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  • PARTICLE IMPACT NOISE DETECTION (PIND) This test detects the presence of free moving particulate contaminants within sealed cavity devices. This test is specifically directed toward relays and other devices where internal mechanism noise makes rejection exclusively by threshold level impractical.
    Aero Nav Laboratories
  • Dirty Bomb Detection Jamming System The SSR-7000 consists of a radiation detection system that operates in concert with a MM Wave body scanner and an electronic countermeasure IED Defeat System. This three part solution is geared to deal with finding remote controlled weapons that are designed to detonate radioactive contents with a discharge that may or may not reach nuclear yield. Dirty bombs of this type are designed to cause terror and maximum panic.
    Security Intelligence
  • id220 SERIES - Free Running SINGLE PHOTON DETECTION Module The id220 brings a major breakthrough for single photon detection in free-running mode at telecom wavelengths. It is the first single-photon detection module built around an InGaAs/InP passively quenched avalanche photodiode
    ID Quantique SA
  • DDR200 NIR and DDR300 NIR - Near Infrared Subsurface Defect Detection and Review Systems The McBain DDR200 NIR (for 200mm) and DDR300 NIR (for 300mm) provide high-speed defect detection and precision measurement on wafers and other parts. These cost-efficient systems offer unique advantages for both production and process development use, providing an optimum near-infrared (900-1700nm) solution when both subsurface defect detection and dimensional metrology are required.
    McBain Systems
  • CTF-05 - Low Current and Pulse Detection High accurate AC pulse current sensor for power demand meter.
    MULTI Measuring Instruments
  • NORM2 - Detection probe NORM2: Detection probe with evaluation electronics as "stand-alone" unit featuring LED/acoustic system with two LEDs (red and green). The green LED indicates that the probe is in operation. In case of an alarm the red LED is illuminated and an acoustic alarm is given.
    Mirion Technologies
  • VORON - DEVICE FOR DETECTION OF CONCEALED VIDEO CAMERAS The VORON is designed for quick detection of concealed micro video cameras, including those with pinhole lens. Principle of detection is based on effect of light reflection or "return flare". Thus, when a concealed target is detected, there is a bright red spot (reflection from video camera lens) in the VORON field of vision.
  • CableTroll 2330 - Detection of Earth Faults (PtG) and Short Circuit (PtP) Faults CableTroll 2330 is an indicator for detection of earth faults (PtG) and short circuit (PtP) faults on multi and single core cable terminations. The unit uses NorTroll type current sensors.
  • ALD - Advanced Leak Detection Module The long-awaited ALD Module now gives your Apex the ability to detect water on the floor in up to four separate locations and tells your Apex to sound an alarm, email you, or whatever action you desire giving you the ultimate in peace of mind. This new module is Plug-and-Play, connecting to the Apex System's AquaBus. It has four separate probe ports where you can plug in either the optionally available low-profile probe (perfect for under carpets) or the weighted, solid-surface probe.
    Neptune Systems
  • Tracer Gas Leak Detection Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has released its patent pending Nitrogen Purge leak detection technology that interfaces with the TracerMate CS instrument. Nitrogen Purge utilizes a layer of flowing gas along a tool sealing area to isolate atmospheric gases inside the sealed trace gas accumulation chamber, keeping a controlled background signal.
    Cincinnati Test Systems
  • OE 110 - Optical Signal Detection The optical receivers convert digital light signals into electrical signals.
    Langer EMV-Technik
  • BDU-FS - Free Space Beat Detection Unit The BDU beat detection unit generates a beat signal between the comb light and the light from an external cw laser to be measured.
    Menlo Systems Gmbh
  • ICMsystem - Digital Partial Discharge Detection System The ICMsystem is a digital partial discharge detection system suitable for a wide range of applications. The instrument is completely controlled by software using a GPIB or TCP/IP, GMS, Modem, fibre optic or direct serial link.
    Power Diagnostix
  • E2CY - Compact Proximity Sensor For Aluminum Detection The E2CY Inductive Proximity Sensor utilizes the technology of separate amplifier and compact sensor head for detection of aluminum, copper, and other non-ferrous metal objects. The simple one-touch teach function for simple sensitivity adjustment makes for easy set-up and installation to keep your commissioning costs low.
    Omron Industrial
  • Which Ender - Capacitance Detection Probe A capacitance detection probe. By sensing capacitance it identifies if a wire is connected to a contact. When you press the Which Ender's button, a tone is produced. If a contact has a wire connected this tone will drop in pitch when the probe tip touches the contact. Indispensable for locating opens, breaks, and unused pins in a cable at the connector.
    Cirris Systems
  • DayCor® Ranger - Van Mounted Corona / Arc Detection Systems A comfortable and safe to operate corona inspection system mounted on a vehicle roof and remotely controlled from inside the vehicle. Fits lengthy and long distances inspections. System is controlled through a precise pan and tilt unit and a monitor that displays in real time the camera’s output. Shock absorbers protect the imaging unit when driving in harsh terrain.
    Ranger can easily be mounted and dismounted on most vehicle makes.
    Features include: rapid optical zoom; auto focus; UV events counter; video and stills capture and playback; full remote control; saved preset inspection angles.
    Ofil Ltd
  • XT 8000 - Portable Metal Detection System The new XT 8000 portable walk through metal detection system is a full featured digitally controlled unit that can be deployed in less than five minutes, yet stores away in a rugged carry bag for easy transport. Only $3,995.00 each Buy Now Our Price $3,995.00 The new XT 8000 portable walk through metal detection system is a full featured digitally controlled unit that can be deployed in less than five minutes, yet stores away in a rugged carry bag for easy transport. XT 8000 is simple to set up and operate without specialized training. The system can be moved regularly to different facilities to provide security and deterrence while costing thousands less than permanently installing units at each site.
    Xtreme Research
  • Optical Signal Detection Connect the receiver to an oscilloscope via a BNC plug-and-socket connector for data acquisition. Attach the sensors to the EUT using microcleps. We recommend fixing the measuring set-up with a glued-on socket (which is glued to the base) to ensure reproducible measurements. Place this socket in the vicinity of the digital signal to be monitored (generally an IC pin). 
    Langer EMV-Technik
  • Custom Measurement and Detection Devices Sensors and instruments can be made for PCB mount, DIN rail / panel or rack mount for industrial enclosures, hand held Instrumentation, self contained applications, and design support for integration into your own products.
    MEAD Electronics
  • iRobot® PackBot® 510 - Defense Detection Robot Modular, adaptable and expandable. The 510 PackBot is a tactical mobile robot that performs multiple missions while keeping warfighters and first responders out of harm's way. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Explosives Detection HazMat Detection Surveillance / Reconnaissance
  • TC600 - Rebar Corrosion Detection * Non-destructive testing the corrosion in rebar * Detection of the corrosion condition of the rebar accurately and conveniently by field potential measurement * Possibility to store, view, delete data and transfer all readings to PC with USB interface and serial port * Faster and more accurate processing of data, presentation of test area and reading as numbers or graphics * Display of measurement values in 9 grey-scale or colorful graphics * Permanent copper/copper sulphate reference electrodes to measure electrical potentials
  • eXpert - Peak (Min/Max) Detection Traditionally, PC-based waveform digitizers provide raw data to user applications which then analyze the data on the host PC using techniques such as peak detection. Often waveform data throughput exceeds the capacity of the data bus or the speed of traditional peak detection analysis routines. For these requirements, GaGe now offers on-board eXpert Peak Detection Firmware for our new-generation high-performance digitizer cards.
  • IFDIS - Intermittent Fault Detection and Isolation system The IFDIS™ includes an environmental chamber capable of subjecting a Unit Under Test (UUT) to a thermal environment of -100 degrees F to 350 degrees F in a precisely controlled manner. A 2,205 lbf vibration platform with a 2 inch peak to peak displacement and 78 inch / second velocity that includes a trunnion mounting, 13 inch diameter table, degauss coil, active suspension system and cooling blower with a 12 foot flex duct.
    Universal Synaptics
  • ChemRAE - Chemical Warfare Agent Detection ChemRAE is the latest in state-of-the-art hand-held Chemical Warfare Agent detection and identification systems. It is RAE Systems' next generation sensor technology based on tested and proven Open Loop Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology. The ChemRAE uses an improved Ion Mobility Cell™, which provides enhanced selectivity and sensitivity.
    RAE Systems

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