Ethernet Test

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  • KE7200 - LAN Inspector - Ethernet Performance Tester The KE7200 Ethernet Performance Tester is an easy-to-use tool that verifies and troubleshoots all types of Ethernet cable installations, from essential copper wiring tests like pair mapping to active IP Ping. Advanced copper test capabilities include true TDR for cable length measurement, PoE service test and split pair detection. The KE7200 even shows multiple faults simultaneously.
    Kurth Electronic
  • NIC SDH & Ethernet Tester The NIC is a scalable solution for verifying and qualifying the performance of today’s multi-protocol global communications networks. With a flexible software/firmware-based architecture, the scalable NIC Plus combines in a single platform the multitude of traditional hardware-based test sets required to install, maintain, and monitor high-speed multi-protocol networks.
    Wuhan Sunma Technologies
  • BL6000A - 1 + 10Gb Ethernet & All-inOne Tester Throughput testing, generate multi-stream traffic up to 10Gbit/s on XFP, 1Gbit/s line rate on copper and optical multi-ports, Ethernet frames, layer 1/2/3/4 with multiple modes such as continuous, ramping, burst and random length mode. Multiple streams : Generate and measure up to 32 independent streams. IP application test such as Ping, ARP, Trace Route, DNS, and DHCP.
    BlueLight Technology
  • Xena3918 - Gigabit Ethernet Test Software Xena3918 is a free PC application installed together with XenaManager-2G that lets you do advanced IP multicast network testing, by helping you perform RFC3918 testing using one or more Xena test chassis.

    Xena3918 provides an easy-to-use port configuration panel that lets you add and remove ports, and assign IP addresses and port roles. Ports from multiple XenaBay and XenaCompact chassis can be freely mixed.
    Xena Networks
  • MX300 - Metro and Carrier Ethernet Testing 0GE including optional dual 1GE and 10/100/1000BaseT test ports are housed in the industry's smallest Metro/Ethernet tester. A high capacity battery pack supports up to three hours of continuous operation at 10GE test interface. The MX300 can be used in any lighting condition thanks to a super bright, 7" TFT color LCD.
  • Xena2889 - Gigabit Ethernet Test Software Xena2889 is a free and easy-to-use standalone app that lets you accurately benchmark the data plane performance of layer 2 LAN switching devices according to RFC 2889.
    Xena Networks
  • PacketCheck - Software Ethernet Tester GL's PacketCheck™ is a PC based Ethernet test tool that is designed to check frame transport ability, and throughput parameters of Ethernet and IP networks. It can be used as a general purpose Ethernet performance analysis for 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1Gbps Ethernet local area networks.
    GL Communications
  • TX300M - Next Generation Transport, Mobile Backhaul and Carrier Ethernet Testing The TX300M is a full featured portable test solution for OTN, SDH, SONET, PDH, DSn networks, and offers extensive support for Mobile Backhaul technologies with SyncE, 1588v2 PTP, Carrier Ethernet and CPRI testing. Versatile hardware and software options optimize configuration for transport applications at rates ranging from DS1/E1 to OC-192/STM-64 and/or Metro Ethernet testing options including 10GE, 1GE and 10/100/1000Base-T. Storage Network testing options such as Fiberchannel can be added via a simple software option to Metro Ethernet configurations. A super bright, touch panel 7" TFT color LCD enhances viewing and operation in any lighting conditions, while an intuitive graphical user interface simplifies menu navigation and accelerates test setup. An advanced low power consumption design combined with a high capacity LiIon battery pack provides up to 4 hours of continuous operation when the unit is operating at the 10Gigabit interface. Industry standard, field interchangeable XFPs and SFPs are supported, ensuring maximum wavelength and dynamic range flexibility.
  • Xtramus NuStreams 600 - Gigabit Ethernet IP Performance Test System NuStreams chassis NuStreams-600i is an ideal test beds for lab design, troubleshooting and mass production test of network products. Support 10G Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, NuStreams-600i provides various interface for different test requirement.
  • PacketExpert - Quad Port Ethernet/IP Tester GL's PacketExpert™ is a portable Quad Port Ethernet Tester (USB based) with 4 Electrical Ethernet Ports (10/100/1000 Mbps) and 2 Optical Ports (1000 Mbps). The portable Ethernet/IP tester connects to Notebook PC through a USB 2.0 interface. Each GigE port provides independent Ethernet/IP testing at wirespeed for applications such as BERT, RFC 2544, and Loopback. It truly takes confusion out of Ethernet testing at all protocol layers - from raw Ethernet frames to IP/UDP packets. It can be used as a general purpose Ethernet performance analysis for 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps Ethernet local area networks. Two of the 4 ports have both Electrical and optical interfaces, enabling testing on optical fiber links as well.
    GL Communications
  • BL1400A - 1 + 10Gb Ethernet & All-inOne Tester Dual ports testing, anytime, anywhere. Throughput testing, Generate multistream traffic up to 10Gbit/s line rate on optical, 1Gbit/s line rate on copper and optical multi-ports, Ethernet frames, IP packets layer 1/2/3/4 with BERT. Powerful built-in PACKET CAPTURE and analysis functions regarding all packets, filtered or event triggered option. Cable BERT on copper port, BERT in Unframed mode on fiber optical port. Packet analysis such as Jitter, FCS errors, L3/L4 checksum errors, Round Trip Delay (RTD), Packet Arrival Interval (PAI), packet loss, sequence errors. IP application test such as Ping, ARP, Trace Route, DNS, and DHCP.
    BlueLight Technology
  • Xtramus NuStreams 2000i - Gigabit Ethernet IP Performance Test Systems NuStreams-2000i is an advanced Ethernet test system for Layer 2 to 7 and wire-speed Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP packet generation for testing of multichannel IP devices. Designed for testing in the laboratory and in manufacturing NuStreams 2000 can be easily configured for Ethernet switch, router and gateway production testing. Call for demo.
  • CC-109 - Cable Clamp, CMN Tester for Gigabit Ethernet The CC-109 Cable Clamp for faster throughput. Cable Clamps are used to determine sensitivity of the receiver to common-noise from the link segment. Common-mode noise generally results when a cabling system is subjected to electro magnetic fields.
    Video Accessory
  • IQS-8525/8535 Packet Blazer - Fiber Channel and Ethernet Test Modules Deliver Fibre Channel testing at speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s (1200 MB/s) and bring FC-0, FC-1 and FC-2 logical layer Fibre Channel testing to services carried via transport protocols such as DWDM, SONET/SDH and dark fiber.
  • CMA 5000 - Gigabit Ethernet Test Equipment As part of NetTest's CMA 5000 Multi-Layer Test Platform, the Gigabit Ethernet application accelerates the deployment of 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet services and decreases troubleshooting time and cost while increasing network uptime. 
  • MX100e+ - Mobile Backhaul and Carrier Ethernet Testing The VePAL MX100e+ is a low-cost version of the widely deployed MX100+ handheld Ethernet product family. The MX100e+ builds on the success of the MX100+, adding new solutions for applications such as ITU Y.1564 and Ethernet OAM testing. V-SAM, the VeEX implementation of the ITU-T Y.1564 Ethernet Service Activation Methodology standard is a highly intuitive and automated test suite that ensures Ethernet traffic with different service attributes being transported across today's mobile backhaul and business Ethernet networks is validated using repeatable pass/fail limits.
  • LinkCheck - Ethernet Tester The LinkCheck can be used to test for the presence and speed of standard RJ45 10Mb or 100Mb Ethernet connections. With the push of a button, the LinkCheck will indicate connection status using three easily readable LEDs located on the face of the device.
  • Gt-10G - 10G Ethernet Test Set Android based 10GE Ethernet test set. RFC 2544 test suite, large display, SFP+ readout, displays optical power, graph results, generates PDF's. Easy to use GUI and setup as it's all on one screen! Combine with 10/100/1000 copper & fiber along with legacy DS1/DS3 testing. Build your test set as you need it and why not take advantage of Android!
  • OTP6126 - Handheld Ethernet Test Set OTP6126 handheld Gigabit Ethernet test set is designed for Ethernet network deployment and comprehensive tests and it fully meet Ethernet standard, offering complete Ethernet test functionalities with lightweighted, flexible rugged qualities.
    OPWILL Technologies
  • RT-PoE3N - Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) Tester RT-PoE3N Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) Tester Manufacturers of Ethernet Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) such as Ethernet Switches need to test PoE power functionality during manufacturing. Once a unit is in manufacturing, it can be assumed that it has already been tested for full Compliance with the applicable IEEE 802.3 PoE standard. It is not cost-effective, nor necessary, to perform compliance testing at the manufacturing stage. What is needed is a functional test that verifies the software’s ability to detect and control power, and the basic connectors’ and magnetics’ ability to provide power and pass data.
    Reach Technology
  • GAO A0070008 - Handheld Gigabit Ethernet Test Module This handheld gigabit Ethernet test module is a highly efficient test instrument intended for telecommunication testing. It is specially designed for Ethernet layout and integration tests which conform to Ethernet test standards, and it provides comprehensive Ethernet test functions. It also provides error analysis functions, multiple warning indicators, statistical functions, Ethernet frame analysis as well as flow analysis on the basis of different filter conditions. It uses USB and flash memory to save/load test configurations and can find and set loopback mode automatically.
    GAO Tek
  • FST-2802 - TestPad - Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and IP services Test Instrument The FST-2802 is a handheld Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and IP services test instrument designed to meet the needs of service providers for turning up and troubleshooting these various services. The FST-2802 enables technicians to use one test set to turn up services ranging from 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and IP - all from a single TestPad module! 
  • BN-530A - Ethernet Tester BN-530A is a handheld Ethernet tester instrument provides 10/100M optical, electrical interface, mainly used in the Ethernet line test. Rapid flow of packets through the IP Ping, FTP download, RFC2544 (bandwidth, throughput, packet loss, delay) optical power and other tests, accurately show the opening of direct bandwidth quality of service, and fault localization phenomena for the engineering and maintenance personnel on-site installation, saving a lot of time.
    Tongqi Telecom Technology
  • C-BERT - 100 Gbit Ethernet Bit Error Rate Tester The C-BERT MI-PE2810–4 is a quad 25 to 29 Gb/s Bit-Error-Ratio tester (BERT) with a built in reference clock, PRBS generator, error counter and clock data recovery (CDR) unit. The unit is compliant to 100GBASE-R4 and ITU-T OTL4.4 data streams.

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Ethernet Test - Evaluation of a packet based ethernet network's wiring and signaling.