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  • eXpert - Peak (Min/Max) Detection Traditionally, PC-based waveform digitizers provide raw data to user applications which then analyze the data on the host PC using techniques such as peak detection. Often waveform data throughput exceeds the capacity of the data bus or the speed of traditional peak detection analysis routines. For these requirements, GaGe now offers on-board eXpert Peak Detection Firmware for our new-generation high-performance digitizer cards.
  • PIXIS-XO - Direct Detection Camera The advanced high-sensitivity, thermoelectrically cooled family of PIXIS-XO camera systems is designed with special back-illuminated CCDs without anti-reflection coating for direct imaging of very low energy X-rays (< 30 eV). The rotatable conflat flange design provides ultra-high vacuum hard metal seals with ability to align the CCD.
    Princeton Instruments
  • BW-LPD-DAQ4000HD - Particle Impact Detection System 10 This system is capable of vibration testing up to 10 pounds and detecting defects that produce noise, such as loose screws, particles, etc. Right from the start of PIND testing, B&W patented the first MIL-STD compliant system outperforming the competition by over 30% better detection rate as tested by the NBS (now National Institute of Science and Technology) in a well known 1978 study (NBSIR 78-1590 NASA).
    B&W Engineering
  • Secondary Ion Detection El-Mul was the first to present a commercial detection module for FIB/SEM tools that combines secondary ion (SI) and secondary electron (SE) mode detection in a single compact device without compromising either mode. This novel technology leap-frogged FIB/SEM tool performance and opened a range of possibilities for new ion beam applications.
    El-Mul Technologies
  • GDYT Series (above 100 kV) - Partial-discharge Detection System The PD free Industrial-frequency Testing system is mainly used to inspect and test the insulation levels of insulation materials, insulation structure and electric products to withstand industrial-frequency voltages, and also used as PD free industrial-frequency test power supply, such as transformers,mutual inductors and lightning arresters, which is widely used in electric products manufactures, electric power operation departments, scientific research institutions ,colleges and universities.
    HV Hipot Electric
  • Peek VideoTrak-IQ (4) Channel Video Detection Card VideoTrak-IQ is a user friendly interface that allows easily modification to configurations of up to 26 detection zones per channel. It also provides zoom and focus controls of each camera at the cabinet with a click of the mouse. The VideoTrak-IQ is available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 channel configurations and is NEMA and CALTRANS compliant.
    Northwest Signal
  • AT-12A /66 - Non-contact AC Voltage DETECTION CATIII 1000V Voltage Sensitivity 90 ~ 1000VAC
    Bandwidth 50/60Hz
    Normal Indicators Beep and flashing LED indicate the presence of voltage
    Battery Indication The LED will not flash if the battery is less than 2V.The beep sounds will still have but may be weaker.
    Silent Indicators LED flashing only, it could save battery
  • Watchdog - Modular Signal Detection and Changeover Watchdog is the latest addition to the established Mentor and Mastermind family of Master Reference generator products, and increases the range and number of signal detection and changeover operations in any dual redundant SPG configuration.
    Trilogy Broadcast
  • LineTroll 110Tμr - Detection of PtG and PtP Faults in Line Networks The indicator is powered by replaceable long-life lithium batteries which have a life expectancy of 10-15 years. It provides a 360 degree visibility for indication both for transient faults and permanent faults.
  • EWS-PRO - Lightning Detection & Early Warning System The EWS-PRO is the only professional grade portable lightning detection and early warning device available today. It is a self-contained instrument with the electronic sophistication to detect lightning strikes over 40 miles away, and to accurately track a storm's approach with both its audible horn and its large LED visual alerts.
    Xtreme Research
  • Palladium A15 - CELL PHONE, WI-FI AND BLUE TOOTH DETECTION This easy to use fully featured hand held detector can take the operator to the hidden bugging device using its distance measurement tool giving good protection against information leakage. The sensitivity controls can be set to detect RF activity at more than 100 metres.
    Eskan Electronics
  • id200 SERIES - SINGLE PHOTON DETECTION MODULES id201, offering new functionalities such as an adjustable detection probability and a range of other features. The detection probability can now be increased up to 25% ! An ultra-low noise grade has just been added, offering a further improvement in device performance.
    ID Quantique SA
  • Calisto 2 - Transformer Fault Detection Calisto 2, Morgan Schaffer's newest IED, monitors dissolved hydrogen, carbon monoxide and moisture in oil. Building on more than 15 years of experience in the design and manufacture of on-line monitors and portable gas analyzers, Calisto 2 employs Morgan Schaffer's latest innovations in dissolved hydrogen, carbon monoxide and moisture measurement. Calisto 2 dependably delivers accurate concentration measurements all the way down to the lowest detection limits in the industry.
    Xiamen Jiahua Electrical
  • Sniffer Sleuth II - Leak Detection Adjustable Range Reading, Retractable Dipole Antenna, Exclusive LVI technology, vehicle mounting kit.
  • Gunshot Detection & Localization System A novel transient (gunshot or any other transient event) detection and localization system that uses low-cost distributed sensor network nodes. These are soldier portable or vehicle-mounted and typically consist of sensor nodes with powerful local processing capabilities.
    Information System
  • NA1-11 - Series Small/Slim Object Detection Area Sensor The adoption of cross beam/scanning system made it possible to detect slim objects such as postal cards and name cards. Also it actualizes the wide area of 100mm in sensing width and 1m in sensing range in ultra-slim size. 
    Panasonic Industrial
  • PR-PD2 - Reticle/Mask Particle Detection System The PR-PD2 Particle Detection System efficiently provides particle detection with high throughput, a major concern for semiconductor plants where performance and reliability are one of the most important requirements.
    HORIBA Ltd
  • Speed Detection The vehicle speed is recorded on the driveway method. Doppler signal is reflected and transmitted due to circular polarization radio wave. With our small power 24GHz radar you will reach significantly better results than conventional radar.
    Tescon-Systems AG
  • CS920 - Integrated Solution for Surface Defect Detection The Candela CS920 SiC substrate and epitaxy (epi) wafer inspection system is designed for power device manufacturers to provide full-surface, high-sensitivity defect inspection and accurate process feedback. This enables the industry to improve SiC substrate quality as well as optimize the epitaxial growth yields for both SiC epi and GaN-on-silicon processes.
    The CS920 enables significantly enhanced yield and reduced time-to-root cause by integrating surface defect detection and photoluminescence technology in one inspection platform.
    KLA Tencor
  • H571LD-2 - Leak detection hydrophone Wilcoxon Research leak detection hydrophones are used to “listen” to the sounds of leaks in piping, in situ. A leak detection hydrophone is a piezoelectric sensor that is directly coupled to the fluid system to allow listening to the acoustic signal produced by a leak. The sensor has a pipe thread base for mounting directly to piping.
    Meggitt Sensing Systems
  • DayCor® Rom - Airborne Corona Detection DayCor® ROM, ROMpact
    Corona detection solutions for high speed airborne inspections and remote detection with outstandingly sensitivity and precision. ROM & ROMpact are light in weight, simple to install and configured for gyro stabilized payloads of sizes and mounts locations that match most known helicopters and UAVs. Optional combinations of IR-UV-HD multisystem per customer’s preferences.
    Features include: Digital video recording and storing; intercom voice annotation recording; rapid zoom; auto focus of the UV and visible channels; UV events counter, GPS data; control & display unit; auto tracking, multilingual localized report software.
    Ofil Ltd
  • DDR200 and DDR300 - 200mm and 300mm Defect Detection and Review Systems The McBain DDR200 and DDR300 for 200mm and 300mm wafer defect detection and review are unmatched in value and features in this special application and price category. The systems offer significant and unique advantages for both production and engineering use, and provide an ideal solution when both defect detection and dimensional metrology are required. They can be used as dedicated production tools or as versatile process development tools.
    McBain Systems
  • Gas Turbine Flame Detection Specialized detectors from GE can help improve the performance and availability of your gas turbine plant by detecting the combustion flame quicker and more accurately than a tradition Geiger-Mueller design.
    GE Energy
  • DS71EN - Signalling Central Detection System DS71EN type LAN signalling central detection system is applicable for LAN signalling network detecting at prefecture-level city. It is easy to establish a network in low price and powerful analytic statistics function. Using DS71EN type LAN signalling central detection system is a good way of increasing efficiency. Only several good accending personnel can do centralized maintenance to the whole LAN in network centre or detection centre.
    Shenzhen Tellid Communication

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