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RF instrumentation for wireless testing.

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  • RF and Wireless Test

    Company: National Instruments

    National Instruments supplies modular, software-defined RF instrumentation that can help you design and test your wireless devices. This approach makes it possible for you to harness industry-standard PC technologies, such as multicore processors and the PCI Express bus, to dramatically reduce your test times. With software-defined instruments, you can test multiple wireless standards using one system. In addition, you can use the PXI platform modularity to easily integrate DC and mixed-signal measurements, switching, and RAID storage devices.

  • PEC-BC - Wireless CT Tester

    Company: Zhuhai Kehui Electrical

    The PEC-BC CT transformation ratio tester is a new type of electricity utilization inspection equipment specially designed for HV metering customers. The device can be used to measure transformation ratio and polarity of the CT of measurement equipment in a circuit with 35KV or less without cutting power or changing connection, thereby to prevent electricity stealing by replacing the CT or CT nameplate, or changing the polarity of secondary loop.

  • Wireless Regulatory Testing

    Company: Underwriters Laboratories

    UL has over 20 years of experience in testing wireless products and technologies, and decades of proven expertise in managing world marketplace regulatory issues. We are uniquely positioned to successfully guide manufacturers through the complex process of complying with radio performance testing requirements.

  • 5211 - Wireless Interface Test System

    Company: ETS-Lindgren

    The ETS Model 5211 Wireless Interface Test System, (WITS), is a self-contained portable enclosure that can check cell phone transmit and receive functionality with or without direct cable connection to the RF or data ports. 

  • Wireless Testing

    Company: Advanced Compliance

    The world is going wireless.  ACS has brought together a team of wireless engineers from manufacturers such as Motorola, General Electric, and Andrew Corporation, who are experienced with a wide variety of devices and certification types. ACS Wireless is WORLDWIDE.  ACS has certified wireless products for deployment in 50 countries on 6 continents.  

  • WaveJudge - Wireless Test System

    Company: Sanjole

    The WaveJudge acts as a wireless protocol sniffer, capturing the full over-the-air conversation of upper-layer messages, including RF signal characteristics, for off-line analysis. The WaveJudge is the esssential test and measurement tool for effective LTE and WiMAX troubleshooting and optimization.

  • Wireless Testing

    Company: CKC Laboratories

    Wireless device testing service. Obtaining type approval for wireless devices requires a testing laboratory that is properly accredited, technically experienced and globally connected.

  • NSI-700S-90 - Wireless Antenna & CTIA Testing

    Company: Nearfield Systems

    The NSI-700S-90 is an ideal system for measuring antennas in the wireless industry. It is a versatile system designed for testing electrical small antennas and for mobile station testing per CTIA OTA test requirements. The NSI-700S-90 uses an overhead dielectricly swing-arm for probe motion in the theta axis, and a dielectric AUT support stage for motion in the phi axis.


    Company: Tecnotest - Divisione

    The wireless connection eliminates serial connections by connecting the emissions tester, smokemeter, headlight adjuster, rpm counter and workshop noise measurement system by cable to the PC station.

  • Wireless Test Managers

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    Keysight's Wireless Test Manager software makes it quick and easy to automate and optimize wireless device calibration and test. The Wireless Test Manager supports the popular wireless technologies, runs on a Windows PC, and supports Keysight test system hardware. Features include ready-to-use tests, test plans, test sequencing, Visual Basic 6 or Visual Basic .NET test development (using customer-supplied Visual Basic 6 or Visual Basic .NET software) and custom application development utilities. (Test development platform is dependent on Wireless Test Manager product selection.)

  • RF / Wireless Test Services

    Company: Amkor Technology

    Testing packaged Radio Frequency components, ICs and modules requires not only a different skill set than testing standard mixed signal devices, but different methodologies, different test platforms and the skills to put them all together. Amkor is committed to being the preeminent provider of contract semiconductor RF testing by delivering the most cost-effective and optimum test solutions.

  • E6607B - EXT Wireless Communications Test Set

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    The EXT wireless communications test set is designed to address the demanding manufacturing test requirements of the latest smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. To keep production costs under control for today’s multi-format, multi-band wireless devices, the EXT enables you to achieve fast and accurate calibration and verification test results with an advanced sequence analyzer that supports the fast-sequenced, non-signaling test modes in modern chipsets. As part of the X-Series platforms, the EXT uses proven, standards-based measurement applications specifically optimized for high-throughput manufacturing test.

  • Wireless Device Testing

    Company: Compatible Electronics

    Compatible Electronics is the largest commercial wireless testing and certification body in Southern California, with four test laboratories across the Southland. Our state of the art equipment ensures we have the tools and resources necessary to get your wireless approvals completed with a quick turnaround time.

  • Bluetooth / Wireless Communication Testing Services

    Company: Hyper Taiwan Technology

    Bluetooth Qualification and Testing. Cellular Phone Certification and Testing. Bluetooth Manufacturer Production Line Automatic Test System Sales and Services. Bluetooth Qualification RF Test System Sales and Services. Communication Test System R&D Wireless Communication related Technical Services. Bluetooth IOT Testing. DECT RF Testing. LTE Pre-test.