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  • 100B - EMC Probe The 100B magnetic field probe has the smallest loop of any probe in the series. It offers the best spatial resolution and high-frequency response of the magnetic field probes, but has lower sensitivity than the 100A or 100C.
    Beehive Electronics
  • RadiSense® - EMC E-Field Probes DARE!! Instruments invented the LASER powered E-field probe, called the RadiSense, back in 1999. This caused a major change in measuring accurate fieldstrengths during radiated susceptibility testing. The fact that the E-field probe is undependent of an internal battery, because the field probe electronics is powered by LASER, had another advantage; that the size of the field probe could be much smaller. A smaller field probe volume automatically means that it measures more accurately.
    D.a.r.e!! Development
  • 100C - EMC Probe The 100C magnetic field probe has the largest loop of any probe in the series. It has the best sensitivity of the magnetic field probes. Because the large size of the loop, its high-frequency response and spatial resolution are not as good as the 100A and 100B.
    Beehive Electronics
  • 91197-1 - EMC Current Probes The Model 91197-1 and 91197-1L EMC current probes are our most sensitive low frequency probes. The 91550-1 and 91550-1L current probes have have a calibration available down to 20 Hz which makes them ideal test equipment for such test methods as MILSTD-462 CEO1 and RSO1. In particular, the newer CEO1 limits which are dependent on EUT current/voltage requirements are more stringent than the older fixed limit CEO1 requirement
  • 101A - EMC Probe Set The 101A probe set contains one each of the 100A,B,C, and D probes. The three loop probes are sensitive to magnetic fields. They have different diameters, so that the user can select the optimal probe for the frequency of interest. The 100D stub probe is sensitive to electric fields, and offers the best spatial resolution of all.
    Beehive Electronics
  • 100D - EMC Probe The 100D is an electric field probe, unlike the 100A/B/C. It has the best spatial resolution of all the probes. However, because it is an electric field probe, it does not offer the common mode rejection that the magnetic field probes have.
    Beehive Electronics
  • 100A - EMC Probe The 100A is a small, handheld magnetic field probe ideal for locating the sources of EMC emissions. Its integrated electrostatic shield offers good common-mode rejection, and its fine spatial resolution make it easy to track a source of emissions down to the offending component.
    Beehive Electronics
  • 150A - EMC Probe Amplifier The 150A EMC probe amplifier is a low-noise, wide-bandwidth amplifier designed for use with the 100 series EMC probes. It features a gain of over 30 dB and a frequency response of 100 kHz to 6 GHz.
    Beehive Electronics
  • EMxpert - EMC Testing EMxpert allows you to visualize the root causes of potential EMC and EMI problems in real-time. You get insights about why designs fail, something no chamber can give you. You don't need to wait for chamber time to re-design and test by trial and error. You can now rapidly diagnose even intermittent problems, which may otherwise go undetected when using handheld or automated single probes.
  • EMI10 - EMI EMC TRAINING SYSTEM 2 nos E and 3 nos H field probes, Low Noise Preamplifier, EMC Analyser, EMI demo board, Emissions Reference Source, LF/HF Electromagnetic Detector, Biconical antenna, Log periodic antenna, Magnetic Loop antenna.
    Amitec Electronics
  • CA113 - Clamp-on DC/AC Current Probe The CA113 is a clamp-on DC/AC current probe that is designed to be used to expand a mulitimeter's capabilities to read DC/AC Amps from 0.1A to 1000A. The CA113 is designed and tested according to IEC publication 1010-2-032 (1994.12)(OvervoltageCategory III), Safety Requirements for Handheld Current Clamps forElectrical Measurement and Test, the EMC Directive (EN50081-1 and EN50082-1),and other safety standards.
    Fine Instruments
  • Broadband Current Probes Conducted currents can be measured without making direct contact with the source conductor or metallic surface by means of clamp-on broadband current probes. The BCP-5xx EMC Current Probes are designed to permit field intensity meters, spectrum analyzers, and other 50W impedance instruments to measure quantitative magnitudes of current.
  • GTEM Cell EMC measurement (EMS, EMI, calibration of E-field probe and etc.) And measurement for sensitivity and radiation power of RF communication equipment.
    ELENA Electronics
  • EMI20 - EMI EMC TRAINING LAB 2 nos E and 3 nos H field probes, Low Noise Preamplifier, EMC Analyser, EMI demo board, Emissions Reference Source, LF/HF Electromagnetic Detector, Biconical antenna, Log periodic antenna, Magnetic Loop antenna, Electric Fast Transient Generator, LISN, Helmholtz Coil, TEM Field Generator, EMI-EMC design software.
    Amitec Electronics
  • ELT-400 - Exposure Level Tester The ELT-400 for measuring magnetic fields in occupational and public environments and in EMC laboratories is especially designed for use by health and safety professionals in industry and insurance. The instrument performs precise B-field measurements in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 400 kHz. The ELT-400 uses a standards-compliant 100 cm2 probe for measurements.
    Narda Safety Test
  • Smart Fieldmeter. - Electromagnetic (RF, MW) Field Strength Meters Smart Fieldmeter (R) models including three broadband electromagnetic field probes, covering the frequency range 100 KHz-18 GHz, and one selective GSM probe for GSM 900-1900 MHz range. SMART FIELDMETERTM can be used for RF Radiated Immunity testing for practically any EMC standard, including MIL STD 461/462, RTCA DO-160, EN50082, EN61000-4-3, etc.
    EMC Test Design
  • SHC - Voltage Probes A wide range of accessories such as: Antennas, High Voltage Probes, Absorbing Clamps, Near Field Probes, etc. and other complete the range of products. This will enable the operator to always have the correct set-up for any EMC standard. Several accessories enlarge the capability of the systems in any test condition to offer a useful tool either to achieve the CE mark or for design debugging and pre-qualification testing.
  • CTK Probes - Active near field probes The CTK probes are powerful diagnostic tools that are an ideal complement to conventional EMC test equipment kits. Their high sensitivity and small tip size ensures accurate location of sources and tracks. The CTK kit comprises two probes, an E field and an H field. Both are self contained compact hand held probes which feature a very small sensing element, high gain amplifier and three outputs.
    Laplace Instruments
  • EPS-3007 - Emission Measurement System for PCB The EMC PRECISION SCAN is a scanner system to measure RF near-field emissions from a printed circuit board under test in normal offices or similar electromagnetic environments by utilizing an X-Y axis antenna probe scanning mechanism. The scanning results are represented on the user's PC monitor as frequency spectrum charts and field intensity distribution color maps, the latter of which is superimposed on the actual board image captured by the CCD camera mounted on the scanner main unit, allowing the user to easily locate the exact sources of emission.
    Noise Laboratory
  • RF100 - Near Field Probe Set The RF100 probe set consists of a passive E field probe and H field probe, BNC adaptor and carry case. The output is via a BNC socket. These are general purpose probes which are ideal for use in conjunction with an EMC measuring system. They are sensitive to sources in close proximity, but are insensitive to background signals.
    Laplace Instruments
  • HR-series - EMC-Scanners The High Resolution EMC Scanner features: 25µm resolution. Import 3D surface models. Scanning at a fixed distance from the surface. Calibrate to beacon. Real time inspection camera with 10µm resolution. High resolution near field probes
    Detectus AB

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