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  • PR-525 / PR-521 - ColorMate Photometer / Colorimeter The PR-525 ColorMate System is a completely portable hand held, battery powered auto ranging photometer and colorimeter Capabilities include illuminance, CIE chromaticity and correlated color temperature.
    Photo Research
  • NUL-219 - Colorimeter Logger Sensor The colorimeter measures transmittance and absorbance of red, orange, green and blue light components projected on a solution. The colorimeter logger sensor has an opening for a special square solution cuvette. It turns on four different lights in known values and measures the received light that passes through the solution.
  • XYL-VI - Luminance Colorimeter The XYL-VI Luminance Colorimeter changes the traditional structure thoroughly, employs the digital X(l),Y(l),Z(l) sensors to replace the traditional analogue X(l),Y(l),Z(l) sensors, employs the digital signal measurement system to replace the traditional analogue measurement system. The instrument has no analogue unit, thus it is very simple to overcome the zero drift that is impossible to be avoided in current colorimeter. The digital X(l),Y(l),Z(l) sensor has large dynamic range so that there is no range-changing error in it, moreover, it possesses strong anti-interference ability and high accuracy.
    Lisun Electronics
  • HPC1000 - Multifunctional Colorimeter This portable meter includes 2048 pixel CCD array spectrum analysis system, which is used to measure the colorimetric characteristics of illuminants in cost-sensitive application. It has some excellent distinguishing features such as easy operation, visual and dynamic display etc. Mostly be used in fluorescence lamp, energy saving lamp and LED lamp measurement.
    Hopu Optics Technology
  • YAV90CLR - 16 channels LED Colorimeter FastATE technology. Measure color and intensity of LEDs. 16 acqusition Ch + 1 calibration Channel. The instrument is a platform resource, meaning the is installed behind the platform receiver as a common resource for all your fixtures. Front end connector: Virginia Panel RCV module. Lab View driver!
    6TL Engineering
  • CR-14 - Colorimeters Whether a food's color is good or bad can influence consumer purchases.  Since color variations of white are especially obvious, it has become increasingly important to control color from raw materials through the manufacturing process.  Furthermore, there is a growing need to quantify what effect storage during transportation has on the whiteness of a product. The Color Reader CR-14 can handle all of these whiteness measurement tasks.
    Konica Minolta Sensing
  • D25LT - Benchtop Tristimulus Colorimeters D25LT Large Area View Colorimeter. Measures the Color of Large Particles and Non-Homogenous Samples. The D25LT is self-contained which saves precious bench space. The one piece instrument includes a large, color, LCD touch screen for clear viewing of color measurement data as well as entry of parameter selections.
    Hunter Associates
  • CR-10 - Color Reader Colorimeters The Color Reader CR-10 is a low-priced instrument that brings color difference measurement within the reach of even small companies.   Compact for one-handed operation and battery-powered for complete portability.  Simple to use for non-technicians, with only one purpose in mind: Measuring the difference between two colors.
    Konica Minolta Sensing
  • K-8 - Colorimeter Probe w/ FFT Flicker Meter Measuring & Gamma Testing The Klein K-8 tri-stimulus CIE Colorimeter Probe is designed to be the best colorimeter in sensitivity, stability and speed. It attaches directly to a pc's serial com port (RS-232), and runs with the companion pc program. Whether a desktop or a laptop is used, the Klein measurement application is in control and many additional features are available.
    Klein Instruments
  • 6051 - Bench Colorimeter The 6051 is a general purpose colorimeter, equipped with easy-to-use conventional style controls, making it ideal for routine and educational use. Standard 10mm square cuvettes, semi-micro volume cuvettes, flowthrough or pour in/suck out cells can all be used with the standard sample holder.
  • PR0075-A2 - Colorimeter The Colorimeter PR0075-A2 is a high-speed color measurement system for the absolute analog collection of measurement values. A color adjustment by means of an absolute calibrated reference spectrometer is carried out in factory.
    Premosys - Progressive
  • Spyder4TV HD™ - Colorimeter mprove upon TV default settings: The settings from various manufacturers vary and most likely will not meet your individual needs for your home environment or to properly calibrate your TV. The Spyder4TV HD can measure these settings and make the necessary adjustments for optimum viewing in your environment.
  • Acm-34096-R - Photo Colorimeter High photoelectric stability, LED Source, microprocessor controlled. Ideal for education or routine use. %T, Abs, Concentration. 2 year warranty. Inexpensive ~ ideal for education and routine laboratory tasks. Small sample volume only 1.0 ml. Use square or round cuvettes with adapter
    ACMAS Technocracy
  • HPC-2 - Light source colorimeter HPC-2 light source colorimeter HPC-2 light source colorimeter is a newly developed pocket colorimeter, adopting advanced spectrometer and microprocessor technology. It makes traditional laboratory instrument available for the production on-line quality acceptance, thus greatly improve the efficiency of fluorescent lamp, CFL, LED manufacturing.
    Hangzhou Hopoo Optoelectronics
  • IT486691 - Colorimeter eXact Micro 7+ Ideal for residential, commercial, and municipal water testing, the Micro 7+ reads 9 parameters directly. The meter fits comfortably in your hand, is waterproof (IP-67) and the sampling cell is built into the meter.
    Sper Scientific
  • CMS-5000 - SPECTROPHOTO COLORIMETER Measure and display the relative spectral power distribution (UV-VIS-NIR)P(?), chromaticity coordinate, correlated color temperature, rending index, color difference, red ratio, blue ratio, green ratio, spectrum radiotion power, peak wavelength, luminous flux, luminous flux efficiency and photometry parameters of light source and light material under the cont...
    Inventfine Instrument
  • K13260 - Portable Automated Colorimeter Measures the 4 most important color scales used for liquid chemicals, resins, oils, fuels, and fats for liquid color measurement.
    Koehler Instrument
  • CBM-8/BM-7 - LUMINANCE COLORIMETER Based on the telescope optic system, CBM-8/BM-7 Luminance Colorimeter can measure the luminance, Tc, chromaticity coordinate and tri-stimulus value, without touching the light source.
    Everfine Photo-E-Info
  • LXchroma - Spot-Luminance-Meter & Colorimeter For QC-tests of image display devices (B/W and color) incl. BTS-256P Bi-Tec-sensor for integral photometric and spectral colorimetric data, integrated scattered light tube and mask for screen contact measurements.
    IBA Dosimetry GmbH
  • CHC-100 - LIGHTSOUCE COLORIMETER The date product light colorimeter holds two patents. It fits for the test of photochromic parameters of straight tube fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, LED,etc. Also,it meets the demands of customers
    Inventfine Instrument
  • CS-2202 - Portable Colorimeter Portable Colorimeter based on Windows >> Precision Colorimeteric head with fine x(), y(), z() >> Display temporal chromaticity curve >> Temporal sampling: 20us >> Perfect environmental adaptability >> Reported in CIE 1931 XYZ, CIE 1964 UV, CIE 1976 u' v'
    Sensing Instruments
  • RD-80SA - Luminance Colorimeter
    TOPCON TechnoHouse
  • C 3300 - System Colorimeter System colorimeter for fast measurements on temporal changing light colors with display of the tristimulus values X,Y,Z on three 4¾-digit displays, measurement rates up to 120 readings/s, with system colorimeter head CHS 60, by partial filtering very fine adjusted to the CIE color matching functions.
    LMT Lichtmesstechnik
  • i1Display Pro - Monitor Calibrator / Colorimeter Compact colorimeter for emissive color measurements of LCD, CRT and laptop displays. The award-winning i1Display 2 delivers unrivaled color controls including Workgroup Match, Ambient Check and Match, Push Button Calibration and Validation

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Colorimeters - Measure color to a given standard.