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  • BA100 - Vehicle Battery Analyzer This Battery Analyzer is designed to test the condition of the automotive battery using conductance method. Unlike the conventional method of draining the battery by applying resistance load to it and obtain the result from the meter gauge; this analyzer utilizes a series of pulsed voltage across the battery cells and observes the AC current that flows in response to it.
    Shenzhen Leagend
  • 3184 - Professional Battery Charging Starting System Analyzer Made for the professional technician,the 3184 tests batteries and starting/ charging systems faster than ever before. The BCS System Analyzer has an operating range of 50-2000 CCA ?s and is able to store data in memory or remotely print out the results using an infrared printer interface.It also measures voltage and tests starting and charging systems at the push of a button.
  • CTA-2000 - Stationary Battery String Analyzer he Celltron Advanced is the ultimate testing tool for stationary battery management. Research proven conductance technology combined with the latest enhancements for ease of use and a field-tested design make it a must for critical power maintenance. Based on the industry standard MicroCelltron, the Celltron
  • UBA5 - Battery Analyzer The UBA5 battery analyzer tests, conditions, and charges batteries and then generates a test report showing the condition of the battery. If you are already a battery expert you'll be pleased to know that the UBA5 has enough features for even the most demanding battery test applications. With its graphical programming interface you can easily design a battery test to do exactly what you want.
    Vencon Technologies
  • EC-Series - Handheld Electrochemical Battery Analyzer The EC1000™ and EC2000™ are the only handheld, Multi-Frequency, ElectroChemical Battery Analyzers on the market using CELScan™ technology. This means they can report both the Electrical (Impedance & Voltage) and Chemical (Sulfation and Dryout) properties of lead acid batteries (VLA, VRLA, GEL). Other battery types (NiCd, NiMH, Lithium-Ion and others) may also be tested using the EC1000™ and EC2000™.
    Global Energy Innovations
  • battery charger analyzer 1. Support polymer li-ion battery, NI-MH battery, Ni Cd battery, power, adapter 2. Supply for charging, discharging, battery testing, power/adapter testing, internal resistance testing, and voltage testing, capacity testing. 3. LCD screen display function information. 4. Enter, Down, Right, Adjust function keys. 5. Charging consists of activate, pre-charge, constant current charge, constant voltage charge, end of charge. 6. Discharging can adjust to constant current discharge, system support 1000mA Max, can set by DIS.CHG. External load, Max discharge current add to 4A 7. Internal resistance testing support 20000mΩ Max. Voltage testing support DC 50V Max. 8. Capacity testing support real time charge capacity and discharge capacity
    Shenzhen Runfeng
  • 1947 - Auto Battery and Charging System Analyzer Auto battery analyzer checks batteries, regulators and alternators ? For all 12V system vehicles, with LED indicator that helps pinpoint problems for fast troubleshooting ? Other car battery testers also available ? With CE approval
    Peaceful Thriving
  • Cadex C7400ER - Battery Analyzer The Cadex C7400ER is the most powerful of of our C-Series battery analyzers. Six amps per station, service of 36 volt batteries and 170 watts of continous power satisfies most service requirements. Industry leading features including 18 automated programs and BatteryShop PC software.
    Cadex Electronics
  • UBA5HV - Two Channels Precision Battery Analyzer Computerized Two Channels Precision Battery Analyzer for All Rechargeable Batteries up to 18V, 120W. Works with all battery chemistries, NiCd, NiMH, SLA, lead acid, gel cell, lithium ion, lithium polymer and primary batteries.
  • BTS8-WA - Computerized 8 Channels Battery Analyzer BTS8-WA is a precision eight channels battery test system for measuring battery capacity at 0.002mA - 1mA up to 5V.. This systems the best tool to study new generation energy storage materials and rechargeable battery.
  • MH-C9000 - WizardOne Battery Charger-Analyzer for 4 AA / AAA It's like having four charger-analyzers for AA and AAA NiMH / NiCD batteries. Refresh & Analyze: Charges the battery, rest for one hour, discharge, rest again, then recharges it. Selectable charging and discharging rate. Break-In: Also known as IEC capacity measurement and "Battery Forming". Charges battery at 0.1C for 16 hours, rest for one hour, discharges battery at 0.2C, then recharges again at 0.1C for 16 hours.
    Maha Energy
  • C007 - Battery Analyzer Measuring battery's health status online, no need to depart battery from battery system to ensure safety. Using big DC current test method, strong anti-interference ability, high test accuracy,repeated measurement stability less than 2%. One key test , measure the cell battery 's voltage , internal resistance , the connection resistance and capacity between battery.
    Measurable 1.2V - 12V and other specifications single cell , capacity range :0 - 6000AH.
    Shenzhen Setec Power
  • 3185 - Professional Battery Charging Starting System Analyzer Kit The 3184 can also be purchased as a kit (3185). The kit includes BCS System Analyzer, infrared printer, a 12 ft. extension cable for in-cab testing, 2 voltmeter probes, battery side and threaded post adapters, detachable leads, 9 volt battery, soft-sided carrying case.
  • PST-100 - Speedtest Battery Analyzer Microprocessor Controlled Test Technology • Easy-to-Read Digital Display • User Prompts to Ensure Simple and Accurate Operation • Field Proven, High-Quality Design for Long Life • Research Based Diagnostic Algorithm Provides Accurate Assessment of the Battery & Recommended Action to the User
    Schumacher Electric
  • Battery Analyzer . with one channel, supporting one intelligent battery 2. Supporting charge, discharge, test, capacity correction, charge / discharge 50% capacity 3. LCD for displaying battery information 4. LED for indicating working status 5. With charge-key, discharge-key, backlight-key and function-key 6. Pre-charge, fast charge and constant voltage charge for charging stages and the variation range of the values of the constant current and the constant voltage is less than 1% 7. Constant current for discharging 8. With a USB port for connecting with computers, master machine can monitoring and control slave machine
    Shenzhen Runfeng
  • THE INTERROGATOR 4210 - ElectroChemical Battery Analyzer A complete ElectroChemical test platform, the Interrogator is a fully programmable, multi-frequency impedance spectroscopy system. The Interrogator™ tests all stationary cells and batteries for: Internal Cell Impedance ; Voltage . For lead acid based systems the Interrogator™ is the first battery tester that can directly detect and measure: Capacity Loss due to Sulfation; Capacity Loss due to Electrolyte Dry-Out (VRLA systems).
    World Energy Labs
  • MCBA - BatteryTest MCBA Battery Analyzer MCBA Battery Analyzers provide simple, accurate capacity-testing and tracking for motive battery performance and efficiency. * Know the real capacity of industrial motive power batteries (flooded, maintenance-free and quick charge). * Test 1, 2, 4 or 8 lead acid batteries simultaneously. * Test different types of batteries from forklifts, AGV, GSE, lift-trucks and rail equipment all at one time. * Each system is built to meet specific customer needs.
    Battery Test Equipment
  • TOB-BTS-5V3A - 5V3A Battery Analyzer 8 Channel Battery Analyzer (6-3000 mA, up to 5V) with Laptop & Software for All Rechargeable Cells. TOB-BTS-5V3A Battery tester equipment is an eight-channel battery analyzer to analyze polymer battery and cylindrical batteries from 6.0 mA to 3000 mA, up to 5V.
    Xiamen Tob New Energy
  • Pocket Battery Analyzer A small utility that will graphically log the discharge curve of your battery and will measure the battery performance and maximum life. Pocket Battery Analyzer is a small program that will run in background and will graphically log the discharge curve of the battery of your PocketPC.
  • BA-11 - Battery Analyzer This Battery Analyzer is a new way of measuring the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of a car battery and it test a wide variety of 12V batteries: Wet (Flooded), VRLA or Maintenance Free (MF), Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF), Absorption Glass Mat (AGM) and GEL cell.
    AUTO Diagnostech
  • 58250-1015 - CBA IV Pro - Computerized Battery Analyzer CBA III Unit calibrated for accuracy to 10 mA and includes calibration data.
    West Mountain Radio
  • MST-8000 - Battery Analyzer 1. Battery test Apply to all kinds of standard such as: IEC, EN, DIN, JIS, etc. 2. Start status test Start Voltage must be more than 9.6V 3. Charge test Show charge status voltage as quickly 4. Max. Loading test Show battery Voltage more than 12.8V 5. Can print battery test report
    Guangzhou Master
  • 24-400xg - Battery Charger-Analyzer for small battery systems (up to 10A-Hr) The 24-400XG is an instrument designed to charge, trickle charge and analyze (discharge) Nickel-Cadmium, Sealed Lead-Acid and other types of rechargeable batteries. With its multiple modes of operation of Constant Current Charge (dual and single rate), Constant Current & Float Charge, Constant Current & Peak Stop Charge, Automatic Discharge (analysis), Resistance Discharge (analysis) and Full Discharge (deep cycle), the 24-400XG can satisfy the requirements of most small (0 to 10 A-hr) rechargeable battery systems. The instrument features safety interlocks to protect the operator, the charger and the battery in the event of reversed polarity connection, short circuit, open circuit (no load) and Overvoltage conditions. Two large LED digital meters permit the simultaneous monitoring of voltage and current, while eight indicator lights inform of the status of the operation.
    JFM Engineering
  • Battery Analyzer This Battery Analyzer is designed to test the condition of the automotive battery using conductance method. Unlike the conventional method of draining the battery by applying resistance load to it and obtain the result from the meter gauge; this analyzer utilizes a series of pulsed voltage across the battery cells and observes the AC current that flows in response to it.
    ShenZhen HuaWenYi

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