liuzhou Dadi Telecommunication
  • BNT-2000A - Integrated Network Tester BNT-2000A is a set of E1, V.35/V.24, 10/100M Ethernet test capabilities, multi-interface, multi-service integrated instrument,Support the physical layer testing of the BERT performance, Support the link layer Frame Relay, PPP, HDLP, and Ethernet protocol testing,support for IP Ping test, Test results directly to show the success and failure, it is the best maintenance tool.
    Tongqi Telecom Technology
  • Ixia Test Hardware Manager IxExplorer provides a powerful and interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for managing Ixia test hardware resources. Complete control is provided for generation and analysis of Layer 2-4 traffic streams on an array of network interface technologies, including Ethernet,10 Gigabit Ethernet, Packet over SONET (POS), ATM, Frame Relay, etc. Ixia test ports can be independently configured to define traffic, filtering, and capture capabilities.
  • SunSet E20/E20c - Comprehensive Handheld Analyzer In today's fast growing telecommunications world, the SunSet E20 offers an unparalleled variety of testing capabilities. The SunSet E20 is designed to test a variety of networks, including Frame Relay Networks, Cellular Networks, Switching Networks, Access Networks, and simple Leased Line Networks. The SunSet E20, in its 1.3 Kg platform, can troubleshoot and locate almost any problem.
    Sunrise Telecom
  • Distributed Network Analyzer Agilent Distributed Network Analyzer (DNA) product family provides the most comprehensive testing capabilities for wireline and wireless network testing covering Ethernet, ATM, POS, Frame, Relay, IPv6, MPLS, VoIP, IPTV, HSDPA, UMTS, etc. Full rate multi-port real-time data analysis is provided for all your wireline and mobile wireless mobile network needs for portable and remote troubleshooting analysis 
    Keysight Technologies
  • ParaScope Plus-USB - Test Analyzer For RS-232 Solutions The test analyzer for RS-232 solutions. Combine the ParaScope PLUS with our world proven WanXL Software and monitor, simulate, and run BERT on RS-232 interfaces with sheer ease and simplicity. Connects to a PC via USB. Some of the features of ParaScope Plus’s features include: Convenient connection to PC via 6??? USB Cable Operates up to 200 Kbps Protocol analyzer decodes Async, Sync, BiSync, Frame Relay, X.25, SNA, GR-303 TMC/CSC/EOC, ISDN PRI/BRI, encapsulated LAN and more
  • DDS 4-wire Test Set Comprehensive 4-wire DDS Local Loop test set.Monitor and test 56k, Switched-56k and 64k Primary and Secondary DDS services. Quick 56k Frame-Relay turn-up. Real-time Invalid BPV Receive Monitor. Received Signal Level measurement with 1dBm accuracy. Standard TERM mode and unique THRU mode provides real-time non-Intrusive monitor of NW or CPE.
  • FTB-8510B - Packet Blazer - Ethernet Test Module Delivers performance assurance for Ethernet-based services. Ideal for verifying service-level agreements (SLAs). Tests connectivity in its native format: 10/100/1000Base-T, 1000Base-SX, 1000Base-LX and 1000Base-ZX for LAN-to-LAN services delivered via ATM, frame relay, next-gen SONET/SDH, SONET/SDH, hybrid multiplexers, switched Ethernet, VLANs, dark fiber, WDM, FTTx systems or other means.

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