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  • SRT6200 - SURFACE ROUGHNESS TESTER his instrument is compatible with four standards of ISO, DIN, ANSI and JIS and is widely used in production site to measure surface roughness of various machinery-processed parts, calculate corresponding parameters according to selected measuring conditionsand clearly display all measurement parameters.
  • MA1801 - M-Module Dual Arbitrary Waveform Generator The Talon Instruments™ MA1801 is a single width ANSI standard MAModule that contains two 14-bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) channels which can operate independently or in synchronization. The maximum sample rate is 125 MS/s. All waveforms can be sampled from data previously loaded into waveform memory or loaded and output on the fly.
    Talon Instruments
  • PAS-853 - Resistance Audit System The PAS-853 instrument is a wide range ohmmeter that measures accurately from 0.01 to 1.0x1012 ohms. In AUTO mode the instrument automatically adjusts resistance range and selects test voltage in accordance with standard practices outlined in ANSI/ESD STM11.11, and meets audit requirements of ESD TR53:
  • NI Certified LabWindows/CVI Developer National Instruments LabWindows/CVI is the proven ANSI C development environment for test and measurement. Certified LabWindows/CVI Developers enjoy special privileges with National Instruments including designation on our Web site, previews during NIWeek, and advanced technical support.
    National Instruments
  • KVTS - Voltage Transformer Test System The Knopp Voltage Transformer Test System (KVTS) is designed to measure the accuracy of instrument transformers having 120 volt secondaries and up to 36,000 volt primaries. The system includes a control console which contains the control circuitry, ANSI standard burdens, and the Knopp Automatic Transformer Comparator.
    Knopp Incorporated
  • SL5868P - SOUND LEVEL METER This instrument is compatible with several standards of GB/T 3785,IEC 651 Type 2,ANSIS 1.4 Type 2.It is widely used to test the sound level of environment, mechanic, vehicle,ship and other noise.Fit for industry environment protecting,working,sanitation, teaching search and other departments.
  • Pen Dosimeters The advanced PEN direct reading dosimeters are rugged, precision instruments. They are higher quality and have greater reliability than other dosimeters of this type. They measure and directly read, at any time, accumulated dose (quantity of gamma and x-ray exposure). PEN dosimeters are designed to satisfy military specifications for the RADIAC METER IM-264/PD and ANSI N 13.5 and N322 requirements
    SE International
  • MA1801A - MA-Module Dual Arbitrary Waveform Generator The Talon Instruments™ MA1801A is a single width ANSI standard MA-Module that contains two 14-bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) channels which can operate independently or in sychronization. The maximum sample rate is 125 MS/s. Dual ping-pong buffers are available which allow the user to switch on-the-fly between freshly loaded waveforms without glitch or disruption of the waveform that is currectly playing.
    Talon Instruments
  • NI Measurement Studio Enterprise Edition National Instruments Measurement Studio is the complete integrated measurement solution of tools created specifically for Visual Basic, Visual Studio .NET, and Visual C++ programmers. The Enterprise Edition also includes NI LabWindows/CVI for easily creating ANSI C-based virtual instrument applications. NI Measurement Studio is designed for engineers and scientists building measurement and automation applications. Measurement Studio delivers the measurement expertise of National Instruments with the programming language of your choice. With the added power of the tools Measurement Studio provides, you will increase efficiency and save time.
    National Instruments
  • Chameleon Code Transformer Provides source code transformation of legacy software to modern programming environments. Establishes translation relationships between the legacy and target languages. Works with industry leading test executives. Ensures traceability between new target software and legacy code. Multi-lingual capable (supports most any structured text-based language) Ada, ATLAS, ANSI C (LabWindows/CVI), Basic (HP, HT, Rocky Mountain, Visual), FORTRAN, Interchangeable Virtual Instrument (IVI) drivers, JOVIAL, Pascal, ATML / XML, Etc.
  • Radio Influence Voltage Measurement System Phenix Technologies' RIV meter is an instrument for the measurement of Radio Influence Voltage according to NEMA 107-1987 and other relevant standards (ANSI 63-2-1996, VDE 876, DIN EN 55016-1-1). The instrument has a bandwidth of 9 kHz and a tunable center frequency of 10 kHz-10 MHz. RIV Systems allow measurement to be made directly from transformer bushing capacitance taps or from high voltage coupling capacitors and displayed directly in microvolts.
    Phenix Technologies
  • CTT - Current Transformer Tester The CTTx2 & CTTx5 are rugged and easy to use current transformer testers, that offer Automatic & Manual testing modes. These instruments are designed to deliver fast and reliable measurements. The CTT will test the Current Transformer Ratio, Phase shift, Polarity, Excitation, Saturation, Winding resistance and Insulation resistance using the voltage method in compliance with ANSI/IEEE C57.13.1 & IEC 60044-1 standards, where voltage is applied to the secondary X terminals of the current transformer.
    Ndb Technologies
  • PMK-153 - Resistance Test Kit - NEW The PMK-153 Resistance Test Kit contains the instruments you need to take resistance measurements. The PMK-153 includes the NEW PAS-853 Resistance Audit System with 5 pound conductive rubber electrodes. The PAS-853 instrument is a wide range ohmmeter that measures accurately from 0.01 to 1.0x1012 ohms. In AUTO mode the instrument automatically adjusts resistance range and selects test voltage in accordance with standard practices outlined in ANSI/ESD STM11.11, and meets audit requirements of ESD TR53.
  • AITTS-98 - Automatic Instrument Transformer Test Set Automatic micro-processor controlled measurements • Measures total burden connected to test sample • Plots ratio & phase errors on-screen • RS-232C computer interface & Centronics printer port interface • Both Voltage & Current Transformer testing with one test set • 5 and 1 Amp CT testing using either 5 or 1 Amp standard CT • Identifies ANSI, IEC, IS-P, IS-PR, BR, BS-S, IEC-S, AS-M, AS-ME standards for CT&VT • Available in three versions: AITTS-98, ACTTS-98 & AVTTS-98
    Eltel Industries
  • SL-032 - Wrist-strap & Footwear Tester Dr-Schneider SL-032 combo tester can be touchable and used as 3 status, which is ideal for fast and multiple test for ESD grounding device. This tester shall be used as one of calibration instruments according to the calibration standard inclusive of daily inspection of technical requirement and program described as in ANSI ESD S20.20. Combo tester is designed for unique dual-testing circuit, which not only improve test speed, but also no single wrist strip/foot panel tester required. Furthermore, SL-032 configures with 750KΩ-10MΩ circuit used to test wrist strip and 750KΩ-100MΩ circuit used to test shoe cover, SL-032 tester is ideal for testing of wrist strip and shoe cover.
    KING GLORY Technolgy
  • 5900 Series - Advanced Mechanical Testing Systems The 5900 Series Universal Testing Instruments offer exceptional performance and are designed with enhancements that deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability, improved ergonomics, and an enhanced overall experience for the operator. New industry leading features include load measurement accuracy to +/-0.5% of reading down to 1/1000 of load cell capacity and fast, synchronized data acquisition rates up to 2,500 points per second. The most common uses of these mechanical testing systems are for tensile, compression, bend, peel, shear, tear and cyclic tests. Configured systems are fully capable of meeting test requirements per ASTM, ISO, DIN, TAPPI, GB, JIS, ANSI, NAS, etc.
  • PFC-252 - Professional Floor Certification Kit The PFC-252 Professional Floor Certification Kit is specifically designed for anyone who is verifying floor performance to ANSI/ESD S20.20, IEC 61340-5-1, or other company requirements. The PFC-252 includes Prostat's PRS-812 Resistance System Set with modified 5 pound conductive rubber electrodes and Prostat’s Cable Spacers for exact measurements. The PRS-812 wide range resistance system can take measurements at 10 and 100 volts with accuracy within ±5%. Also included is the PFK-100 Field Meter Set. The PFK-100 set includes Prostat's unique PFM-711A dual range field meter, CPM-720A charged plate monitor assembly and PCS-730 ±1 kv charging source. With this instrument set you can measure electrostatic fields, analyze ionizer performance and assess the voltage generation of materials, equipment and personnel.
  • FMC645 - C6455 Fixed-Point DSP FMC FMC-HPC Signal Processor FMC VITA 57.1 Compliant The FMC645 is a Digital Signal Processor FMC daughter card based on the Texas Instruments TMS320C6455 device. The FMC645 daughter card is mechanically and electrically compliant with the FMC standard (ANSI/VITA 57.1). The card has a high-pin count connector and can be used in a conduction cooled environment. The card is equipped with power supply and temperature monitoring and offers several power-down modes to switch off unused functions and peripheral interfaces. Several Gigabit differential pairs from the FMC connector are used to implement a PCIe and Serial Rapid IO interface between the FMC and the carrier. Many other digital I/O interfaces are also made available to the FMC carrier. Because of the use of level translators between the DSP and the FMC connector the FMC645 can fully operate on any VITA 57.1 compliant carrier. A 512MB DDR2 SDRAM on-board bank directly connects to the DSP thus providing the FMC645 with the memory resources required for demanding signal processing applications.

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