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  • PARTICLE IMPACT NOISE DETECTION (PIND) This test detects the presence of free moving particulate contaminants within sealed cavity devices. This test is specifically directed toward relays and other devices where internal mechanism noise makes rejection exclusively by threshold level impractical.
    Aero Nav Laboratories
  • PI-SX - Direct Detection Camera The advanced high-sensitivity, thermoelectrically cooled family of PIXIS-XO camera systems is designed with special back-illuminated CCDs without anti-reflection coating for direct imaging of very low energy X-rays (< 30 eV). The rotatable conflat flange design provides ultra-high vacuum hard metal seals with ability to align the CCD.
    Princeton Instruments
  • PinPoint™ - Gunshot Detection System Cobham's PinPoint™ Gunshot Detection System provides the capability in both urban and rural environments to rapidly locate the source of hostile fire, and provide accurate range, bearing and elevation information to the user and the Battle Management System.
    Cobham Plc
  • ULTRAPROBE 2000 - Analog Ultrasonic Detection System Designed for ease of use, it often takes no more than 15 minutes to become competent in testing with the ULTRAPROBE 2000 Kit Complete. Fast accurate diagnosis through the ULTRAPROBE 2000 System will dramatically reduce unplanned down time and shorten planned outage time.
    UE Systems
  • H571LD-2 - Leak detection hydrophone Wilcoxon Research leak detection hydrophones are used to “listen” to the sounds of leaks in piping, in situ. A leak detection hydrophone is a piezoelectric sensor that is directly coupled to the fluid system to allow listening to the acoustic signal produced by a leak. The sensor has a pipe thread base for mounting directly to piping.
    Meggitt Sensing Systems
  • Gas Turbine Flame Detection Specialized detectors from GE can help improve the performance and availability of your gas turbine plant by detecting the combustion flame quicker and more accurately than a tradition Geiger-Mueller design.
    GE Energy
  • ENVIROMUX-SDS-CE - Smoke Detection Sensor - CE Approved For warning of smoke. Photoelectric smoke detector. Smoke sensitivity: 0.08-0.14 dB/m. Built-in 135° F (57° C) thermal heat sensor. Includes mounting hardware. Connect to RJ45 or digital input sensor ports. Supports CAT5/5e/6 UTP or STP cables. Screw terminal. To connect to the RJ45 inputs use CAT5/5e/6 cable terminated at one end with RJ45 connector. Connect the un-terminated end to the sensor screw terminal. Operating temperature: 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C). Maximum cable length: 1,000 ft (305 m). Powered by ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D. Regulatory approvals: CE, RoHS.
    Network Technologies
  • ETCR1000C - Non-contact Phase Sequence Detection Traditional phase sequence measurement methods must poke the three-phase wire terminal, and connect the three bare alligator clips or test pins of phase sequence meters to the three bare firing lines, while ETCR1000C uses clamp non-contact measurement, without taking off the wire and no need to contact high-voltage bare fire-wire, the test can be made by directly clamping the three-phase insulating sheath by three super-sensitive high-insulated clamps. Conducting measurement on sheathed cable significantly improves the safety of field testing, effectively protect the operator’s personal safety and increase productivity!
  • FX-301-F - Digital Fiber Sensor for Leak Detection/Liquid Detection Fibers Amplifier only for Leak Detection Fiber FD-F7 Series and Liquid Detection Fiber FT-F9 Series. The optimum setting can be done with a simple operation only by large-sized MODE switch and large-sized Jog switch.
    Panasonic Industrial
  • GasFindIR™ - Leak Detection The GasFindIR™ is a powerful infrared inspection system featuring a superior high-resolution image based on FLIR's state-of-the-art, third generation, Indium Antimonide (InSb) focal plane array. This innovative sensor delivers images of unmatched sensitivity, contrast, and clarity. The core technology that GasFindIR is built upon is the optimized narrow band-pass cold filter, specifically centered in the spectrum to detect various hydrocarbon gases allowing you to spot volatile organic compound (VOC) gases in small quantities from several feet or larger quantities from hundreds of feet away. Infrared scanning for these gases can be done from moving vehicles, helicopters, planes as needed to cover large areas or pipelines. Fugitive gas emissions have never been easier to find. Digital recording allows you to archive and track problem areas, easily recall and view history and email findings instantly to repair crews or other personnel
    Infrared Thermal
  • BDU-FS - Free Space Beat Detection Unit The BDU beat detection unit generates a beat signal between the comb light and the light from an external cw laser to be measured.
    Menlo Systems Gmbh
  • id200 SERIES - SINGLE PHOTON DETECTION MODULES id201, offering new functionalities such as an adjustable detection probability and a range of other features. The detection probability can now be increased up to 25% ! An ultra-low noise grade has just been added, offering a further improvement in device performance.
    ID Quantique SA
  • Spark Testers - On-Line Detection of Faults in Cable Insulation Spark Testers from Beta LaserMike provide on-line detection of faults in cable insulation, such as voids and pin holes. All Spark Testers are height-adjustable and floor mounted for easy placement in line. Standard models are available for a variety of applications, including high-frequency models for higher line speeds. Spark Testers can be controlled via the SI900 spark tester indicator with standard RS-232 communication and built-in I/O, or via a Profibus interface module. Beta LaserMike offers both standard and high-frequency models to meet your unique measurement needs.
    Beta LaserMike
  • AT-12B / 65 - Non-contact AC Voltage DETECTION CATIII 1000V Voltage Sensitivity 90 ~ 1000VAC Bandwidth 50/60Hz Normal Indicators Beep and flashing LED indicate the presence of voltage Battery Indication The LED will not flash if the battery is less than 2V.The beep sounds will still have but may be weaker. Silent Indicators LED flashing only, it could save battery
  • DEFECTOMETER 2.837 - Flaw Detection & Crack Detection Instrument The DEFECTOMETER 2.837 is a portable battery operated eddy current instrument that is used for detecting surface flaws in conductive materials (metals). The material surface may be painted, lacquered or untreated. In additon, the instrument can be used for simple materials sorting applications, for example, to differentiate between heat-treated and unheat-treated components.
    Institut Dr. Foerster
  • CTF-05 - Low Current and Pulse Detection High accurate AC pulse current sensor for power demand meter.
    MULTI Measuring Instruments
  • LORNET-0836 - Bug Detection Kit LORNET-0836» is an indispensable tool for quick and reliable detection of devices containing semiconductor components. It can be used for counter-surveillance search works in premises (covert transmitters identification), as well as for location of explosive devices outdoors. The DPF (double probing frequency) technology with a patent pending antenna system places it truly apart from the competition.
    TAK Technologies
  • TRD - Near Field Probes - Flaw Detection The near-field probes offer excellent detection of internal corrosion, erosion, and axial cracking and return high-quality, amplitude-based signals that enable fast and simple data analysis. There is no need for a reference probe or extension. These probes are ideal for fin-fan carbon steel tube inspection.
  • C9692 Series - Photon Detection Units The C9692 series Photon Detection Units are photon counting units designed to make low-light measurements at single photon levels without a time-consuming measurement setup.
    Hamamatsu Photonics
  • Pathfinder MK10 - Fault Detection with GSM/GPRS Module The Pathfinder MK10 is identical in terms of fault detection as the MK8, but has the added benefit of a GSM/GPRS module to report the alarm state remotely. As an instrument it has proved remarkably successful and useful when tracking down repetitive transient faults that keep on tripping a pole mounted recloser.
    Bowden Bros Ltd
  • OE 110 - Optical Signal Detection The optical receivers convert digital light signals into electrical signals.
    Langer EMV-Technik
  • Insure++?: - Runtime Analysis, Memory Error Detection for C and C++ Parasoft Insure++ is a C/C++ runtime memory analysis and error detection tool that automatically identifies a variety of difficult-to-track programming and memory-access errors, along with potential defects and inefficiencies in memory usage.
  • OKM-03 - Pulse Current Detection For pulse current detection.
    MULTI Measuring Instruments
  • Watchdog - Modular Signal Detection and Changeover Watchdog is the latest addition to the established Mentor and Mastermind family of Master Reference generator products, and increases the range and number of signal detection and changeover operations in any dual redundant SPG configuration.
    Trilogy Broadcast

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