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  • TC600 - Rebar Corrosion Detection * Non-destructive testing the corrosion in rebar * Detection of the corrosion condition of the rebar accurately and conveniently by field potential measurement * Possibility to store, view, delete data and transfer all readings to PC with USB interface and serial port * Faster and more accurate processing of data, presentation of test area and reading as numbers or graphics * Display of measurement values in 9 grey-scale or colorful graphics * Permanent copper/copper sulphate reference electrodes to measure electrical potentials
  • FX-301-F - Digital Fiber Sensor for Leak Detection/Liquid Detection Fibers Amplifier only for Leak Detection Fiber FD-F7 Series and Liquid Detection Fiber FT-F9 Series. The optimum setting can be done with a simple operation only by large-sized MODE switch and large-sized Jog switch.
    Panasonic Industrial
  • ENVIROMUX-SDS - Smoke Detection Sensor - UL Approved For warning of smoke. Photoelectric smoke detector. Smoke sensitivity: 0.98-2.4%/ft. Built-in 135° F (57° C) thermal heat sensor. Includes mounting hardware. Connect to RJ45 or digital input sensor ports. Supports CAT5/5e/6 UTP or STP cables. Screw terminal. To connect to the RJ45 inputs use CAT5/5e/6 cable terminated at one end with RJ45 connector. Connect the un-terminated end to the sensor screw terminal. Operating temperature: 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C). Maximum cable length: 1,000 ft (305 m). Powered by ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D. Regulatory approvals: UL, RoHS.
    Network Technologies
  • BOOMERANG - State-of-the-Art Shooter Detection The Boomerang shooter detection system pinpoints incoming small arms fire from the shooter. Boomerang is available to U.S. military, law-enforcement agencies, municipalities, and to other approved U.S. domestic and foreign entities. Government contractors can incorporate Boomerang into their systems or platforms.
    BBN Technologies
  • NODES™ - ntermittent Fault Detection User Interface Software Fully compatible with the Ncompass™ and IFDIS™ ranges of IFD test equipment, NODES provides a Windows-based graphical user interface that simplifies and speeds up the end-to-end IFD testing process – all at the click of a mouse.
    Copernicus Technology
  • PinPoint™ - Gunshot Detection System Cobham's PinPoint™ Gunshot Detection System provides the capability in both urban and rural environments to rapidly locate the source of hostile fire, and provide accurate range, bearing and elevation information to the user and the Battle Management System.
    Cobham Plc
  • ENVIROMUX-SDS-120V - Smoke Detection Sensor – 120VAC Wire-In with Battery Backup For warning of smoke and invisible fire particles. Ionization smoke detector. Applications from 40°F to 100°F (4°C to 38°C). Front loading battery door. 9V battery backup (included) in case of power failure. One button design for easy testing and HUSH mode activation control. LED indicates four modes of operation: standby condition, alarm condition, alarm memory and hush mode. Hush mode: silences false alarms for 8 minutes, or low battery warning for 13 hours. Voltage supply: 120VAC. Pre-stripped wiring harness with tinned strands. Audio alarm: 85dB at 10ft. Dimensions: 5" diameter x 1.75" depth. Dust cover prevents false alarms. Tamper resist feature. Links with up to 24 devices. Max distance between first and last device: 1000ft (305m). Alarm memory indicates initiating alarm in interconnected systems. Use compatible relay (ENVIROMUX-RLY-SDS120V) for connection to the ENVIROMUX system or other auxiliary warning devices such as external sirens or stairwell lighting. ENVIROMUX-RLY-SDS120V includes normally open and normally closed contacts. Contact ratings: 10A at 120VAC, 5A at 30VDC. Regulatory approvals: UL.
    Network Technologies
  • GDYT Series (above 100 kV) - Partial-discharge Detection System The PD free Industrial-frequency Testing system is mainly used to inspect and test the insulation levels of insulation materials, insulation structure and electric products to withstand industrial-frequency voltages, and also used as PD free industrial-frequency test power supply, such as transformers,mutual inductors and lightning arresters, which is widely used in electric products manufactures, electric power operation departments, scientific research institutions ,colleges and universities.
    HV Hipot Electric
  • ECMS A-1500j - Bug Detection System Bug Detector ECMS A-1500j, like its predecessor Bug Detector ECMS A-1500, is an electronic Countermeasure Signal Analyzer designed for counter surveillance operations and used for electronic counter measures during bug detection sweeps.
    Security Intelligence
  • CTF-03 - Low Current and Pulse Detection Suitable for the operation and cable continuity check of the equipment by pulse current detection method.
    MULTI Measuring Instruments
  • EZ-10 - Series Water Detection Sensor Because permeability is strong, it securely detects internal liquid, penetrating opaque container such as a shampoo container and not to mention translucent container such as a PFA-made tank.
    Panasonic Industrial
  • ENVIROMUX-LDSx-y - Legacy Liquid Detection Rope Sensor For warning of flooding. Detects liquid depth >0.1" (2.5 mm). Minimum puddle: 0.6" (15 mm) diameter. 100% waterproof electronics. Detects any liquid or moisture, except deionized water. RJ45 connector. Voltage Supply: 12VDC. Current Consumption: 20mA. Supports CAT5/5e/6 cable up to 1,000 ft. (305 m). Available water sensor cable (x) lengths: 1/10/50/100/200/400/600/800/1000 feet. Plenum rating: CL2P (UL). Available 2-wire cable (y) lengths: 5/10/20/50/100 feet. Powered by ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16U and SERIMUX-S-x. Regulatory approvals: CE, RoHS. Requires the ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16U and SERIMUX-S-x to operate. Use self-adhesive clips (ENVIROMUX-CLP10-LD) to prevent sensor rope cable from shifing after installation. ENVIROMUX-CLP10-LD includes 10 clips.
    Network Technologies
  • Optical Signal Detection Connect the receiver to an oscilloscope via a BNC plug-and-socket connector for data acquisition. Attach the sensors to the EUT using microcleps. We recommend fixing the measuring set-up with a glued-on socket (which is glued to the base) to ensure reproducible measurements. Place this socket in the vicinity of the digital signal to be monitored (generally an IC pin). 
    Langer EMV-Technik
  • id210 SERIES - SINGLE PHOTON DETECTION System The id210 brings a major breakthrough for single photon detection at telecom wavelengths. Its performance in high-speed gating at internal or external frequencies up to 100MHz by far surpasses the performance of existing detectors and of its predecessor, the id200-id201, that has been used by researchers around the globe since first launched in 2002
    ID Quantique SA
  • Partial Discharge PD Test - Detection impedance (input unit) Detection impedance is the importance unit to detect the discharge information from discharge testing loop, also known as input unit.

    There are two kinds of detection impedance, ordinary detection impedance and capacitive divider detection impedance, capacitive divider one can test voltage and zero mark position without connecting to external divider.
    Fivestar HV Testing
  • BOOMERANG WARRIOR-X - Soldier Wearable Shooter Detection System Boomerang Warrior-X provides immediate indication of hostile fire or sniper attack and localizes the shooter(s) allowing for a rapid, informed and coordinated response.
    BBN Technologies
  • Web Deflection Detection System The Web Deflection System (WDS) is composed of a Display Unit, Deflection Measuring Head with extensions and adjusting hardware, Angle Measuring Head, connecting cables, and carrying case. A small transducer located within the Deflection Measuring Head measures minute deflections occurring within the webs of the crankshaft. Indicators on the Deflection Measuring Head assist with the proper installation between the throws or webs of the crankshaft.
    Riverhawk Company
  • VORON - DEVICE FOR DETECTION OF CONCEALED VIDEO CAMERAS The VORON is designed for quick detection of concealed micro video cameras, including those with pinhole lens. Principle of detection is based on effect of light reflection or "return flare". Thus, when a concealed target is detected, there is a bright red spot (reflection from video camera lens) in the VORON field of vision.
  • DayCor® - Superb Corona Detection Systems Superb is the most sensitive bi-spectral Visible-UVc detection apparatus with absolute solar blind performance and with high pinpointing resolution. Accurately pinpoints sources of corona, partial discharge, micro arcing and arcing that may lead to: audio noise, radio/TV interference and electrical mechanical failures
    Ofil Ltd
  • GasFindIR™ - Leak Detection The GasFindIR™ is a powerful infrared inspection system featuring a superior high-resolution image based on FLIR's state-of-the-art, third generation, Indium Antimonide (InSb) focal plane array. This innovative sensor delivers images of unmatched sensitivity, contrast, and clarity. The core technology that GasFindIR is built upon is the optimized narrow band-pass cold filter, specifically centered in the spectrum to detect various hydrocarbon gases allowing you to spot volatile organic compound (VOC) gases in small quantities from several feet or larger quantities from hundreds of feet away. Infrared scanning for these gases can be done from moving vehicles, helicopters, planes as needed to cover large areas or pipelines. Fugitive gas emissions have never been easier to find. Digital recording allows you to archive and track problem areas, easily recall and view history and email findings instantly to repair crews or other personnel
    Infrared Thermal
  • Test Services - Intermittent Fault Detection & Integrity Copernicus Technology Ltd also supply tailored Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD) and Integrity testing services using this ground-breaking technology. All of the examples in our Portfolio on this website are from successful test service projects undertaken for our clients.
    Copernicus Technology
  • Watchdog - Modular Signal Detection and Changeover Watchdog is the latest addition to the established Mentor and Mastermind family of Master Reference generator products, and increases the range and number of signal detection and changeover operations in any dual redundant SPG configuration.
    Trilogy Broadcast
  • NORM2 - Detection probe NORM2: Detection probe with evaluation electronics as "stand-alone" unit featuring LED/acoustic system with two LEDs (red and green). The green LED indicates that the probe is in operation. In case of an alarm the red LED is illuminated and an acoustic alarm is given.
    Mirion Technologies
  • SCI-DD800 - All-In-One Detection Device To capture most hidden video threats this device offers the ability to detect for wireless signals with the frequency scanner as well as to locate threats with the lens finder. With this unit you can also detect and prevent wiretapping. Other features include detection of changes in voltage as well as noise generation to protect your phone conversations.
    Spy Chest

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