AC - aka Alternating Current

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  • XQ13 - AC/DC mA Current Clamp-on Transducer Applications
    • Power quality measuring
    • Large industrial loads
    • Measuring around cable bundles
    • Power load monitoring
    • Waveform analysis
    • Measurement range of 1mA to 200A AC
    • Small, compact size
    • Improved ergonomic design and easy operation
    • Conforms to EN 61010, 600V CAT III
    • Low phase shift for power measurement
    • Designed for DMMs, recorders, loggers, oscilloscopes, power and harmonic meters
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • 1300 Series - AC Hipot Tester Our 1300 Series AC Hipot testers are designed for tough manufacturing environments. With a simple feature set and the most intuitive user interface on the market, the 1300 Series improves productivity and ensures safe, reliable testing for any application.
    Slaughter Company
  • 2500 Series - AC/DC Hipot Tester Our 2500 Series Hipot testers are the safest and simplest products on the market. With the most user-friendly interface available, the 2500 Series reduces the learning curve for even inexperienced operators and its portable design allows for easy deployment in the field and on the production line. Choose from a variety of models to satisfy your testing requirements.
    Slaughter Company
  • GF300 - RTU ac sample site verification suitable for various electric power dispatching automation of electric power supply company, department of center of power and remote class, also suitable for oil, railway and steel industries power automation departments site use.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF3000 - PMU AC Sample Site Verification t is suitable for all power dispatch center automation departments, power supply company and power plants far move class, also suitable for oil, railway and steel industry etc power automation departments field to use.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF301 - AC Sample Calibration Device It is suitable for all power dispatch center automation departments, power supply company and power plants far move class, also suitable for oil, railway and steel industry etc power automation departments use.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • WR - AC Voltage Test Systems The WR AC resonant test systems with variable inductance are used for factory testing of medium and high voltage cables, high voltage capacitors, generators, and motors. They use the resonance between the capacitive test object and the inductive HV reactor of the test system to generate a continuous sinusoidal high voltage. The natural resonance frequency of the test circuit is matched to the feed-in mains frequency 50/60 Hz by setting the variable inductance of the HV reactor. If the HV reactor and test object are designed to form a series resonant circuit, the result will be an ideal sinusoidal testing voltage. The oil-cooled HV reactor is installed in a closed steel tank. The high voltage is fed outward through the steel tank via a HV bushing. The reactor can be fitted with additional voltage taps (bushings) to achieve largest testable capacitances of test objects at lower test voltages.
    Highvolt Prüftechnik
  • SCF-83 - AC Rectifier type coil meter Voltmeter Tough one piece moulded acrylic front giving shadow free dial illumination and an elegant crystal clear appearance capable of fitting into modern equipment styles & colour. Choice of coloured masks for lower area available. Strong rear body case moulding of thermosetting plastic.
    Bee Instruments
  • 2900 Series - AC / DC Hipot Tester The 2900 Series is our most popular line of Hipot testers. These testers are designed to simplify every aspect of safety testing for operators of all comfort levels. Our 2900 Series includes the most intuitive user interface in the industry and won’t take up too much space on the production line. With multiple memories and an optional RS-232 interface, you can quickly perform tests on a variety of DUT’s from the front panel or with a PC. Use this series in stand-alone applications or interconnect with a 2600 Series tester to form a complete test system for NRTL compliance. Choose from 3 different models to satisfy your testing requirements.
    Slaughter Company
  • MA200 - 400A AC Clamp Meter AC Current model to meet your application needs
    Extech Instruments
  • 1653A - 150V 2A AC POWER SUPPLY Variable Isolated AC Power Supply. Model 1653A is a compact, rugged unit. Variable isolated 0 to 150 VAC. 2A continuous output. Displays voltage or current readings. Isolation transformer to eliminate shock hazard while servicing "hot chassis" equipment
    B&K Precision
  • 8112 - AC CLAMP ADAPTOR Model 8112 clamp adaptor is designed to be an AC current/voltage conversion probe capable of measuring AC current from 0.1mA to 120A in conjunction with digital multimeters. Simple to operate, the unit has range switch position at 200mA,2A and 20A. It also features safety design throughout with no exposed metal parts. 
    Kyoritsu Electrical
  • 325 - True RMS AC/DC Power Clamp Meter The Model 325 AC/DC True RMS Power Clamp Meter provides safe, non-invasive measurements of up to 400KW, 400 Amps AC, and measures up to 600 Volts AC/DC utilizing the pair of standard test leads. The lightweight, portable, battery powered clamp meter measures the most common ACV, DCV, ACA & DCA needed to troubleshoot residential and small commercial electrical systems.
    B&K Precision
  • PLATYPUS - Variable Frequency AC Power Supply The REO platypus is a versatile electronic autotransformer with variable output frequency designed for use in test labs and pre-compliance testing. The current and voltage output can be adjusted using either the panel mounted potentiometers or alternatively the embedded keypad can be used to define regulation limits for current, voltage or power, and these will override the values set using the manual potentiometers.
    REO Ltd
  • L261 - DC and AC True RMS Voltage Data Logger Model L261 is a member of the Simple logger II series of instruments and is designed for stand-alone high voltage DC and TRMS AC measurements. It features a pair of safety banana sockets that accepts a direct connected voltage of up to 600 V with 0.1-volt resolution using the provided test leads and clips without any external signal conditioning. The instrument features a built in 240,000-sample memory, integrated LED indicators to display status, and a built-in USB interface for uploading configurations and downloading recorded data. The L261 is powered from two standard AA cells providing complete portability, and a "use anywhere" design.
    DATAQ Instruments
  • APS-946XA-EPS12 - Industrial AC Power Supply PS/2 Form Factor, 460W Industrial AC Power Supply PS/2 Form Factor, 460W. # Power (typical): 460W # Current Type: EPS12 # AC Voltage Input Range: 110 - 220 VAC (±10%) # Dimensions: Standard PS2 form factor, 140 x 150 x 86 (mm)
    ADLINK Technology
  • CTF-13NF - AC Current and Power Sensor * Ultra compact size and high accuracy. * Easy installation in the distributing box. * Compliant with RoHS drective.
    MULTI Measuring Instruments
  • CW - AC WATT / VAR / WATT & VAR TRANSDUCERS For AC WATT, VAR or WATT & VAR. / 1P2W, 3P3W, 3P4W. Accuracy:+/-0.2% RO. Input Max. 5A, 500V, 50/60/400Hz. Precision measurement even for distorted wave
    Chang Shuan Electronics
  • WSTG-3KVA - Relay control AC voltage This series of UPS is an advanced, ideal sine wave uninterruptible power supply system. Can provide reliable high-quality AC voltage to your precision equipment, its scope is very broad, from the calculator, communications systems to industrial automation device can be used. As a result of a special circuit design, UPS can adjust and filter the input voltage at any time (in the city power state), so it can provide back up power from the battery when there is no mains power..
    Yueqing Winston Electric
  • MMX-P1 - MICROPROCESS AC MULTI-POWER METER Measuring ACA/ACV/Frequency/WATT(power factor or Apparent power ). ACA/ACV/WATT for Ture RMS). ACA/WATT decimal point can be modifed. CT rate can be modifed(1 to 999)
    Axe Technology
  • 402 - Zareba® BullDozer 50 Mile AC Low Impedance Charger Controlling all types of animals, even predators. Our 50 mile AC-powered fence charger can be used with all kinds of fence wire, including high tensile, poly wire and poly tape in long, heavily weeded fence conditions
    Zareba Systems
  • E2EZ - 2-wire & 3-wire AC/DC Proximity Sensor Threaded Barrel Cutting Chip Resistant The E2EZ family of Special Application Inductive Proximity Sensors make this sensor ideally suited for machine cutting tool applications where the sensor may be affected or false triggered by swarf. These sensors can detect solid targets without being affected by accumulated aluminum and iron swarf from the cutting process. These sensors are shielded for flush mounting in metal with a sensing distance of 4mm for the M18 cylindrical barrel and 8mm for the M30 cylindrical barrel.
    Omron Industrial
  • AC-2000 - [AC System PC Controls] This Industrial PC based control system is specifically designed for the needs of HV AC testing. The system is running a Windows based operating software package. Active and passive safety is implemented into the system as independent external emergency switches, software watchdogs, graphic symbols and status information for fast understanding. A protocol file can be used for a further calculation.
    Shanghai Jiuzhi Electric
  • PB-501 ADAPTER - ADAPTER AC Adapter 9V AC to DC Adapter for use with Global Specialties Model PB-501
    Global Specialties

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AC - Current Alternates direction of flow cyclically.