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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

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  • In - Fiber Linear Polarizer

    Chiral Photonics, Inc.

    The Helica In-Fiber Polarizer (IFP) is an all-glass, flexible polarizer for users requiring the best polarization extinction ratio (PER) available over a broad spectral range. The polarized light is scattered rather than absorbed, making this polarizer uniquely suitable for high power applications.IFPs are also available as patch cables that polarize, rather than simply maintain, the polarization of the input light. These patch cables are connectorized on both ends with high quality and robust FC/UPC, FC/APC, LC/UPC or LC/APC connectors manufactured to the strictest standards and tested to insure high extinction ratio and low insertion losses.

  • Modular Sterilization System

    Z-1000 - Xenon Corp.

    XENON’s Z-1000 offers high speed sterilization solutions for surface microbial decontamination. Offering a range of user-defined, application-specific configurations, the Z-1000 yields pathogen reductions from 3-to-6 log10. Based on XENON’s SteriPulse™ technology, instantaneous ON/OFF pulsed light delivers high intensity (1.27 J/cm2), short (360 µs), broadband pulses with high germicidal power. To match user application requirements, system configurations are available with a stainless steel sterilization chamber, dual-lamp operation and a light intensity monitor. The linear flashlamp is supplied in a fully enclosed, robust, air cooled lamp housing.

  • Stroboscopes

    PCE Instruments

    Stroboscopes are used to measure revolutions, velocity and frequency of rotating components or moving parts. Online you will be able to find stroboscopes by PCE and several other companies. Some stroboscopes can be used without a mains adaptor as they have rechargeable batteries and each model is light and easy to use. For these reasons they are perfect for on-site work for busy professionals in many sectors of the industry. Some of the stroboscopes have a high light intensity of 600 to 900 lux at a distance of 1m. The high-end products of the Beacon-series have even got a luminosity of 1374 lux on a distance of 5 meters.

  • UVA Sensor

    PMA2113 - Solar Light Company Inc.

    The PMA2113 UVA Sensor with Liquid Light Guide Adapter provides fast and accurate irradiance measurement in the UVA region from 320 to 400nm.Special mounting hardware allows direct coupling with 8mm or 10mm Liquid Light Guides (LLG's). Its spectral response covers the 320 to 400nm range (Fig. 1).The measured irradiance is displayed in mW/cm2 or W/m2. Consequently, the integrated dose is shown in Joules/cm2 or kJoules/m2. The PMA2113 has a resolution of 0.001 mW/cm2 and a full scale of 200mW/cm2 allowing measurement of very week and very strong signals with the same detector.

  • UVB Sensor

    PMA 2103 - Solar Light Company Inc.

    The UVB Sensor PMA 2103 biologically-weighted erythema gives an accurate measurement of biologically weighted ultraviolet radiation from Solar Simulators manufactured by Solar Light Co. Special mounting hardware allows direct coupling with 8mm or 10mm Liquid Light Guides (LLG's).The sensor's spectral response follows closely the erythema action spectrum (Fig.1.)[1]. Due to built-in Teflon diffuser the detector has negligible azimuthal error making the measurement insensitive to the rotation of the detector. Extended measurement range of 600 MED/Hr enables measurement of intense radiation.

  • Process Ozone Monitor

    Model 454 - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model 454 is a microprocessor based gas monitor for measuring mid to high concentrations of ozone in oxygen or air. Available in a standard DIN panel mount configuration with a 4-digit LED display, the compact design provides ease of mounting and installation.The 454 Series is available in full scale ranges from 0-5% w/w to 0-25% w/w, and is factory calibrated in accordance with International Ozone Association standards. The measurement principle is based on the absorption of UV light at 254nm. As the sample containing ozone flows through the absorption cell, it is exposed to UV light at the 254nm wavelength. The amount of absorption by ozone is measured by a narrow bandwidth UV detector.

  • Integrated Intelligence Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

    VLV330IR2 - China Sheenrun Electronics Co.

    Combine infrared, visible light imaging together, has the function of intelligence high speed pan-tilt and infrared thermal imaging.

  • Insulation Resistance Testers

    Shanghai MCP Corp

    .Multi Test Voltage .Auto range .LCD background light .Data hold .INSULATION RESISTANCE TESTER

  • UV Weather Resistance Test Chamber

    ACE Technology Limited

    This series is applicable for the sunlight resistant test of nonmetallic materials and aging test of artificial light source.


    EMIC Corporation

    EMIC offers many kinds of accelerometers available for various vibration measurements. They are a ultra small light weight accelerometer for highly precise measurement, a special tri-axial accelerometer for simultaneously measuring a vibration in three orthogonal axes, a large output accelerometer for measuring an earthquake and a suitable accelerometer for measuring and analyzing a building structure.

  • Auto High-current Generator

    GDSL Series - HV Hipot Electric Co.,Ltd.

    GDSL Series Automatic High Current Generator is the ideal equipment for testing high-current device in the power and electric industry, used in power plants, power distribution stations, electrical manufacturing and research institutes,with the features of small size,light weight,easy use and maintenance.

  • Airborne Ultrasonic Sensors

    Fuji Ceramics Corporation

    This ultrasonic sensor will radiated ultrasonic waves in the air. Then it, receiving a reflected wave from the object, measure the distance to the presence detection and object of the object. Ultrasonic is reverberated also in the transparent objects. That means it can be applied to those that can not be detected by light. Since the method of the transmission and reception can be selected, it offers a wide sensor of applications.

  • Borescopes


    Non-Articulating Hand-i Probe Inspection System is a video scope using a 7mm camera with a ring light integrated into the distal (working end). It is a great alternative to expensive video probe equipment where all of the 'extras' aren't needed for your application.

  • AvaSpec

    ULS2048x64 - Avantes Inc.

    The AvaSpec-ULS2048x64 features some of the highest pixels in the market today, perfect for situations where little light is available: large diameter fibers work perfectly with this small-sized spectrometer. Combine this with the great stability and you know why the x64 is the best option for these situations.

  • Automatic Turn Ratio Testing Instrument

    SFB1304 - Shanghai Launch Electric Co., Ltd.

    This instrument takes large screen LCD display and Chinese menu. Turn ratio and group could be measured in one action. The instrument is compact, light, with large measuring range, high accuracy, and reliable. It is the ideal instrument to replace ratio Circuit Bridge in ratio testing.