ECU Simulators

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  • PT-LabCar - ECU Simulator PT-LABCAR is an open and scalable Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) system. It is designed for open- and closed-loop testing of ECUs specifically in the powertrain application domain. The system can be used to run automated regression tests for the release of software variants as well as for the validation of control and diagnostic functions in early phases of ECU development.
  • mOByDic 1000 - ISO 9141-2 ECU Simulator Complete ECU Simulator for ISO 9141-2
    Ozen Elektronik
  • mOByDic 1100 - KWP 2000 ECU Simulator Complete ECU Simulator for KWP2000.
    Ozen Elektronik
  • 602201 - ECUsim 2000 OBD-II ECU Simulator ECUsim 2000 is the best entry level multiprotocol OBD simulator. It is a must-have tool for anyone involved in the testing or development of OBD hardware or software. It supports all legislated OBD protocols, fixed and user adjustable parameter IDs (PIDs), diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), freeze frames, and many other SAE J1979 services.
  • mOByDic 1600 - CAN Bus ECU Simulator Complete ECU Simulator for CAN Bus
    Ozen Elektronik
  • mOByDic 1200 - J1850 PWM ECU Simulator Complete ECU Simulator for J1850 PWM.
    Ozen Elektronik
  • mOByDic 1700 - j1939 ECU Simulator Complete ECU Simulator for j1939. ? Compatible with J1939 Standard ? 24V operating range ? MIL LED output ? 29 bit / 250 kB CAN BUS communication ? Support some j1979 compliants DMs ? Simulates Truck and CAR ECUs ? ECU source address is 0x00.
    Ozen Elektronik
  • mOByDic 1400 - KW 1281 ECU Simulator Complete ECU Simulator for KW1281
    Ozen Elektronik
  • mOByDic 1110 - KWP2000 slow/fast init. Multiple ECU Simulator ( ECM , TCM , ABS ) KWP2000 slow/fast init. Multiple ECU ( ECM , TCM , ABS ) - Multiple responses ECU simulator.
    Ozen Elektronik
  • mOByDic 1300 - J1850 VPW ECU Simulator Complete ECU Simulator for J1850 VPW.
    Ozen Elektronik
  • 601500 - ECUsim 5100 Professional OBD-II ECU Simulator ECUsim 5100 is a small, lightweight, benchtop simulator that can be used for testing and development of OBD devices and software. It supports all legislated OBD protocols, fixed and user adjustable parameter IDs (PIDs), diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), freeze frames, and many other SAE J1979 services.
  • Telematics Vehicle Drive Simulator With the VDS, a user can load a configuration file which contains vehicle particulars, and simulate all drive related data including a GPS scenario and dead reckoning. All vehicle network signals are modeled. Faults may be inserted and ECU behaviors assessed. The unit is capable of running scripts remotely. All data may be logged.emotely. All data may be logged.
  • Battery Cell Simulation Efficiency, reliability and safety of modern lithium ion batteries for electric vehicle drives strongly depend on the battery management system (BMS) as their electronic control unit.

    The innovation by comemso GmbH is a highly accurate battery cell simulator (BCS) in third generation, which offers complete function tests of the BMS. Using this simulator, it is possible to adjust voltages with an accuracy of 1mV and currents with an accuracy of 100µA per cell in less than 3ms. To analyze quiescent current measurements, the comemso BCS is able to measure currents with an accuracy of 1µA per cell. This market innovation is necessary to detect unwanted discharges of a battery. As an overheated battery is a high safety risk, the comemso BCS also includes highly accurate temperature simulation modules for the BMS test. All parameters are adjustable in the high voltage area up to 600V. By combining simulation and measurement techniques at the comemso BCS, the calibration possibility, which can be done by the customer, is a further innovation in this area.
  • RT-LAB TestDrive - multi-CPU RT-LAB Engineering Simulator For expansion, our ECU-in-the-loop simulation hardware easily accommodates new I/O types and additional channels. For testing higher levels of integration, such as a chassis/powertrain combination, multiple TestDrives can be brought together through the built-in SignalWire real-time serial link. In addition to its capability as a standalone tester, each TestDrive can serve as an I/O processor in a multi-CPU RT-LAB Engineering Simulator for closed-loop real-time simulation using high fidelity plant models.
    Opal-RT Technologies
  • Transmission Simulator Our transmission simulator provides all the necessary inputs, outputs, and actual loads to test transmission controller hardware and software in a real time environment. It provides all of the I/O required to communicate with a transmission or dual function engine/transmission ECU. The simulator uses a PXI system and LabView Real Time with FPGA extensions. Its graphical user interface and I/O hardware give the user control over all the transmission functions and parameters.
  • ECU Testing with dSPACE Simulator Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation is the method used to test the functions, system integration, and communication of electronic control units (ECUs). ECUs are indispensable for vehicles, airplanes and robots. The technical environment of the ECUs and interconnected system parts are simulated in HIL simulation. The HIL tests are very systematic and also completely safe, even when critical thresholds are exceeded. The main goal is to detect errors in ECUs. Once detected, the situation that produces the error can be reproduced whenever and however required.

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