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  • Talon - Universal Encoder Checker Test digital Encoders (5, 12, & 24 Volts)
    Troubleshoot Digital Read Outs (DRO's)
    Count / verify Pulses Per Revolution (PPR)
    Adjust Encoder after cleaning or repair
    Test for weak or dead signal output
    Test for intermittent phase jitter
    Talon Meters
  • EET-200 - and EET200E - Encoder Emulator Tester End the shotgun approach to troubleshooting and reduce the time spent diagnosing altitude encoder/transponder problems. TRANS-CAL INDUSTRIES' EET-200 and EET-200E offers the avionics technician an inexpensive diagnostic tool for altitude encoder/transponder troubleshooting.
    Trans-Cal Industries
  • ETS-3800 - Encoder Test System The ETS-3800 Encoder Test System provides a comprehensive performance test of Incremental Encoders with up to 12,500 counts per revolution (CPR).
    Automation Technology
  • ENC-SIM01 - Incremental Encoder Simulator This instrument is designed to simulate the function of most types of incremental encoders; it allows the engineer to fully test a control system that uses a rotary or linear shaft encoder, without the need for any mechanical movement.
    Plant Control And
  • ENC-IET05 - Universal Encoder Tester The PCA Universal Encoder Tester is designed to provide a simple means for service personnel and encoder assemblers to test all types of incremental encoders.
    Plant Control And
  • HENQ 1100 - Analyzer For Encoders Continuous monitoring and display of - the speed, angular position, and position of the zero pulse - the phase shift between K1 (A) and K2 (B) - the pulse/pause ratio of K1 (A) and K2 (B) - the voltage range of the encoder output signals
    Baumer Hübner GmbH
  • M100 - RIM Encoder Tester The M100 can accurately interpret the signal phase and duty cycle from the encoder in a variety of applications, including those of motor manufacturers and mill applications. It can perform up to 18 distinctly different tests on encoders with the push of a single key.
  • EM-DR1-ET-5-TB-28V/V - Encoder Test Module This electronic module is a versatile interface between an incremental optical encoder output and any type of receiving electronics. This can be used to fix incompatible interfaces and make marginal signals more robust. It can also serve as a signal repeater for long cable runs and provide multiple distributed control signals from a single encoder.
    BEI Industrial Encoders
  • RotAdjust - Encoder, Hall Element and Resolver Tester Test and adjust all kinds of electric motor rotating transmitters with the SCHLEICH RotAdjust. It is that easy: connect the transmitter at the test module - read the signals at the PC or MTC2 - finished! The test module supplies the transmitter with the necessary voltage, tests the current consumption and measures all transmitter signals. On the PC screen RotAdjust shows all analysis and possible transmitter errors. In addition you receive a significant graphic display of all test signals like at an oscilloscope. To adjust resolvers and Hall sensor the RotAdjust also measures the EMF of the motor to support you as best as possible at the angle adjustment of the transmitter. RotAdjust is the optimum tool for the repair and procution!
    Schleich Gmbh
  • TI-4000EX - INCREMENTAL ENCODER TESTER Handheld unit with display and keypad Test and confirm proper counts per revolution Check for proper voltage levels on all true and complement lines Confirm proper phase angles Run continuously and check for missed counts while monitoring proper RPM
    Mitchell Electronics
  • Quadrater Encoder Tester Constant Visual Indication of encoder quality. Detects and displays missing signals while encoders are moving. Tests glass scales and rotary encoders. Tests for zero reference point. Accepts most transducers - Accurite, Bauch and Lomb, BEI, etc.
    Lynn Electronics
  • ESP - Encoder Stress Pattern The ESP is a sophisticated video clip that quickly reveals performance differences among television encoders. The ESP's specialized and complex artificial test patterns stress various aspects of processing.
  • VB Series Resolver/Encoder The "VB Series" products line contains VME compatible synchro / resolver converters and absolute encoder systems. These particular cards are ideal for any rotary motion and related process, control, or simulator type application with any VME compatible system.
    Computer Conversions
  • JT-2 C - Mode Tester The answer to C-Mode Encoder and C-Mode Transponder troubleshooting, BOTH in the aircraft and on the bench. This unit make Encoder, Installation, and Transponder checks so simple and fast that it pays for itself with one use.
    LinAire Engineering
  • Friction Analyzer Friction analysis for predictive maintenance without coupling to any encoder or external load. Provides dynamic performance tests data, including: speed and torque spectrum, friction torque and friction spectrum.
    M.E.A. Testing Systems
  • ADS-100 - Altitude Data Simulator The Model ADS-100 is an all solid-state device that simulates the output of altitude encoders/digitizers in both parallel and serial (RS232) data formats. Designed to substitute for an altitude encoder when testing and troubleshooting an aircraft's altitude reporting system, the ADS-100 provides two RS-232 compliant outputs in addition to the ICAO pressure altitude code.
    Trans-Cal Industries
  • NI BNC-2121 - BNC and spring terminal connections Download PDF for compatibility charts, more detailed descriptions, and ordering information Easy connection of I/O signals to 660x devices Generates pulse train, trigger, and quadrature encoder signals for testing
    National Instruments
  • MagView - Magneto-Optical Readout Device MagView is a magneto-optical readout device for fast and precise visualization of magnetic field structures. The handheld device can be applied for qualitative testings and stray field analysis. MagView visualizes magnetic stray fields of credit cards, magnetic encoders and multipole magnets.
    Matesy GmbH
  • Multitrak - Encoders Multiturn absolute encoder system. Resolution 65,536 representing 1-128 turns full absolute range of travel. All Features Std. +24VDC power in, field selectable 5,15 or 24VDC logic level outputs, binary data, Opto-Isolated PLC handshakes for data latch, watchdog, and multiplex enable. Real-time incremental outputs too. Status LEDs, & remote zero set. Built in test & cable disonnect.
    Computer Conversions
  • MPD-1650 - DMB/DAB Encoder MPD-1650 is DMB/DAB Encoder that has Ensemble Multiplexing, OFDM Modulator and RF Up converter in one unit. MPD-1650 fully supports for Korean, Chinese and German TDMB even European DAB and this system has the function of Audio/Video real time encoding, MUSICAM, data encoding. So, MPD-1650 enables you to cope with the various TDMB/DAB transmitting environments and you can easily access to the actual TDMB test conditions with its own ultimate functions.
    Credix Co. Ltd
  • Model VG1 - Video Test Generator This extremely low cost, video generator produces a complete color composite video signal. The video pattern is a full field 7 bar pattern (EIA type color bars) or the unit can be adjusted to provide any full field color desirable even color black. The output video level is adjustable to a nominal 1V p-p into a 75 ohm load. This design has a sync generator, video pattern generator, color encoder and power supply sections. The encoder section can be used alone for converting computer video graphics in the CGA mode to composite color video.
  • 5948 - MicroTester for Small-Scale Low-Force Testing The Model 5948 MicroTester offers solutions for industries faced with the challenges of testing small assemblies or miniature specimens by combining an ultra-high precision drive system with high-accuracy load measurement. The MicroTester has the ability to perform tension, compression, and low-cycle fatigue tests with a load force range of <2 mN up to 2 kN. Micro-position displacement control is obtained using a preloaded ballscrew drive system that is equipped with both a rotary encoder and a 20 nm resolution linear glass-scale encoder. The end result is a mechanical testing system that provides unparalleled control performance for short-displacement tests.
  • DisplayMate Multimedia Edition - Test Patterns DisplayMate Multimedia Edition is the most advanced and powerful version of DisplayMate ever, with lots of proprietary and highly innovative suites of test patterns for setting up, tuning-up, calibrating, testing, evaluating, diagnosing, and analyzing CRTs, analog and digital LCD, Plasma, DLP, LCoS, and SXRD monitors and projectors, microdisplays, video boards, color printers, TVs and HDTVs, NTSC/PAL Television encoders and decoders, and more.
    DisplayMate Technologies
  • CQ620CT/640CT - ECONOMIC OSCILLOSCOPE & COMPONENTS TESTER 20MHz/40MHz/50MHz dual channel .ALT triggering function .Encoder for sweep switch .Fully sealed long life vertical sensitivity switch .10 times sweep magnification .TV synchronization, X-Y mode .Economic choice for high quality .Component test function
    Shanghai MCP

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