Analog - aka Analogue

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  • APCI-3501-8 - 8 Channel Analog output board, isolated, 14-bit APCI-3501-8 8 Channel Analog output board, isolated, 14-bit. 8 analog output channels, 14-bit. Optical isolation 500 V. 4 digital Input. 4 digital output. 24 V, optically isolated. Watchdog.
    Team Solutions
  • DCOSS APS - DCOSS Analog Phone Simulator The DCOSS APS (Analog Phone Simulator) converts a GL DCOSS into an analog phone simulator that simulates a bank of up to 384 analog telephones. Using a basic DCOSS with T1 trunks along with the APSCB24/48 external boxes, the DCOSS APS may be used to test a Central Office (CO), PBX, Gateway, or other telecommunications equipment, which provide local loop interfaces.
    GL Communications
  • Analog Instruments Benchtop and rack-mount electronic filter/amplifier analog instruments from 0.1 Hz to 300 kHz with adjustable gain to +60 dB.
    Frequency Devices
  • APCI-3120-16-8 - 16 SE or 8 diff. input channel, 8 Analog Output Channels APCI-3120-16-8 16 Single Ended or 8 Differential input channel, 8 Analog Output Channels. Optical isolation 500 V16 SE or 8 diff. inputs. Data transfer rate: 100 kHz. 16-bit resolution. 8 analog output channels. Data transfer rate:30 kHz. 14-bit resolution. Output voltage: 0-10 V, ±10 V, (set through software). Each output has its own ground line.
    Team Solutions
  • APCI-3001-16 - Analog Input Board, 16 Isolated Channels. APCI-3001-16 Analog Input Board, 16 Isolated Channels.16 single-ended or 8 differential inputs. 12-bit resolution. Isolation 500 V. 100 kHz sample rate. 8 isolated digital I/O, 24 V. Onboard FIFO buffers. PCI DMA access.
    Team Solutions
  • GOLDENEAGLE - TV Analog - Signal Monitor GOLDENEAGLE TV is a frequency agile TV receiver solution enabling permanent monitoring of multiple broadcast programs. From one antenna, the system monitors automatically, in real time, the quality and continuity of up to 40 TV programs and notifies the relevant personnel of any problem.
  • TG120 - Analogue Function Generator 20MHz dial set function generator
    0.2Hz to 20MHz frequency range
    Sine, square and triangle waveforms plus dc
    10mV to 20V pk-pk from 50 Ohms
    DC offset control with zero detent
    Variable symmetry control
    External sweep input
    Very low cost.
  • PCI66-BI-16AI8WR - 8-Channel Bus-Isolated Wide-Range Analog Input Board 8 High-Level or Low-Level Analog Input Channels. Input Channels Share a Common Isolated Ground. 16-Bit, 200KSPS ADC and Active Lowpass Filter pe Channel. Isolation-Side Signal Conditioning and A/D Conversion
    General Standards
  • PCI 744 - 16 analog outputs, 14 bits The PCI 744 has 16 independent analog output channels. The resolution of the DACs is 14 bits with a precision of 12 bits and guaranteed monotonicity . The analog outputs are divided in 2 groups and each group can have a drift of ± 10V or 0 => 10V full scale and their status is known on power-up (0V).
    ADAS Electronique
  • CompuGen 8150/8152 - 12 Bit, 150 MS/s Analog Output (D/A) Card The CompuGen 8150 and CompuGen 8152 enable the user to generate a limitless number of analog and digital signals. The CompuGen 8150 and CompuGen 8152 generate analog output signals at a maximum D/A conversion rate of 150 million samples per second (MS/s) with 12-bit vertical resolution (4096 levels).
  • NI FP-AI-100 - 8-Channel Voltage and Current Analog Input Module for FieldPoint 8 voltage or current inputs; 12-bit resolution Measures millivolt, low-voltage, medium-voltage, or milliampere signals Software-configurable input range (per channel) -40 to 70 °C operating range HotPnP (plug-and-play) operation
    National Instruments
  • 12 Series - Analog Meters Dual version of standard 40 Series.
    Dorrough Electronics
  • NI DAQCard-6715 - High-Speed Analog Output for PCMCIA -- 12-Bit, 1 MS/s per Channel 8 channels 1 MS/s maximum update rate 8 (5 V TTL/CMOS) digital I/O lines Digital triggering and external clocking 2 up/down counter/timers, 24-bit resolution NI-DAQmx driver with configuration utility to simplify configuration and measurements
    National Instruments
  • 425 - Analog and Digital Interface Three quadrature encoder channels with 16-bit counters Four 12-bit D/A outputs Eight 12-bit differential A/D inputs, 50 kHz rate Watchdog timer Forty-eight bi-directional digital signals for solid state relay boards PC/ISA compatible
    Sensoray Co.
  • SDM-AO4 - 4-Channel Continuous Analog Output Module The SDM-AO4 provides four independent continuous analog outputs (0 to +5 Vdc) for proportional control or strip charts. Current sourcing capability is 125 µA. 
    Campbell Scientific
  • SD AOU-H3333F - 200 MHz, 500 MSPS, 16 Bits, 2 Ch, Analog Output, AWG, Signal Generator 2 analog output channels 500 MSPS per channel DC to 200 MHz output frequency 200 MHz real-time bandwidth 3 Vpp output amplitude 16-bit resolution Function Generators Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) Ultra-flexible angle / amplitude modulator High-quality low phase noise output signal 16 MB, 128 MB or 1 GB of RAM
  • PMC-12AISS8AO4 - 12-Channel, 12-Bit PMC Analog Input/Output Board  8 Differential Analog Inputs with Dedicated 12-Bit, 2.0 MSPS ADC per Channel. True Simultaneous Sampling of all Inputs; Minimum Data Skew. Sampling Rates to 2.0 MSPS per Channel (16 MSPS Aggregate Rate). Software-Selectable Input Ranges: ±10V, ±1V, ±100mV; 112 dB Dynamic Range
    General Standards
  • 104-DA12-8A - PC/104 Analog Output Board with Arbitrary Waveform Generation Model 104-DA12-8A is a PC104 board featuring eight independent 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and broadly configurable arbitrary waveform generation (ARB) capabilities. Other convenient features include 128K SRAM for waveform data storage, eight 4-20mA current sinks, three 16-bit counter/timers and fused general-purpose +5V and +12V power outputs.
    Acces I/O Products
  • OSC-1100 - Real Time Analog Oscilloscope 5mV/div - 5V/div, 1-2-5,10 Steps, ±5%(Range), (1mV/div - 1V/div, 在 X 5MAG ±10%)
    C&C Instruments Co
  • 4202 - Portable Analog Strip Chart Recorders Two (2) Pen Strip Chart Recorder. AC Power Only.
  • PA-AD12 / PA-AD12-H - Analog To Digital (A/D) Card For users who require A/D only, we've got the card for you. The PA-AD12 aand PA-AD12-H are 12-bit analog to digital converters. The PA-AD12 and PA-AD12-H have 8 differential or 16 single-ended input channels with 12-bit 20us or 10us A/Ds. An on-board 8254 Timer/Counter allows background conversions. 
  • PA72-Series - Analog Signal Generation and Capture Platform The PA72 platform is a platform of flexibility. It consists of a base board and one or two daughter boards. In daughter boards there is choice from several different generators, digitizers, filters, and Flexible Digital I/O modules.
  • PCI-1721 - 12-bit, 4-ch Analog Output PCI Card with 16-ch Digital I/O # 10 MHz maximum digital update rate
    # PCI-bus mastering for data transfer
    # Auto calibration function
    # Four analog output channels with 1024 samples FIFO buffer
    # A 12-bit DAC is equipped for each of analog output channels
    # Real-time waveform output function with internal/external pacer
    # Synchronized output function
    Advantech Co. Ltd
  • IRT3 - Analog Insulation Resistance Tester Large high-contrast analog display. AC Voltage Measurement to 600 Volts. Insulation resistance readings from 0 to 400 Megohms. Three test-voltage ranges (250, 500, 1000 V DC). Fuse protected against accidental misuse. Precision, low resistance test leads (1000 Volt CAT III rated). Low battery indication/detection. Maintains rated voltage on cables with up to 1 mA leak-rate. Automatic, post-test cable discharge. Rugged, compact case with latching cover to keep the elements out. 3 Year limited warranty.
    UEi Test & Measurement

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Analog - representation of a signal that varies over an infinite range of values.


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