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  • WE-2705P - Antenna Analyzer and Tester Use this 1.5 MHz - 2700 MHz antenna analyzer to quickly and accurately test, tune, check and fault find your HF, VHF, PMR, UHF, TETRA, GSM, WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE or WiMAX antenna and cable system:
    Waterbeach Electronics
  • StarLab - Antenna Pattern Measurement tool StarLab is the ultimate tool for antenna pattern measurements in laboratories and production environments where space is limited, minimizing cost is critical and the flexibility of a movable system is required.
  • Antenna Characterization Radiometrics Open Area Test Site and 10 Meter Anechoic chamber provide ideal test sites for antenna characterization.
  • NSI-RF-60001C - Antenna Measurement System, 1 to 20 GHz (Panther/Gigatronics System) The NSI-RF-60001C is a high performance antenna measurement system based on the NSI Panther Receiver, High Speed Beam Controller, dual Gigatronics 12000A Series 20 GHz sources (RF & LO) and the NSI Distributed Frequency Converter with remote mixers.
    Nearfield Systems
  • 3013 - SWR TRUE 3013 ANTENNA ANALYZER • LCD Display works in direct sunlight and with backlight in dark areas
    • Built-in synthesized RF sweeping source
    • Measured results can be stored for further analyzing and documentation on internal and external storage media
    • Time stamp and operator ID is possible
    • All in one analyzing for antenna tuning and control
    • Measures antenna, frequency, SWR and bandwidth by sweeping band of interest
    • A cost-effective SWR Analyzer covering all major Cellular and mobile radio communication bands
    • SWR TRUE 3013 Antenna Analyzer gives you quick and reliable trouble-shooting capabilities
    LBA Group
  • HyperLOG 7000 - Directional Measurement Antenna Series (700MHz-6GHz) The powerful log periodic antennas of the HyperLOG 7000 series are a quantum leap in performance, functionality and design in their respective price categories. The exceptional specifications of the HyperLOG antenna series are recognized impressively by an abundance of ISO calibration certificates and the DKD-certified SERCO AG laboratory.
    Aaronia AG
  • Compact Ranges - Antenna / Radar Measurement Ranges MI Technologies' Compact Range equipment is designed for accurate, indoor antenna and radar cross section (RCS) measurements. A compact range allows plane wave illumination, normally achieved by use of a large distance between the microwave source and the antenna or target under test, to be realized in a small space.
    MI Technologies
  • MFJ-220G - 140 - 260 MHz Custom Antenna/SWR Analyzer w/ LCD The MFJ-220G is a 140-260 MHz Custom Antenna SWR Analyzer w/ LCD.
    MFJ Enterprises
  • MFJ-259B - HF / VHF Antenna / SWR / RF Analyzer w/ LCD, Counter & Meters MFJ-259B gives you a complete pictures of your antenna's performance. You can read antenna SWR and Complex Impedance 1.8 to 170MHzRead Complex Impedance as series resistance and reactance (R+jX) or as magnitude (Z) and phase (degrees). You can determine velocity factor, coax cable loss in dB, length of coax and distance to a short or open in feet.
    MFJ Enterprises
  • S331L Site Master - Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzer The S331L is the highest value in a rugged, handheld cable and antenna analyzer. The S331L replaces the current value line S331D which is part of the longest running portable cable and antenna analyzer family in history. Utilizing the latest advancements in technology, the S331L has been optimized for field conditions, is easy to use, and has efficient sweep management capabilities. The S331L delivers an entire workday of battery operating time, the most ever offered in a handheld cable and antenna analyzer. With its large outdoor viewable 7” TFT touch screen display, new intuitive GUI, and classic mode that mimic the S331D basic measurement flow, the S331L is very easy to use, and can significantly increase a user’s efficiency in the field.
  • MFJ-220B - 34 - 69 MHz Custom Antenna/SWR Analyzer w/ LCD The MFJ-220B is a 24 - 49 MHz Custom Antenna SWR Analyzer w/ LCD.
    MFJ Enterprises
  • Antenna Measurement Chambers This high frequency chamber can be utilized to make far-field antenna pattern measurements. These chambers are designed either in a rectangular or tapered configuration depending on the frequency range of interest.
    Cuming-Lehman Chambers
  • S331E Site Master - Compact Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzer To keep up in today's rapidly evolving wireless communications market, you need tools that enable you to efficiently maintain legacy networks in addition to the new 3G and 4G networks now being installed. And with rate of market expansion, you're being required to service more base stations than ever before. This means completing sweeps quickly, performing calibrations instantly, and implementing fast trace naming while in the field.
  • AMS-8600 - Antenna Measurement System The ETS-Lindgren AMS-8600 Antenna Measurement System (AMS) packages are a series of turnkey solutions for making antenna measurements of portable wireless telecommunication devices. The systems are fully configured to perform both research and development and type approval according to the recently published Cellular and Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) test methods for portable transceivers. 
  • Studio 5.9 - DAMS Antenna Measurement Antenna Measurement Studio - Included with DAMS systems. -Support for power meters, voltmeters,spectrum analyzers and VNA/PNA's -Continous rotation or swept measurements -Data Export with Variable Format option -Measure up to 1600 frequency points @ every increment -variable speed. -Move to Max Signal Position. -Vertical/Horizontal Scan Measurements. -CW/CCW Antenna rotation.
    Diamond Engineering
  • Antenna Measurement Services Using our Model 6000 and 6100 series systems we can measure antennas up to 150 lbs. with frequencies from 1 Ghz to 18 Ghz with a nearly unlimited number of points (higher frequencies possible depending on application). All measurements include detailed Excel reports with exportable data files and MatLab 3D plots. Our services are excellent for pre-certification and R&D analysis. We also have a 50-foot tower available for specific device testing or unique antenna measurement applications.
    Diamond Engineering
  • MFJ-219B - UHF Antenna/SWR Analyzer w/ Meter Just plug in your antenna coax, set the frequency and read SWR! The MFJ-219 Antenna SWR Analyzer covers 420 to 450 MHz. You can select any desired frequency range for tuning.Examples: Tune from 420 to 450 Mhz, etc
    MFJ Enterprises
  • 5000/6000/7000 - DAMS Light to Medium Duty Antenna Measurement Systems 6, 18, 40 GHz Antenna Measurement Systems. 6, 18, 40 GHz Antenna Measurement Systems. 10 and 20 Lbs. models.
    Diamond Engineering
  • NF or FF Antenna Measurement Chamber MVG antenna measurement chambers provide the necessary RF quiet environment in which to conduct many different testing applications such as for automobile and telecom wireless technology, Aerospace & Defense radome and RCS, and more. Sized according to customer requirements, these chambers are also modular and therefore easily demountable for relocation.
  • 3013 - SWR True Antenna Analyzer SWR True Antenna Analyzer is a versatile analyzer covering all major communication bands from 30MHz to 2700MHz. The SWR True will analyze antennas and cables. Measurements are represented graphically as VSWR or Return Loss plots. The built in PLL synthesized generator offers a superior accuracy with small step size. The internal operating system controls measurement, display and the I/Os allowing serial communication to PC, USB to memory stick and USB Serial communication
  • AMS-8050 - Antenna Measurement System The ETS-Lindgren Model AMS-8050 Antenna Measurement System is compact, fully anechoic RF enclosure for antenna pattern measurements. The AMS-8050 Antenna Measurement System is freestanding and built on a moveable cart configuration; it fits into parent buildings without special installation or construction.
  • AAZ-0912 - 35MHZ USB POWERED ANTENNA ANALYZER Measuring antenna impedance or line losses is of a great interest to Radio Amateurs. That too when it comes to measure an antenna performance without having a transmitter, it brings special attention of homebrewers.
    Fox Delta
  • VAROS 306 - ANTENNA MEASUREMENT RECEIVER You want high measurement accuracy and all equipment with minimum investment? You ask the simplest devices handling? The VAROS 306 answers the questions of today and tomorrow. many of the technical innovations and improvements from the AMA technology are also available in this device concept has been adopted. A clear display of measured values ​​or undisturbed Picture rating is about 5 ˝ VGA color TFT at any time.
    KWS Electronics
  • S810D - Broadband Site Master Microwave Transmission Line and Antenna Analyzer Site Master S810D covering 2 MHz to 10.5 GHz, and S820D covering 2 MHz - 20.0 GHz, are the most accurate, reliable and convenient microwave transmission line and antenna analyzers available for installation, verification, troubleshooting, and repair of microwave communication systems. An "anytime, anywhere" solution designed for the rugged challenges faced by field technicians working with wireless and defense communications systems.

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