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  • ECOETS - Enhanced Common Emitter Test System The Enhanced Common Optical Emitter Test System (ECOETS) is a compact electronic warfare ultra-violet, infrared (IR) laser and realistic laser simulation electro-optical test unit.
    DRS Technologies
  • THz emitters and detectors Includes all necessary components for assembling of optical system for Time Domain THz Spectroscopy. Usable spectral range extends from 0.1 to 4 THz.
    EKSPLA Uab
  • CGE03 - Comb Generator Emitter A reference noise source with a comb output characteristic generating emissions up to 40GHz with 900MHz or 1GHz step size options. Output is via a 2.9mm connector for use with external antennas
    York EMC Services
  • CGE01 - Comb Generator Emitter A harmonic spectrum reference signal source with a comb output characteristic generating radiated and conducted emissions up to 18 GHz with 50, 80 or 100 MHz step size options. The 50MHz step size allows measurements compliant with chamber validations above 1GHz according to CISPR16.
    York EMC Services
  • The Comparison Noise Emitter V A low cost solution for those needing a high quality noise source. The CNE V offers continuous radiated and conducted outputs up to 1GHz in a physically small package.
    York EMC Services
  • COETS - Common Optical Emitter Test System The Common Optical Emitter Test System (COETS) is a compact electronic warfare ultra-violet and infrared (IR) laser electro-optical test unit. The system incorporates adaptable software to provide testing not accomplished during system built-in-test. Testable areas include: detector sensitivity, laser warning, false-alarms and advanced multi-quadrant testing.
    DRS Technologies
  • CMS Series - In-Line Emitter Sheet Resistance Tester (on-the-fly) Emitter sheet resistance is a primary quality control parameter for silicon cells in PV applications. The CMS models, CMS-1 & -3, Emitter Sheet Resistance Testers allow measurement of wafers ?on the fly?,
  • CGE02 - Comb Generator Emitter A harmonic spectrum reference signal source with a comb output characteristic generating radiated and conducted emissions up to 26GHz with 250 or 256MHz step size options.
    York EMC Services
  • The Comparison Noise Emitter III The industry standard reference noise source offering continuous radiated and conducted outputs up to 2GHz.
    York EMC Services
  • LEDSource - Lambertian & homogeneous calibrated source High radiance Homogeneous Unpolarized Quasi Lambertian emitter
  • HEDC-55xx/56xx Series - Housed Incremental Kit Encoders High-performance, two and three channel incremental optical kit encoders High reliability, high resolution,easy assembly Contains a lensed (LED) source or emitter, an integrated circuit with detectors and output circuitry, and a codewheel which rotates between the emitter and detector IC
    AVAGO Technologies
  • PCE-180 CB - CableTracker PCE-180 CB CableTracker LAN/Cable analyser consists of a signal emitter and a highly sensitive receiver. The signal emitter of this cabletracker LAN/cable analyser is connected to a plug or the core of a cable and sends a coded signal through the cable.
    PCE Instruments
  • 720 - STATIC BAR CHECKER The 720 works by measuring the electric charge induced onto the internal sensor by the emitter pins of the static eliminator. An integrated circuit drives the LED display, according to the power of the signal.
    Fraser Anti-Static
  • FOD 2115 - LED Light Source The LED Light Source FOD 2115 differs from other sources by using an LED at wavelengths 850 and 1300 nm as a light emitter. At lower price the source allows to avoid gross error usually arising with use of laser diodes when measuring multimode fibers.
    Fiber Optic Devices
  • IR-140/301 - Blackbody System Our extended area sources are flat plate emitters with special high emissivity coating providing 0.96 average emissivity. Extended area sources provide large target with high radiant intensity for application where a cavity blackbody is too small.
    Infrared Systems
  • KFT - Expert Vehicle Key Fob Tester Expert Quality, detects radio and infrared wavelengths from vehicle key fobs and remote controls helping diagnose potential faults on the emitters. Operates between 418MHz and 43 MHz.
    Draper Tools Ltd
  • X9 11 - radiometer radiometer to measure the UV-C irradiance of UV-C emitters at 254 nm for disinfection and sterilization ( UVGI = UV Germicidal Irradiance Effective Radiation) or the irradiance of UV-C EPROM erasing lamps.
    Gigahertz-Optik GmbH
  • Whole-Body Counting (WBC) In Health Physics, ?Whole-Body Counting? (WBC), refers to the measurement of radioactivity within the human body. The technique is generally only applicable to radioactive materials that emit gamma rays, although in certain circumstances, beta emitters can be measured also.
  • RT-610 - Robust U-shaped Photoelectric Sensor Beam axis alignment is not required as the emitter and the receiver are integrated in a single body. There are three models having a sensing range of 10 mm 0.394 in, 20 mm 0.787 in and 50 mm 1.969 in. 
    Panasonic Industrial
  • 9185 - Static Bar (Ionizer) Checker Model 9185 Static Bar Checker offers users a quick, accurate method of making sure that their AC and DC static ionizers are working properly. The pocket size unit evaluates bar performance by measuring the electrical charge induced into the sensor by the emitter pins of the static eliminator.
    TAKK Industries Incorporated
  • M320 - Portable Dual Cavity Blackbody Portable Dual Blackbody. This unique unit features dual emitters providing calibration sources for 2 temperature points within the calibration range, thus eliminating the waiting period between temperature measurements encountered with single cavity units
    LumaSense Technologies
  • GP ISO-TEST INLINE Edge isolation testing inline. The functional principle of a solar cell invariably includes doping to form an n-type layer on top of a p-type wafer. This pn-junction is produced by diffusing an emitter on the front and back of the solar cell.
    GP Solar GmbH
  • INTE070 - ELECTRONIC MATRIX SWITCH EK Module is a C-1 size register based VXI instrument. Module performs switching of low-power analog signals. Switching structure is 25 independent groups. Each group contains 4 opto-transistor triggers connected by emitters. 25 groups by 4 inputs to 1 output. 
  • PA-3110 - Pulse Analyzer The PA-3110 Pulse Analyzer is designed with COTS products and commercial software to precisely measure all radar emitter parameters, such as frequency, pulse width, pulse amplitude, time of arrival, as well as derived parameters including Pulse Repetition Interval (PRI) and scan pattern behavior and characterization.
    Microwave Technologies

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