Analog - aka Analogue

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  • AccelRate3D - Triaxial Accelerometer & Gyroscope / Analog Inertial Sensor The AccelRate3D is the world?s smallest analog inertial measurement unit, providing analog outputs of triaxial acceleration and rate of turn (gyro) data. The AccelRate3D also provides precision references for the X, Y, and Z-axes as well as temperature outputs allowing the implementation of compensation techniques.
  • IOS-220 - Analog Output Module, 12-bit D/A The IOS-220 outputs analog voltage signals to drive up to 16 devices. Each output channel has its own 12-bit D/A converter (DAC). Individual DACs are faster, and they eliminate glitches typically caused by the re-acquisition process of sample and holds found on multiplexed output boards.
    Acromag Incorporated
  • APCI-3001-16 - Analog Input Board, 16 Isolated Channels. APCI-3001-16 Analog Input Board, 16 Isolated Channels.16 single-ended or 8 differential inputs. 12-bit resolution. Isolation 500 V. 100 kHz sample rate. 8 isolated digital I/O, 24 V. Onboard FIFO buffers. PCI DMA access.
    Team Solutions
  • ST-600 - Analog Rotary Scale Clamp Meter ACA : 6/30/60/300/600A +/-3% of F.S. (50/60Hz). ACV : 150/300/600V +/-3% of F.S. Ohm : 2KOhm +/-3% of F.S. length. Frequency Response : 50/60Hz for ACA 6A. Frequency Response : 50-400Hz for 30/60/300/600A 
    Standard Electric
  • DCOSS APS - DCOSS Analog Phone Simulator The DCOSS APS (Analog Phone Simulator) converts a GL DCOSS into an analog phone simulator that simulates a bank of up to 384 analog telephones. Using a basic DCOSS with T1 trunks along with the APSCB24/48 external boxes, the DCOSS APS may be used to test a Central Office (CO), PBX, Gateway, or other telecommunications equipment, which provide local loop interfaces.
    GL Communications
  • 618/619 - Smart Analog to Digital Supports thermocouples, RTD's, strain gauges, voltage in, 4-20mA, thermistors, and resistors Up to 16 differential input channels plus sensor excitation Each channel is software programmable for sensor type, gain, low-pass filtering, scan rate Auto-calibration eliminates trimpots Low power consumption
    Sensoray Co.
  • APCI-3501-8 - 8 Channel Analog output board, isolated, 14-bit APCI-3501-8 8 Channel Analog output board, isolated, 14-bit. 8 analog output channels, 14-bit. Optical isolation 500 V. 4 digital Input. 4 digital output. 24 V, optically isolated. Watchdog.
    Team Solutions
  • Analog Instruments Benchtop and rack-mount electronic filter/amplifier analog instruments from 0.1 Hz to 300 kHz with adjustable gain to +60 dB.
    Frequency Devices
  • APCI-3120-16-8 - 16 SE or 8 diff. input channel, 8 Analog Output Channels APCI-3120-16-8 16 Single Ended or 8 Differential input channel, 8 Analog Output Channels. Optical isolation 500 V16 SE or 8 diff. inputs. Data transfer rate: 100 kHz. 16-bit resolution. 8 analog output channels. Data transfer rate:30 kHz. 14-bit resolution. Output voltage: 0-10 V, ±10 V, (set through software). Each output has its own ground line.
    Team Solutions
  • NI PCI-6280 - 18-Bit, 500 kS/s (Multichannel), 625 kS/s (1-Channel), 16 Analog Inputs 24 digital I/O; two 32-bit, 80 MHz counters Programmable 40 kHz lowpass filters Correlated DIO (8 clocked lines, 10 MHz); analog and digital triggering NI-MCal calibration technology for increased measurement accuracy
    National Instruments
  • B8572 - Digital & Analog Surface Test Kit Digital & Analogue test kit makes testing all surface accurate and simple. Test up to 200Gegohm/500v. Kit comes with two 5lb weights and foam filled case. Test at 10v,100v & 500volts.This unit can test to NFPA77 when many others can not. ASK ABOUT OUR 3 YEAR WANANTY.
  • DNA-AI - Analog Input Layers When configuring an I/O Cube, users can choose from these Layers for analog input functions. They come factory preinstalled and calibrated. Models are available for general-purpose digitizing or for temperature sensors. 
    United Electronic
  • DBK207/CJC - 16-Channel Isolated Analog Signal Conditioning and Expansion Boards The DBK207 and DBK207/CJC accept up to 16 isolated analog input modules of any type. Modules can be mixed in any combination to measure temperature, strain, volts, current, and frequency. Up to sixteen DBK207 and/or DBK207/CJC boards can be daisy-chained supporting expansion to 256 isolated analog inputs
  • LS-96 - Analog Panel Meter Class 1.5 with a full scale deflection of 250 degrees, this models comes equiped with a glass window, ABS Resin frame and case, PC glass fiber base Mounting fittings included. Base and frame are black in color, white scale plate and meter body and stick shape pointer in black.
    Hoyt Electrical Instrument
  • Minilyzer ML1 - Analog Audio Analyzer The Minilyzer ML1 is a powerful, complete Audio Analyzer in a palm-sized format. Its comprehensive set of easy to access measurement functions simplify the process of system verification, diagnostics and repairs of even very complex audio installations. 
    NTi Audio
  • 3321A/3322A/3323A - Analogue Insulation Tester AC Voltmeter with linear, easy-to-read scales. Auto discharge function; any charge stored in the circuit under test will be automatically discharged after testing. Designed to meet IEC/EN 61010-1 CAT.III 600V, CAT.II 1000V. Color-coded scales for easy reading. Back light function to facilitate working at dimly illuminated locations. Test lead set with remote control switch. 
    Kyoritsu Electrical
  • MSXB 085 - Isolated Analog Expansion Board The MSXB 085 Isolated Analog Expansion Board provides isolated analog inputs and isolated analog outputs for DAP systems. Use these boards to eliminate ground currents – a potential source of noise in your measurement and control signals – and eliminate timing skew.
    Microstar Laboratories
  • HI 8314 - Portable Analog pH Meter with pre-amplified pH electrode HI 8314 is a handheld pH/mV/°C meter designed to be reliable and easy-to-use. HI 8314 uses the HI 1217D pre-amplified pH electrode and internal temperature sensor.
    Hanna Instruments
  • SD AOU-H3344 - 400 MHz, 1 GSPS, 14 Bits, 4 Ch, Analog Output, AWG, Signal Generator 4 analog output channels 1 GSPS per channel DC to 400 MHz output frequency 400 MHz real-time bandwidth 2 Vpp output amplitude 14-bit resolution Function Generators Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) Ultra-flexible angle / amplitude modulator High-quality low phase noise output signal 16 MB, 128 MB or 1 GB of RAM Hardware programming (HVI real-time technology) 1-slot size
  • HH2708 - Pocket Size Analog Multimeter Basic Accuracy 4.0%. 5 Functions / 14 Ranges. Voltage test up to AC500V and DC500V. Current test up to 250mA. Resistance test up to Ω x 1K. Test Batteries 1.5V and 9V. Power: 1 x 1.5V "AA" battery. Fuse: 0.5A, 250V type Φ 5 x 20mm
    Colluck Company Limited
  • 1110 - Analogue Multimeters High sensitivity DC20kΩ/V. Polarity selector switch. 1m drop-proof heavy duty designed taut-band movement. Can measure line voltage up to AC 600V. (Voltage to ground MAX AC300V) (Protected by 600V ceramic fuse against accidental overload) 
    Kyoritsu Electrical
  • MFE 111 - Analog Front End with Line Simulation MFE III includes 2 input channels and 2 output channels for both balanced and unbalanced operation. The input and output impedances are variable. Each channel can be amplified individually.
    HEAD Acoustics GmbH
  • HD-390 - Analog Multimeter 1. 25 Test Ranges,12 Working functions
    2. Perfect Slide Protective Holster alongside
    3. Perfect Overland Protection incl. Two Fuses 0.5A & 10A
    4. High Input Impedance:DC 20K/V,AC 9K/V
    5. Adjust back tilt stand device with Hook-up hole
    6. AC Voltage Range(±4.0% F.S.) 10/50/250/1000V
    7. DC Voltage Range(±3.0% F.S.) 0.1/0.5/2.5/10/50/250/1000V
    8. DC Current Range(±3.0% F.S.) 0.05/2.5/25/250mA,10A
    9. Resistance Range(±4.0% of Arc)X1,X10,X100,X1K(C1),X10K(0.2~20M)
    10.Capacitance Test With Additional Tool Kit(CT-1)
    Wuxi IMHOO Technology
  • 3802 / 3803 / 3806 - Analog Oscilloscope 1mV/div Sensitivity on Both Channels CH1 & CH2 Independent Channels CH1 Signal Output Algebraic Addition and Subtraction X-Y Operation 20ns/div to 0.2s/div Time Base ALT MAG. Trace - Max. 4 Traces Scale Illumination Z Modulation 8 x 10 cm Display Internal Graticule Auto Focus TV Triggering Frame (V) & Line (H) Line Trigger ALT Triggering C.T. Facility
    Aplab Limited

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Analog - representation of a signal that varies over an infinite range of values.


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