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  • DCOSS APS - DCOSS Analog Phone Simulator The DCOSS APS (Analog Phone Simulator) converts a GL DCOSS into an analog phone simulator that simulates a bank of up to 384 analog telephones. Using a basic DCOSS with T1 trunks along with the APSCB24/48 external boxes, the DCOSS APS may be used to test a Central Office (CO), PBX, Gateway, or other telecommunications equipment, which provide local loop interfaces.
    GL Communications
  • Analog Instruments Benchtop and rack-mount electronic filter/amplifier analog instruments from 0.1 Hz to 300 kHz with adjustable gain to +60 dB.
    Frequency Devices
  • V253 - 16-channel Programmable Gain/Analog Filter The V253 is a single-width, C-size, register-based, VXIbus module that contains 16 channels of programmable-frequency, low-pass filtering. Each differential input signal is received by a programmable gain Instrumentation amplifier which provides typically -120 dB of common-mode rejection. Gains of 1, 2, 5, and 10 with multipliers of 1, 10, and 100 are programmable on a channel-by-channel basis.
  • ASG - Analog Signal Generator The pocket size model ASG Analog Signal Generator is an ideal tool for troubleshooting transmitters, transducers, motors and actuators. The unit generates a 0 to 10 VDC signal in increments of 1 volt or a 4 to 20 mA signal in increments of 2 mA. An LED bar graph visually indicates analog signal level. The model ASG will also continuously ramp to user defined maximum and minimum values with user defined ramp interval timing. Units are furnished with 6 ft (1.8 m) leads with alligator clips, 120 VAC plug-in adapter, protective carrying case and instruction manual.
    Dwyer Instruments
  • APCI-3120-16-8 - 16 SE or 8 diff. input channel, 8 Analog Output Channels APCI-3120-16-8 16 Single Ended or 8 Differential input channel, 8 Analog Output Channels. Optical isolation 500 V16 SE or 8 diff. inputs. Data transfer rate: 100 kHz. 16-bit resolution. 8 analog output channels. Data transfer rate:30 kHz. 14-bit resolution. Output voltage: 0-10 V, ±10 V, (set through software). Each output has its own ground line.
    Team Solutions
  • APM - Analog Panel Meter The Series APM has a unique, rugged, NEMA 4X front panel design that makes it nearly impenetrable in typical applications. The weatherproof, UV resistant, large, dual line display allows for more information making it easier to read and even simpler to program. The intensity of the display can be adjusted allowing this meter to be utilized in dark rooms as well as outdoors, due to its sunlight readable display.
    Dwyer Instruments
  • APCI-3001-16 - Analog Input Board, 16 Isolated Channels. APCI-3001-16 Analog Input Board, 16 Isolated Channels.16 single-ended or 8 differential inputs. 12-bit resolution. Isolation 500 V. 100 kHz sample rate. 8 isolated digital I/O, 24 V. Onboard FIFO buffers. PCI DMA access.
    Team Solutions
  • APCI-3501-8 - 8 Channel Analog output board, isolated, 14-bit APCI-3501-8 8 Channel Analog output board, isolated, 14-bit. 8 analog output channels, 14-bit. Optical isolation 500 V. 4 digital Input. 4 digital output. 24 V, optically isolated. Watchdog.
    Team Solutions
  • MONTEST-DA - Multimedia Video Signal Test Pattern Generator Digital/Analog The MONTEST-DA multimedia video generator is a handheld digital/analog signal generator. The unit is designed to offer a variety of video signals, test patterns, stored image files and audio to easily and accurately test or facilitate the installation of digital or analog computer monitors, video projectors, multi-media monitors, and HDTV.

    The MONTEST-DA can output digital video signal such as DVI/HDMI, component Y/Pb/Pr but also analog video signals - RGB, S-video and CVBS. The unit supports all types of displays like projectors, PDP, Project and LCD displays. It provides widely used test patterns in SD and HD formats. It complies with DDC2B and HDCP. It offers media display functions to play stored video and audio files from an embedded HDD.
    Video Products
  • PNG7000 - Analog Noise Generator The PNG7000A Series instruments generate white Gaussian noise and provide a summing input to control signal-to-noise (SNR) or carrier-to-noise (CNR) for bit-error-ratio (BER) testing. The output can also be used as a source for Jitter applications.
  • NI PCI-6733 - High-Speed Analog Output -- 1 MS/s, 16-Bit, 8 Channels 8 digital I/O lines; two 24-bit counters; digital triggering Onboard or external update clock RTSI bus for synchronization with DAQ, motion, and vision products NI-DAQmx driver with configuration utility to simplify configuration and measurements
    National Instruments
  • CT15 - Analogue Series Flows up to 15 lpm (4 US gpm) Pressure up to 420 bar (6000 psi) Choice of 4-20mA and 0-5V outputs 2 top ports as std for temperature / pressure BSP or SAE inlet / output ports For use with oils, fuels, phosphate-esters
    Webster Instruments
  • 7430 - Low Power Analog to Digital Smart A/D for thermocouples, thermistors, RTD's, strain and pressure gauges 8-channels of 16-bit A/D resolution Eliminates trimpot adjustments by using software calibration Performs concurrent 32-bit floating point operations to minimize host computer loading Each channel is software programmable for sensor type, gain, low-pass filtering, scan rate
    Sensoray Co.
  • Analog Meters * Rugged Westinghouse Designs
    * Switchboard and Panel Styles
    * High Accuracy, Full View Construction
    * High Overload Capacity
    * Taut Band Suspension
    * Meets ANSI STD C39.1
    * Military and Nuclear Versions
    * Volts, Amps, Watts, VARS, Speed, Frequency and Power Factor
    * Left, Center or Suppressed Zero
    * Special Scales, Calibration & Phase Shifters Available
    Weschler Instruments
  • VT1004-C - Analog Bypass Module, EX1200 ICA Transitions ribbon cables to receiver signal module Controlled impedance environment Install/removes through receiver for ease of maintenance
    VTI Instruments
  • PS-205 - Analog Oscilloscope 20MHz Dull Trace, Dual Trigger. Built-In Component Tesfer. X-Y Operation, Z-Mod Input, Y-Output. Beam-Finder,  
    PINTEK Electronics
  • CPCI-16AI64SSA - 64 Analog Input Channels (16-bit A/D) 12.8MSPS Aggregate Rate The 16-Bit cPCI-16AI64SSA analog input board samples and digitizes 64 input channels simultaneously at rates up to 200,000 samples per second for each channel. The resulting 16-bit sampled data is available to the PCI bus through a 64K-Sample FIFO buffer. Each input channel contains a dedicated 16-Bit sampling ADC.
    General Standards
  • PB-503 - Desktop Analog & Digital Design Workstation The PB-503 Analog & Digital Design Workstation is a robust electronics trainer suitable for all levels of electronics instruction and design. Utilizing the PB-503, students will learn valuable hands-on breadboarding techniques and build a solid foundation in circuit experimentation, construction and analysis.
    Global Specialties
  • RINKO III - Analog Version with Fast Optical DO Sensor and Temperature Sensor With an external 12 DCV power, the instrument seamlessly outputs the analog data (0 to 5V) of the sensors. Rinko III can be easily integrated on various platforms with an Impulse cable. By the fast response, the instrument provides high accurate DO data without restricting profile speeds.
    JFE Advantech Co
  • 104-AO12-4 - PC/104 Analog Output Board The following functions are available in many configurations giving the user the ability to specify exactly what?s needed. Interrupts are individually or globally enabled or disabled via software. A status register is provided to determine the interrupt source.
    Acces I/O Products
  • GOS-630FC - Analog Oscilloscope Internal 5 Digits Real-Time Frequency Counter 1mV/div High Vertical Sensitivity Internal 5 Digits Real-Time Frequency Counter LCD Readout Display for Vertical/ Horizontal/Frequency Measurement Auto Time-Base Buzzer Alarm TV(TV-V, TV-H) Trigger Modes XY Mode
    Good Will Instrument
  • 81280 - Analog Phasing Meters/Voltage Detector The 81280 is a unique tool in that it may be used as a conventional phasing meter, or the meter probe may be used as a stand-alone voltage detector on primary or secondary voltages or capacitive test points.
    Bierer & Associates
  • 61-610 - Analog Multimeter Pocket size. Mirrored scale plate. Diode protected. Low-cost analog. High-impact thermoplastic case. Decibel measurement.
    IDEAL Industries
  • CPCI6U-24DSI32R - 32-Channel 24-Bit Delta-Sigma cPCI 6U Analog Input Board with Rear I/O Low noise, 24-bit resolution, low phase distortion and multi-board synchronization make the cPCI6U-24DSI32 board ideal for state-of-the-art sonar and noise monitoring applications. The 32-channel cPCI6U-24DSI32 analog input board provides a high-density 24-bit analog input resources on a standard 6U cPCI expansion board..
    General Standards

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Analog - representation of a signal that varies over an infinite range of values.


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