Analog - aka Analogue

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    PINTEK Electronics
  • APCI-3120-16-8 - 16 SE or 8 diff. input channel, 8 Analog Output Channels APCI-3120-16-8 16 Single Ended or 8 Differential input channel, 8 Analog Output Channels. Optical isolation 500 V16 SE or 8 diff. inputs. Data transfer rate: 100 kHz. 16-bit resolution. 8 analog output channels. Data transfer rate:30 kHz. 14-bit resolution. Output voltage: 0-10 V, ±10 V, (set through software). Each output has its own ground line.
    Team Solutions
  • SIM965 - Analog Filter The SIM965 Analog Filter is ideal for signal conditioning applications where Bessel or Butterworth filters are needed. Bessel filters offer clean step response (negligible overshoot) and linear phase response, while Butterworth filters provide excellent pass-band flatness with some overshoot
    Stanford Research
  • RF1452 - High Power CW Analog Signal Generator 2 -8 GHz RF1452 is a low cost version CW and Analog signal generator. RF1452 can generate signal 2-8GHz with 1MHz~99MHz sweeping step. Higher output power up to 24dBm CW.
  • APCI-3001-16 - Analog Input Board, 16 Isolated Channels. APCI-3001-16 Analog Input Board, 16 Isolated Channels.16 single-ended or 8 differential inputs. 12-bit resolution. Isolation 500 V. 100 kHz sample rate. 8 isolated digital I/O, 24 V. Onboard FIFO buffers. PCI DMA access.
    Team Solutions
  • YX-360TRD-B - Analog Multimeter This instrument is portable multitester designated for measurement of weak current circuits. Panel face protection cover which serves also as a stand band meter of prop shock type with high sensitivity are employed
    Wenzhou Hopesun Instrument
  • DCOSS APS - DCOSS Analog Phone Simulator The DCOSS APS (Analog Phone Simulator) converts a GL DCOSS into an analog phone simulator that simulates a bank of up to 384 analog telephones. Using a basic DCOSS with T1 trunks along with the APSCB24/48 external boxes, the DCOSS APS may be used to test a Central Office (CO), PBX, Gateway, or other telecommunications equipment, which provide local loop interfaces.
    GL Communications
  • 335-2050-500 - Analog I/O Card Phillips' Analog I/O card is a daughtercard module that plugs onto a Phillips ICX card.
    Phillips Aerospace
  • APCI-3501-8 - 8 Channel Analog output board, isolated, 14-bit APCI-3501-8 8 Channel Analog output board, isolated, 14-bit. 8 analog output channels, 14-bit. Optical isolation 500 V. 4 digital Input. 4 digital output. 24 V, optically isolated. Watchdog.
    Team Solutions
  • Analog Instruments Benchtop and rack-mount electronic filter/amplifier analog instruments from 0.1 Hz to 300 kHz with adjustable gain to +60 dB.
    Frequency Devices
  • AU-32 - Analog Multitester Auto range function AC/DC auto switching, High internal resistance.
    Sanwa Electric Instrument
  • DC Input - Analog Panel Meters Panel Board Surface Mount Window Mount
    Brighton Electronics
  • 5210 - High Performance Dual Phase Analog Lock-in Amplifier The SIGNAL RECOVERY model 5210 is the benchmark dual-phase lock-in amplifier against which others are judged. It is widely referenced in technical publications describing a diverse range of research applications including optical, electrochemical, electronic, mechanical and fundamental physical studies.
    Signal Recovery
  • 1131 IN - Analogue (1kV below) Insulation Tester Hight quality Taut band movement. ● Three insulation test voltages (DC) : 250V, 500V, 1000V. ● Two ranges for continuity test : 2Ω & 20Ω. ● Compact and lightweight. ● AC voltmeter with linear scale up to 600Vac. ● >200mA continuity short-circuit current. ● 1mA test current on insulation test at nominal voltage.
    Standard Electric
  • DS-MPE-DAQ0804 - Analog and Digital I/O PCIe MiniCard Module The DS-MPE-DAQ0804 is a rugged data acquisition PCIe MiniCard module with both analog and configurable digital I/O. It is ideal for add-on data acquisition I/O expansion in embedded and OEM applications.
    Diamond Systems
  • Model 404 & 404e - Analog / Digital / Datacom T1 / E! Tester The Model 404 is a hand-held combination T1 Digital, Datacom and Wideband Test Set for the telecom field technician. It is a digital, full function 1.544Mbps T1/Datacom Tester, as well as a full function analog transmission impairment tester. Uniquely designed with a touch screen graphical user interface for extreme ease of use. It is about the size of a small telephone book,
  • PCI66-16HSAO6 - 6-Channel, 16-Bit, 40 MSPS/Channel, PCI Analog Output Board Six Wideband 16-Bit 40 MSPS Analog Output Channels. Clocking Rates from Zero to 40 MSPS per Channel; Aggregate Rates to 240 MSPS. Software-Selectable Output Ranges: ±3V, ±1.5V, ±0.75V Optional ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V ranges available, with reduced throughput and loading
    General Standards
  • 506V - Digital to Analog Converter Provides 32 channels of 12-bit D to A output plus 32 addressable discrete lines. The DACs have jumper selectable ranges and can drive 10 ma at 10V. The Discrete outputs can be addressed as one 32 bit-word or two 16-bit words and have TTL output levels and drive capability.
  • A70-LPDA - Analog Panel Meter These clean-cut meters with straightforward design and pleasing aspect ratio are leaders of the Modutec line and will add distinction to any instrument or control panel.
  • NI cRIO-9215 - 4-Channel, 100 kS/s/ch, 16-bit, ±10 V Analog Input Module 4-Channel, 100 kS/s, 16-bit, ?10 V Simultaneous Sampling Analog Input Module for CompactRIO
    National Instruments
  • SVR-1100DV - SD SDI, SD Analog Component, Composite and S-Video Waveform Monitor Vectorscope SVR-1100DV is SD SDI, SD Analog Component, Composite and S-Video Waveform Monitor Vectorscope providing digital & analog Multiformat display video waveform monitoring with built in SD SDI digital encoder and SD SDI Distribution Amplifier.
    Compuvideo Co. Ltd
  • ZW-006 - Four Analog Port Data Node The HOBO® ZW-006 is a 4-channel wireless data node with four analog ports. It wirelessly transmits data in real time, reducing the costs and inconvenience associated with manual data offload.
    Onset Computer
  • Harmony - Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulator Harmony is a single-kernel analog/mixed-signal circuit simulator that dynamically links in the capabilities of the SmartSpice Circuit Simulator and the Silos Verilog Simulator at run time. Harmony combines accuracy, performance, capacity and flexibility to simulate circuits expressed in Verilog, SPICE, Verilog-A and Verilog-AMS.
    Silvaco Data Systems
  • RS-3 PRO - CAT IV 300A Analog Clamp Meter This CAT IV 600V safety rated analog clamp is a great tool for tough electrical applications. The RS-3 PRO works well in extreme temperatures from 32°F to 122°F, while digital clamp LCD screens tend to freeze this anolog clamp measures up to the test. The RS-3 PRO does not require batteries for measuring Amps and Volts and shows measurement with an easy-to-read rotary scale.
    Amprobe Test Tools

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Analog - representation of a signal that varies over an infinite range of values.


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