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  • ETCR1000C - Non-contact Phase Sequence Detection Traditional phase sequence measurement methods must poke the three-phase wire terminal, and connect the three bare alligator clips or test pins of phase sequence meters to the three bare firing lines, while ETCR1000C uses clamp non-contact measurement, without taking off the wire and no need to contact high-voltage bare fire-wire, the test can be made by directly clamping the three-phase insulating sheath by three super-sensitive high-insulated clamps. Conducting measurement on sheathed cable significantly improves the safety of field testing, effectively protect the operator’s personal safety and increase productivity!
  • PIXIS-XO - Direct Detection Camera The advanced high-sensitivity, thermoelectrically cooled family of PIXIS-XO camera systems is designed with special back-illuminated CCDs without anti-reflection coating for direct imaging of very low energy X-rays (< 30 eV). The rotatable conflat flange design provides ultra-high vacuum hard metal seals with ability to align the CCD.
    Princeton Instruments
  • Web Deflection Detection System The Web Deflection System (WDS) is composed of a Display Unit, Deflection Measuring Head with extensions and adjusting hardware, Angle Measuring Head, connecting cables, and carrying case. A small transducer located within the Deflection Measuring Head measures minute deflections occurring within the webs of the crankshaft. Indicators on the Deflection Measuring Head assist with the proper installation between the throws or webs of the crankshaft.
    Riverhawk Company
  • id400 SERIES - SINGLE PHOTON DETECTION MODULE FOR 1064 NM The id400 single photon detection module consists of a detection head and a control unit. The detection head contains a cooled InGaAsP/InP avalanche photodiode (APD) optimised for 1064nm single photon detection and a fast sensing and quenching electronic circuit.
    ID Quantique SA
  • VORON - DEVICE FOR DETECTION OF CONCEALED VIDEO CAMERAS The VORON is designed for quick detection of concealed micro video cameras, including those with pinhole lens. Principle of detection is based on effect of light reflection or "return flare". Thus, when a concealed target is detected, there is a bright red spot (reflection from video camera lens) in the VORON field of vision.
  • BOOMERANG WARRIOR-X - Soldier Wearable Shooter Detection System Boomerang Warrior-X provides immediate indication of hostile fire or sniper attack and localizes the shooter(s) allowing for a rapid, informed and coordinated response.
    BBN Technologies
  • PX-Q505 - FLASHPISTOL® STANDARD LEAK DETECTION SET The PX-Q505 Flashpistol® leak detection set is state of the art in precision fiber optic fault location. This set is comprised of the patented PX-Q500 leak detection gun and a PX-Q404 tracer source. It is designed to find infrared radiation from firearm, rodent, or burn damage in aerial cables as well internal splice enclosure fiber faults. While an OTDR can find approximate distance to a problem, pinpointing problems in the real world is more often about luck, intuition, or trial and error. The PX-Q505 can also be used to pinpoint faults inside a splice enclosure or hub using interchangeable heads. To use the Flashpistol® probe, simply squeeze and hold the trigger and sweep over a suspect area.
    Photonix Technologies
  • AT-12B / 65 - Non-contact AC Voltage DETECTION CATIII 1000V Voltage Sensitivity 90 ~ 1000VAC Bandwidth 50/60Hz Normal Indicators Beep and flashing LED indicate the presence of voltage Battery Indication The LED will not flash if the battery is less than 2V.The beep sounds will still have but may be weaker. Silent Indicators LED flashing only, it could save battery
  • nanoFTIR - Near-Field Detection Module for Spectroscopy Reflective AFM-tip illumination Detection optimized for high-performance near-field spectroscopy Patented background-free detection technology Based on optimized Fourier-Transform spectrometer Up to 3 spectra per second Standard spectral resolution: 6.4/cm Upgrade to 3 cm-1 spectral resolution available Suited for visible & infrared detection (0.5 – 20 µm) Exchangeable beam-splitter mount included NEW: Suited for IR synchrotron sources
    Neaspec GmbH
  • ADD - Arresters Default Detection The ADD allows on-line arresters default detection on power lines up to 69 kV (or up to 45kV phase-to-neutral). The ADD has been designed to detect arresters' internal / external partial discharge or sparking that are the cause of power line TV and radio interference. We developed a contact method using ultra wide band radio frequency detection technology. It is used on energized lines.
    Amperis Sl
  • CTF-05 - Low Current and Pulse Detection High accurate AC pulse current sensor for power demand meter.
    MULTI Measuring Instruments
  • PR-PD2 - Reticle/Mask Particle Detection System The PR-PD2 Particle Detection System efficiently provides particle detection with high throughput, a major concern for semiconductor plants where performance and reliability are one of the most important requirements.
    HORIBA Ltd
  • BW-LPD-DAQ4000HD - Particle Impact Detection System 10 This system is capable of vibration testing up to 10 pounds and detecting defects that produce noise, such as loose screws, particles, etc. Right from the start of PIND testing, B&W patented the first MIL-STD compliant system outperforming the competition by over 30% better detection rate as tested by the NBS (now National Institute of Science and Technology) in a well known 1978 study (NBSIR 78-1590 NASA).
    B&W Engineering
  • AE-150 - Portable Partial Discharge/ Detection Application and Operation Powers transformers are critical to Transmission and Distribution substations. In fact, losing a unit can have a major financial consequence. To protect your investment, use Acoustic Emission Testing. This technique is superior to electric methods for on-site tests.
    Ndb Technologies
  • id220 SERIES - Free Running SINGLE PHOTON DETECTION Module The id220 brings a major breakthrough for single photon detection in free-running mode at telecom wavelengths. It is the first single-photon detection module built around an InGaAs/InP passively quenched avalanche photodiode
    ID Quantique SA
  • MagTrack - 3D Single-particle-Detection The MagTrack system is based on the magnetic marker monitoring ans was developed for the recording of the motion sequences in closed systems, in order to analyze and if possible to optimized them. With the MagTrack it is possible to detect the absoulte 3D-position in a defined space and the rotation of the magnetic marked particles. The MagTrack system has a modular design and can be adjusted to any equipment and system.
    Matesy GmbH
  • EZ-10 - Series Water Detection Sensor Because permeability is strong, it securely detects internal liquid, penetrating opaque container such as a shampoo container and not to mention translucent container such as a PFA-made tank.
    Panasonic Industrial
  • ENVIROMUX-GBS - Glass Break Detection Sensor Acoustically detects the cracking of glass. Adjustable sensitivity. Includes mounting hardware. Connect to RJ45 or digital input sensor ports. Supports CAT5/5e/6 UTP or STP cables. Screw terminal. To connect to the RJ45 inputs use CAT5/5e/6 cable terminated at one end with RJ45 connector. Connect the un-terminated end to the sensor screw terminal. Maximum cable length: 1,000 ft (305 m). Powered by ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D.
    Network Technologies
  • Calisto 2 - Transformer Fault Detection Calisto 2, Morgan Schaffer's newest IED, monitors dissolved hydrogen, carbon monoxide and moisture in oil. Building on more than 15 years of experience in the design and manufacture of on-line monitors and portable gas analyzers, Calisto 2 employs Morgan Schaffer's latest innovations in dissolved hydrogen, carbon monoxide and moisture measurement. Calisto 2 dependably delivers accurate concentration measurements all the way down to the lowest detection limits in the industry.
    Xiamen Jiahua Electrical
  • TC600 - Rebar Corrosion Detection * Non-destructive testing the corrosion in rebar * Detection of the corrosion condition of the rebar accurately and conveniently by field potential measurement * Possibility to store, view, delete data and transfer all readings to PC with USB interface and serial port * Faster and more accurate processing of data, presentation of test area and reading as numbers or graphics * Display of measurement values in 9 grey-scale or colorful graphics * Permanent copper/copper sulphate reference electrodes to measure electrical potentials
  • SCI-DD800 - All-In-One Detection Device To capture most hidden video threats this device offers the ability to detect for wireless signals with the frequency scanner as well as to locate threats with the lens finder. With this unit you can also detect and prevent wiretapping. Other features include detection of changes in voltage as well as noise generation to protect your phone conversations.
    Spy Chest
  • ESK 900J - CELL PHONE DETECTION AND JAMMING This hand held jammer prevents leakage of sensitive information via cell phones, disables satellite tracking device reporting systems, and prevents cell phone activation of remotely controlled devices.
    Eskan Electronics
  • H571LD-1A - Leak detection hydrophone Wilcoxon Research leak detection hydrophones are used to “listen” to the sounds of leaks in piping, in situ. A leak detection hydrophone is a piezoelectric sensor that is directly coupled to the fluid system to allow listening to the acoustic signal produced by a leak. The sensor has a pipe thread base for mounting directly to piping.
    Meggitt Sensing Systems
  • id100 SERIES - SINGLE PHOTON DETECTION MODULES id100 series offers compact and affordable single-photon counting modules with best-in-class timing resolution and low dead time.
    ID Quantique SA

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