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  • HFWorks - Microwave Design and Antenna Software HFWorks is a complete 3-Dimensional field simulator for RF/Microwave and Wireless applications, based on the powerful finite element method. Currently, this microwave design and antenna pattern software is the only high frequency electromagnetic Add-in to SolidWorks®, the #1 CAD software package.
  • Antenna Measurement Software Raymond RF's Antenna Measurement Software performs 2-D (polar/rectangular) and 3-D (spherical) antenna pattern measurements for passive antennas and active wireless mobile stations (cell phones). Insertion loss of passive devices is included as part of the calibration component. Data management and reporting of antenna properties such as half power beam-width, directivity, gain, radiation efficiency, total radiated power, and total isotropic sensitivity. AMS performs and reports all measurements required by the CTIA Over-the-Air Performance Test Plan.
    Raymond RF Measurements
  • Portable Receiver, TM Systems, Software & Test Antennas The Portable receivers take the state of the art technology found in the PCI receivers and install it into a hand held unit.
  • EZNEC Pro v. 5.0 - Antenna Modeling Software EZNEC Pro/2 NEC-2 Based Analysis Program and EZNEC Pro/4 NEC-4 Based Analysis Program. EZNEC Pro/2 is a complete, easy-to-use analysis program which uses an integrated version of NEC-2 for calculations. Several of its many features are shown below. EZNEC Pro/4 has an identical user interface to EZNEC Pro/2 and with identical features except that it offers the additional options of internal single or double precision NEC-4 calculating engines.
  • Savant - Installed Antenna Performance Software for Electrically Large Platforms Savant is advanced antenna performance simulation software, providing fast and accurate prediction of installed antenna patterns, near-fields and antenna-to-antenna coupling on electrically large platforms through an intuitive and powerful user interface. Savant is high-frequency electromagnetic (EM) software, aimed at analyzing antennas installed on platforms that are 10s to 1000s of wavelengths in size. It uses an asymptotic EM analysis method called the Shooting and Bouncing Ray (SBR) technique to compute accurate solutions with incredible speed.
    Delcross Technologies
  • Antenna VLab - Antenna Simulation Software EMCoS Antenna VLab is a powerful simulation software especially suited for antenna calculations. The powerful CAD interface gives you manifold possibilities to design even very complex antennas in short time. Sophisticated simulation cores based on the Method of Moments, optimized for sequential and parallel computations, deliver accurate results.
    EMCoS Ltd
  • TY2100 - Antenna Measurement Software Data recording and path calibration in the following 4 types of measurement modes, gain measurement, pattern measurement (2-D, 3-D measurements), gain->pattern measurement and pattern recorder (manual) measurement. ■ Comprehensive evaluation capability for circular polarized antennas (Axial ratio etc.) ■ Data processing/analysis/conversion functions -Offset processing, normalization, gain conversion -Analysis function of radiation patterns (Beam width, Antenna gain etc.)
  • MiDAS - Antenna Software The MiDAS is conceptually a data-acquisition and analysis engine, supporting all types of antenna measurements (e.g. Far-Field, Planar, cylindrical and spherical Near-Field and compact range).
  • AN-SOF - Antenna Simulation Software AN-SOF is the easiest to use software for the simulation of wire antennas and at the same time, it is the most accurate one. - Implements Full-wave MoM with conformal segments. Has an extended frequency range, from extremely low (ELF) to extremely high frequencies (EHF). Exactly describes the contour of the geometry. Uses a parametric curved-wire integral equation. Uncouples the number of unknowns from the number of segments. Minimizes the number of segments and simulation time.
    Golden Engineering
  • MZS 33/B - Antenna Measurement Software for MSK 33 Measurement software for MSK 33; enabling measurement and protocolling of antenna systems in range 47-862 MHz with PC or Laptop
    Kathrein Group
  • 959Spectrum - Antenna Measurement Software The 959Spectrum represents the sixth generation of automated measurement systems from Orbit/FR. It serves as the most reliable, flexible, and comprehensive automated software in the industry.
  • EZNEC and EZNEC+ - Antenna Software EZNEC and EZNEC+ are powerful but very easy-to-use programs for modeling and analyzing nearly any kind of antenna in its actual operating environment. EZNEC plots azimuth and elevation patterns; tells you gain, feedpoint impedance, SWR, and current distribution; finds and reports beamwidth, 3-dB pattern points, f/b ratio, takeoff angle, sidelobe characteristics; and more.
  • MININEC - Pro Antenna Analysis Software MININEC Pro is an antenna analysis program for Windows and Macintosh computers. Any type of antenna may be analyzed. The physical design of the antenna is entered (such as the lengths of wires and elements). For a given frequency, the feedpoint impedance is calculated, along with theoretical efficiency.
    Black Cat Systems
  • Click-On and Measure Antenna The antenna's microchip stores all the necessary data on antenna type, calibration values, position offset vs. the probe, etc. As a result, the software automatically configures for the antenna type connected to the SoundBrush probe.
    LMS International
  • FEKO - Comprehensive Electromagnetic Simulation Software Tool FEKO is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool, based on state of the art computational electromagnetics (CEM) techniques. Antennas: analysis of horns, microstrip patches, wire antennas, reflector antennas, conformal antennas, broadband antennas, arrays. Antenna placement: analysis of antenna radiation patterns, radiation hazard zones, etc. with an antenna placed on a large structure, e.g. ship, aircraft, armoured car. EMC: analysis of diverse EMC problems including shielding effectiveness of an enclosure, cable coupling analysis in complex environments, e.g. wiring in a car, radiation hazard analysis
    EM Software & Systems
  • EMTOOLS - Electromagnetic Simulation Software Suite EMTOOLS is a computational electromagnetic (CEM) software suite comprised of 16 different software codes. ACAL (Advanced Complex Algebra Library) is an out-of-core linear system solution library, using a hyper-matrix approach to partition the problem. The AntFarm™ (Antenna Farm) toolkit analyzes the radiation and electromagnetic interference (EMI) effects of single or multiple heterogeneous RF systems. Apatch™ software is an antenna design and analysis tool that provides antenna simulation and modeling by computing the radiation and receiving pattern of an antenna or antenna array installed in an operational environment...
  • PCAAD 7.0 - Personal Computer Aided Antenna Design PCAAD 7.0 is a Windows–compatible antenna analysis, modeling, and design software package. It contains more than 50 routines treating wire antennas, aperture antennas, microstrip antennas, arrays, transmission lines and waveguides, and more. These routines are integrated into a menu–driven, user–friendly system allowing you to quickly evaluate the performance of a wide variety of antenna types. PCAAD 7.0 includes a 120-page printed user manual which describes the use of the software, provides examples for each of the routines, and lists technical references.
    Antenna Design Associates
  • 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software Efield® offers a complete and unique integrated modelling and simulation environment for 3D analysis of a wide range of electromagnetic applications such as: Antenna design All kind of antennas including horn, reflector, wire and microstrip antennas as well as broadband antennas and antenna arrays. Antenna integration Radiation pattern of installed antennas on large platforms such as aircraft or ships. Coupling between installed antennas. Microwave design Typical applications includes design of filters, connectors and couplers. EMI/EMC interaction Analysis of a wide range of EMC/EMI problems including shielding and coupling. Scattering & radar cross-section RCS analysis of structures such as aircraft, ships, air-intakes, exhausts, and antennas.
    Efield AB
  • Passive Measurements Bluetest offers a complete range of measurement software for the developer of small antennas. Common for the passive antenna types of measurement software is that a vector network analyzer is used together with the reverberation chamber for the measurements. Bluetest supports most available network analyzers on the market.
    Bluetest AB
  • NewFasant - Electromagnetic Simulation Software Suite NewFasant is an Electromagnetic Simulation Software Suite that provides solutions for the defense and civil scopes: Naval, Aerospace and Automotive Industries, analysis of Antenna and RF components, and many more. Yhe main applications are: Electromagnetic Compatibility. Antenna Design. Antennas mounted on complex structures. Radar Cross Section (RCS), including ISAR and Doppler frequency shifts. Infrared. Radio Propagation. Radio system analysis. Design of passive microwave components. Radomes: analysis and design. Reflectarrays: analysis and design.
  • ADF Antenna CLT'S Auto Direction Finding Antenna has been completely redesigned for the Wavetracker 4i product. The ADF will display direction to the leak in real-time in the vehicle, and display that information from the APLAS 4i software to the workorders.
    CLT Cable Leakage
  • CalStan 10.0 - RF Measurement Software CalStan 10.0 is a software tool for automation of radio frequency (RF) calibrations and measurements. Measurements are performed by controlling devices via GPIB interface; measured values are read and evaluated. The purpose of the software is to perform calibrations and validations of equipments, such as antennas, cables, test sites and test setups.
    Seibersdorf Labor
  • CalStan 10.0 - RF Measurement Software CalStan 10.0 is a software tool for automation of radio frequency (RF) calibrations and measurements. Measurements are performed by controlling devices via GPIB interface; measured values are read and evaluated. The purpose of the software is to perform calibrations and validations of equipments, such as antennas, cables, test sites and test setups.
    Seibersdorf Laboratories
  • Semi-Anechoic Chamber ACS also operates a 3 meter semi-anechoic chamber.  This chamber is a 3 meter measurement distance chamber with a ceiling height which allows 4 meter antenna maximization per ANSI C63.4.  The chamber is fully software automated for maximization of turntable, antenna height and antenna polarization. 
    Advanced Compliance

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