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  • BVD-20 - Balanced Component Video / Digital Audio Driver Balanced Component Video / Digital Audio Driver. With the BVD-20, you can send 1080, 720 and 480 component formats. Accepts Sandard Component Video Inputs and Digital Audio 
    AudioControl Industrial
  • BVH-20 - Component Video / Digital Audio Driver Hub Component Video / Digital Audio Driver Hub. It accepts a high-def component video and digital audio (or composite video) signal and converts these signals to a balanced line.
    AudioControl Industrial
  • HS101T - Handyset Technical The HandySet Technical is very similar to the HS101, but with the unique on screen display of the levels associated with the critical components of the video signal. These are Sync Pulse, Chroma Burst and Video Level.
    Dimension Productions
  • BS442 - Quad Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope BS442 combines 4 independent analog channels and 8 time synchronized logic channels in one powerful test instrument. Consider modern embedded systems, component video, 3-phase motor control, process control, 3D robotics, and automotive systems. 
  • VTG 300 - Handheld Battery Powered Video and Audio Test Generator The Extron VTG 300 and VTG 300R are handheld, battery-operated video and audio test generators featuring high resolution computer-video, plasma, HDTV, and 16:9 rates, as well as standard definition NTSC or PAL video rates for RGB, component video, S-video, and composite video.
    Extron - US
  • 812-OP/G - Analog Test Signal Generator The SPG-812 analog test set module allows the user to select from sixteen (16) different video test patterns by a front panel switch or through a remote control unit, the 812-TRC. These patterns are produced in any one of four (4) possible formats: 1. Composite video plus a Y/C pair. 2. SMPTE Component video: Y-Pr-Pb. 3. Red, Green, and Blue. (RGB). 4. Green + Sync, Blue, and Red. Supports both NTSC and PAL
    Link Electronics
  • VideoMASTER - Analog Video Analysis (PXI) NI VideoMASTER, a versatile video analysis and generation test suite for validation and production test, works with a wide variety of video standards and formats for both analog and digital video. Analysis of composite, S-video, and component video (including HDTV and VGA). More than 200 video measurements. Support for NTSC and PAL signals.
    National Instruments
  • Aexeon - Low-cost, Full-Featured Video Frame Grabber Board Description

    Aexeon is a low-cost, full-featured video frame grabber board for analog camera solutions. Aexeon accepts multiple composite, S-Video, or component video inputs in both NTSC and PAL formats and digitizes in both square pixel and CCIR-601 resolutions. With on-board processing, complete camera control, and video output, Aexeon is the perfect product for analog camera OEM solutions.
    DPict Imaging
  • XMCGA6 - embedded systems integrator Bringing desktop performance to the rugged market, the XMCGA6 represents a step change in capability for the embedded systems integrator. With outstanding functionality, together with PCI Express™ interconnect, even the most demanding applications can now be deployed with incredible fidelity. The XMC form factor allows for high speed PCI Express connections to single board computers in the system. The XMCGA6 supports the 8-lane PCI Express implementation, providing the maximum available communication bandwidth to a CPU such as GE Intelligent Platforms PPC9A. The PCI Express link will automatically adapt to the active number of lanes available, and so will work with single board computers in 8- and 4-lane configurations. With a rich set of I/O, the XMCGA6 is designed to serve many of the most common video applications. Dual, independent channels mean that it is capable of driving RGB analog component video, digital DVI 1.0, and RS170, NTSC or PAL standards. In addition, the XMCGA6’s video input capability allows integration of sensor data using RS170, NTSC or PAL video formats
    GE Intelligent Platforms

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Component Video - Analog YPbPr video signal over two or more paths.