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  • Vehicle Mobile Communications Test System Designed to make both far-field and near-field measurements on automobiles and trucks, the Mobile Communications Test System is a central component of the multipurpose Antenna Range Complex. The measurement system uses a distributed axis positioning system. The probe antenna is mounted on a lightweight yet very strong dielectric boom that moves in theta. The vehicle drives onto a large azimuth positioner that provides the rotation in phi.
    The Howland Company
  • DN-14001 - Network- and communication cable tester, RJ45 and BNC Test function for cables with RJ45, RJ12, RJ11 and BNC plug.
    Auto-scan and step by step testing. Loop-back: for testing and localising of already laid network or communication cables.
    Continuity: for continuity testing of network or communication cables. Open: for localising of disconnected single wires.
    Shorts: locating of short-circuited single wires. Miss-wire: identification of non-conform wire assignment. Pin to pin configuration: 1:1 assignment testing.
    Assmann Electronic
  • GAO-8B - Communication Cable-Fault Tester By adsorbing many high-tech achievements, GAO-8B, as a portable and multi-functional automatic communication cable-fault tester, is widely chosen by the line-checking workers to accurately localize the fault and also applied in the fields of measurement and acceptance of line engineering and the works of line maintenance and the checking of electrical characterizes of cable, especially in the fields of the localization of faults of core wire such as breakage, misconnection, geothermy, water absorption, and poor insulation, easy operation and excellent performance of which enable you to be a cable testing expert.
    GAO Tek
  • ParaScope AsyncCom - Data Communication Protocol Analyzers and Tester WanXL-AsyncCom is a component of the ParaScope family of data communication protocol analyzers and testers, each of which operates with the world proven WanXL software. WanXL considerably decreases the time required to search hex dumps by presenting data in a highly organized, easy to read format.
    Frederick Engineering
  • HOLT - IHADSS Tracking and Communications Tester The HOLT tester provides fast and complete verification of IHADSS tracking and communications functions with press-go-and-forget-it simplicity. Just connect two helmet cables, place the helmet inside the self-aligning test well, and press the “go” button. HOLT will report the operational status of the helmet system via the pass/fail indicator.
    Elbit Systems Of
  • LXE-200 ATS t - Digital Communications Test Set The LXE-200 ATS tests and troubleshoots digital communications modules and circuit cards. 
    Marvin Test Solutions
  • MM-2500 - Communications Tester MM-2500 is used in testing RF Level, Modulation and Frequency simultaneously which has wide frequency range from 20MHz to 2.5GHz. The product provides high-speed measurement by adopting interpolator & OCXO, more stable measurement in RF level with frequency-temperature calibration technology and lower distortion in 2.0GHz ~ 2.5GHz with built in down converter specially designed to obtain better demodulation.
    Credix Co. Ltd
  • CMU200 - Universal Radio Communication Tester Universal Radio Communication Tester. The multimode tester for current and future mobile radio networks. Memory upgrade (R&S CMU-U10) decreases booting/switching time on early R&S CMU200. Alternative RF frontend (R&S CMU-B99) provides two equal RF connectors on the R&S CMU200 frontpanel (RF1 level range identical to RF2).
    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH
  • E5515C 8960 Series - Wireless Communications Test Set Supports GSM/GPRS/EGPRS/E-EDGE, W-CDMA/HSPA/HSPA+, cdma2000®/1xEV-DO/eHRPD, TD-SCDMA/TD-HSDPA/TD-HSUPA, IS-95, TIA/EIA-136 and AMPS wireless device testing. Software upgradeable for quick access to new functionality. Integrate with WTM software for quick automation of RF and parametric tests Remotely controllable through GPIB interface
    Keysight Technologies
  • E6621A - PXT Wireless Communications Test Set The E6621A PXT instrument represents a significant breakthrough in LTE UE testing. It incorporates flexible base station/network emulation and RF parametric tests into one integrated unit and extends Keysight’s unmatched portfolio of LTE test solutions for development and verification. The E6621A PXT hardware is configurable with a number of advanced test and analysis software options.
    Keysight Technologies
  • 935AT - Advanced Technology Communications Test Set The 935AT is a multi function portable unit that features a powerful Next Generation Voice Test Suite. It offers a laboratory quality VF TIMS, a full-featured BERT, RS-232 control and a host of other functions as standard equipment.
    Sage Instruments
  • STT ONE - Communications Network Test Set nstalling and maintaining next generation transport networks requires precision specialized instruments. The STT ONE (Optical Network Expert) module offers service providers a complete testing solution for today’s metro and core networks. The portable STT ONE unit performs the work of multiple test sets, and its attractive price/performance ratio makes it ideal for tight budgets.
    Sunrise Telecom
  • WinProfi - Software for Communications Between Test Instruments and PC Software for Communications Between Test Instruments and PC. The software is used for updating the following test instruments: PROFITEST 0100SII, PROFITEST C, METRISO C, GEOHM C, PROFITEST 204 and METRAtest 36ASi.
    GMC-I Messtechnik
  • ACTS - Advanced Communication Test System As the name suggests this new server performs a variety of tests related to cable system advanced communication services, including VoIP and high speed data. The server enables a VoIP RTP test from any field test point with or without Unsolicited Grant Service (UGS), as well as high speed throughput (UDP up to 40 Mbps max). The VoIP test enables efficient service pre-installation verification with a simple, yet comprehensive set of measurement data including upstream and downstream latency, jitter, packet loss and MOS.
  • 3515A - Military Communications Radio Test Set The 3515A improves upon the success of the Aeroflex 3515, the industry's first 1GHz hand-held test set. Now at less than 8 lbs., and packaged in a NEW cast magnesium alloy case, the Aeroflex 3515A is truly a rugged and portable radio test set. With NEW integrated audio connectors and a microphone connector, the 3515A offers even easier operation than the 3515.
  • E6607B - EXT Wireless Communications Test Set The EXT wireless communications test set is designed to address the demanding manufacturing test requirements of the latest smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. To keep production costs under control for today’s multi-format, multi-band wireless devices, the EXT enables you to achieve fast and accurate calibration and verification test results with an advanced sequence analyzer that supports the fast-sequenced, non-signaling test modes in modern chipsets. As part of the X-Series platforms, the EXT uses proven, standards-based measurement applications specifically optimized for high-throughput manufacturing test.
    Keysight Technologies
  • STT Platform - Scalable Solution for Communications Network Testing The Scalable Test Toolkit (STT®) is an advanced, modular, and flexible communication testing solution to address Layer 1 through Layer 7 requirements, from fiber optics to Quality of Service. The patented STT platform consists of a display unit (Control Module), a variety of test modules, and a Power Supply Module. The STT Manager software controls a wide variety of test modules from the STT Control Module or your PC.
    Sunrise Telecom
  • On-site Calibration for Communications Test Equipment JDSU's on-site calibration service provides the most comprehensive service offering in the industry. Our calibration options match your price, characterization, and documentation requirements. JDSU calibrates communications test equipment, regardless of manufacturer. JDSU's scope of service includes Electrical, Optical and Data/IP test equipment
  • MM-2600 - Communication Tester MM-2600 is used in testing RF Level, Modulation and Frequency simultaneously which covers frequency range from 5.7GHz to 5.9GHz.The product provides high-speed, high resolution frequency counter by adopting interpolator & OCXO, more stable measurement in RF level with frequency temperature calibration technology and high accuracy FM modulation Analyzer in 5.7GHz ~ 5.9GHz frequency band.
    Credix Co. Ltd
  • Mobile Communications & IT Product Test Services CETECOM is your global partner for providing independent component and product testing that aid in improving quality, safety and increasing time-to-market. CETECOM holds extensive global accreditations for the testing of virtually all telecommunication and IT products. Our test services include safety and quality control, development support, prototype testing and validation, coexistence and interoperability testing.
  • E5515E 8960 Series - Wireless Communications Test Set The new Keysight E5515E hardware platform for the 8960 wireless communications test set is specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of wireless device hardware, software and application development. Leveraged from the world-class E5515C hardware platform, the E5515E has new and improved high data rate hardware, multiple signaling and RF paths and increased headroom to support today’s cutting edge 3.5G technologies, such as 42 Mbps DC-HSDPA, DB-DC-HSDPA and HSDPA-MIMO. In addition, when coupled with the Keysight E6621A PXT wireless communications test set, it provides powerful 2G/3G/3.5G-LTE handover test capability, seamlessly supporting the 4G evolution. Unlike the E5515C, the E5515E has no hardware options – everything is included, making it easy to order and easy to use.
    Keysight Technologies
  • Communication Protocol Test Harness Software Windows application that simulates typical Master or Outstation Devices, monitors communications and automates functional testing. Optional module automates conformance tests specified by technical committees of each protocol. IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-102, IEC 60870-5-101, Modbus TCP, Modbus Serial ASCll/RTU, Modbus Plus.
    Triangle MicroWorks
  • Repair and Calibrate Communication Test Equipment We repair and calibrate Communication Test Equipment specializing in Service Monitors. Some of the brands we work on are Cushman, IFR, Motorola, H.P., Wavetek, Ramsey and Helper. The owner of Cardinal has been servicing this equipment since he organized the first Midwest Cushman Service Center in 1973. In 1985 he formed Triton Electronics with a partner. In 1999, Cardinal Electronics was organized splitting off the Service Monitor business from Triton Electronics.
    Cardinal Electronics
  • CMU300 - Universal Radio Communication Tester Universal Radio Communication Tester. The CMU300 represents a new, cost efficient generation of compact RF testers for BTS's. Extremely high-speed testing. Highly accurate measurements. Comprehensive spectrum analyzer and signal generator. Upgradability to 3rd generation technologies.
    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH

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