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Triplett, a part of Jewell Instruments, designs, manufactures, and markets electronic & electrical test & monitoring equipment supplying our customers' needs in the following areas: Panel Instrumentation Digital Multimeters Digital Clamp-on Ammeters Analog Volt/Ohm Meters Wire Tracing LAN Cable Testing Telecommunications Testers Electrical Testers Specialty Testers TDRs (Time Domain Reflectometers)

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  • AC Voltage Detector

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    high performance AC Voltage detector with adjustable sensitivity that has a wide measurement range of 25 to 1000ACV, Dual Color Tip to indicate low/high voltage, built-in flashlight and durable overmold. The high sensitivity allows it to detect low voltage AC wiring commonly found in doorbell circuits, thermostats, control circuits, and video surveillance camera power. The Sniff-It 3 is designed for industrial applications with its impact and drop resistance in a sleek ergonomic design, and the easy to use thumb wheel helps dial-in detection range. Includes (2) AAA batteries. CAT III safety rating.

  • Analog Multimeters -VOM

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    Analog Multimeter is a multi-range instrument for electrical and electronic troubleshooting and measurement. It can stand up under rigorous hard usage of the industrial and maintenance environment. Using a unique design and selection of materials, it can withstand the normal accidents of dropping (up to 5 ft.) and rough handling which occur in hard day to day use. Engineered for significant reduction in the need for maintenance by virtual elimination of parts burn out (other than fuses), and parts damage from severe mechanical abuse.

  • Basic Basic Butt Set For Phone Line Testing

    BSX200 - Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    BSX200 Basic Butt Set is designed for people who occasionally need to deal with dial tone but don't require all of the features of an expensive model. The BSX200 provides user with dial tone, dial out, Caller ID, last number redial, on/off hangup button, flash button, DTM and FSK support, and three ways to connect to the line: an RJ11 connector, high quality alligator clips, and a type 66 adapter.

  • Borescopes & Inspection Cameras

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    Is an inspection camera with a detachable wireless 3.5" color display. It features 4x digital zoom, water resistant 8mm camera with 3.5ft cable, and 4 adjustable white LEDs for illumination.The wireless display detaches from the handle for additional freedom in viewing, and internal magnets will conveniently mount it to steel surfaces. With the included Micro SD card you can save snapshots and live video. Saved files can be viewed on the LCD screen or downloaded to a computer via the USB port.

  • Clamp On Meters

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    1000A True RMS AC/DC clamp-on meter with a backlit LCD display. It offers a large variety of measurement features including AC/DC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Temperature, Capacitance, Continuity, Diode Test and NCV Detector. The rubberized overmolded housing provides impact and drop resistance in a sleek ergonomic design, and the user-friendly Auto Power Off feature helps maximizes battery life. With a CAT III 600V design, it provides superior resistance to damage from transient overvoltages in any demanding industrial setting. The Model 9325 is suited for a variety of industrial and residential applications such as security, electrical, HVAC installations and more. Includes test leads, Type K Temperature probe, 9V battery, and case.

  • Continuity Testers

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    Tester performs a TIA568 test on CAT5/6 network cable (RJ45) with instant PASS/FAIL results — opens/shorts, reversals, split pairs, and continuity. It is ruggedized and cushioned for toolbox use with a hidden drawer for remote storage. Includes a built-in tone generator for tracing and troubleshooting.

  • Digital Multimeters

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    compact digital multimeter with a backlit LCD display. It offers a large variety of measurement features including AC/DC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, Continuity, Diode Test, Transistor hFE, and Temperature. The rubberized boot provides impact and drop resistance in a sleek ergonomic design, and the user-friendly Auto Power Off feature helps maximizes battery life. The Model 1101-B is well suited for a variety of commercial and residential applications such as security, home theater, electrical, HVAC installations and more. Includes test leads with alligator clips, Type K bead probe and battery (9V).

  • LAN Tester

    TVR10/10/100 - Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    TVR10/100/1000 LAN Tester is comprised of a "Main unit" and a "Remote Probe". The Main unit performs the bulk of the tests, such as determining the LAN device type (is it a hub/switch or PC?), the LAN speed and duplex (10, 100, 1000 MB/s, half or full duplex) and whether PoE (Power over Ethernet) is present without the need of the Remote Probe. The Remote Probe adds the ability to trace cable locations (by audibly tracing tones placed on the cable by the Main Unit) and to test the wiring of the cable (by decoding and displaying wiring information placed on the cable by the Main Unit).

  • Linemen's Test Set

    TeleTalker 330 - Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    The Triplett TeleTalker™ 330 is a high performance lineman's test set with a weather resistant seal. This butt set offers many standard features not found on more expensive models like dedicated store / redial buttons, adjustable volume, Pulse and Tone dialing, and more.  The high impact and weather resistant case allows for this product to be used in all demanding industry settings and features a full 3 year warranty.  The user-friendly layout helps installers get the job done effectively with ease. The TeleTalker™ 330 requires no battery for main use and can store up to 10 frequently dialed numbers. Complete with angled bed of nails (JS Popper) test clips.

  • Railroad Test Sets

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    Railroad Testers are designed to perform standard maintenance tasks (using Volts, Ohms, and Amps measurements) as well as specialized tasks requiring measurements on railroad coding equipment. The 2000 Series is compatible with older test technologies and offers test features not found on earlier test sets.

  • Telephone Line Tester

    Line-Bug 4 - Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    The Triplett Line-Bug 4 is a simple tester to determine if there is damaging telephone line current on RJ-11 and RJ-45 lines. Some LAN lines have telephone current on previously unused pairs. Pre-testing LAN lines with the Line-Bug 4 before testing with a LAN Tester may prevent damage to it. Checks RJ45 connections wired for 568A/B or USOC pinouts. Tests 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-line jacks.

  • Tone & Probe Kits

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    ProTone Wire Locator Kit features a powerful tone generator and a filtered, ultra-bright lighted probe. The CTX590 functions as a high quality wire locating tool that uses an inductive probe to sense a tone placed on the wires by its associated tone generator. The tone generator provides RJ11, RJ45 and insulated alligator clip connections. The Red/Green LED on the probe indicates continuity, voltage, and polarity. The probe also includes an ultra bright LED tip, fluorescent light noise filter and sensitivity control. The CTX590 can be used for tracking down short circuits, telephone central office connections, and other wire locating applications. Includes (2) 9V batteries and case.

  • Wi-Fi Hound 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    A full-featured WiFi Troubleshooter/RF Spectrum Analyzer at an affordable price. Triplett's WiFi Hound is a 2.4 GHz/5GHz spectrum analyzer designed to help you troubleshoot and isolate problems that impact the quality of your wireless networks. With its user-friendly display, you will properly analyze the wireless environment and successfully troubleshoot: see and isolate radio interference and document the problems by creating a custom-branded, high quality, detailed, full-color report for your client with the click of a button. This perfectly portable device is the ideal solution for field techs and wireless professionals. Designed for live environments and ideal for smart homes or businesses.

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