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  • Well Camera

    Well-Camera.1 - PASI srl

    Taking advantage of our vast experience in designing and manufacturing TV-inspection systems for boreholes and wells, we created the innovative WELL-CAMERA Series that follows all our Customer’ requests about an easy use, reliable, compact and lightweight instrument for field operations. The complete system consist of: reel and camera head, display unit with integrated LCD, USB2 grabber board and microphone, battery charger. Pictures, movies and comments can be saved to any external laptop.

  • Well Camera

    Well-Camera.2 - PASI srl

    A complete WELL-CAMERA.2 system consists of: - reel and camera head - control unit with integrated LCD, USB 2.0 grabber board and microphone - encoder (optional accessory) - battery charger

  • Well Control

    Herrin Design & Manufacturing Co.

    The Herrin Design Model 1644 Well System Pump Control is designed to provide a cost effective means of controlling water system reservoir levels. Through precise monitoring, the Well Control is able to reliably sense reservoir water levels by measuring water pressure at the well head. By monitoring reservoir levels at the well head, it is possible to mount the water system controls in one location, eliminating the costly communications link--leased lines or buried cables--between reservoir level sensors and the pumps. Typically, mechanical sensors at the reservoir deteriorate or are broken frequently due to weather; and communications lines are a large, continued expense.The Well Control tolerates temporary variations in water pressure due to surges and usage. The pump will not start until there is a constant low pressure level for 2-3 (variable) minutes (OFF TIME). This insures the pumps are activated only when necessary. Once the pump is turned on, it remains on for a preset period of time--up to 24 hours (ON TIME). During the pump cycle, the control does not rely on water pressure measurements to indicate if the reservoir is full. This feature eliminates sporadic pumping due to pressure variations created during the pumping cycle.

  • Well Plate Illuminator

    WPI - Luzchem Research Inc.

    Luzchem’s WPI - Well Plate Illuminators are benchtop reactors designed for use in the research or education lab. The WPI is designed for use with a 24 Well Plates or with vials. Currently offered in 400 nm, Cool White 4000K, Blue, Green, broad Green (Lime GR2), Amber, Red and 720 nm (Deep Red)

  • Oil Well Cementing

    Chandler Engineering

    Chandler Engineering has produced the highest quality Oil Well Cementing instruments for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry. Today, Chandler Engineering, the industry's largest instrument supplier continues its effort to help customers improve the efficiency and productivity of their drilling and production operations. Below is a portfolio of API and ISO specified instruments for testing key performance properties of oil well cements.

  • Continuous Well Loggers

    DMPL-3 - Integrated Geo Instruments & Services Private Limited

    The DMPL-3 Continuous Well Logger is a highly portable, sturdy and easy to operate microprocessor-based Digital Multi Probe Borehole Logger. The equipment can be dismantled and carried to remote areas by head-load. The special design features incorporated make this DMPL-3, a highly versatile instrument suitable for high quality data acquisition, an essential pre-requisite to tackle wide variety of geological and geophysical exploration problems.

  • Gas Well Casing Seal

    WellBore Seal - LANDTEC

    LANDTEC Wellbore Seal prevents gas leaks and air intrusion with an impermeable membrane that clamps onto a well casing and extends beyond the well bore. The impermeable barrier also allows landfill operators to us higher vacuum pressures at the wellhead with less concern about air intrusion and possible subsurface fires. Higher vacuums can help minimize emissions and subsurface migration.

  • Well Test Optimization System

    iScope - Sercel Group

    Scope is the first cost effective downhole monitoring system designed to retrieve pressure and temperature data during well testing operations.

  • Full Performance and Flexibility on ECIS 8 Well Arrays

    Sciospec ECIS Adapter - Sciospec

    The ECIS CULTUREWARE 8 well arrays are a very common choice for a broad range of impedance-based cell experiments like cell groth, cell migration, wounding/healing, barrier function, tox-screening, adhesion and proliferation studies. With the Sciospec ECISadapter you can bring your ECIS experiments to the next level: more speed, higher resolution, more possibilities. Harness the full power of Sciospec impedance analyzers on your existing ECIS arrays. The ECISadapter just plugs into compatible Sciospec impedance analyzers like the ISX-3 and you´re good to go.

  • Hydrogeology

    WELL - PASI srl

    This program is used to determine some of the most important hydrogeological parameters (transmissivity and storage coefficient) of unconfined, confined and semi-confined aquifers through the interpretation of well tests. The numerous calculation methods contained in the program allow the operator to select the most suitable methods for the aquifer and for the type of test performed.

  • Auto-Analyzer

    64 well Tube Reader - Lab Kinetics Ltd.

    This instrument allows Turbidimetric and Chromogenic Lysate to be used as well as clinical and other testing. It operates at 405nm and 660nm. It can be used as a direct replacement of the ATi-6000. LED well indicators are available as an option.

  • Auto-Analyzer

    96 well Tube Reader - Lab Kinetics Ltd.

    This instrument allows Turbidimetric and Chromogenic Lysate to be used as well as clinical and other testing. It operates at 405nm and 660nm. LED well indicators are available as an option. Options for different filter configurations or more than 2 filters are available

  • Auto-Analyzer

    32 Well Tube Reader - Lab Kinetics Ltd.

    A 32 well Tube Reader with dual fixed filter allows Turbidimetric and Chromogenic Lysate to be used as well as clinical and other testing. It operates at 405nm and 660nm. Options for different filter configurations or more than 2 filters are available

  • Viscosity/Rheology

    Chandler Engineering

    Well known for producing the world's most capable and reliable high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) well cementing instruments, the Chandler Engineering portfolio of instruments and systems has grown to include reservoir testing systems, drilling fluid testing and corrosion testing instruments as well as many other unique solutions for reservoir evaluation, well construction and completions. Click on one of the below options for additional information:

  • RF SCOE System

    LXinstruments GmbH

    RF SCOE Systems require fast yet reconfigurable data processing as well as RF Modulation capabilities.For which FPGA Cards inside the PXI Frames are well suited.

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