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  • 3013 - SWR TRUE 3013 ANTENNA ANALYZER • LCD Display works in direct sunlight and with backlight in dark areas • Built-in synthesized RF sweeping source • Measured results can be stored for further analyzing and documentation on internal and external storage media • Time stamp and operator ID is possible • All in one analyzing for antenna tuning and control • Measures antenna, frequency, SWR and bandwidth by sweeping band of interest • A cost-effective SWR Analyzer covering all major Cellular and mobile radio communication bands • SWR TRUE 3013 Antenna Analyzer gives you quick and reliable trouble-shooting capabilities
    LBA Group
  • WE-2705P - Antenna Analyzer and Tester Use this 1.5 MHz - 2700 MHz antenna analyzer to quickly and accurately test, tune, check and fault find your HF, VHF, PMR, UHF, TETRA, GSM, WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE or WiMAX antenna and cable system:
    Waterbeach Electronics
  • MFJ-220B - 34 - 69 MHz Custom Antenna/SWR Analyzer w/ LCD The MFJ-220B is a 24 - 49 MHz Custom Antenna SWR Analyzer w/ LCD.
    MFJ Enterprises
  • S810D - Broadband Site Master Microwave Transmission Line and Antenna Analyzer Site Master S810D covering 2 MHz to 10.5 GHz, and S820D covering 2 MHz - 20.0 GHz, are the most accurate, reliable and convenient microwave transmission line and antenna analyzers available for installation, verification, troubleshooting, and repair of microwave communication systems. An "anytime, anywhere" solution designed for the rugged challenges faced by field technicians working with wireless and defense communications systems.
  • SG 3000M - Vehicle Antenna Measurement The SG 3000 product line was specifically developed to measure the performance of antennas integrated in vehicles. The SG 3000M can be installed in pre-existing EMC chambers, requiring only minimum changes to the current set up of the chamber.
  • N9330B - Handheld Cable and Antenna Tester N9330B is a handheld, easy to use, battery operated cable and antenna tester for field installation and maintenance. It measures return loss, SWR, cable loss and distance-to-fault test functions for wireless service providers (WSPs), Aerospace & Defense customers, TV & Broadcasting customers and contractors for the above.
    Keysight Technologies
  • MMANA-GAL - Multilingual MM Antenna Analyzer MMANA-GAL is an antenna-analyzing tool based on the moment method, which was introduced in MININEC. The program provides ability for changing the language of signs and messages of the program.
    MM Hamsoft
  • Compact Range Antenna Measurement Chambers Fully equipped compact ranges with serrated-edge or rolled edge reflectors as well as a broad variety of absorber solutions, such as baffle walls. Compact range chambers are specially designed. Please contact us for more information.
  • iP30z - Antenna Analyzer The new iP30z iPortable™ Antenna SWR. Analyzer is designed for field use. This compact battery powered unit has an easy to read frequency display and measures SWR and impedance in the HF Band. The SWR readings quickly show you the actual VSWR measurement and Magnitude of the impedance (Z). This is the easiest way to adjust your portable or base station antenna to be best matched for your radio.
  • Vector Network Analyzer and VNWA multiband antenna analyzer Designed by Thomas Baier DG8SAQ. VNWA Driver and software now runs on all recent Windows 64 bit and 32 bit operating system, from Windows 7, Vista, to Windows. XP up to Windows 98th
  • MFJ-220D - 67 - 135 MHz Custom Antenna/SWR Analyzer w/ LCD The MFJ-220D is a 45 - 91 MHz Custom Antenna SWR Analyzer w/ LCD.
    MFJ Enterprises
  • RigExpert AA-520 - Antenna Analyzer Easy-to use measurement modes, as well as additional features such as memory storage and connection to a personal computer, make the AA-520 attractive for professionals and hobbyists. It is quite important that graphical display of various parameters over a wide frequency range is a key feature of this analyzer which significantly reduces the time required to adjust an antenna.
    Rig Expert Ukraine
  • S331E - Compact Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzer To keep up in today's rapidly evolving wireless communications market, you need tools that enable you to efficiently maintain legacy networks in addition to the new 3G and 4G networks now being installed. And with rate of market expansion, you're being required to service more base stations than ever before. This means completing sweeps quickly, performing calibrations instantly, and implementing fast trace naming while in the field.
  • VAROS 306 - ANTENNA MEASUREMENT RECEIVER You want high measurement accuracy and all equipment with minimum investment? You ask the simplest devices handling? The VAROS 306 answers the questions of today and tomorrow. many of the technical innovations and improvements from the AMA technology are also available in this device concept has been adopted. A clear display of measured values ​​or undisturbed Picture rating is about 5 ˝ VGA color TFT at any time.
    KWS Electronics
  • MFJ-220A - 24 - 49 MHz Custom Antenna/SWR Analyzer w/ LCD The MFJ-220A is a 24 - 49 MHz Custom Antenna SWR Analyzer w/ LCD.
    MFJ Enterprises
  • CAA-270 - Antenna Analyzer Supports 1.8~270MHz!Introducing the long-awaited HF to VHF version. Measuring Frequency Range:1.8~270MH
  • RigExpert AA-54 - HF Antenna Analyzer Easy-to use measurement modes, as well as additional features such as connection to a personal computer (to plot Smith charts, etc.), make RigExpert AA-30 and AA-54 attractive for professionals and hobbyists. It is quite important that graphical display of various parameters over a wide frequency range is a key feature of these analyzers which significantly reduces the time required to adjust an antenna.
    Rig Expert Ukraine
  • MMFJ-269 - HF / VHF / UHF Antenna / SWR / RF Analyzer w/ LCD, Counter & Meters MFJ-269 gives you a complete picture of you antenna. Read antenna SWR and Complex Impedance 1.8 - 170 MHz. Built in frequency counter. Read Complex Impedance as series equivalent resistance and reactance (Rs+jXs) or as magnitude (Z) and phase (degrees). Also read parallel equivalent resistance and reactance (Rp+jXp) -- and MFJ-269 exclusive!
    MFJ Enterprises
  • AIM 4170D - Antenna / Lab RF Analyzer The AIM 4170D antenna analyzer measures the complex impedance (magnitude and phase) at each frequency of interest in the range of 0.1 to 180 MHz. A PC is used to calculate all RF parameters, including R +/-X, Magnitude and Phase, SWR, Return Loss, TL loss, and more and plot the results in an easy to read graph and interactive Smith Chart.
    Array Solutions
  • Studio 5.9 - DAMS Antenna Measurement Antenna Measurement Studio - Included with DAMS systems. -Support for power meters, voltmeters,spectrum analyzers and VNA/PNA's -Continous rotation or swept measurements -Data Export with Variable Format option -Measure up to 1600 frequency points @ every increment -variable speed. -Move to Max Signal Position. -Vertical/Horizontal Scan Measurements. -CW/CCW Antenna rotation.
    Diamond Engineering
  • RigExpert AA-230PRO - Antenna Analyzer RigExpert AA-230 and AA-230PRO are powerful, laboratory grade antenna analyzers designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feedlines in 0.3 to 230 MHz range.
    Rig Expert Ukraine
  • YBA250 - NetTek BTS Antenna and Transmission Line Analyzer The Tektronix NetTek Analyzer is a revolutionary portable BTS field tool. The YBA250 test module tailors this system for fast identification of base station antenna and transmission line trouble, and easy location of those faults.
  • AMS-8100 - Antenna Measurement System   The AMS-8100 compact rectangular test chambers are designed for test and measurement applications of wireless telecom devices. The rectangular chamber is designed to measure low directivity antennas over the frequency range of 800 MHz - 6GHz. The operating frequencies can be extended to higher frequencies if required.  
  • HyperLOG 7000 - Directional Measurement Antenna Series (700MHz-6GHz) The powerful log periodic antennas of the HyperLOG 7000 series are a quantum leap in performance, functionality and design in their respective price categories. The exceptional specifications of the HyperLOG antenna series are recognized impressively by an abundance of ISO calibration certificates and the DKD-certified SERCO AG laboratory.
    Aaronia AG

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