Analog - aka Analogue

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  • APCI-3501-8 - 8 Channel Analog output board, isolated, 14-bit APCI-3501-8 8 Channel Analog output board, isolated, 14-bit. 8 analog output channels, 14-bit. Optical isolation 500 V. 4 digital Input. 4 digital output. 24 V, optically isolated. Watchdog.
    Team Solutions
  • DCOSS APS - DCOSS Analog Phone Simulator The DCOSS APS (Analog Phone Simulator) converts a GL DCOSS into an analog phone simulator that simulates a bank of up to 384 analog telephones. Using a basic DCOSS with T1 trunks along with the APSCB24/48 external boxes, the DCOSS APS may be used to test a Central Office (CO), PBX, Gateway, or other telecommunications equipment, which provide local loop interfaces.
    GL Communications
  • Analog Instruments Benchtop and rack-mount electronic filter/amplifier analog instruments from 0.1 Hz to 300 kHz with adjustable gain to +60 dB.
    Frequency Devices
  • APCI-3001-16 - Analog Input Board, 16 Isolated Channels. APCI-3001-16 Analog Input Board, 16 Isolated Channels.16 single-ended or 8 differential inputs. 12-bit resolution. Isolation 500 V. 100 kHz sample rate. 8 isolated digital I/O, 24 V. Onboard FIFO buffers. PCI DMA access.
    Team Solutions
  • APCI-3120-16-8 - 16 SE or 8 diff. input channel, 8 Analog Output Channels APCI-3120-16-8 16 Single Ended or 8 Differential input channel, 8 Analog Output Channels. Optical isolation 500 V16 SE or 8 diff. inputs. Data transfer rate: 100 kHz. 16-bit resolution. 8 analog output channels. Data transfer rate:30 kHz. 14-bit resolution. Output voltage: 0-10 V, ±10 V, (set through software). Each output has its own ground line.
    Team Solutions
  • 148 - Analog Temperature Transmitter The Rosemount 148 is a low cost temperature transmitter used with multiple sensor type inputs in any single point measurement applications. The Rosemount 148 saves money in cabling and installation costs over wiring directly and delivers superior measurement accuracy and reliability.
  • 5880 - Digital/Analog Multimeter 5880 features:Autoranging AC/DC default voltmeter with test inhibitor and warnings for enhanced user safety. Extra large digital display with backlight and analog bar graph. Weather resistant against dust and water to IP44. Multiple test voltage ranges.
    Greenlee Textron
  • PCI-16AI64 - 64 Analog Input Channels (16-bit A/D The high-density PCI-16AI64 board provides a cost effective 500,000 conversions-per-second 16-bit analog input capability in a single-width format. The inputs are configurable either as 64 single-ended channels or as 32 differential channels, and the input range can be software selectable as ±10V, ±5V or ±2.5V. Scan rates can be controlled from either (a) an internal rate generator, (b) through an external digital input, or (c) by direct software commands.
    General Standards
  • 321341 - ANALOG INSULATION TESTERS Analog models with single rating AC voltage measurement and check live lines such as motive power lines One-touch operation Press-and-lock switch for continuous measurement A wide choice of accessories to meet various testing requirements Vibration - and shock-resistant hand-held compact testers Approx weight including batteries, or Approx. weigh including hard case, handle, test leads and batteries
    Yokogawa Meters &
  • Modulator, APE™ Microwave Analog This high performance analog modulator is designed for use in microwave fiberoptic links that operate at frequencies to 20 GHz and beyond. APE optical waveguides and velocity matched transmission line technology are combined in a modulator that offers high power, low loss optical characteristics, and high modulation efficiency.
  • 4CYDDA 06 - PC/104 Analog Output Module CyberResearchs 4CYDDA 06 is a six-channel analog output board built on the PC104 format. The 4CYDDA 06 is compatible with the CYDDA 16 but has six channels instead of sixteen. Software designed for the CYDDA 16 and CYRDDA 06 (MetraByte compatible) will operate the analog outputs correctly.
  • MY10 - Series Analog Insulation Testers Analog models with single rating. AC voltage measurement. Automatic discharge.
    Yokogawa Meters &
  • NI PXI-6229 - 16-Bit, 250 kS/s, 32 Analog Inputs Four 16-bit analog outputs (833 kS/s) 48 digital I/O; 32-bit counters; digital triggering NIST-traceable calibration certificate and more than 70 signal conditioning options Correlated DIO (32 clocked lines, 1 MHz) Select high-speed M Series for 5X faster sampling rates or high-accuracy M Series for 4X resolution.
    National Instruments
  • USB-3110 - 16-bit, 4-channel high-drive analog output for USB 16-bit, high-drive analog voltage output. Includes power supply and USB cable. Fully supported by Measurement Studio- MCC edition, SoftWIRE, DASYLab, & LabVIEW. 32-bit event counter
    Measurement Computing
  • ST-70u - Analog Panel Meter This acrylic resin front and bakelite black case has a three stud mounting system and a white scale plate. A sword type pointer in black completes this package. Accuracy AC class 2.5 and DC class 1.5.
    Hoyt Electrical Instrument
  • 421 - Analog and Digital Interface Three quadrature encoder channels with 16-bit counters Four 12-bit D/A outputs Eight 12-bit differential A/D inputs, 50 kHz rate Watchdog timer Forty-eight bi-directional digital signals for solid state relay boards PC/ISA compatible
    Sensoray Co.
  • 47F - Analog Meter with Switching Circuit Boards High value resistor Capacitance C (uf): C x 0.1, C x 1, C x 100, C x 10, C x 1k and C x 10k Continuity buzzer: R <50Ω Infrared signal: > ±15° distance 1 to 30cm Live wire detection Transistor check: R x 10hFE and 0 to 1000 LV/LI measurement Standard resistor box Low battery display Auto power-off Multi-protective circuit
    Nanjing Tian Yu Electronic
  • Analogue Multimeter Versatile, Highly Sensitive, Large Scale, Highly Reliable & Accurate Analogue Indicating Multimeter Housed in Wooden Body.
    Cambridge Instruments
  • IP236 - Analog Output Module, 16-bit D/A w/FIFO Buffers IP236 modules have 16-bit D/A converters (DAC) to provide highly-accurate analog voltage outputs. FIFO buffers enhance control over the transfer of data to the DAC and improve efficiency.
    Acromag Incorporated
  • PMC-12AIO - 12-bit Analog I/O, 32-Input/4-Output Channels The PMC-12AIO provides a cost effective high-speed 12-bit analog input/output and digital I/O board. Four analog output channels (at 300,000 samples/ sec per channel) are updated either synchronously or asynchronously, and support arbitrary waveform generation. The analog inputs are configurable as either 32 single-ended or 16 differential inputs, and can be scanned continuously or in bursts. Inputs and outputs have a common software selected range of ±10V, ±5V or ±2.5V, and are accessed through independent 32K-sample FIFO buffers. 
    General Standards
  • PCI-1727U - 14-bit, 12-ch Analog Output Universal PCI Card with 32-ch Digital I/O * 12 independent analog output channels
    * Fuse on each channel
    * Universal PCI for 5 V and 3.3 V support
    * BoardID™ switch
    * Synchronized output function
    Advantech Co. Ltd
  • VME-3113B - Analog I/O VME-3113B, Scanning 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with Built-in-Test
    GE Intelligent Platforms
  • KT7032 - Multimeter Analogue 32 Range Analogue Multimeter in handy, compact housing, Analogue Multimeter in handy, compact housing 32 ranges in 8 functions. Dual display version(analogue + LCD).
    KTI Ketai Instrument
  • 72-8170 - Deluxe Analog Display VOM Perfect for educational purposes or in applications where unstable readings make digital displays inconvenient. Measures AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, decibels, continuity, identifies PNP and NPN transistors and tests batteries under a load. 

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Analog - representation of a signal that varies over an infinite range of values.


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