AC - aka Alternating Current

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  • 2900 Series - AC / DC Hipot Tester The 2900 Series is our most popular line of Hipot testers. These testers are designed to simplify every aspect of safety testing for operators of all comfort levels. Our 2900 Series includes the most intuitive user interface in the industry and won’t take up too much space on the production line. With multiple memories and an optional RS-232 interface, you can quickly perform tests on a variety of DUT’s from the front panel or with a PC. Use this series in stand-alone applications or interconnect with a 2600 Series tester to form a complete test system for NRTL compliance. Choose from 3 different models to satisfy your testing requirements.
    Slaughter Company
  • DT2801 - 2000A AC Digital Clamp Meter 2000 counts MCD display with engineering unit annunciators.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • EL731 - AC/DC Sensitive Earth-Leakage Relay The EL731 is a microprocessor-based AC/DC Sensitive Earth-Leakage Relay that offers complete coverage for all frequencies from 0-15,000 Hz. Two CT’s are required for the entire frequency range, or one CT can be used for only low-or high-frequency detection.
  • 10/15kW - 3U 10/15kW AC / DC Programmable Power Supplies This member of the Genesys(TM) product family of programmable switching power supplies provides high power density, low ripple and a complete set of user-friendly interfaces. In addition to high power density, popular worldwide single and three phase inputs are available. This assures operation in difficult AC environments and meets European EMC requirements. AC/DC, rackmount, programmable power supplies. Outputs available range up to 600V and 1,000A. In addition to saving space, GenesysTM power supplies contain extensive standard features that provide a new level of performance and flexibility in ATE, Industrial and Communications applications.
    TDK-Lambda Americas
  • 2500 Series - AC/DC Hipot Tester Our 2500 Series Hipot testers are the safest and simplest products on the market. With the most user-friendly interface available, the 2500 Series reduces the learning curve for even inexperienced operators and its portable design allows for easy deployment in the field and on the production line. Choose from a variety of models to satisfy your testing requirements.
    Slaughter Company
  • 1300 Series - AC Hipot Tester Our 1300 Series AC Hipot testers are designed for tough manufacturing environments. With a simple feature set and the most intuitive user interface on the market, the 1300 Series improves productivity and ensures safe, reliable testing for any application.
    Slaughter Company
  • PS3800C - 5VA Reference Supply, AC input The PS3800C is a Reference/Excitation Supply capable of delivering 5 VA of output power, and can drive several transducers in parallel. It is available with many transformer isolated output voltages and frequencies. Input power is supplied from either 115Vrms or 220Vrms @ 50/60 Hz. (user selectable).
    North Atlantic Industries
  • AC Alternating Voltage Testing System Himalayal AC test system is based on more than 20 years experiance. The AC test transformer are especially designed for medium capacitance test object, e.g. power transformer, power cable, motor, generator, GIS switchgear. HCTT serial test transformer’s output voltage and power rating can meet the requirement of stable voltage and load changed under voltage. The modules designation enable the system reach ultra high voltage requirement. Himalayal has successful supplied the 2250kV 4500kVA (Three modules) test transformer for national grid
  • MA120 - AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter+Voltage Detector Clamp meter with built-in AC Voltage detector and flashlight
    Extech Instruments
  • 229-2 - AC Leakage Current Tester Testing for dangerous small leakage currents is easy with the Simpson Model 229-2 Leakage Current Tester. For use in appliance field service, in the lab, or in production, the 229-2 approximates the human threshold of perception in detecting hazardous AC leakage current. The 229-2 comes with test leads with alligator clips, manual and batteries. 
    Simpson Electric
  • BL1350C-2 - AC Power Source In the BL1350 Series you’ll find the quality features you expect from Behlman. Fully adjustable voltage and frequency, low output THD, high efficiency, plus excellent line and load regulation. There’s also a unique overload protection system that folds back voltage to maintain rated current without output waveform distortion. Units are supplied with analog remote control and available with optional RS-232 and IEEE-488 remote control interfaces
    Behlman Electronics
  • SRM-83 - AC Rectifier type coil meter Voltmeter Rear mounting gives complete safety in transit & enhances the outlook of the panel. DRM-106 has a glass front whereas all the other models have clear acrylic fronts. Only the meter dial is visible, providing clear & well defined scale markings. High stability moving coil movement with pivot, jewel & spring.
    Bee Instruments
  • CW-100 - AC Rectifier type coil meter Voltmeter CW 100 is uniquely styled & constructed to provide a slim landscape appearance to minimize panel space requirements. Ruggedly designed with high stability moving coil movement. Constructed with transperant acrylic front with bezel moulded in black ABS Can be installed in vertical or horizontal position.
    Bee Instruments
  • PLine 1610 - AC Power / Mains Testers Capable of performing single phase tests up to 16A, Haefely EMC Technology offers a range of products to perform mains interrupt, dips, voltage variation, frequency variation, plus emission measurements of mains flicker and harmonic content. Applications range from CE type testing to IEC and EN standards and telecommunications testing to ETSI.
    Haefely EMC Technology
  • LADC620-28 - AC BATTERY CHARGERS This COTS DC-DC Charger is designed for recharging a standard VLRA or standard Lead Acid battery from a 24V vehicle power source. It is designed to deliver 28.0 VDC at up to 20 amps continuous to recharge the battery. The reliable Buck-Boost architecture allows full voltage regulation whether the input voltage is above or below the regulated battery charging output.
    Analytic Systems
  • SAM-AC ACTUATOR High - dynamic universal push - pull and turn actuator for test stands Pedal, cable or potentiometer linkage.
    STAHLE Robot Systems
  • YF-8160 - AC Clamp Meter CAT III 600V. - Maximum conductor size : 30mm. - Display counts : 4,000. - AC : 600V. - ACA : 100A. - Leakage Current Test. - Dimension : 250mm x 85mm x 35mm.
    Tenmars Electronics
  • TM-27E - Autoranging AC/DC Clamp Meter CAT III 600V. - Maximum conductor size : 35mm. - Display counts : 6,000 - True RMS. - ACV / DCV : 600V - ACA / DCA : 600A - Dimension : 218mm x 75mm x 43mm.
    Tenmars Electronics
  • LS2008R - Digital Power Meter (AC Model) Measure Vrms, lrms, W, PF; • Voltage range:10-600v,Current range:0.005-20A ; • Accuracy: ±(0.4%reading + 0.1%range + 1digit); • Can communicate with computer through RS-232 interface.
    Lisun Electronics
  • 3091LD Series - AC Load The 3091LD is designed to provide precisely controlled, non-linear loads for testing AC power generation equipment such as UPS's and AC sources. In addition, any active or passive current carrying devices such as switches, circuit breakers, fuses, connectors and power semiconductors can be tested.
    Ametek Programmable
  • AC-15 - AC Warning System Monitors AC on pipelines or structures Alarm at 15v AC Threshold Conforms to NACE SP0177-2007 Audio and Visual Alarms Calibration Test Unit Superbright LED's Replaceable 9v Batteries
    Tinker & Rasor
  • PWS1000R - AC/DC POWER SUPPLY The PWS1000R Series of rackmount power supplies provides 12, 24 or 48 Volts DC at 1000 Watts of continuous power from a 110 or 220 Volt AC source. Circuit innovations reduce output ripple to levels previously available only from bulky and inefficient linear power supplies. Reliability features include an input fuse, thermal shutdown, current limiting and output short circuit protection with automatic recovery.
    Analytic Systems
  • BCA-610-MS - AC BATTERY CHARGERS The BCA610-MS battery charger provides up to 600 watts to charge a 12, 24, 32, or 48 Volt battery system (1 or 2 banks) from a 110 or 220VAC source. The batteries must share a common ground. This all-new single board design incorporates state of the art switchmode technology for unmatched efficiency and ultra-quiet operation. Multiple stages of filtering reduce radiated or conducted noise to very low levels. Extra features include adjustable output voltage, audible and visual indicators for low input voltage, low output voltage, over temperature and an equalize charging cycle. Safety features include both charger and battery over-temperature shutdown, current limiting, short circuit protection with automatic recovery, input undervoltage shutdown, reverse battery hook-up protection, a dry contact alarm relay output and output overvoltage crowbar.
    Analytic Systems
  • SAT-ACO380 - AC Load Inspect communicatin AC equipment's output power and load-bearing ablity for UPS, Generator, AC Voltage Stabilizer, Switch power supply etc. Test some basic functions including Generator, UPS Steady state three-phase voltage, current, active power apparent power power factor, frequence, running time, power energy meter etc.
    Shaanxi Aitelong

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AC - Current Alternates direction of flow cyclically.