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  • Acoustics Full frequency spectrum interior noise analysis and optimization Evaluation of shell radiation of components such as engine blocks, engine covers, intake manifolds, mufflers and powertrains Evaluation of the acoustical performance of ducted systems such as mufflers Evaluation of transmission and absorption characteristics of sound packages such as headliners, seats, carpets, trim lining, dash insulation and panel damping Prediction of vehicle pass-by noise Identification of noise sources inside vehicles as well as on components such as powertrain, engine and tire
    Comet Technology
  • Acoustics Testing Service PCTEST acoustics facilities are fully equipped with hemi-anechoic acoustic chambers for handset audio tests for technologies including, but not limited to: * GSM EFR, HR, AMR codecs * CDMA2000/CdmaOne Full Rate, EVRC codecs * UMTS AMR-FR, AMR-HR codecs
    PCTEST Engineering
  • CARA - Computer Aided Room Acoustics a very advanced computer program for computing and optimizing Room Acoustics of arbitrary rooms. CARA is based on the sound source imaging method in combination with a back tracing procedure. CARA analyzes and improves room acoustic influenced sound coloration in a two step procedure: Acoustic Ambiance and Positional Optimization.
    ELAC Technische Software
  • ERAS - Echo Repeater Acoustics Source ERAS is a compact and versatile system for the performance evaluation of a wide range of active and passive sonar. It has been designed to be hand-deployed from small vessels with few facilities - the transducer assembly is a small lightweight unit containing both projector and hydrophone. At the surface, the system includes a rugged, portable, power amplifier unit and a controlling computer.
    Chelsea Technologies
  • SAFE - Structural Acoustics Foam Engineering This finite element program based program allows the analysis of sound traveling through various media including fluids, solids and foam-like substances for an overall approach to sound management. SAFE allows users to design optimal noise control treatments with such elastic porous materials as glass fiber, mineral wood and a variety of cell foams. The development of SAFE was partially funded by National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA).
    Comet Technology
  • CAPE - Comet Acoustics Prototyping Engine CAPE is a graphical user interface application that guides and expedites the process of acoustic performance evaluation and optimization of noise control treatments in passenger vehicles. CAPE is used to predict sound pressure levels in the passenger compartment for various noise control treatment (NCT) configurations. The user can quickly and easily predict the effects of NCT changes such as changes to NCT material properties, thickness of NCT layers and order of NCT layers. CAPE allows the user to start with an existing template from a library that incorporates best practices and expertise. The user is then guided through the process of modifying the template model such that it represents a specific design candidate
    Comet Technology
  • RoomScope - Room Acoustics Analysis on iOS RoomScope turns your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a room acoustics measurement and analysis tool. With RoomScope, you can measure a room impulse response and then calculate reverberation time, early decay time, clarity, and definition, as defined in the ISO 3382 standard. RoomScope also allows you to adjust the Schroeder decay curve integration limits with the touch of your finger and plot the calculated room parameters versus whole or 1/3-octave band center frequency.
    Faber Acoustical
  • Acoustics Test & Engineering Services PTEDS is an established leader in acoustical measurement technology, noise control engineering and the development of acoustical standards. Our world-class facilities include hemi-anechoic, fully-anechoic and reverberation chambers. With our research and development roots and a highly qualified staff, we can ensure that the services you receive are tailored to your individual requirements.
  • ACOUSTIC TESTING Our acoustic testing experience includes acoustic qualification and evaluating sound pressure levels. We utilize microphones, pressure trans-ducers, and an acoustic intensity meter to record acoustic measurements.
    ATA Engineering
  • Acoustic Noise A Test Specimens can be evaluated in two different modes in reference to acoustic noise: The Test Specimen's response to acoustic noise and the Test Specimen's generation of acoustic noise.
    American Environments
  • ACOUSTIC NOISE The test is performed to demonstrate the adequacy of material to resist the external acoustic environment in which it is installed without degradation of its functional performance and structural integrity.
    Aero Nav Laboratories
  • CRY6151 - Acoustic tester It is the latest full-function powerful tester for electro acoustic device with strong stability and it can perform high-speed testing and technical breakthrough with high stability.
    Hangzhou JiGao Electroacoustical
  • CEL-120 - Acoustic Calibrator Compliant with IEC 60942 : 2003 and ANSI SI.40:2006 Class 1 & 2 accuracy versions Digital technology ensures highly stable acoustic performance Dual calibration level (Class 1 version) of 94dB and 114dB at 1kHz Rugged ergonomic design
    Casella Measurement
  • PROkits - Acoustic Analyzer A PROkit is an acoustic analyzer and its most commonly used accessories in a rugged carry case.Everything you need for setting up a room; The Analyzer, A Flat Calibration Microphone, A Noise Source, Software and More, is in the kit.
    Gold Line
  • Acoustic Analysis From noise reduction in trains, planes and cars to detecting, classifying and tracking battlefield targets such as tanks, our acoustic analysis software bundle provides accurate, stable acoustic measurement and analysis. It incorporates our innovative Nth Octave processor that processes CATS and DATX data files to provide single-channel, octave-fraction-based spectral analysis in sound pressure level (SPL) and power spectral density (PSD) form as well as our acoustic intensity analyzer that performs a classical, two-microphone, fractional-octave-based, or narrowband calculation to provide direction-sensitive spectral analysis.
  • OKO-75G - Acoustic Jammer Acoustic cell phone jammer OKO-75G is intended to block the acoustic channel of GSM phone when unexpected switching to transfer. The product does not respond to the signals of wireless phone standard DECT, providing extremely long battery life from a single battery with discharge monitoring. OKO-75G is powered by a lithium CR1220 battery.
  • SV 34 - 4 Acoustic Calibrator SV 34 is a Class 2, single level acoustic calibrator designed to calibrate Class 2 sound level meters and noise dosimeters with1/2" microphones. Unlike many others, the robust housing of the calibrator gives comfort of a secure grip to its users. Similarly to other SVANTEK acoustic calibrators, the SV 34 does not require adjusting as it compensates automatically the temperature and humidity changes.
    Svantek Sp. Z O.o.
  • Acoustic Enclosures Acoustic isolation requires carefully designed panel elements. One major factor for maximum isolation is a high weight-to-area ratio. Unfortunately, this generates large handling forces during opening and closing of the front door. IDE has integrated a servo-pneumatic mechanism to solve this problem.
    Integrated Dynamics
  • Nor848A - Acoustic Camera Norsonic has launched the world's most compact and performing acoustic camera for its size: the Nor848A-0,4 equipped with 128 microphones on a 0.4 meter surface. The weight is only 2.5 kg. The array is equipped with two handles for easy handheld operation. 3 array sizes with up to 384 microphones available.
    Norsonic AS
  • SV 31A - Acoustic Calibrator The SV 30A type 1, two levels acoustic calibrator is the State of the Art instrument. The design of this calibrator is based on the dedicated ½" condenser microphone and microprocessor controlled signal source including digital static pressure and temperature compensation. These both features assure excellent stability of the calibration levels and their frequency. The SV 30A calibrator offer exceptional price versus performance ratio on the world market.
    Svantek Sp. Z O.o.
  • 105 & 106 - Acoustic Calibrator Models 105 and 106 are new technology sound calibrators that have been tested and formally EU Pattern Approved under certificate PTB-1.61.4028829 as meeting all the requirements of the latest International standard, IEC 60942 : 2003.
    Pulsar Instruments
  • CRY6136 - Acoustic Tester CRY6136 tester for electroacoustic device is a full-function tester for electroacoustic device and it is upgraded version of CRY6135, and it has two more hardware channels than 6135, so besides testing all the testable device of CRY6135, it also can test stereo headphone, and components of headphones and microphones.
    Hangzhou JiGao Electroacoustical
  • D9500™ C-SAM© - Acoustic Microscopes The D9500™ delivers maximum flexibility for detailed inspections. Whether your needs are for failure analysis, process development, material characterization, low-volume production, or other lab inspections, the D9500 delivers unmatched capabilities. Operating in both reflection and transmission modes, the D9500 delivers a level of accuracy and robustness that sets the contemporary standard for AMI.
  • microDiSPTM - Acoustic Emission System The microDiSP? is a small, truly portable, battery (optional) and notebook operated, acoustic emission system. It is similar in size to a notebook computer, containing one or two PCI/DSP-4 cards to form a powerful 4 or 8 channel, simultaneous processing of acoustic emission features and waveforms, DiSP based system. Key advantages of the microDiSP over conventional AE system chassis?s include its small size yet high channel density (up to 8 channels),
    Physical Acoustics

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